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Chapter 16 - John 11:39 - Jesus said... 'Take away the stone.' Martha, the sister of him, who had died, said to Him... 'Lord, he already smells, for it is four days.'

Written down through Jacob Lorber on January 15th, 1844

1. Just write down the central sun, like usual!

2. Jesus said... 'Take away the stone.' Martha, the sister of him, who had died, said to Him... 'Lord, he already smells, for it is four days.'

3. If you always choose such simple texts, whose understanding can be grasped with your hands in the same moment, I can't always give you ten pages about it; because this text has already in its first position completely the same within itself, what I will make known to you throughout this whole addendum.

4. I also say to you... Take away the death stone of the world from the tomb of your love! Or in plain english... Do not strive to reach the life by equipping your mind with all kinds of enrichment from the learnedness of the world, but rather take away this stone, so that I come to your grave, and My living voice can penetrate unhindered into your grave and awaken your shackled and bound Lazarus from death, which is your spirit, bound and suppressed by ever so many chains of the world!

5. Also 'Martha' comes certainly to Me, the worldly concerned prudence, and it says... 'Lord, he lies already four days in the grave and he smells bad!' - But nevertheless, I will awaken the mouldering one to a new life, to show the glory of God, if only the stone is pushed aside.

6. But just as Martha speaks, so also speaks - as already noted - the foolish prudence of man and it says... 'Yes, what shall we do? In our boyhood, then as youths, then as men and even as old men we have continually concerned ourselves with the world; our spirit lies already these four days of our lives in the grave of the world, bound with its chains, and it smells bad from all the sins that we have committed throughout these four days!

7. Will the Lord have so much mercy, so that he would wonderfully awaken us to a new life? - How can we expect something like this from the most Holy One, against whose commandments we have sinned so often and we have brought it so far through this sin, that our spirit has died also, that we do not even know anymore, if we have a spirit, or what he is, or even whether there is a living soul within our body or not?!

8. And even if we have a living spirit and a living soul - still, it is most certain, that the spirit, like the soul, are buried in our flesh and too bound with its chains, that we could ever expect of the Lord, the True and Holy one, to lower Himself to this deep level, to awaken this Lazarus within us with His Almighty Voice, and then guide us to our eternal destiny. In addition, we cannot completely and easily detach ourselves from the world, that we should expect such a thing from the Lord!

9. However, to that I say... I do not call and say... 'Completely detach yourself from all the necessary interaction with the world, which is needed for your existence' - for not even I have done such a thing, as I was on earth. I Myself have worked in the world and have done many good services with my own hands. And so I'll never say to you... 'Have completely nothing to do with the world!', but this, I tell you...

10. 'The stone, yes, take off the heavy stone from your Lazarus grave, and you shall soon be aware of the glory of God within you! But the grave must be opened, and then those, who are in the graves, shall hear My voice and be awakened!'

11. But as long as you do not take off the stone from the grave, until then you are too much the prisoners of death, and I can scream like a night guard, and yet your Lazarus still does not hear Me, because the voice of love cannot penetrate the stone, since the stone itself is the true symbol of all lovelessness. A stone can only be broken and destroyed by the voice of My wrath; but My love does not use a stone before the mouth instead of a trumpet.

12. Such a stone is your worldly learned justification of your mind, it is solid and heavy, and it requires a lot of effort, to remove it from the grave. But despite of all that, it still must be removed. Because otherwise, My awakening voice will never penetrate the dead Lazarus within you.

13. The stone prevents well, that the nostrils of the world do not perceive the bad odor of the modern Lazarus within you. But I say... 'Blessed be the one, whose stone will be removed from the grave and then his nostrils of the world are touched by the disgusting odor of the modern Lazarus; because if these things will not take place, where man does not tremble in repentance, seeing the state of his Lazarus, after the stone has been removed, My awakening call will not penetrate the grave of the modern Lazarus, it will not awaken him and let him unlock the chains of death!

14. I mean, one cannot speak more clearly about this, and you have received a more than sufficient and mighty light, to examine this largely important cause completely.

15. It's completely up to you now to act accordingly. If you act according to it, you will acquire the living conviction, that these revelations do not originate from the mouth of man, but from My Own! However, if you only read it like any other worldly book, it will always be only a worldly book or the work of man for you!

16. And with these words, I end My great gift to you. But if you want more of these lights as an extraordinary addendum, I leave it up to to your love and your desire. I, however, will always be the friendly giver... Amen.

Main Page Scripture-Explanations SCRE-16 Chapter