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Chapter 28 - John 6:66 - “From then on many of His disciples withdrew, and were not walking with Him anymore.”

Written down through Jacob Lorber on February 8th, 1844

1. From then on many of His disciples withdrew, and were not walking with Him anymore.

2. This text, as you say, hits the nail on the head in every respect!

3. Why did many of My disciples leave Me and not walk with Me anymore, when I gave them the teaching from the enjoyment of My flesh and blood? - The cause for this was at first the sloth of My disciples, but thereupon immediately followed their pride.

4. Sloth was the reason, because they did not want to force themselves to at least ask Me, how such a teaching must be understood - as My brothers did later on.

5. And pride was the result... Because My disciples were too lazy at first to gain a higher insight, but still being My disciples, they became annoyed, that I gave them a teaching, which went beyond their horizon of understanding. They felt ashamed before the other people, because they did not understand Me either, and thus, they did not want to ask Me in front of the people on account of their pride, to not bear witness, as if they had not understood Me as My disciples.

6. Usually, after I have given them a lesson, My disciples have often been asked by the people, how this or that needs to be understood. And My disciples often gave a lot of minor explanations, and their ambitions were satisfied with the compliments they received for their comprehensible explanation regarding a lesson, that was more difficult to understand for the people.

7. And so it was also during this occasion, many of My disciples have been asked about the meaning of this teaching, but they could not give an explanation this time, because they did not understand the teaching themselves. Therefore, they chose another way to avoid trouble this time. They accused Me of giving them a hard teaching that was too difficult to understand for any human being, and because this did not bring them any honor from the people, they rather taunted Me, and they also declared that all My previous teachings were incomprehensible in the same way as the current one. And so, they did not believe in Me anymore and they left Me.

8. From this faithful depiction of the life back then, everybody can recognize with great ease, that the cause for this severe incident was nothing else but the sloth and then the pride of My disciples. The sloth, because they were always around Me and thus thought, they understood as much as I do - so why should they therefore make an effort, in order to press in deeper into the spirit of My teaching? The pride was stirred, when I once tested them on how much they understand, and to show it openly, that the disciple is not above the Master.

9. And see, these two root causes are the main supporting pillars of most of the corruption of mankind! Because first, man is lazy and stands idly there for the whole day. But when he is asked... 'Why are you standing so idle the whole day?' he will say... 'Nobody has hired me to do anything!'

10. And when I say to him... 'Well then go out there at least in the evening and work for an hour, and then I will give you what is right!', then he will say... 'Lord, how can You put me to shame in this way and make a laughing stock of me for all those who have worked during the whole day?! If You want to give me something, just bestow it to me, but don't make me known as a sluggard before the labourers!'

11. Look, the sluggard does not want to work at first; and at the end, he is ashamed to work in front of the hardworking ones! How come? - Because this is not flattering for his hidden pride! He wants the same reward as the hardworking ones to make him feel good in his pride, but at first, he is too lazy to work, and soon thereafter, he is too proud.

12. However, the Lord will not be that unwise, to put sloth and pride on the same level with diligence and reward it!

13.Let me show you with a few more examples, that this all absolutely correct...

14. Lets take two students... The first one is diligent from the beginning, and the other one lazy. The diligent one will also earn the fruits of his effort at the end; but what kind of pretense and excuse will the other one present for his laziness? He will say...

15. 'The diligent one was a fool who did not realize that he is cramming his brain with all sorts of useless stuff, I however recognized all these subjects as ridiculous, and I found it unworthy from the beginning to fill my lofty head with such folly! And due to lack of other subjects, I found, that this first understanding I had, is much higher and deeper than all the other nonsense, which should be learned!'

16. See, here, the pride comes forth from the laziness! Whoever needs proof for this, just start an intimate conversation with such individuals, and you will surely realize that every aspect of it is true.

17. Lets take two musicians; the first one has acquired great practical and theoretical skills, due to all his diligent efforts, - the other one however, a son of laziness, stayed on the lowest and amateurish mediocrity, due to his minimal effort. Now ask him, why he did not make it as far as his fellow student! He will say...

18. 'Because I wasn't dependening on it, not like that other poor wretch; for I am rich anyway! Therefore, why should I bother with this? Such diligence is only necessary for poor devils, and what does it matter anyway, if I can actually play all this difficult musical nonsense myself or not?! One only needs to understand it, to which there is not much needed. Some poor devils will for sure play it and earn a piece of bread by it! On top of that, such difficult music stems from the poor devils, and thus, it would be extremely shameful for a rich person to occupy oneself with such fruits of wretchedness!”

19. Again, look at this real life example, and you'll clearly realize why My disciples left Me! - But lets continue!

20. In the same way, one will say, when he is asked about why he does not occupy himself more eagerly with the insights of the pure christian, religious tenets... 'I do not understand these things, and I also have never really dealt with it. The cause for this is... 'Firstly, I think it's all a bunch of nonsense, and there is not much to it, and secondly... Because through such religious musings one can only become a fool at the end!'

21. See, first it was this mans laziness and then his pride, springing forth from it, that he is speaking in the same way as these disciples... 'Who can accept such a teaching as being true, and change oneself according to it?! Therefore, it is better to forsake the Lord like these disciples did!'

22. And in the same way, an impoverished beggar speaks, when he is asked... 'How did you manage to get into such poverty? You had the chance, unlike many others, to actually save some of your money!' And his defense will be... 'I considered such saving too beggarly pathetic on account of my lofty nature, and it is now my honor, that I walk around as a poor fellow!'

23. See, here is another example of a human being, that first is lazy and cannot deny himself insofar as to give his being a push and start collecting some assets; however, at the end, when he realizes, that he has nothing, then he becomes arrogant and he is even proud of his lousy state!

24. I mean, we have enough examples, that we can see very clearly, in how many ways I am forsaken by My disciples on every occasion, when it says... 'From now on, the Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence!'

25. And so, many hikers climb high mountains. As long as the journey is quite comfortable, all will walk along quite easily, but as soon as the steep walls of the highlands appear and that means... 'From now on, the climbing of the mountain requires force and power!' - They will turn around, and only a few will succeed to reach the peaks of the highlands.

26. The same applies to the following... As long as man is seeking My kingdom at the reading desk, everything is fine, but when it says... 'Reading alone is not enough, only the deed brings the crown, for the flesh is of no use. The letter kills, only the spirit can make one alive!' - Then, the Lord will mostly be forsaken by His disciples, as the text shows.

27. Therefore, consider this explanation in an active way, so that you will not forsake the Lord like the disciples did! Amen.

Main Page Scripture-Explanations SCRE-28 Chapter