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Chapter 36 - Luke 4:20 - "Hidden from the world..."

Written down through Jacob Lorber on February 26th, 1844

1. "And having rolled up the scroll, He gave it back to the attendant and sat down. And the eyes of the whole congregation were fixed upon Him."

2. My dear children! This text only shows a natural action, which necessarily had to follow after the reading out of the prophet Isaiah. But since in every deed of the Lord also lies an inner and an innermost motive, so even within this seemingly natural action lies such a motive; and within this motive also must lie an unmistakable criterion, through which the full Divinity of Christ is certified, as well as all His deeds for all times and for all eternity.

3. That this is correct, we will now bring as clear as possible before everyone's eyes through the contemplation and comparison of this text with the subsequent circumstances of time, and therefore listen...

4. Jesus read out of the prophet in a synagogue. - What does this mean?

5. The 'Synagogue' means the world. The Lord, who is standing and reading out of the prophet, states that He is always vigilantly guarding, as well as overlooking all circumstances and secrets, and that He is not revealing His Word to the world, but He is giving it in a veiled, natural sense. For the 'Prophet' means the hidden in the natural sense, and the Lord therefore shows, that all these hidden things cannot be found anywhere else revealed and fulfilled than in Himself!

6. As the Lord had read out of the scroll, He rolled it up, and gave it to the servant and sat down. But He sat down, and all the eyes and ears of the synagogue were fixed upon Him. - What does this mean?

7. The Lord rolled up the scroll means, that He also sealed the spiritual meaning of the Word for the posterity. 'Then He gives the scroll to the servant of the synagogue' means as much as... He gives the hidden wisdom to the one who is working in the temple, which in the future is the heart of man.

8. Thereafter, the Lord is sitting down to rest, and all eyes and ears are fixed upon Him. - This act stands as an example and corresponds to the state, which can be found with men in the world since the ascension up until now, since the Lord is resting for the outer world like after a work.

9. Many eyes and ears are fixed upon Him, but He is silent and cannot be seen in a bodily activity, but like in His Sanctuary patiently resting, He can only be seen with the eyes of faith. But why? - Because men only look at Him with their eyes and ears, or their intellectual curiosity, but not with their heart!

10. But the Lord still talks a little bit through the Words, for He says... 'Now it has been fulfilled before your eyes, what the prophet had spoken of.' - Look, this is also the case with you, for after the long rest My Spirit has also come upon you, because you have sought Him, and now He reveals to you the scroll, which the servants always had kept in their chambers, with its meaning concealed.

11. These servants are equal to the one in the natural meaning, to whom the rolled up scroll was given. This refers to all those, whom you call 'priests', no matter what church they belong to. These servants will not receive the scroll in a revealed manner, as long as they are servants of the synagogue.

12. But every human being, who is a ture servant in the new temple of his heart, also gets the scroll in its sealed state and not revealed, but if He is a faithful servant in this temple, and sweeps and cleanses it and esteems the holy Scroll, there the Lord will come, and sit down in this temple, and there will be peace and tranquility. And if from all parts of the heart eyes and ears are fixed upon the Lord, He then will say... 'Now the Spirit of the Lord has come upon you, and the holy Scroll is revealed and fulfilled in your living temple!”

13. Behold, this is the ever so simple and clear meaning of this very unremarkable text!

14. I tell you... One might strive and search as long as he wants, in order to unveil this Scroll; he may ask all men and angels, but still he will not accomplish anything, - for I alone am the door!

15. Of what use is it to man, if he asks himself... 'Do I have an eternal life within me?' - and then receives the answer to that... 'The eternal life is only a mistery, a doubt. I have nothing else within myself, than the desire for it.'

16. Question... Who can be satisfied with such a consolation? Is it not the same with that philosopher, with whom the worldly wise comfort themselves... 'Does My thinking 'I' continue to exist, then I win, - and if there is no continuation, I also win; 'cause for the inexistence the plus and minus has the same size.'

17. But I ask again... Who can be satisfied with such a consolation, when one knows the value of life? Can it be indifferent to the living one, whether he is or not? But how can a human being, who exists, actually praise the inexistence anyway, because it is impossible, that he knows, how the inexistence is constituted?!

18. Everybody can easily recognize here, how blind such a scientist must be, if he consoles himself with a completely impossible inexistence in the middle of an infinite existence, in which no inexistence can occur!

19. Do you think, that within My infinite existence an annihilation is possible or a place, in which the nothingness is at home?!

20. Even the natural world shows, as far as you can see into the depths of My creation, that there is the exact opposite of a place of nothingness; for there you can either see other worlds, or great spaces filled with ether of light, and with criss-cross prevailing forces out of Me! - Question... Is that nothing?

21. I do not need to stretch this sentence any further, in order to show the foolishness of it. But now I will add the real challenge for everybody, how one can investigate, if a nothingness exists, and so I say...

22. Fly through the spaces of infinity with your thoughts! If you will find a space, into which you cannot enter with your thought, there you may look for the nothingness! But you can be absolutely sure that you will never ever succeed with this attempt! Because where your thoughts can go, there is existence; but where will be a place which the thoughts cannot reach?! I do not know this place, - and therefore, a worldly wise will know it even less!

23. Therefore, do not hold onto the vain searching and foolish experiencing. For that will never bear any fruit for you! Do not make your own path, which is so easy, more difficult in vain, but everyone shall come to Me and they will find everything in its fullness, which they will never achieve on any other path in all eternity; for I alone am the door, for all times as well as for eternity! Amen.

Main Page Scripture-Explanations SCRE-36 Chapter