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Chapter 27 - John 5:41 - I do not receive honor from men.

Written down through Jacob Lorber on February 5th, 1844

1. "I do not receive honor from men."

2. This text declares with a few words, what kind of Covenant I have with men, namely... no Covenant of honor. Because men, in the way they are, are truly no honor to Me. I also did not create men, that they should honor Me.

3. But I do have a Covenant with men, and that is called 'Love', which means something completely different than honor!

4. Who are those, who let themselves be honored? - These are the rulers, princes and great ones of the world.

5. Why do they let themselves be honored? - Because they want to be more than men, even though their conscience does tell them, that they are not more than men.

6. What is the honor, which one shows towards another? - It is nothing more than the basic fear of the stronger and mightier one! Because the weaker one fears the blows and the relentlessness of the stronger one. Therefore, the weaker one crawls before him and honors him and worships him literally, so that the mightier one, bribed by such flatteries, does not strike him. The more reverent the weaker one gets towards the stronger one, the more overambitious and cruel the stronger one also becomes.

7. Question... Is such a tribute a fruit of a good or evil seed? - I mean... Like the fruit, so must the seed be as well!

8. So do you think, that I should take that from men, which is an abomination and an atrocious and nasty smell before Me?!

9. For what reason should I let Myself be honored by men? Because I am God, and the human beings are My creatures?! Because I am Almighty and all men are nothing compared to Me?!

10. Of what use woude this honor be to Me?! Will I become even more God, and will My Omnipotence become greater?!

11. Could I become even more God through the tributes of men?! - I don't think so, that is why I have not issued any law... 'You shall honor the Lord, your God above everything!' - Instead, only 'Love Me above everything'. That is why it says in the present text, that I am not looking for honor from men. Because there is already One in Me, who truly honors Me from all eternity.

12. Oh what joy do I get from the 'ad majorem dei gloriam-deeds' (all for the greater Honor and Glory of God) or, as you're used to say in the world... 'All Glory be to God!'. You can easily recognize that in this text. Because whosoever does not honor Me within his heart like a bride who loves her groom with a burning passion, that honor is an abomination before Me!

13. Of what use is the thousandfold 'Lord, we honor you!', - all the while their hearts are full of filth? - Such an honor shall be pelted at from the entire hell!

14. Because all those, who honor Me in such a ceremonial way, are those, who call to Me 'Lord, Lord!' and they may sing to Me a thousand litanies and say... 'Lord, we honor You and praise Your strength!' - 'Lord, we beg You, answer our prayers!' and 'Lord, have mercy upon us!' and they may add to that a thousand times... 'Honor be to God our Father!' etc.

15. But I will never listen to such nonsense and answer it, and I will always say to all these 'Lord, Lord!' Sayers... 'Depart from Me, for I have never known you! You have had a lot of honoring prayers and litanies, but why haven't you come up with a litany, in which it does not say... 'Lord, we honor you!', but instead... 'Dear holy Father, we love you!?'

16. One will surely intervene here and say... 'God must be honored!' For it is the noble fruit of the true fear of God; because if one does not fear God, he is capable of every evil deed.

17. But I say... Although the fear of God is better, than doing evil deeds, but such a fear of God will still not give anybody an eternal life, because a fearful disposition is already a judged disposition!

18. Because if someone only refrains the bad things out of fear from Me, he will have to master a difficult test, because by fearing Me, no human sprit is capable of feeling any bliss, and he will be stripped of any fear, and then it will be revealed, what he will do before Me without fear.

19. So, on this earth many criminals in jail are kept in a legal order by the fear of the punishment. But once they are released after their time in jail, they will be ten times worse than before.

20. All spirits of hell live and consist in the greatest fear of Me. If they only see Me from afar or hear My Name, that is the most horrendous thing for them! But which fool will assert here, that these hellish spirits are good therefore, simply because they have such a great fear of Me?!

21. I will give you an example... Lets say there is an extremely good person somewhere on this earth, who might be very wealthy, but in the same time full of the greatest love, meekness and courtesy, and every human being, that would come to him, no matter what social status, which nation, friend or enemy, he would welcome him affectionately and take him in. Question... What human being would have to be such a big fool and be more afraid of such a person than of an executioner?!

22. But which human being is better, more affectionate and more gentle than Me?! And still, people rather fear Me înstead of loving Me with the greatest trustfulness!

23. But I still say... The ones who fear and honor Me, seem to do it for a good reason, because they know, that their heart has no Love at all. That's why they want to replace that with the fear of Me.

24. But they feel thereby like a bride, who has become unfaithful towards her most trustworthy bridegroom, and they became a whore. Why did they become a whore? - Because they have given away all their love, they had within their heart for their bridegroom!

25. So, when the bridegroom will come, do you think He will look at this trembling and fearfilled bride in the same way and accept her, as if she had been running towards Him with a flaming heart? Will He not probably say to her...

26. How do you look? I have never seen you this way! Why do you tremble before Me, who loved you above everything? Truly, I cannot recognize you in this state! What have I ever done to you, that you fear Me? How could such a fear suppress your former love? How am I supposed to make you happy now, I, whom you do not love, but fear?! - Therefore, I must depart from you, out of love for you, so that your fear of Me in your heart may no longer torture you!

27. Look, in this example, the 'I do not know you' who say to Me 'Lord, Lord!' is clearly explained, and that is why I do not want the honor of men as the fruit of fear, but rather I want the faithful childlike love.

28. Strive for that in your heart, and I will come closer to you, but not in your honoring and fear! Be doers, that were made free through love, but not doers of My Word, judged by fear. Therein you will find eternal life and Me, your father! Amen.

Main Page Scripture-Explanations SCRE-27 Chapter