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Chapter 6 - Matthew 28:17 - And when they saw him, they worshipped him; but some doubted

Written down through Jacob Lorber on December 29th, 1843

1. "Here you have again the free choice of a text; therefore, choose, and then we want to see, if this text also suits as a central sun for the current matter!"

2. “And when they saw him, they worshipped him; but some doubted.”

3. "You have chosen this text and have thus again hit the nail on the head; indeed, this text could definitely be seen as a main central sun!"

4. "When they saw Him, they worshiped Him." - Who did they see, and whereby did they see him, and how did they worship Him?"

5. "They saw Me, the Lord. What with? With their eyes. How did they worship Me? With their mouth. Why did they worship Me? Because they knew through the miracle, who I am; they knew, namely, that I am the Lord. But from where did they know that? They knew that through My Teaching, through My Deeds and through the miracle of My Resurrection."

6. "Now let's see if you are not doing the same!"

7. "Indeed, you do not see Me with your eyes - but the more you do see Me with your ears and the eyes of the Soul, which are your good understanding; because seeing with the eyes is probably the least, because the images, which are seen with the eyes, are very fleeting and do not last. The old proverb is true: 'Out of sight, out of mind!'"

8. "But whatever you perceive with your ears, is more lasting; because a heard word, you can faithfully recite at any time, as you have heard it. But try the same with a seen object! Even for a very skilled sculptor or painter, it will not be easy, to reproduce a seen object, as he has perceived it!"

9. "But objects, images and terms which the ear has heard, stick, and very accurately at that. And according to this constancy you can talk, and that in all kinds of different tongues. You can even reproduce the once heard or read, and even that which was seen exactly how you heard, read and saw it, even after long periods of time - without the slightest blurring of the impression - while according to your eyesight, you can't even reproduce a picture, that lies before you, as accurately as you see it."

10. "Yet from that, we can clearly see, that the perceiving with the ears is far more important than beholding something with the eye. Therefore, it is also much more important to clearly hear the tone of a word, as to behold the exterior form of a picture."

11. "A blind man may very well be a wise man - but a mute man will not reach wisdom easily; because the muteness is the ordinary consequence of deafness. But however, the mute ones usually have a much sharper eye than those who hear and therefore are not mute!"

12. "From this, we can conclude, that perceiving with the ear is far more important than beholding with the eye. Viewing with the eye can delight and surprise someone, especially when objects of great rarity appear. But the Teaching can only be absorbed with the ear."

13. "From this, we can conclude also, that it is better to hear than to see. Because what enters through the ear, illuminates and arranges the mind. But what enters through the eye, very often confuses the mind tremendously."

14. For example, when the females would only hear something about a new fashion dress from afar, but never actually would get to see it, the mind would remain orderly, and there would not easily be found a woman, who would put a new, silly fashion on her body, but if she gets to see a picture of it, that confuses the good and simple mind and this very soon forms the woman into a vain and foolish fashion doll (chick), which is more annoying to Me than ten thousand madmen.

15. "From this, we can conclude, how much better it is to hear than to see."

16. "You also see Me like that, every day, through the ear of your body, if you read My Word, and through the ear of your soul, which is your better understanding; and because you also see Me like that, as I arise in you, you recognize Me very well and you also worship Me with your understanding and thereafter also with your mouth."

17. "But now I ask you... Was that, which came from those, who saw Me after the Resurrection and then worshipped Me, already enough to gain eternal life by that?"

18. "The three questions, which Peter has received from Me, if he loves me, show more than enough, that the mere seeing and worshipping thereafter, is not enough, to take hold of My kingdom and of the eternal life by it - just as it is not enough to only say... "Lord! Lord!"

19. "You behold Me exactly the same way, when you read My Word and worship Me through the understanding and attention, with which you read My Word. You could say... 'We see You and worship You!'"

20. "But I appear once again and ask you Peters not only three times, but many more times... "Do you love Me?" - Then your mouth says... "Yes!" - But when I take a close look into your heart, it is not a rare thing, that I perceive it like an annoying day in autumn, shrouded with all sorts of filthy fogs of the world, and I am not able to behold, on account of the fogs, if this 'Yes' is earnestly written in your heart with a glowing inscription. It may very well be written therein, but why is there so much fog, which often darkens the heart so much, that one cannot recognize this living inscription of Love for Me?!"

21. "Remove those fogs therefore! Do away with the sole contemplation and worship, so that this inscription, which is a work of deeds according to the word, will be fully alive and visible and I Myself at the end too, on account of the constantly dawning light of this hallowed living inscription in your heart!"

22. "What good does all the reading and understanding do, if the deed never happens? What does the vision and worship avail, if you let yourself be asked continually... 'Peter, do you love Me?'"

23. "Magdalena did see Me also; but I did not ask her... "Magdalena, do you love Me?" I had to keep her away on account of her love, because her Love for Me awoke immediately and in a very powerful way, as she beheld Me the first time. "Do not touch me!" I had to tell her, whose heart was on fire with the brightest flames at the first sight!"

24. "But to Thomas I had to say... "Put your hands in My scars" and I had to ask Peter, if he loves me. There - the "Do not touch Me!" - would not have been applied very well! For neither in Peter and even less in Thomas pounded a heart like Magdalena's towards Me."

25. And in the same way, I also do not need to tell you... “Do not touch Me!" - but rather I tell you even more than I told Thomas... "Put not only your hands on My scars, but put your eyes, ears, hands and feet in all of My creation, in all of My heavens and in all of My revealed miracles of eternal life, and then believe, that it is I, who gives you all of this, and I do not demand anything else, than that you love Me!"

26 "But I still see Peter within you - standing at the seashore - who continually lets himself ask... 'Peter, do you love Me?' For you are all Peters in your faith, but still nowhere near from being Magdalenas and Johns, whom I also didn't ask, if he loves Me; because I knew well, why he followed Me, though I did not tell him like I did to Peter... 'Follow Me!'"

27. "Peter followed Me, because I called him to follow Me, but John followed Me, because his heart told him so. - Which of these two ways may be the better way?"

28. "Peter became jealous of John, because he thought less of John than of himself. But John was defended by Me, and to him it was also assured in the same moment, that he can stay - and that is more than the 'Follow Me!'. Because it is better, when I say to someone... 'Stay as you are!' instead of telling someone to 'follow Me.'"

29. "Likewise, the true, active Love is better than Faith, Vision and Worship and better as reading a lot about Me, but therefor loving less!"

30. "I mean, this again is going to be very clear; but nevertheless some more central suns soon!"

Main Page Scripture-Explanations SCRE-6 Chapter