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Chapter 17 - Luke 24:26 - 'Was it not necessary for the Messiah to suffer these things in order to enter into His glory?'

Written down through Jacob Lorber on January 17th, 1844

1. 'Was it not necessary for the Messiah to suffer these things in order to enter into His glory?'

2. In this text, we can again see very clearly, that the glory of the eternal life cannot be reached by great literacy or learnedness, but only through the deed, done out of Love.

3. One will certainly say here... 'Christ was the eternal life Himself already, and He possessed within Him all glory thereof, why did He have to suffer thereafter, to enter this glory?'

4. But I say... Christ was only a human being and He had to make - as the first basic example - the complete glory of God entirely His own through His deeds! And if He hadn't done this, it would have been the end for the entire creation. For only in Him, Father and Son became one again or - what is the same as - the Divine Love and Wisdom. Because before that, the love had withdrawn from the wisdom, because the wisdom - in its greatest holiness - had placed itself on unreachable heights, and its demands were above all satisfiable possibilities.

5. But the wisdom was desolate without the intimate union with her love; but how could she reunite with her love? - She had to fulfill her own terms of reconciliation in the man Jesus; she had to humble herself to the lowest point, and only by that was the wisdom reunited with her love, which is the 'Father'.

6. Therefore, Christ dispised all wisdom of the wise men of the world, being Himself the eternal, Almighty Wisdom of the Father; and all the scribes had to be an abomination to Him, if their deeds were not in accordance with the meaning of life in the scriptures.

7. He, as the eternal wisdom of the Father, had to do deeds of love and teach people the sole law of love. Yes, at the end, He had to let Himself be captured and crucified by the wisdom of the scholarly priests, and He had to suffer the humiliation and the complete darkening, being the original and eternal light of the Father or the Love. Therefore, He then also exclaimed... 'Father! Why did You leave Me?!'

8. But that He, as the original light of the entire infinity, had to endure this complete darkening, proves that moment, which was not understood by anyone yet, in which a complete darkening occurred throughout the entire creation - after the passing away of Christ on the cross, in which not only the light of our sun went off for three hours, but of all suns in the entire infinity.

9. And it was during this moment of the darkening, of which you know, that after His death, the soul of Christ descended into hell to redeem the spirits, who were trapped in the ancient wisdom, and to lead them into the new light, which began to illuminate the entire creation, after the Son was reunited with His Father.

10. Therefore, Christ had to fulfill the old law of wisdom within Himself completely, thereby He atoned for all aberrations against it before the face of Father; or the whole wisdom had to be crucified, by which the love of the Father was justified!

11. Well, God did this by Himself; so what do you want to do? Do you think, that you can enter the glory of eternal life by the justification of your wisdom?

12. If Christ as the Divine Wisdom Himself had to do deeds of love and preach in a living manner and had to crucify His complete wisdom, passing over into the greatest darkness, in order to enter the glory of the Father completely again, which was the separated love within Christ Himself, so men will have to walk on this path too, and they will have to follow Jesus, if they want to enter into the glory of His paternal Love.

13. In the early Church of the world, it was said... 'You people can only reach the otherwise unapproachable Divine wisdom through the love of God!' but with Christ it says... 'Now, I as the Divine Wisdom Myself, am the way and the life, the door to the love, or to the Father! Whoever wants to reach the Father, he must enter through Me!'

14. But how? Perhaps through the wisdom, because Christ, as the door, is the Divine Wisdom Himself? - Oh no... since exactly this Wisdom let itself humiliate down to the last atom! This wisdom, as the untouchable Holiness of God, descended deep down beneath all sinners; the one Wisdom, which not even the most perfect angelic spirit was allowed to look at in her basic light, now interacted with sinners and dined under their roof, and at the end had to eventually let herself be crucified by pagan soldiers and executioners!

15. From this endless humiliation of the Divine Wisdom itself, it proceeds ever so clearly see, that no one can enter into the glory of eternal life with one's own pompous wisdom! None of the studied books and writings will become steps into the Kingdom of Heaven for anyone, but only one's true humility and the true laboring and vibrant love for the Father.

16. Within Christ, all original Divine Wisdom passed into the love for the Father; thereby, Son and Father became one. Likewise, it must be the case with man. Before he is not humiliated to the last drop in all his haughty intellect and in all desires, which result in all sorts of tributes, - yes, before he doesn't put everything at the feet of the love, and thereby will suffer a brief darkening of all his worldly wisdom, he truly will not enter into the glory of the Father!

17. Christ had to suffer and do this, in order to enter into the glory of the Father; in the same way, every human being must do and follow Christ in a living manner, if he wants to enter into the glory of the Father.

18. But Christ had not studied at universities, in order to enter into the glory of the Father as a sophisticated wise man. Rather, His school was called... humility and active love! - But if Christ served as an example with a school like this, how do you ever want to enter into the Kingdom of God with any other school?!

19. I mean, more things about that will not be necessary; for this is clearly explained out of the deepest wisdom. Therefore, do the same, that you may live! Amen.

Main Page Scripture-Explanations SCRE-17 Chapter