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Chapter 35

1. Look, not far from us you will see a human couple. A man and a woman, and they are presently in a situation which we will be able to use very well for our purpose. We will therefore quickly go to them, to catch up with them. You ask about the relationship between them. I tell you, for our purpose they could not be anything better than what they are. This is a relationship in which the wife has died only six years before the husband. The husband mourned much about her, but after a few years he threw himself completely into the arms of religion and lived faithfully according to his accrued insights. But now he has been called away from the earth as well and has arrived here only recently. This introduction is sufficient for the time being; you will practically experience the details in spirit.

2. Now that we have fortunately caught up with our couple, you have nothing other to do than to take notice of their conversation, which will start out immediately, from which you will be able to gather everything necessary. Listen now! She currently began to ask her husband a question, saying:

3. I am exceptionally happy to see you again after such a long time and I now believe that no death will ever separate us, but tell me now as much as you can, if my last will has been properly attended to, for it is dear to my heart.

4. The man says: My above all beloved wife, for you to see how strictly your last will has been obeyed, I can only tell you that I have done, in my own last will, nothing other than to confirm yours anew. In my last will I kept exactly to yours, except for a few insignificant changes. Our whole wealth, increased by a few thousands by me, is bequeathed to our children. Are you happy with that?

5. The wife says: My beloved husband, except for the changes, completely! Tell me the amount and to whom it is given? Dear wife, says he, the amount is no more than two thousand guilders, it is divided into five parts and they are bequeathed to relatives of yours, except for one part. I had to give one part to the poor, for the sake of decency. I would not have done this if you hadn't often insisted during your life to think about these relatives of yours. But regarding the poor, you know that one must always first do something for the sake of society and then also for God's sake, because we are Christians and no heathens. Besides, these alms of two thousand guilders are nothing compared to our great bequeathed inheritance, for as I have finally calculated, each of our seven children gets a great amount of a hundred and fifty thousand guilders. All our children have learned to handle money frugally and you can be just as calm as I am about your bequeathed wealth. At my side you can now search for other riches which would bring us here into just as happy a life as we have lived upon earth.

6. She says: I will be content when our children are well cared for. Certainly, every child will have some money in their hands with the 2000 guilders, and it could use it to start something, so it won't have to resort immediately to the interest of the main capital. But now that this is indeed the case, and we cannot do anything about it anymore, I must nevertheless be content with it.

7. But what you have said about another usable capital, I ask you as your still faithful and loving spouse, to let go of all your silly ideas about it; for already six years have gone by during which I have wandered in great agony and worries through this dark and lonely wilderness, while the only edible thing I could find was a kind of moss. Every now and then some sort of dry grass can be found with which one can finally fill one's stomach. If you wouldn't have coincidentally come exactly to this place from earth with still some glimmer about you, we would have probably never found each other.

8. He says: but my beloved wife, do you have no idea why you have come to this dark place? I think that your worldly attitude has brought you here. You were indeed very frugal and in our worldly relationships a very honorable woman, as well as exceptionally wise, but the teaching of true Christianity was often a thorn in your eye. You have often expressed yourself negatively about it and have kept more to the wisdom and philosophy of the world. I have told you often, dear wife, that if there exists a life in the beyond, I do think that worldly wisdom would not be enough; therefore it would be best to keep close to God's word, for the temporary lasts but a short time. However, if there exists an eternity, we would have difficulty finding our way with temporary wisdom, as I have said. Look, dear wife, these were my literal words I have often spoken to you in confidence, and as I can see now to my greatest and most woeful surprise, this has come true, sadly enough. Therefore I do think, dear wife, that it is now critical for us to discuss this here, to completely free ourselves of all worldly reminiscing and to turn to our Master Jesus Christ to receive compassion and pity. For if He doesn't help us, we will be lost forever; for I do feel in myself and know assuredly that without Christ there is no other helper in the whole of infinity. If He helps us, we will be helped; but if He doesn't help, then we are eternally, irretrievably lost! Now I wish I would have bequeathed our wealth to the beggars and, in turn, made our children into beggars. This would have brought us more blessings here than all our worldly care for the material well-being of our children. Therefore, my beloved wife, as said, there is nothing else for us to do, because we cannot change our worldly foolishness anymore, except for us to completely and seriously turn our gaze to Christ, and expell all our thoughts and wishes, so he may forgive us our foolishness.

