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Chapter 4: John 14:6 - The Way, The Truth and The Life

Written down through Jacob Lorber on December 27th, 1843

1. Will it be difficult to quote another central sun here? Oh, no, not in the least! For we must put only the next best text from the book of the New Testament here, and a new central sun is in front of you with the same primordial light and with the same power and effect! For example: "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father - except through Me." (John 14:6)

2. Behold, here we have another central sun! Whoever can behold its light within himself, this one will certainly realize with such illumination, that through reading alone, nothing is achieved to gain eternal life.

3. The father is for sure the eternal Love within Me, as I am entirely in Him, in all my Divine Being from eternity; because I and the Father are One, or I and My eternal Love are One, or as the Love is alive in its Wisdom, forever, so also is the Wisdom alive in the Love, from which it proceeds, eternally.

4. The father or the Love is the basic Life of all Life; whoever does not come back to this vibrant origin of all life, remains dead and can nowhere else acquire a life.

5. But where is the door to the Father? And who is this door? Is it the many books and writings that someone reads, or is it Me?

6. Yes, one will promptly agree here and say: "Yes indeed, if one examines the teachings of Christ accurately, then he can hardly have any other opinion, than that he can only achieve eternal life for his spirit and soul, if he follows his teachings; and in this regard it is quite correct, what Christ has testified of Himself, namely that He alone is The Way, The Truth and at the same time, Life itself!"

7. And I say to you in Truth: There are thousands and again thousands who confess exactly that, and doing so with pure intentions; and yet I say: They are dead and have neither found the Way, the Truth, nor the Door and the Life!

8. One will say here: "This sounds rude and relentless! How can such a thing come from the Highest Love of God?! What more can man do to attain complete insight of the great Truth and Divinity of the great Teacher through the diligence of his studies?! What higher thing can man do than striving to recognize the true, highest and holy Dignity of the Divine Word, and through his diligence truly recognize Him?!”

9. But I say: On one hand, that is probably true - it is certainly better to do this than to discard everything and then go and indulge in the arrogance of the world. But, in the Scripture, it also says: "Many will say to Me, 'Lord, Lord,' and it also says there, that I will say to them, 'Depart from Me, because I never knew you!'

10. That is the basis of that part in the New Testament, which is certainly known to you. Under the quote "Lord, Lord" it is shown, that Christ is well-recognized as the Way, the Truth and the Life; but what does this awareness avail, if no one wants to walk on the path and grasp the Truth, in order to achieve Life by it?!

11. For sure, I am no Actor, that I Myself would be satisfied by empty applause, - but rather is My Concern full of eternal Severity, and therefore, I demand also serious actions and not only empty applause!

12. What kind of face would a rich Bridegroom make, if several brides would applaud and praise him; but when he would like to grasp one or the other, amd they would run away and revile in their heart about such an audacity?

13. Tell me, will the Bridegroom take one of those foolish brides to be his wife?! - Surely he will go out and look for a harlot, and he will say to her: "I know you, you are a harlot; but I tell you: Give up your whoring, and I will take you as my wife"!

14. And the harlot will stop her whoring, urged by her true, newly awakened love, and she will become the Bridegrooms much-beloved wife, and she will resemble Magdalena, who was back then the last of all women in Israel. But when the right bridegroom called to her, she became the first among all women who celebrated the great Resurrection into Eternal Life with the Bridegroom.

15. Indeed, it was not her thing to read books; but once she had recognized the right One, she backed away from the world and formed a strong, indestructible Love for Him, whom she recognized Him as the right One, and she sacrificed everything, what she had in this world out of her great Love for Him!

16. Look, for such a bride I was the Way, the Truth and the Life in all her deeds!

17. There were many others at the time who had recognized Me as that - but they did not want to know anything about deeds; therefore, this text also belongs to them: "The first ones will be last and the last ones will be first!”

18. Is the Way, the Truth and the Life indeed that difficult? Does it not say: "My yoke is gentle and My burden is light"? - Yes, indeed, it is! The entire Way, the Truth and the Life and the gentle yoke and the light burden are included in the two Commandments of Love.

19. Is it really that hard to love the One who is the Eternal Love Himself, and is it hard to love his own brother? - O, indeed, nothing is easier than that! Take only the world out of your chest - this ancient plague of the Spirit, and you will experience, how sweet and easy it is, to love the Eternal Love and to love your brother!

20. But it is difficult for sure, to love the Eternal Love and your brother, if the heart is full of the world, full of the world's calculations, full of money, full of speculation and full of hellish mathematics, which understand to calculate exactly, how many percentages one penny must bear on the way of usury.

21 Yes, indeed, where the heart is full of this art, the "Lord, Lord" will not help much, and the Way, the Truth and the Life will turn out to be narrow and thorny indeed, so that it will probably never be completely traversed!

22. What good does the reading of thousands and thousands of books full of truth do? Will they awaken someone to Life, who is striving every day, to clutter his heart with more and more filth of this world?!

23. Tell Me, can any of you beget children with a statue?! Or will an artificially painted seed ever grow, if you put it into the soil? - Certainly neither one will work! The Living can only beget life with another living Being; therefore, the living Word can only bear fruit within a living Heart.

24. For the spiritually dead the living Word is nothing but a painted Seed, and he may scatter countless grains as these within himself, yet, he will still never achieve a fruit; because he does not revive the Word, and therefore will the Word also not be alive within him.

25. But whoever hears only a little, and acts accordingly, this one is a doer of the Word and truly seeks the Kingdom of God, and everything else will be added to him. - I mean, this is clear also... yet soon some more central suns!

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