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Chapter 32 - John 19:26-27 - "Woman, see, your son!"

Written down through Jacob Lorber on February 16th, 1844

1. "Jesus seeing His mother and the disciple, whom He loved, standing by, He said to His mother... 'Woman, see, your son!' Then He said to the disciple... 'See, your mother!' And from that hour that disciple took her to his own home."

2. It is also common among you on earth that, if somebody bears his body's death in mind, that he leaves behind a final decree of his will regarding his estate and assets, which is known to you as 'Testament'. That's why it was also necessary, that I made a final decree of will regarding My legacy. Mary, who was the woman giving birth to My body, was such a legacy, and she had to have the most necessary provision for her remaining days on earth.

3. Someone here and there might ask... 'Didn't leave Joseph anything behind? He had children himself, his own and strangers, which he raised; could these not have taken care of Mary as well?'

4. That can be answered this way... Firstly, Joseph never possessed a property completely, and therefore, he could not leave anything behind. Secondly... His children, his own and the ones he took in, lived in great poverty themselves and most of them followed Me. And among them was John himself, who was often in the house of Joseph and at the same time he was also a pupil of this house. For John's father was even more poor than Joseph, and therefore, he gave John to Joseph, so that he may learn his craft. He did learn it, and became a quite skillful carpenter and he also knew how to handle woodturning. On top of that, he loved Mary, as well as Me and the entire household of Joseph very much. And Mary could not have been given into the care of better and more faithful hands than the ones of Zebedee's son.

5. See, this is the completely natural testament, and is therefore the nature-conform and literal meaning of My words at the cross.

6. But because these words were not spoken only by the man Jesus, but by the Son of God or by the Eternal Wisdom of the Father, that's why there also lies behind them a very deep and most high, divine, spiritual and heavenly meaning, which you will certainly never be able to completely fathom in its entirety like so many other deeds of the God-man!

7. So, I can only give you hints about it from the realm of wisdom. However, do not research too much in it; for you know, that the things of wisdom will never be comprehended like the things that come forth from the pure love, just like nature already shows you that.

8. You might be able to grasp the shining and shimmering things, move them around and contemplate them from all sides; but are you able to do that with the free rays of light, which stream out of the shining bodies?

9. These rays carry the likeness of countless things undistorted with them, of which the newly discovered light-pictures give you proof. But ask yourself, if you are able to discover such pictures in the free rays with your senses. You will surely have to answer this question with 'no'!

10. Therefore, the earlier mentioned hint still applies, namely... that you should not make too many speculations about given things coming out of wisdom; for you will not be able to do much more good than if you would simply look at the constructs within the free rays of light.

11. You might be able to make optic devices, through which the free ray is compelled to deliver its carried picture for you to see; but do you have an optic device, through which the pictures of the rays, caming from the primordial light, can be depicted in their original depth?

12. Yes, you indeed have such a spiritual optic mechanism within you, - but it will only become operative, once you have completely rid yourself from the worldly light. The world must transition into complete darkness first, before the light of the spirit can release its images for you to see. Your own dreams give you valid proof of that, and the visions of the entranced ones or- as you call them - the somnambulists give even more legitimate and clear evidence.

13. This pre-remembrance was necessary, so that we now can move on to the hints regarding these words at the cross!

14. 'Woman, see, your son!' and... 'Son, see, your mother!' - It's deeper meaning is... 'You, world, look at the son of man, and you, son of man, look at the world... Do not judge it, instead, bestow love upon it!'

15. And spoken even deeper... 'You, divine wisdom! Bow down to your eternal origin, and you, eternal origin, look at it and receive your emanating son for unification!”

16. Further... 'You, who once carried the Holy of Holies, look at the death of your work, and You, murdered one, when You will resurrect, remember her, who once carried the Holy of Holies, namely... the light of the eternal love!'

17. Behold, within these short hints lies the infinite depth, which will never be completely fathomed by any created being, because the content of this depth is already infinite, and it becomes infinitely duplicated in each and every moment!

18. I have told you so much about it, that you should realize, that the one who has said this at the cross, was more than just an israeli delinquent under the judgment of Rome, according to the opinions of many, because he was accused of being a rebel and a national troublemaker.

19. This is according to that, the deeper, spiritual meaning. However, you stay with the natural testament. For you also are My disciples as well, and the poor ones of the world are My Mother. And so, I also say to this mother... 'See, your sons!' And to you I say... 'Look, your mothers!'

20. Truly, if you will do as John did, you shall have his reward as well, eternally! Amen.

Main Page Scripture-Explanations SCRE-32 Chapter