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Chapter 37

Weakness of the husband. The wife going to hell.

1. Look, the company has vanished completely, but our couple is still standing on the same spot, deep in thought. She asks him: “Well, beloved husband, what do you think of this?” He says thoughtfully: My dear wife, there is not much to say here anymore. Either the speaker is right, the issue is settled and no one should say anything about it anymore, or he is wrong and I stay with my principles and there is still no more to say. Whether he is right or not is not to be determined so quickly, instead my own experience will decide after some time.

2. She says: But dear husband, do you think of your faithful wife and this worthy man as liars because you do not readily want to believe his convincing words? Look, people are only inclined to lie and deceive each other if they were to gain something for themselves by doing so, but tell me, what kind of benefit can lies and deceit give someone here? Here is indeed nothing to gain, nor to lose, but one thing is for sure: a company always has it worse regarding the satisfaction of it's stomach than someone wandering through this endless region alone. A single person can quickly find enough edible moss or grass to fill his stomach in case of emergency, but if there are more it won't be easy for them with just one patch of moss than it would be for a single person.

3. You ask me what I want to say with this? My most beloved husband, nothing other than that neither I nor this insightful man want to convince you to let go of your Bible faith for our own benefit, for if we should go about our seperate ways, we would both profit, for each would be able to navigate more easily on his own on this meager surface, than two would do together. If we would've wanted to lie to you or deceive you, then we would have left you to your principles and you would have gone away as a consumer due to your principles. We certainly do not want to lie to you, nor deceive you, but we have shown you the pure truth, of which no mortal upon earth could have even dreamt, and even less such a staunch Bible and Christ fanatic like you. What do you still want to think about? Come to your senses and follow me, your eternally loving wife. If you didn't listen to me on earth, then at least listen to me here in the kingdom of the naked truth, where I am six years worth of experience ahead of you. Look, everything on earth is ridden with deceit because everybody benefits from it, or at least thinks to gain something, but here, all winning came to an end; all lies and deceit fall away automatically. Believe me, nothing but my love binds me to you; this is the only gain I have from you. But if you still want to cling to your old and insignificant principles in folly, this will nullify my one benefit I had from you. We can therefore only be happy if our insights and feelings would mutually completely concur. If we cannot create this harmony, I must honestly acknowledge that I would be happier without you than with you at your empty side. I am not able to say anything more to your advantage, only the following: Because I truly love you and always have loved you, I have done everything possible to prove my eternal, solemnly promised love and faithfulness to you, but you have never loved me, you are willing to leave me forever for the sake of your love for your folly. Now choose what you are going to do.

4. Look, the man begins to scratch behind his ears and after a while says to his wife: My dear wife, I have gathered from your words that you really love me. This I can impossibly deny, but I cannot understand, if, in this dark spiritual world, nothing is to be gained or lost by either truth or lies, why would you then try to senselessly force a certain truth upon me, with which just as little can be gained than with my so-called alleged false teaching, according to you and your learned man! Therefore, I believe, if your love for me would really be as intense as you just indicated to me, you could just as well follow me as I could follow you, except if you have already found something better in the path of your truth. In that case, I would indeed want to follow you to convince myself of the reality of your truth. If this is not the case, then it is of no consequence where to we go.

5. I keep thinking: We did live upon earth as so-called Christians, have read the gospel, but never really lived according to it. We lived and acted according to our own insights and to our own benefit, but of an active practice of the teaching of Christ nothing was present, neither with me and even less with you.

6. Look, the teaching says: “Love God above all and your neighbor as yourself”. Have we ever done that? If I ask my heart, then it answers spiritually true that the love of God has stayed utterly foreign to it. You, however, never believed in a God, and therefore your heart would be even more devoid of love than mine.

7. Furthermore it says in the word of the gospel: "Whoever wants to enter the life with Me, take up your cross and follow Me!" Tell me, dear wife, when have we ever done something like this upon earth? I never carried a cross and you even less so; our entire cross consisted of nothing but purely worldly financial worries.

8. And again furthermore is written in the gospel, that the Master said to the rich youth: "Sell all your earthly goods, distribute them among the poor and follow Me, then you will inherit the eternal life." But what did the great Teacher say to the youth, or rather to his apostles after he distanced himself from the Master in tears, owing to the Master's statement? Look, these words were full of meaning, and as it appears to me, we are now living the exact sad meaning of these words, which goes as follows: "It would be easier for a camel to squeeze through a pinhole than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven!"

9. It also says in the scripture that the Master has invited many guests to a festive banquet and that the invited could not find the time to attend, due to their worldly affairs. Tell me, were we not invited as well once upon a time, and did we give heed to this invitation? Well, my dear wife, we have only ourselves to blame for the circumstances we are finding ourselves in, in this place of utter darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth, and of which the Master once said that precisely people like us would end up here.

10. Because there is no faith in the Master to be found here, and your honorable company has spoken with just as much denial about Him as you have, I believe they find themselves here for the very same reason we do. If the great love and mercy of Christ will not help us, I am convinced that all eternities, filled with melancholic truths, will not be able to help us terribly much either.

11. For that matter, if you have found something better according to your alleged truth, then I would like to follow you there, as I said before, to show you that I also love you and will not force any of my principles upon you like you have forced your so-called truths upon me.

12. The wife says: You can talk as much as you like, in the end I am the one who's right. I cannot assure you that I have already found something better, but I am nevertheless of the opinion that, if you would follow me, we would indeed, in not much time, find a place where there will be abundant light. For look, here to our right I have once walked straight along for quite some time, according to the feeling of my inner truth, and I eventually reached a broad river. On the other side of the river I noticed a mighty mountain range, and behind the mountains arose a light, like that of an early morning. If it is possible to cross the river I'm convinced one would find a lighter environment than this one.

13. The husband says: Well, I will follow you; lead me to it. - And we will now follow them, for you need to see the unraveling of it all!

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-37 Chapter