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Chapter 19 - How lust for power is expressed in the hereafter

19,1. To reach the third valley, we need not do anything but to pass over this little higher mountain range. You want it and look, we are up here already. Look down below, more to the evening and you will not miss the first mentioned town.

19,2. You say: Best friend and brother, except for a few sturdy mounds of earth, we can discover nothing resembling a town. Yet I tell you: you have seen well for look as far as you can down the narrowing and darkening ravine, then you will discover many similar mounds of earth. You say: Nobody can live there, doesn't matter how desperate the circumstances. Yet I tell you: Wait patiently till we properly reached the earthen mounds, then things will immediately look much different. If you will, we will go down.

19,3. Well, we have reached the first mound; what do you say of it? You pull up your shoulders, but I tell you: Come a bit closer, yet not too close, then you will let go of pulling up your shoulders. You ask why you should not get too close to such an innocent looking earth mound. Also to this, you will if you would stay at the correct distance, immediately get the suitable answer. Come a little closer now!

19,4. Why do you jump so frightfully back like that? I did tell you that these earth mounds are not so empty as it looked like at first glance. You now say: in heaven's name! What is this? When we went only a few steps closer to this earth mound, several poisonous snakes suddenly poked their heads through the small, invisible holes and opened their venomous jaws. Truly, if we did not jump back as quickly as we did, they would have thrust themselves upon us and caused us harm. Are these earth mounds then pure viper nests? Is here nothing looking like humans?

19,5. I tell you: To get behind this, we must inspect the earth mound from the northern side, being the most dangerous route to approach it. Therefore, you must walk behind me and secretly look on from behind my back, then you will certainly see what is necessary to see. Do then follow me! Look, we already are at a good spot. Take careful notice, there at the base of the earth mound is a hole as if dug by a fox on earth. Take a good look inside, then you will promptly see something completely different. But when you have seen something, regardless of its ugliness, you should keep yourselves very composed and silent, for too vigorous motion or premature frightful screaming can cause us to have to flee.

19,6. Well, did you have a look inside? You confirm that you have. Yes, this will indeed be enough. Before we will discuss this, we will promptly remove ourselves to some distance from the mound, for close by it is not good to talk about it, because this mound has many thousand ears and is on alert. Now tell me what you have seen.

19,7. You say: O best friend and brother, terrible, terrible! Yes, it was disgusting to see! In the background, we saw a being hunched down. He looked like the most detestable and most terrible dragon. This dragon indeed has a human-like head, but instead of hair, there is an innumerable number of venomous snakes, slithering to all sides, glaring about with fiery eyes, searching for prey or loot near their horrible dwelling.

19,8. More to the foreground along the walls, we saw many miserable human figures, shackled by hands and feet. A multitude of free snakes are slithering about, piercing their arteries and sucking their blood. This detestable being in the background has, in his snake-coiled right hand a glowing sword and in the other hand, a kind of written on scroll. A snake, coiled around his left arm, intermittently pages through the sheets of the written document as if she wants to draw the monster's attention to something peculiar. After such action, we saw how several very unhappy looking human beings were dragged from a dark background by several snakes. The monster in the background swung his glowing sword above them, cut a few of them in pieces and let the others be put into fetters again among the others, by the snakes which has human arms. This is what we saw, nothing more and nothing less.

19,9. I tell you, you have taken very good notice and took it unto yourselves very well, but now you say: Best friend and brother, the evil depicted by this detestable image, can indeed not exist upon earth! Then I tell you: There do exist, regarding this kind of evil, even more, incomprehensible things than what is depicted in this image! Try to guess what kind of evil is behind this image. Look, this image corresponds with the worldly tyrannical politics of power-lust. Everything lookinglike lust for power corresponds with the character of this image. You should not understand with this the wise state rulership of righteous kings and regents anointed by God, who understandably must guard their peoples, for them to not incur too much damage to each other through mutual malice, or even annihilate each other. This image only shows the hellish cunning by which people of any rank or position, try to usurp some or the other kind of ruling position by means of the most despicable fawning. Have they empowered someone, they hide to the world behind deceptive humility, soberness, and modesty. But their dwellings are full of guarding snakes, looking like creeping, sly, secretive spies, keeping watch to the outside with anxious tension whether something is approaching that could pose danger to the feigned modesty. Should anything come close, it is immediately grabbed and secretly and unobtrusively dragged before the so-called modest owner of the house. You have seen by the image that it does not fare very well with the prey in such a humble dwelling. The snakes on his head instead of hair denotes the restless aspiration to ever-increasing power. The glowing sword in his head, coiled about by a snake, shows the cunningly taken position of power; some or the other office or trade that gives such a power-hungry person the right to exert his endowed power. The glow of the sword depicts the relentless strictness of the substance of tyranny. His hand being coiled about with a snake says that such a sword is handled with much cunning. The scroll in his left hand, again coiled about by a snake, typifies the slyness of such a power-hungry person, in whose plans no one may have any insight, except his own great slyness.

19,10. You saw people being dragged by snakes to the front and this shows that the multi-faceted cunning of the tyrant has taken them captive. The great snake with human arms, cuffing the captives, are the hired lackeys of the tyrant. The chain testifies of the complete servile condition of those standing under the authority of someone like this.

19,11. Now we have unraveled everything. You say: This image is indeed true, but everything look very much exaggerated. Yet, I do want to draw your attention to a few examples amply present upon earth in your current time. From this, you will easily gather whether this image is exaggerated.

19,12. To not make you think it over for too long, I draw your attention in the first place to the evil agitators of the people, usually chasing after a high ideal, but who became, after they reached the result of their evil plans, the greatest robbers of mankind. Robespierre is by far not the worst among the innumerable many who have thrust poor mankind of the earth into unmentionable physical and spiritual misery. Exactly this truly hellish, satanic politics of such kind of people is but superficially depicted by this image.

19,13. If it would be advisable to let you have a look inside the deeper situated earth mounds, truly, at the very first mound, the most cold-blooded one of you would not be able to put even one letter upon paper. This kind of activities belong to the lowest and most evil hell. From this mountain ridge, you have seen how many enormous earth mounds are situated in the despicable ravine. In this respect, I can only tell you that it fares ten times worse in every following earth mound than in its predecessor.

19,14. This is then enough; I must honestly admit to you: only the mightiest angelic spirits, especially endowed with all possible power by the Master, can go through this valley without being damaged. But with you, I do not even want to proceed to the third earth mound. As long as such lust for power has only worldly things in view as you saw in this first earth mount, it does not yet, with the necessary precautions, pose any danger to the spiritual. But, as is already in the second earth mound the case, this lust for power stretches out her snake arms also to the spiritual, then every spirit must take very good care if he should approach such a mound! Therefore, I want us to be content with what we saw in this valley. Next time I will bring you upon a safe and appropriately situated hill from where we will have a general overview of all the multiple situations of especially this northern region. Thus, enough for today.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-19 Chapter