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Chapter 26

Sequel to the visit to the Stoics

26,1. The intellectual representative says: How do you view yourselves regarding the infinite? You say: nothing other than ending and limited. Look, with this answer you already give the general reason why I have chosen this region to live in. Therefore, I tell you: Only he is truly wise, who have found the limitations of his own mind and then understand with his mind, how much is necessary for the satisfaction of his spirit. This region completely corresponds with my intellectually determined borders and the advice of this intellect therefore is: Always be content with what corresponds to your limitedness; never go outside of the circle of your insights and know and find yourself inside this circle; then you have found the joy of life in the most perfect and most applicable form. Look, for this reason, is this region, which you find very much uninhabitable, completely appropriate to me because it does not offer more than what corresponds with the limits of my mind. If I would be of service anywhere, I can only do it within the horizon of my insight; outside of it, I would be a corpse and unable to be completely serviceable to anyone. From this, you can see why exactly I have chosen this environment and none other to live in. Would you think that I would let myself be lured into vanity to shine a light for others, you would be sadly mistaken with me. For my unshakeable principle is as follows: If you would want to serve someone, know the sphere in which you want to serve him, very well. If you do not know this sphere, stay home with your philanthropy, for he who wants to give more than what he has, is either a fool or a deceiver.

26,2. The initiator says: Much appreciated friend, once again you have spoken very wisely and we cannot find any objection to it. We only need some more light on one aspect. Since you have been so friendly to correct us and fully illuminate our question, would you be so good to give us advice in this situation as well?

26,3. The intellectual representative says: Best friends, as long as you find yourselves on this terrain, you can ask me any question and would be assured that I am able to give you worthy illumination regarding every aspect regarding my environment. Do therefore tell me the matter you still have doubts about.

26,4. The initiator says: You have spoken in your wise exposition about a certain limit of the horizon of your knowledge and that it would be very unwise to dare to venture beyond this horizon. The last we do understand, for truly, nobody can do what exceeds his powers and would he want to, he would certainly be a fool in as much as he would want to exceed his boundaries. But see, when you were born, your mind did not have such a vast horizon as is now the case. You have obviously enlarged your horizon of your insights more and more, until you have by this increase, enlarged the horizon to the current awe-inspiring dimensions. The question now is if this horizon should be considered completely fixed, or capable of further expansion. I believe even if the limited would expand its horizon ever so much, it would, despite its limits, never face the danger of filling infinity.

26,5. The intellectual representative says: Best friends, on the one hand, you are right, on the other hand, not. If a man would have created himself, he could have given himself as much he would want, for he would find in infinity no shortage and he would owe it to himself to continually expand the horizon of his insights. Since man has not come into being out of himself, but life has been given to him, his horizon was also given to him. If you would look at an apple on earth, for instance, you would see that he expands the horizon of his existence directly after the falling of the blossom. Have he come to full ripeness, you can tell the apple as much as you want to and he will not be able to have anything more to say than: up till here and no further, for my measure is full! But why would the apple give you such an answer? Because he is also a given something and is not a self-created something; therefore, he received his development area. Who have reachedthese limits and knows that this is his given terrain, is complete in himself and as perfect as possible. Would he stay in this terrain and do not use it to the full, is a clumsy slave of himself and would not even be adequately capable for himself. Yet, whoever would want to inflate himself so much as to go outside of his boundaries, he is a prideful fool bound to destroy himself. It will go with him as with a hollow cone which is filled with gunpowder and then ignited, through which the surface of the cone is blown apart and parts of it being shot to a far horizon. But ask yourselves how it will fare with the whole of the cone.

26,6. The initiator says: Once again we cannot pose a single objection against the facts of your exposition, for it is completely true. But you, best friend, clearly gives your answer deliberately in such a way that we should every time find a new starting point where we must ask your opinion about it. You have likewise said in this exposition that man has, just like all other limited beings, a given creature and not a self-created one. If this is sure to be true, the question arises of who the creator is; for, with a receiver, a giver is implied as much as some or the other appearance with its corresponding cause. We want therefore to ask you more illumination about the giver.

26,7. The intellectual representative says: Best friends, regarding the giver, He is above the horizon of our knowledge and we have done everything if we have recognized ourselves as a given something. Would we want to investigate the giver, we do nothing other than when we would want to measure the circumference of infinity with a pair of compasses. It is certainly true, for a circle makes him think in ever bigger circles going bigger into infinity, with which the smaller circle shows the resemblance. But when this smallest circle would want to become completely equal to a bigger one, above himself, he first has to be stretched out, have to stretch his much smaller circumference to that of the bigger circle to match it. This can indeed be done, but experience will teach that a line of the little circle would barely be able to make contact with a thousandth of a significantly greater circle line. As such will also only this part go up with her; all other thousandths will still be unreachable for this much shorter line. Look, in this example are only two adjacent circles touching each other. Now first take this smallest circle and measure with its stretched-out line the infinite, unlimited circle and then question yourselves, how such a work or endeavor, intellectually seen, should be evaluated. I think that in the human mind, no greater foolishness can be conjured up; the same is true if we would want to fathom the infinite Giver, who He is. Therefore, it is, as I have already stated, enough for every man to recognize himself as a certain given, including the fenced-in area of his insights. Regarding the Giver, this does not concern the given in the least, since He is obviously infinitely exalted above the receiver. What can an apple become if he once ripened fully? What would become a circle, when the line coming forth from one point have reached himself again? Let him stay where he is, then he will be perfect as was given unto him.

26,8. The initiator says: Again, you have given us a good answer. We do still have yet another question and it is as follows: In the region we come from, there is continually proclaimed by a so-called better group, the love unto God, but we do not know how we should take it in the light of your wise insights. For we understand love to be defined as taking hold of someone and pulling him towards you. But how can a limited being or limited power take hold of an unlimited power and pull it towards itself?

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-26 Chapter