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Chapter 23 - Matthew 23:24 - You blind leaders, who strain out a gnat and swallowing a camel!

Written down through Jacob Lorber on January 27th, 1844

1. "You blind leaders, who strain out a gnat and swallowing a camel!"

2. Now this is another verse that fits at all times, and its meaning can be grasped very easily with your hands, just like it is the case with others.

3. Who are these blind leaders? - These are the so-called nitpickers and literalists of the law. They clean and blare all day long; the great mistakes however, which the entire salvation and life of man depends on, they often don't know, and if they know about them, they close their eyes out of political reasons, as if they would mean nothing.

4. To make this as clear as possible, I will give you only a few examples! We want to start with the small ones and work our way up to the big ones, or from the exceptional to the general.

5. Lets look into a family, a single household! The father has children of both genders. In a wealthier house, the boys are encouraged to diligently study, and the girls also have different masters. They learn some foreign language, drawing, music, and next to that, some other delicate female tasks.

6. The sons are encouraged to study diligently. They must be excellent, otherwise, severe hours will follow. Every neglect will be sharply reproved, and punishments are not absent. In the same way, the so-called prosperity rules are strictly managed, and woe to the boy who carelessly sins against them! And daily, the father, the instructor and the teacher punish him.

7. One will ask... 'Is that wrong?' - I'll only say this... Here are also the gnats strained out, but the camel is swallowed up unnoticed!

8. But what is the camel here? - The camel is the studying itself, and the polished worldly transformation of a young person. Through this swallowed camel, the young person loses the very last drop of what could have awakened the spirit life within him, and by that he is thrown deep into the world.

9. It's the same with the girls! The strict mother talks almost all day until she has a knot in her tongue; because one daughter has made a stitch too long, and with the other one, a stain has been discovered, and the third daughter wasn't good enough in one subject or the other, and another does not have her hair in order. In short, every little misstep and every almost unnoticeable mistake is more often than not bitterly rebuked, the whole day is full of correcting, punishing and spurring.

10. Look, here again, gnats are filtered. But the fact, that the girls - through this whole worldly furbelows - are killed for any inner, spiritual life... That is the camel, which is swallowed up without qualms.

11. I mean, nothing must be added to this example, for it is absolutely clear in itself. Now, lets look at a more general example...

12. In the same manner, it is watched closely by the church, that the so-called ecclesial statutes are heeded especially by the little guys, by withholding the absolution. Whoever takes heed of that, he has nothing to fear from the church side. But on that account it is preached on every sunday and holyday as sharply as possible and the hell is proclaimed to be very hot for such a poor sinner and he has a lot to do until he has put himself back into the favor of the church. With a rich one of course, it is a little easier, but for the poor one it is very hard!

13. But how does it look with the proclamation of My Word and with the guidance according to that? - Meaning... If a Christian fulfills his duties in the church, he may sin against My Commandments, and he can be sure that he will not receive a strict penance!

14. If he only attended the sunday morning ceremonies, he may visit gambling houses, taverns and dance halls during the afternoon without qualms. He may gamble, revel, dance and whore the entire night; he may also occasionally cheat, slander people, lie, be stingy, and hurt someone else, however, of course in a politically correct manner.

15. However, during the next confession, especially with a discreet confessor, this is forgiven for five 'our fathers', and 'Ave Maria', and of course for a paid mass. Can our confessant show an indulgence, then he will simply proceed, like a sun, impeccable, from the confession chair to the Lord's table and from there he will leave the church like an angel.

16. Who does not see the straining out of the gnats here and the gross swallowing up of the camel?!

17. Remember, I do not want to accuse every single confessor of this; for there are now and then some, who take this more sincerely, with good intentions. However, in general, it is as explained.

18. Nicodemus also belonged to the scholars and Pharisees; however, he was an exception among them, and he was neither a filterer of gnats nor a swallower of camels; for he knew Me and acted according to My word. - Therein should be enough pardon for accurate confessors. And now we move on to a general and great example!

19. So, the rulers of the world establish a great amount, yes, a horrifying amount of laws, which will be - if broken knowingly or unknowingly - severely punished according to the paragraphs. But regarding My laws, only those are incorporated as state laws, through which a worldly indemnity can be achieved. Those are preferably the seventh, the fifth, and, in apparent bad behaviour, the sixth commandment. The state does not care much for the other seven commandments. Only political concerns could cause such a thing. So, the state does not care much, or not at all, about leading the nation according to My word, and says the following... 'We leave the rest to the clergy!'

20. On both sides, gnats are filtered and thousands of camels swallowed up, and the manner of the Pharisees never ceases. Because if you catch them on one side, the other side will take even more space, and one can do what he wants, he will come mostly from smoke to smother.

21. The world wants to rule, and for this purpose, it can make everything fit. Godly and worldly laws are stretched into a yoke and must drag the people into perdition.

22. What does it avail, when a person is so very well polished and stands there, fit for the society?! Of what use is it, when man runs to confess his sins daily before the confessor?! And of what use is it, if a state - looked at through worldly eyes - is in a great condition, but at the same time the main aspect, which all the spiritual life depends on, is completely ignored and pushed aside?!

23. I mean, it would be better, if a worldly cripple enters into life eternal, than a worldly polished one entering eternal death!

24. To say more would be unnecessary. Therefore, do not care so much about the gnats, but rather be careful, that you do not swallow up any camels. In this way, you will attain eternal life! Amen.

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