9. The wife says: I always thought that your religious and fanatic foolishness would bring you along to this world. What have you and I ever done wrong upon earth? Were we not always just to everyone! Have we ever stayed in debt to anyone or have we not always paid our housemaid the agreed upon salary? If some or the other God would exist, or, according to your opinion, some or the other “Christ”, then it would indeed be the greatest injustice that he would reward people like us with what we see here before us. What God would take any offense when one can have no faith in an 'old legend' that is riddled with nonsense and silly things. I do believe, and even a blind person can see this, that if such a God would care at all for mankind, provided that a God even exists, man couldn't even dream of something so unreasonable, that this God himself, equipped with all his power, would have drawn close, and then only to the people of one district, even though the whole earth was already populated.

10. Tell me therefore, can God unequivocally expect for people and entire nations, that did not live in that same region, and especially not at the same time as Him, to unconditionally accept that He was the one Who started the teaching? Can God, if He exists and is just, blame them if they cannot do this? Can't the people revolt against God, if He were to exist, and say: How can you harvest if You did not sow? If you want to judge us, you are an unjust God; But if you want to judge righteously, then judge those who saw You and to whom You have preached, but leave us alone, for we have never seen You and could never convince ourselves of Your existence. The word which was delivered to us and would have come from You cannot possibly be a judge to us, for it could just as well have been made up, and it is more likely so than otherwise. As long as we have lived on this world, we only saw the old nature; and yet, no trace of You. We came into this world as pure children of the powers of nature. People and teachers have taught us knowledge. Throughout our whole lives there was not a trace of You. Why would You now want to enforce judgment over us, even though You never wanted to give us any proof of Your existence and character?

11. Look, dear husband, this is as clear as the sun on a bright noon upon the earth. You just do not see it yet because you have been here for only a short while. When you will have been here for as long as I have, then it will become clear to you, even in this dense darkness. As proof of my love and faithfulness I say to you that you can call upon your so-called God-Christ for as long and as powerfully as you want, right here at the side of your above all beloved wife; but I guarantee you upon my love and faithfulness that you, after years of calling, will come to the clear realization that I, your always faithful and loving wife, see clearer with my natural mind than you do with your so-called godly learnedness.

12. See, An old adage says about the Bible: Oh Bible, oh Bible, you are an evil to man! And look, that adage is right. Would people upon earth have the courage to destroy that old Jewish nonsense, root and all, and put in it's place pure human logic, the world would have progressed much faster in all it's aspects. Yet, for some reason, this old nonsense still has to be preserved, by which the hands of the most honorable and just people get bound to the finer arts. What is the result? Just think with your otherwise good mind! Where does one find the most abominable, bad and poor people? Certainly, nowhere else than exactly there where the Bible and the new Christian teaching is predominant. Go to Rome, go to Spain, go to England and you will find my words confirmed.

13. People depend upon God and become lazy while waiting for His help! Yet, the help does not come, with the natural consequence that many people impoverish, and even if not all of them become bad, they do become a burden for the zealous and busy people. Man proclaims everywhere, saying: God is endlessly good, highly loving and exceptionally merciful; yet He would rather let every beggar starve if they would not be taken care of by their zealous fellow men.

14. Look, dear spouse: at the expense of honest, hard working and therefoe wealthy people, lazy and spiritually inclined people can easily preach about an infinitely good and all merciful God. But if we would exclude these people, then we would soon see to what sullen end such sermons will come. Would these black and white screamers know how it is with life here in the beyond, they would probably preach differently, or would instead take up the profitable plow. There may exist a God in the form of a primordial power that guides the entire universe; but certainly not the kind of God the jewish Bible teaches about.

15. He says: Oh, beloved wife, you are on a dreadfully wrong path, for I read in the writings of famous theological authors about how pure, hellish spirits speak exactly like you. I can assure you that this is why you find yourself in this eternal night. Truly, I am becoming afraid for your sake! For with such principles I see you getting lost irrevocably forever! If you absolutely do not want to accept any other principles, then I feel obliged to leave you forever.

16. She says: You would be able to do such a thing to me, your faithful and eternally beloved wife? I tell you, you would not be able to do it, even if you would be damned to hell! I would not want to abandon you in the fire, but you would want to leave me because of my wise words? You are free to explain your opinions to me, but they should not be any nonsense, for I love you too much to let you travel on the wrong track. Instead, follow me, I want to bring you to a better place than here, where, in greater company, you would get to know how it is here with people.

17. He says: My dear wife, I do not want to leave you, for I love you way too much, and because of that I will follow you wherever you would take me, for I can see that you are still very honest in your heart, despite your ignorance regarding true religion. You still are my good wife against whom I still have nothing to object, except for the fact that you do not share my insights. Now, if you would know of a place in this kingdom of darkness, take me there, then we will see what can be done there. Look, she takes his arm and leads him along, but we will follow this interesting pair, to be witnesses of the success of this relationship. They're off and we follow them.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-35 Chapter