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Chapter 52

Tenth floor - the essence of question and answer

52,1. We are on the spot. So, be very keenly attentive; look and tell me what you see here; take note, if you want to see the objects here, you must remain in the red light. In the white light, you would observe just as little as on the previous gallery.

52,2. I notice a particular question in you. It does not, however, fit in quite well here; but since it is already there, we will also take care for a satisfactory answer. So the question you ask in yourselves is:

52,3. Dear friend and brother! It is all sublime, beautiful, true and good, as we see here, and especially what we hear from your mouth. But there is one thing here which we cannot really get to the bottom of, and this matter is now manifesting itself through this question, which has nevertheless been made known to you by us.

52,4. See, we actually ask and speak, and are also cited as personally speaking and questioning; and yet we are not talking and asking, but you are always the one who speaks for himself as well as for us. So you often see a question in us of which we have no idea yet. In the same way, you make known to us our own discussions and judgments, of which we have not yet dreamed of. You ask us, and we answer you from your own mouth; for if the answer would depend on us, we would stand there as if mute, and we could not answer a syllable to many of your questions.

52,5. Tell us, then, my dear friend and brother, how should we bring all this together? How do we speak through you, and how did we now present to you this present question, of which we had not yet felt a slightest stirring in us a few moments ago?

52,6. My dear friends and brothers! I will soon help you out of your dreams. If you show the root of a plant to a very experienced and skillful botanist, he will at once describe to you the shape of the plant or record it from point to point. And if the plant is then cultivated before your eyes, then you will soon recognize it as a well-known one.

52,7. If you give some skeleton, that is, a mere bone skeleton to a skillful anatomist, he will be able to state quite well the shape of this particular person from the shaping of the bones; for he knows this from the position and the connection of the bones. If he is a skillful wax-sculptor, he will be capable of covering the bones with the wax to such extent, that the living person you knew, will stand as if resurrected before you.

52,8. A skillful chemist, to whom you show a composite fluid of which you do not know the composition, will, with the least effort in the world, divide the fluid into its former parts, and you will soon recognize the parts, whether they are sulfur, lime, etc.

52,9. If you find a seedcorn, and do not know which plant it is, you may go to a very skillful gardener, and show him seedcorn, and he will tell you immediately what plant it is, and will also show you a similar plant which carries such seeds.

52,10. Could not you also ask and say, "How is that?" How can one perceive such very minute characteristics, and then conclude from that with certainty the preceding or the following?

52,11. See, my dear friends and brothers, it comes in a certain way from the root. The fact that I know your questions as well as your answers is because, as a pure spirit, I am a spiritual botanist, a spiritual anatomist, a spiritual chemist, and a spiritual gardener, and then I reveal to you your question in your roots, which is presently still unknown to you. As an anatomist I look through your inner build and look with great ease at the interaction between your feelings, judgments and conclusions drawn from them. As a chemist, I understand those judgments in you, which are still chaotic and tangled together, as soon as they become classical, and can then present them to you in the just order. As a gardener, I know all the seeds in you, which consists in the various words and concepts. You do not yet know what will grow out of them when they will germinate the inner living ground of the spirit. But I am a gardener, and I can show you in advance all your spiritual plant species, which must come forth from this or that seed, which you by far do not yet recognize.

52,12. Therefore I can ask and answer on your behalf, as you would basically ask and answer. On earth you in fact do almost exactly the same.

52,13. If you ask something to someone, you do so because you know the germ, but not yet the adult plant of the answer; and if the questioned answer you, then this is not his answer, but your own one from the other's mouth. It was already mature within the questioned person, but not yet with you. After the questioned gave the answer, however, you soon understand it and it feels as if it had grown in your soil.

52,14. It is likewise also the case when someone would ask you something or put a question into your mouth, as you would say. Then you will also easily answer and ask, but not as if the answer or question were yours, but as if it were the ones who gave it to you. For it will be certain that you will not ask anything you know, nor will you give an answer to anyone who asks you nothing.

52,15. The question is a need which precedes the sprouting answer. But if the question is a sprout, would it not be the greatest nonsense to allege that the flower and fruit which follows the sprout when it is developed and ripened by external heat, belongs therefore to a tree other than that from where the sprout grow?

52,16. But I think, anybody who asks, asks from their needs, in order to obtain a satisfactory answer. But if the answer is a necessity for him, it certainly belongs to his sphere of life and not to that of another, to whom he can no longer be a necessity, because he already has it.

52,17. From this you will easily be able to understand the spiritual dynamics between us, that I ask on your behalf, as if you are asking, and therefore also answer on your behalf, as if you answered yourself.

52,18. You would also ask and answer as I ask and answer on your behalf, when your questions and answers are already ripe. But since they are not yet ripe, and we now have no time to wait for their maturation in you, I must nevertheless ask and answer in advance from your roots, from your manifold chaos, and your seedlings, as if you were doing this yourself.

52,19. I think that we should be clear with this little thorny point, so you should no longer feel offence in the future towards similar phenomena, but continue to take keen notice of everything; for here, as I have already remarked, I am your guest, so I may well take what is yours and show it to you. If this would sound a little peculiar with you on earth, then do not take it seriously, for this is the usual mode of conversation in the spirit. There is no language in questions and answers, but in perfect mutual knowledge, and so one speaks continually from the other, as well as one from all and all from one. When I answer and ask of you in this way, I do not do anything spiritually unusual, or as you say 'unnatural.' Take a look at this eleventh gallery, or on this tenth floor, and there will be something to ask and to answer.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-52 Chapter