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Chapter 26 - Luke 19:27 - But those enemies of Mine, who did not want Me to reign over them, bring them here, and slay them before Me!

Written down through Jacob Lorber on February 3rd, 1844

1. But those enemies of Mine, who did not want Me to reign over them, bring theme here, and slay them before Me!

2. The present text is almost too easy, so that one should have to give a long explanation for it, and it also belongs to those texts, where the disciples did not ask... 'How are we supposed to understand this?' - For even the blind Pharisees understood this text, who knew exactly that they were the citizens of the city to be slayed before Me.

3. But that would certainly be a narrow sense, but in spite of that, the main sense is definitely not difficult to recognize either, - one only needs to know that 'slaying' means as much as 'judging', then one already has the whole Understanding!

4. Who are the 'citizens' of the city, who did not want the king? - Take a look into the world, and you'll see such citizens in every street, corner, nook and cranny in a great abundance, who do not want the king! - The 'city' is the world, and the 'citizens' are the worldly people, who do not want to know anything about and of Me.

5. Those, who have received of the ten pounds or talents (we use pounds here, meaning also talents), are the few chosen ones, who live among these worldly citizens, - among which there is still a lazy one, that does not want to busy himself with the one pound, that was entrusted to him.

6. With the 'one' are meant the people, who recognize the Word of God and accept it, but are too sluggish to act accordingly, that is why, in the end, whatever they have, will be taken from them, and given to him, who has ten talents.

7. Why though? - Because this one has lived completely according to My Word, he is completely in love with Me, full of fire and zeal. That is why he deserves, like a sun, the complete fullness of light.

8. But he, who has no fire, also has no light and equals a planet, that only is resplendent with external light, which cannot remain with him. When he is taken away from his sun, he then floats as a dark lump from one eternity to another, in his self-condemned crookedness.

9. We can easily realize by what was just said, that the above text holds nothing more than the judgment for everything worldly!

10. However, there is a third kind of being here, to which the Lord or the King is speaking to... 'Bring the citizens of the city here, who did not want Me as their king, so that they may be slayed!'

11. Who are they? - Who else but the angels of heaven, of which you know already for a long time, and how they are the executors of My Judgments. They will always judge the world.

12. But why? - Firstly... Because they are one with Me, and secondly... They are the harshest opposite to the world! Because they are one with Me, they have all the power and might from Me. That is why they are the harshest opposite to the world, and therefore the world will always be judged by them.

13. This is the easy and well considered meaning of this text.

14. Sometimes, the distributed pounds or talents were believed to be the different human talents, which need to be trained. But that is completely wrong! Because if that would be true, the most blasphemous St. Simonismus (Buying of spiritual ministries and dignities) would be completely complacent before God, who also considers the education of the stealing - and murdering talents to be a cheap thing. However, this is for sure not the underlying sense of the entrusted talents or pounds.

15. These distributed pounds are simply the distributed Word of God. Who does immediately have it in a living manner, that one has ten talents. If he has it in his love or in his heart, he has it in a living manner.

16. But he, who has the five pounds, he has the Word in his living faith, according to which he can become active in love.

17. He, who has the three pounds, has the Word of God in his understanding. If he acts according to it, he will obtain wisdom.

18. However, he who only has one pound, does have the Word of God also in his understanding; but it does not look at him. He does not have anything against it, - actually, he thinks, that it is beautiful, good and true; but when he is supposed to completely act according to it, he says...

19. Yes, if we would not be bound to this world and therefore have to do the worldly things because of the world, it would be very praiseworthy to act according to this teaching! But we must live in this world, and therefore follow its ways, otherwise one would be easily exclaimed a misfit... One will lose his dignity and reputation, and basically represent oneself very isolated, after which one is not capable to work in this world any longer, where it would have been necessary to do so for a good purpose!

20. The rich one says... 'I wanted to live with my assets according to the gospel, if the actual circumstances would be different. But the world is simply the world, and therefore it's necessary, that we handle the assets in a way, that one does not have to starve when getting older, and that the children also can find the necessary provision, which makes them independent before the world.'

21. But the officer says... 'My God! Where should I take the time for this? Department and community service are more important than serving God! Once I'm retired though, I will then also take the rosary into my hands in Gods name, or live according to the gospel, as long as it does not interfere with my circumstances!'

22. The Chaplain says... 'When one only fulfills the duties of his position, which he endues in the world, and sacrifices all of that to God, one has done enough!'

23. But I say... 'Those are all burying their one pound, and they will have the same fate as it was said of the evangelic owner of the one pound!'

24. How come? - Because not even one single spark of love for Me can be found working in one of them! They always like a certain comfort in their worldly life more than Me.

25. The rich one is satisfied with Me, as long as he can see himself and his family being well provided for with his money, but what living love can he present and what trust in Me, when he himself works with all his strength, so that he and his family will not starve one day?! For such a conficence, everyone would say thank you!

26. When a changer commissions a trustee, but never entrusts a single penny to him, wouldn't the trustee soon say... 'Friend, do you only think of me as a rutterkin and my great bail as invalid and futile, so that you do not trust me even with a single penny?! Manage your assets yourself, but I demand my bail back!

27. I will do the same with those rich believers in Christ and take My bail from them, because I will not let them make a fool of Me, and even less a liar and deceiver, which they truly think I am. That is the reason, they do not trust Me and they therefore provide themselves for their existence.

28. The same I will say to all officials and ministers of all sects, who figure, that the fulfillment of their worldly duties and the fulfillment of the professional duties are a service to God... 'Have you served for free? Has the fulfillment of your duties not made you any profit? Have you fulfilled your duties out of love for Me, or out of love for your own advantages?

29. When they will say... 'We have done good things and the legal part of the good things because it was the right thing to do, and therefore, we also could enjoy those advantages with a good conscience, which are the consequence of the good and legal actions!'

30. Then, I will say... 'So you've been paid workers and you have received your wage! But how much did you gain for Me with the one pound, that I had entrusted to you? Show Me your profit!'

31. And truly, everyone will show Me their one single pound and they will have to say... 'Lord, the pound was not useful in the circumstances, we were put into on earth, but we recognized it as a sacred object, so we did not touch it!'

32. And I say... And that, what was said about the evangelic owner of the one pound, will happen to them as well, and these 'one pounders' will have to work incredibly long in the beyond, until they will be able to work their way up a single penny! There will precede a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth!

33. I mean, this is clear also; heed it, so that you will not be a part of the 'one pounders'! Amen.

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