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Chapter 33 - John 16:32 - "An hour is coming"

Written down through Jacob Lorber on February 19th, 1844

1. "See, an hour is coming and has now come, that you are scattered, each to his own, and leave Me alone! Yet I am not alone, the Father is with Me."

2. This text says what is openly displayed before you, and has been there already since My ascension. Therefore, this text is one of the easiest, for its meaning is simple and can be grasped by both hands and feet at the same time.

3. Only one thing needs to be explained, and that is, what difference lies between... The 'time' comes..., or when it says... The 'hour' comes.... With 'time' is meant a date, which will come under an unspecified 'when'. But 'hour' is a definition of an immediate date of accomplishment of the pronounced statement.

4. Every now and then, you will find 'time' instead of 'hour' in this text. But that is wrong; for it must say... 'The hour comes...'. And the reason for this is, the result of this prophetic statement arrived immediately thereafter.

5. What is meant with this scattering? Maybe the personal separation of My disciples and apostles, everyone to a different place? - Oh no! Because that was their destiny, and for that reason I have appointed them, to go out into all countries and preach the gospel to all creatures!

6. Wouldn't it have been nonsense on My part, to make an evil prophecy of their profession? This way, the called messengers of My word would have to stay together in a bundle in order to not do anything evil, like some orders and congregations of your time are doing, which, in their substance, are doing as much good as a bunch of meteors would at the bottom of the ocean. It certainly would leave a great and terrible impression on the one, who sees them plunging into the sea; but once they have reached the steady ground of the ocean, they'd just rest there, doing nothing except being an underlayment for some hungry polyps.

7. Therefore, there isn't even a single trace of a personal and local scattering contained in this prophecy, of which even the text itself already testifies, for it says... 'But even if you will leave Me, I will still not be alone; for the Father is with Me.'

8. Now, judge for yourself... Can anybody leave Me - personally or locally? Where should he go, in order to stand closer to Me or further away? Where will he be further away from Me, in South America or in North Asia? - I mean, this is certainly one and the same for Me, as being the Omnipresent! So, as stated before, this is not about a local scattering.

9. But then, what kind of scattering are we talking about here? - Look at the sects, which currently exist right before your eyes, and even existed to some extent back in My days, - which was the reason I made this prophecy in the first place! And when you look at the debates between my first two apostles, it must become very clear to you, what kind of scattering was meant, and you will, like I've stated before, grasp it with your hands and feet, what I prophesized to My disciples and apostles.

10. Only a few centuries after My ascension the fragmentation was already that huge, that nobody knew anymore, who is the cook and who is the waiter! Great councils had to take place, but even after those, they were fragmented, just like before.

11. How it looks now, I surely do not need to explain to you, for wherever you look, you will see the fragmentation!

12. It says... 'Everyone to his place.' That means as much as... 'Each sect thinks of itself as the best and purest one.' Am I alone because of that? - Oh no! Because the Father, or the first love, is within Me!

13. I recognize My people by their love, but not by the sect! Whoever loves Me and keeps My word, carries the love of the Father within him; just like I have the Father within Me, - and He is one with Me, like I am one with Him! That is why I am not alone; for the Father is within Me, and in the same way, I am within everyone, and all, who love and follow Me, are within Me.

14. The sect does not make any difference, and cursed are those, who prefer one sect over the other out of a worldly deference! Because in no sect is truth and life, everything is based on a coerced faith and faith by persuasion, which is not a whit better. Question, where does the free man exist therein?

15. When have I ever compelled anyone to believe anything? - I left each one the choice to decide for themselves! Those, who were not satisfied by My works and their own inner conviction, they were not forced by any other means, for I have not given My teaching for the faith, but only for the deed.

16. I did not say... 'If you believe in Me, then, out of your loins will flow rivers of living waters!', but I said... 'Whoever acts according to My word, will experience, if My teaching comes from God or from the men!'

17. What benefit would a demand to believe have brought? For I had certainly foreseen that much, that the light would illuminate the objects differently, in the same way, as the objects are different!

18. And it's exactly the same with the light of faith! Depending on the way it falls on different coloured human minds, in that way it must illuminate it. However, a demand that one and the same light should reverberate from all the thousand coloured minds in a complete white, would be for sure the greatest folly!

19. The effect of the light must be various, but the effect of love is always the same, just like the warmth has only one effect, namely... it warms the red as much as the blue, and everything can be made to glow, and the color of the living love is forever one and the same, and glowing gold is no different than a glowing piece of iron.

20. Look, this is the meaning of this text! Therefore, don't scatter yourselves, but abide in the love, and you will live! Amen.

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