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Chapter 25 - Matthew 6:31 - Do not worry then...

Written down through Jacob Lorber on January 31st, 1844

1. Do not worry then, saying... 'What shall we eat?' or 'What will we drink?' or 'What shall we wear?' For all these the gentiles seek for. And your father in heaven knows that you need all these.

2. See, my loved ones, these are again some much longer texts. Therefore, their meaning is very open and clear, and its spiritual meaning is openly displayed as well, so that each and every person can grasp it with their hands according to their needs! Actually, you can see, that not the teachings I speak are the most difficult to understand, but the most difficult to grasp are My deeds. - But why?

3. The Teaching had to be conveyed in a way, so it could be grasped by the world without much effort, because what would a teaching made of the deepest wisdom benefit the world? It would be exactly the same for the world, as the japanese language is for you, it would not understand one single letter.

4. For example, take the revelation of John, which is written in a little deeper wisdom! You may have read quite a few explanations about it - and you still don't know what to make of this revelation, and wherefore it's good beside the gospel!

5. That is why My Teaching was always stated in a way, so that the entire world may understand its true meaning. Whoever heeds the useful and easy to understand literal sense, will come closer to the open spiritual meaning easily!

6. And so, the two current texts belong to the part of My Teaching, which My disciples did not find very difficult, and they do not belong to the parables, which My disciples did not always understand, instead, these two texts belong to the part of My teaching, where My disciples said... Now, You are speaking very clearly, what You want to say, and we do understand You!”

7. But what do these two texts contain? - Nothing but a simple and brotherly-friendly warning regarding the world, and I want to show that *) People should cast all their worries onto Me and search for My Kingdom through the deed; everything else will be added to them freely.

  • ) Matthew 6:33; Luke 12:31

8. Therefore, this is the whole natural meaning of this text; but also the spiritual meaning can be grasped with the hands, for what is dissuading for your body, also applies for your soul and for your spirit and may sound like this:

9. Do not be anxiously concerned to educate your spiritual strength of mind with all kinds of cumbersome studies! Do not worry about the universities and all sorts of diplomas, but love Me, your Father, and I will give you the wisdom of the angels for free, and that will for sure be me more than if you had acquired all the diplomas and doctorates in the world!

10. For all the great scholars of this world with all their diplomas and doctorates are not able to find out, what happens with a human being after the body's death, whereas the one, whom I've given the wisdom, is carrying this around within his little finger, and with the most convincing certainty.

11. Yes, I tell you... In this regard, the animals with their dull apprehension are actually better off than most of the great worldly scholars. The following text fits here... 'For what does it profit a man, if he gains the whole world, but loses his own soul?' Matthew 16:26

12. Whoever does not know, what once will happen with him, already shows, that his soul is damaged. As an artist cannot accomplish anything significant on a damaged instrument, in the same way also a spirit cannot do anything significant for the eternal life through a soul, which has been severely damaged by the world, because he has to use his power to complement the gaps in the soul. So how should he, as a perpetual cobbler, then ever accomplish a healthy and perfect boot, in which his foot of life could find suitable protection and a strong base?!

13. Therefore, from now on, *) nobody should worry regarding body and soul, what to eat, drink and what to wear, because I will take care of everything, as soon as he is acting according to My Teaching and out of love for Me.

*) Matthew 6:25; Matthew 6:33

14. This is the complete and easy to understand meaning, whoever heeds it in a living manner, will be better off than all speculators, profiteers and scholars of every kind. Amen.

Main Page Scripture-Explanations SCRE-25 Chapter