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The Book of the true Life 7

Teaching 177

The Lord says:

1. I ask humanity, who is presently kneeling before the Lord in a state of repentance and fear: How can you settle your debt of love and truly please the Divine Father?

2. I, the Father, will tell you how to achieve peace and spiritual elevation; thus you will succeed in cleansing your stains and elevating your spirits.

3. I am granting you the time to fulfill the needs of your spirit for a new era is dawning, a day of splendor filled with promises and revelations. You will need to fight during this new era of enlightenment, as mandated by the Father. Fight for peace, for regeneration, and for the triumph of spirituality.

4. I will place these teachings in your conscience so that you will continually remember them.

5. My love is like a city that you will have to conquer. You will confront several obstacles and you will need to defeat many enemies. These enemies will battle against you in order to detain you. However, you will carry the sword of love making you invincible. Fight with it and do not doubt, because in the end you will see the city surrender because of your love for the Father.

6. I want to create a family among you that is united, loving, and charitable in order that the caravans of travelers seeking peace and charity can enter your homes and share the love that I am pouring on you. But your preparation has been slow. Thus the caravans of travelers have been detained in the desert to contemplate that the star that guided their steps is no longer moving. I do not wish that mankind will find you sleeping, or that if you are awake, they will find you sinning, because then you would be unable to offer testimony of my new arrival. Instead, you would be betraying the Divine Master.

7. I am giving you time to repent for your sins and to amend your life. The father who has neglected his responsibilities, who has abandoned his family, should seek to restore his home.

8. Those who have led troubled lives because of their sins and vices, need to arise and to triumph over the weaknesses of the flesh. They need to utilize their spiritual strength to attain salvation. My disciples in this third era need to unite spiritually, loving and helping one another. This would enable people who are detained in the desert to continue with their journey. The star that had previously guided them would once again lead them toward the land of peace and harmony.

9. Those who are arriving will be fleeing from war, death, and destruction. They will have witnessed many crimes and much hatred. When they arrive among this nation of people, they will observe that true love is truly practiced in each home and that the law of God guides every marriage. They will observe that children love and respect their parents and that parents guide their children with tenderness, wisdom, and love. Also, they will observe that the elderly are treated with respect. Once they have witnessed so many examples of respect for my law, will they not acknowledge that a miracle has taken place among this nation of people, a miracle that can only be attributed to the charity of the Father?

10. O my people, you have been insensitive and ungrateful up to now. I have not come to ask you to make sacrifices nor to demand things that are impossible. If you sometimes feel that it is difficult to fulfill my doctrine, it is because you lack love in your heart. There are no obstacles, abysses, nor impossibilities for the one who practices deeds of love, because love is the divine force that inspires and moves everything.

11. O my people, come to my fields. The fields are awaiting the seeds of your love. Later, the sweet fruits of the harvest will reward you for your work.

12. Unite strongly as brethren, because temptation is waiting to tempt you. War is threatening while the guardians of peace sleep, enabling epidemics, famine, and rare illnesses to penetrate this nation.

13. I have given man the scientific knowledge to battle the catastrophes and disasters that occur on earth. However, I have given humanity a science that is superior, the science of divine love. Eventually all of mankind will surrender to that love, including those who destroy peace and well-being. The science of divine love is strengthened through prayer.

14. Meditate on these words, my people, and listen to your conscience so that it may guide you.

15. My Spirit sends you peace, which you do not always retain. When will you learn to carry me in your heart without rejecting me with your thoughts or deeds?

16. Do not become disturbed when I tell you that I want to be with you, in the most intimate part of your heart, for I want you to have my peace and my light.

17. I am judging you on this day and reminding you that you have not fulfilled your responsibility. Also, I say to you that you have not shown love for the work entrusted to you, which forms a part of your destiny. You are listening to my divine voice through your conscience. Thus, it frightens you when I ask: What have you done with all that I have come to reveal and to teach you in this Third Era?

18. Momentarily you become aware of the responsibility that I have assigned to your spirit. However, you quickly forget about it. Then, you once again become weak and believe that you are ill, needy, or an insignificant being, but in reality, you possess an abundance of divine gifts.

19. Anytime you disagree with my divine teachings, you are rejecting divine love. Do not say I am unjust, because if I were truly unjust and revengeful as you believe, I would have destroyed you long ago. However, I do not destroy those things that I have created. Instead, I allow you to journey through the path of evolution until you achieve spiritual perfection.

