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Chapter 22 - Mark 9:1 - And He said to them... 'Truly, I say to you, there are some standing here, who shall not taste death at all, until they see the reign of God having come in power!'

Written down through Jacob Lorber on January 26th, 1844

1. And He said to them... 'Truly, I say to you, there are some standing here, who shall not taste death at all, until they see the reign of God having come in power!'

2. This is a little longer text again, and therefore only needs a shorter explanation. One only needs to know, who those are, that will not taste death, until they see the reign of God coming in all its glory. Once we know them, we almost already know the meaning of this text!

3. Now, who are they? - They are the believers, and they put their hope in it! Whoever believes firmly, he will also find his hope realized in his faith; for it says... 'Whoever has faith in the size of a mustard seed, and does not doubt, what he believes, this one can move mountains with the power of his faith!'

4. So, with the 'some' are meant the believers, and this means the believer, who is continually inspired by the desire to see with his eyes, what he believes. That is why this promise has been placed in such a manner, so that it shows, how the inner desire of such believers shoud be realized, and they shall not taste death, before they have seen, what they believe in.

5. Now what did those few believe in? - These few firmly believed, that I was the promised Messiah, as well as that through Me, the glory of the Reign of God, meaning a complete theocracy (Sovereignty of God), will be established on earth, and that it will never end. The son of man will take over the glory of the Father on earth, and all kingdoms will have to bow and kneel before His Power, everyone below, on and above the earth.

6. This was the true faith of those few people. For this reason, they were told that they will not taste death, until they will see the coming of the glory of the kingdom of God, however, not in the way they believed it would happen, but rather only according to their faith.

7. What do you think, why these several people - after they had seen the arrival of the glory of the Kingdom of God - still had to taste death? - The reason for this is... Because faith in itself, no matter how firm it is, does not create any life, if it doesn't have love as its essence, which is immortal only!

8. There are quite a lot of such 'several people' on earth also now, who only hold on to the only saving faith, but not considering, that faith is only a radiance of the gracious light of My love, which is well prepared and works within, as the light works in a natural manner on earth. When it is very strong in the summertime, it also warms up the soil and it encourages all kinds of fruits to come out of it. But the light can't always be equally powerful, so when winter closes in, and the sunrays become weaker and weaker, soon, all products of the summer light will be buried beneath snow and ice.

9. So why does earth not revive her children during the wintertime, which were so flaunting during summer? Why do they have to taste death, even if they have already felt the glory of the sunlight before? - Because earth does not possess enough warmth of its own!

10. It's the same with the heroes of faith! They firmly believe and are full of zeal and activity, as long as they are illuminated and warmed by My ray of grace. However, when they are tested, how much warmth of their own they have within, they start to wither, the fruits, along with the leafs fall from the tree; and now they stand there, naked, and instead with the former fruits, their branches will soon be covered with snow and ice.

11. In My highest summer light of grace, they surely see the glory of My kingdom in the fruits, which they bring out of this light; however, these fruits have another origin; they are not produced through the power of their own warmth, and therefore the tasting of death remains infallible in the background.

12. However, it is not so for those who - in their great love for Me - have their own sun, to those I say... 'Verily, verily, those who love Me and act according to My Word, will never feel nor taste death, ever!

13. Faith can also be attained by reading the right books, but love comes from the heart only. Therefore, ask your heart more than the books, how it feels towards Me, and you will not belong to the 'several people'! Remember this for all times! Amen.

Main Page Scripture-Explanations SCRE-22 Chapter