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Chapter 32

Birth out of the darkness. In the first grade of light of life

32,1. Look, the company now also see the two messengers. Our main speaker goes to meet them in a friendly manner to receive them into the company. As you can hear for yourselves, he says to them:

32,2. Be welcome here with me as well as with us a thousand-fold! I indeed do not know you, but I do see that you, people like us, have just come here from the earth, or have found better pastures than us, for you look incomparably better than all of us together. If you have just arrived from earth, I will immediately direct your attention to it, that the so-called Robinsons have it much better there than us. For this assumption, you only have to look at us from top to toe. Our superhuman good looks will show you even in this still very considerable darkness very clearly how it is with the good life here. In addition, I can assure you that there are no illnesses here, for what can still become sick here with us? We can only barely contract the illnesses rocks can, for I think that when man is devoid of all its life juices, you also are free of all illnesses. The only evil plaguing someone mostly, in the beginning, is hunger, thus a stomach complaint. But, as hunger is usually the best cook, he will soon find a food which would challenge his cookery excessively. Look, at our feet on the sand is such a morsel for our stomachs to be seen. This is moss; one could say, true Icelandic and Siberian moss. The scarce dewdrops caught between these little leaves are also the only way to quench our thirst that can be found in this enormous sandy desert. Do not trouble yourselves if this situation would last forever, for patience and habit finally makes everything bearable. We shall all be very happy if you would want to stay with us, with your phosphoric garments, for I can assure you that one can have victory over everything but this darkness. You can, therefore, imagine yourselves that your phosphoric shine looks to us like a sun! But now, dear friends, would you be so friendly to tell us the reason why you came here from the earth, or if you came from a better pasture, tell me what has made you leave there to come here?

32,3. One says: Poor friend, you are gravely mistaken with us, for we came neither from the earth, nor from some other, better pasture in this region; but we come from the Master, called Christ, whom you see as merely a fully honest man, while He indeed is the only Master of heaven and earth. He sent us to you to show you the reason why you have been wandering around for so long and so helplessly in this region.

32,4. If you would ask yourselves: How did we live upon earth, you will say with clear and sound memory: all of us always lived honestly and reasonably. But would you ask yourselves some more: Why did we live and act like this? Then you could say nothing else but: We have predominantly lived for our own well-being. Worldly honor, worldly praise and the consequent prestige before other people, were the most predominant motivation for all our noble deeds. We were faithful members of state and church. Why then? Maybe out of love for God? How would it be possible, since we do not know God at all and thus also would not know His holy will. Our faithful church membership was firstly based on the privileges that could easily be obtained, more so than others who did not have such good report with state and church as we did. In addition, has this blind spiritual faithfulness to the state and church the following idea as its foundation: If there would be some or the other kind of life after death, according to the priests and other preachers of immortality, we would not perish by acting like we do. If there is not such a life, then will our prestige gained through deeds, at least still live upon earth through our children and grandchildren, and people might, even hundreds of years later, still talk about us, saying: Those were men and those were times when such men lived!

32,5. Look, as was said, you also had to say in yourselves. As such, you have obviously, without any inner understandin,g passed from the earthly life into the spiritual life and you do not know at all what is needed for the spiritual life. What would be more self-evident than that you could find nothing in this spiritual life, but what you have brought along of your material life, namely a highly pitiable and poor form of your actual character and a complete darkness about the concepts of the spiritual life. In other words: You came here almost like an embryo at natural conception of man in the motherly womb, where complete darkness prevails. The embryo feeds himself in a certain sense with the waste from the blood of the mother, until he reaches, despite this very poor and unsavory food, the right level of power with which it frees itself from the dark resort of origin. Likewise, do you find yourselves here in a 'mother's body' and do you also have to feed yourselves with its comparable waste.

32,6. But because there is still a living spark of eternal life in you, namely your little love and high esteem of Christ, this spark has taken hold of your spiritual embryos out of your dark sphere, unto birth. It will go with you, like you said at the end of your speech, to your company: If there will be no light rising for us with Christ, we can be assured that darkness shall be our eternal possession.

32,7. You have therefore found the light in Christ. And you will indeed experience what the Master had said to one of His disciples, namely that no one can have part in the eternal life and thus also the kingdom of God, who hasn't been reborn. This the Master has said in the night to His disciple, to show him that every non-rebirthed spirit finds himself in a night, like an embryo in the mother's body and that the Master also comes in the night to the not yet reborn spirit, to lift him out of this night into the light of eternal life, to rebirth.

32,8. Because your time of rebirth has arrived through your awakening, yet still with only a little love towards the Master, we have been sent here to take you out of the place of your spiritual rebirth and take you to a place where you would be taken care of as children. There you will be able to gather new life power, in the measure by which you will be more or less developed, to come into a sphere, which will be particularly adapted to your powers.

32,9. But never think of heaven to be a resort of reward for the good works one has done upon earth, but think about it that heaven consists of nothing else but your own love for the Master!

32,10. The more you will take hold of the Master with love and the humbler you would be towards Him and all your brothers, the more you will carry the true heaven inside of yourselves. Therefore, join us and follow us!

32,11. Look how the whole company rejoices and follows these two messengers.

32,12. You ask where they are going to take the company to. Turn around and look, there, already far behind us is the already known and opened, high wall; do you not see it yet? Does it not look like the opening of the mother's womb at the birth of a child?

32,13. You say: Indeed, like with a stroke of lightning, we now recognize the wondrous correspondence. But when the company has passed through this cleft, where would it rightfully go? What happens to a child shortly after birth? You say: It is wrapped in soft cloth and laid into a crib; it still finds itself in very much restricted life circumstances. You indeed saw, when we approached this wall from the other side from the morning, many valleys to the left and to the right? Look, these are the cloths and the crib. These people are settled in these valleys. It then fares with them just like you have come to know in the beginning in some of these valleys to the left or to the right.

32,14. Just like a newborn child cannot become a man from today to tomorrow, a newborn spirit also, especially in the kingdom of the spirits, grows only gradually. Now you know in what region you find yourselves. Therefore, it will also not surprise you that you will find among the many ones moving around here not many higher teachers, for it would be for them just as useless as when someone on earth would want to educate a child still finding itself in the mother's womb.

32,15. You do know when the time has arrived to educate a child. Therefore, do these messengers also not come here as teachers, but can be considered truly spiritual 'midwives'! Now that we know this, we can move on a bit, where a very different and new scene will present itself to us. With this, enough for today!

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-32 Chapter