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Chapter 35 - John 16:33 - "Take courage, I have overcome the world!"

Written down through Jacob Lorber on February 23rd, 1844

1. These I have spoken to you, that in Me you might have peace. In the world you have pressure, but take courage, I have overcome the world!

2. This text belongs to the very transparent ones, and its spiritual meaning can be grasped by everyone already in the literal sense. So then, I will explain the meaning of this text to you with a few words, and you'll understand its correct spiritual meaning completely with these few words; and therefore listen!

3. Everything that I now tell you, is also of this kind, that it has to give you the true, inner peace in every circumstance of your life by your Love for Me , if you consider these spoken things in a fairly active manner.

4. The world would like to beset you from all sides, but it cannot, because it has been overcome by Me. So when you have Me within you, by your love for Me, then you also have the eternal overcomer of the world within you. But the world has experienced My Power; that is why it may and can not harm a single hair on those, who have My Peace truly within them.

5. However, as soon as somebody wants to rise up from this peace and wants to fight the world on his own, then he can only blame himself, when he gets captured and abused by the world. But whoever truly stays in My Peace, they will be secure for eternity, and no worldly breeze will harm a single hair on them.

6. For sure, some people will say here... 'Oh Lord! Look at Your apostles, and Your disciples, and many of the first Christians, and also later, some eager fighters for the pure gospel have become martyrs, and the world took vengeance in a most horrendous way on those, who were full of Your peace! Why, oh Lord, did Your peace not protect them from the Krallen claws of the world? You yourself have said before Your suffering that the ruler of the world is judged! How then was it possible for the judged one to have such power, that he could fill the world in such a way with indignation against Your peacekeepers?"

7. This question is vain enough, and whoever does know history only a little bit, will certainly realize, that all the martyrs, starting with the apostles and all the way through to the later times, have not died as a martyr on account of any coercion or legitimate assignment of Me, but out of free will, springing forth from a heroism of love, because their Master has been crucified Himself!

8. I tell you... Every martyr could have spread My gospel without becoming a martyr. But those, who spread it, knew Me, and they had the eternal life before their eyes, and therefore they did not want to wander around in the world much longer, rather they could barely wait for the moment, when their flesh would be taken from them, so that they could go, where I preceded them!

9. John however, had the greatest love for Me; therefore, he was not afraid of persecution in the world, and he rather wanted to consume every last drop of it, than to beg of Me some of his earhly lifetime. He was completely satisfied with My order, while many others were beggars, and they rather wanted to let themselves be tortured with a humiliating martyrdom, than to work same more years for My Kingdom.

10. But because everybody can receive of Me, whatever he asks of Me in a sincere and devout manner, I could not take back My word from these first witnesses, which says... 'Whatever you ask of Me, I will give you!'

11. From this perspective we can clearly see, that My word was not in need of martyrs; for I have promised the one and always valid witness, My Holy Spirit, to all those, who accept My teachings and live according to it, and this witness is the remaining one, while the blood of the first martyrs has become traceless already for all later times and even historically.

12. But if this Spirit is an eternal witness, why should I ever demand a blood witness from My followers?! Whoever wants to become a blood witness himself, he shall become one... But nobody should believe, that he is doing Me a favour with that, but everyone, who does that, he does it for his own benefit, not for Mine!

13. It is, as if a father would say to his children, while they are still clothed well... 'I will give you wonderful new clothes, once these ones are worn out!'. And then, some children are getting tempted by the hope and preference for the new clothes, and they do not look after the old ones anymore. Once their current clothes are raddled, then their father will for sure give them the promised ones. But some of these children, who love their father more than their clothes, still spare the old ones, because they don't want to throw their father into expenses before the time.

14. Even though, there can be no talk about certain expenses with Me, there are some other expenses involved, namely... to consider the accomplishment of a little mess. For I have given every man a certain goal of life out of My order, and this goal does neither consist of a sword, nor of fire. For the death through a sword and through fire is a judgment. But whoever acts in his own will and might, disregarding My order, should be prepared to let himself be judged to a certain extent, depending on how much he has acted prematurely in My order.

15. Daniel did not want to die; that is why he was kept alive in the lion's den, and in the same manner the disciples in the fiery furnace, and many similar examples. And look, on all those no hair has been harmed, and many thousands of My lovers have not been harmed either in any way, because they kept the power of My peace in their hearts, unbothered. But everyone, who wanted to rise above this peace, they also had to taste the lack of peace in the world.

16. Surely, some will say here as well... 'If so, we better let the world just be the world with all its ugly activities, and every good person shall continue to live, without worrying about the world, and if everybody does that, will the world then not be filled to the stars with all sorts of atrocities?!

17. Good, I say; check your math! Since the times of the apostles, there surely have been an uncountable amount of zealots who wanted to faithfully change the world into a better place with a glowing sword in their hand! Streams of blood have been shed! Ask yourself, did it have any success?! Go and look at the world now, and it will answer your question very clearly from all sides!

18. This great number of zealots should have left behind such a legacy, that according to that, the world would have to be a paradise by now, - and nonetheless, the world in your time is ten times worse than it was at Noah's time!

19. Why then does David say... Oh Lord, how absolutely nothing are all men compared to You, and all help of men is of no use at all. David said this, because he knew Me, but you talk differently, because you do not know Me like David did!

20. Do you think I don't know what the world is doing, that I am too mild to chastise the world for its crimes? - I tell you... Believe something else, and leave the guidance of the world up to Me!

21. Whoever pulls out the sword, will also die by the sword. With open violence, nobody will ever be able to change anything in the world. Because where the world is seeing violence, it will return violence, and in this way, one people continuously strangles the other one.

22. But whoever wants to fight against the world, he must do so with secret weapons, and these weapons are My love and My peace within you! But first, everybody has to conquer his own world within himself, only then will he be able to victoriously use these weapons against the outer world.

23. Indeed, if one is not a master of the world within himself, the less he will become one outwardly! However, anyone who still feels within himself a fiery zeal, similar to a curse, that one is not yet finished with his own world; for this zeal still originates from the secret duel between My peace and the world within man.

24. For it is the world, who strives and judges and calls fire from the heavens, to cunningly disguise itself for My cause; but My spirit and My peace does not strive, but works mightily in secret only and completely unnoticed by all in the world, and it has no other exterior sign than the works of love and in its appearance humility. But on account of true love and humility, nobody, as far as I know, has ever been judged by the world since My John.

25. See, therein lies the true, inner peace, and also therein lies that mighty victory over the world, which I Myself have fought for and won! Therefore, consider this explanation, so you will conquer the world within yourself as well as every other world, always and eternally by My name and My peace! Amen.

Main Page Scripture-Explanations SCRE-35 Chapter