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Chapter 5 - John 19:28+30 - “I'm thirsty!” & “It is finished!”

Written down through Jacob Lorber on December 28th, 1843

1. So that you may not say at the end, that not every Scripture is a complete central sun, but only one of them, which I put here myself, therefore you now choose a Scripture Text yourself, whatever you want, and then we will see, if it doesn't illuminate the main reason very brightly as one equal central sun before the eyes of the Spirit. Therefore choose one now!

2. You have chosen the two small texts... "I'm thirsty" & "It is finished"

3. Before we move forward to examine it closely, I have to assure you that I have left the choice completely up to you, because otherwise you could say at the end, that I'd given you exactly that, what I could use. - And now, we move forward to the main point!

4. "I'm thirsty!" For what? - For the love, which the world does not have - that's why they gave Me only vinegar and bile to satisfy My Thirst instead of the invigorating water, and they still do the same until today."

5. "I'm thirsty!" For what? For the Life - which I originally am - from eternity, and which I have lavished it on so many beings, too many to count, in such an abundance from the very beginning!"

6. "This is the Life, I am thirsty for! Endless times, this life has passed into death. I came, to snatch it away from death. Therefore I was so thirsty after this lavished life in the moment of the great salvation, but death has prevailed so much, that not even the eternally-living Blood of Love could awaken it!"

7. "When I demanded to drink Life, however they did not give Me Life, but rather they gave Me to drink death! Vinegar and bile was the drink - vinegar as the symbol of contraction and hardening and the bile as the symbol of hatred, wrath and fierceness.

8. "This image is clearly explained and, furthermore, we want to see how it is useful for our cause!"

9. "Behold, therefore I am calling to the entire world, as I do to you, constantly... 'I am thirsty' - or what is one and the same... 'Love Me, give Me to drink your Love! Love God above all and your neighbor as yourself! This is the Water of Life, which I'm thirsty for within you!"

10. Question... "Will you hand me this water? Or are you rather going to give me vinegar and bile too?!"

11. "The little, I demand of you, is nothing but the love and the deed thereafter. But if you - instead of doing an authentic, living deed out of Love - only read and do nothing, except that, what is appealing to your wordly tendency - Question... Is this not the vinegar with bile that you hand Me instead of the Living Water?! Yes, I tell you... The more you read and do nothing, except for what makes you happy in your worldly sense, the more acid the vinegar becomes and the more bitter the bile!"

12. "Then it says... 'It is finished' But what? - My own battle for you, because I cannot do more for you than to take your death upon Me as your Creator, God and Lord and eternal Life Himself!"

13. "That I cannot be killed in My eternal Spirit, that needs no further explanation. Only the fight for your life I can push to the endless highest level. But since you are mortal yourselves, this fight must also have a most paramount destination. If this destination is attained, then the fight is finished, from my point of view - but, nonetheless, you all give Me - the warrior, who fights for your life - out of pure thankfulness only vinegar with bile, instead of the living Waters of Love!"

14. "It is finished, indeed; but not for you. Unfortunately, only for Myself! Or... I've done everything for you, whatever I was able to do in My Divine Possibility, therefore I have finished My Work for you. But are you also willing to act accordingly, so that this work within you could be finished?"

15. "Oh, yes, - you read diligently, you also write diligently and you like to discuss Me, but when I say... "Dedicate only one hour a day to Me, instead of your worldly thoughts and amusements; sanctify it, that you do not concern yourselves with anything else during that time, except with Me within your Heart! - You will find hundreds of priorities coming up, and a hundred worldly thoughts will revolve around one single weak spiritual one - like a whirlwind!"

16. "You will bring up all kinds of worldly considerations, and if someone chooses to spend one hour with Me, he will certainly not be looking forward to it, but will rather have an uncomfortable shyness about it and he will thereby diligently count the minutes on the clock face of his watch, often impatiently awaiting the end of that hour, which he had dedicated to Me!"

17. "And if there would crop up only one insignificant business deal with the world, My Hour will either be skipped or at least be moved to another part of the day, in which normally the soothing sleep befalls the mortal ones, and in which no pleasant visits can be expected and no more tonic walks can be undertaken - especially with the females."

18. Look, this is all vinegar and bile! And as a consequence, it is not accomplished within you, when I - based on My infinite Love - do everything to bring you onto the right path of life; because for the consummation within you, it is necessary, that every one is denying himself out of true Love for Me. Then he needs to pick up his cross, and follow Me faithfully.

19. But who does this? The females may, if all goes well, be tailoring all day for the body and clean themselves and very often, they are looking forward to any kind of visit, but if I would say... "Stay at home in your closet, and commemorate Me in your heart" - they become sad and they mope, saying... "But we do not have anything good in the world."

20. Question... "Is that not vinegar and bile, literally?! Or do such female people not consider any kind of worldly amusement greater within their heart than Me?! Have those people finished within themselves, as I have finished the great struggle for them on the cross?!"

21. "Give them some pleasant books, filled with all sorts of storiettes, which, if you like, bear reference to Me; they will like to read them, especially if it tells at times some story of a romantic marriage or some wonderful fairytales. But give them only a little more serious booklet and they will only read that with the appetite of a dog eating a dry bread crumb, sniffing a little bit and then soon leaving with a drooping tail and ears, cause he was used only to good food."

22. "But since the active deed still is a little bit more serious than just reading the most serious book, thus the matter explains itself, against what difficulty the active deed will have to struggle."

23. "There are many who like to hear good music from artists; but how few among them want to deny themselves, to become an artist themselves by a demanding study!"

24. "It is easy to hear and not difficult to read and likewise easy to watch; but to do something oneself is no attraction for anyone. So then, what does the knowledge avail if one does not act accordingly?!"

25. "Look, all of that is vinegar with bile and does not accomplish anything! However, in Me, it does, while I give everyone whatever is needful - but not to the man, who does not want to use it for the purpose, I give it to him!"

26. "Therefore, do not just be vain listeners, but doers of the Word; because only as doers are you quenching My Thirst with the living waters of love, otherwise, you always serve Me vinegar and bile!"

27. I think, that this is pretty clear too. But soon some more central suns!

Main Page Scripture-Explanations SCRE-5 Chapter