20. I say to you that the true concept of God is not known on earth, even though Jesus came to earth so that man would know the Father through the Son. Understand that I knew that man was destined to have salvation, otherwise I would not have sought him always with love. My new arrival in this era offers proof that each of you will return to the Divine Father, for only He knows the future and destiny of all of his children.

21. The teachings that I have brought to humanity in this era will remain written in books. That is my will. Thus, in those books, man will be able to find an explanation for many of my past teachings that he was unable to comprehend, and they will contain the true interpretation of my doctrine. As man acquires knowledge from these books he will tremble with fear but not from a fear of divine punishment. His fear will be of becoming stained with sin, of offending the Divine Father, and of returning to Him with a stained spirit. Also, his fear will be of not having progressed on the path of spirituality and true knowledge.

22. How will you be able to settle the debt of love that you have with your Father? How will you be able to repay the One who continually forgives your sins and ingratitude? I say to you: Perform deeds that are worthy of my Divinity, and practice deeds of love and charity with one another.

23. A new year is about to begin. I will not ask nature nor its elements what they have done during this past year. But I will ask you, through your conscience, whether you have fulfilled the mission that I assigned to you. Also, I will want to know how you have utilized the time and your divine gifts.

24. The year that is now ending was one of struggles, tears, and hard labor for humanity. Blood was shed, and mourning, destruction, and hatred reigned among mankind. Humanity endured a painful restitution.

25. I am granting you a new year that will be like a horizon of light, giving you hope for the future. That bright horizon will encourage you in your daily struggles.

26. Humanity, you must struggle for peace, regeneration, and justice.

27. After today, I will continue to give you my teachings for only four more years. Use that precious time wisely. My work will not conclude in 1950, because I will work throughout eternity. Also, your mission will not be completed at the end of that year. Actually, your true struggle will begin after 1950, because prior to that year I have only been preparing you to fulfill your mission.

28. Unite your spiritual and material mission into one. Thus, you will offer a true fulfillment of your mission to the Father .

29. Not only do I teach you to give to God what belongs to God but also to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.

30. The world will soon know of this multitude that has witnessed my manifestation, and through you others will know of my coming, my miracles, and my teachings. Men will examine these houses of prayer, and they will, judge your lives. Those who will arrive will include powerful and influential men, scientists, ministers from different religions and sects, and those who study the hereafter. When you are in your home, or when you gather to study my teachings, I want you to practice respect and charity with your brethren. Practice deeds of virtue and live in harmony with others, thus practicing true spirituality.

31. How would people who come in search of the truth feel if they found that fanaticism existed in your spiritual practices? What would they think if there was disharmony between husbands and wives or if children had been abandoned because their parents were unwilling to fulfill their responsibilities?

32. Observe the birds with their nests on the limbs of trees and learn from their examples. Do not ask me how those who are married should love one another or how they should love their children. Just glance at the nests of those birds, and there you will find love and a lesson of fidelity and tenderness. If humans only loved one another in that manner!

33. Struggle and be alert so that when 1950 comes to an end you can offer the Divine Father fruits that are worthy of Him. If those who have witnessed my teachings fail to prepare themselves, they will experience great sorrow when the time for my departure arrives.

34. If you do not prepare yourself for my departure, you will experience great sorrow once your spiritual brethren and the Father cease their manifestation through human spokesmen.

35. I have offered you my peace and my blessings on this day. For what more could you ask?

36. Now it is I who is asking you to love one another.

37. Sincerely pray for peace among nations, and truly feel the suffering of humanity.

38. Truly I tell you that your nation is experiencing plagues and death. Man does not possess the scientific means to stop the arrival of plagues and catastrophes. But if you pray you will find strength and the weapons needed to battle those disasters. Combine your prayers with deeds of love and charity. Thus, you will achieve true merits before the Lord, who is all powerful. He will grant you miracles that will astonish the world because of your humility.

39. When the elements of nature become unleashed, offering evidence of justice, you should pray and remain calm. Do not think of yourself, but rather feel the pain of others. Dry the tears of those who seek you, listen to their concerns, and offer them my healing balsam.

40. My beloved children, I have not returned in this era to remind you that you crucified me in the Second Era, although your spirit is aware of it. At the appropriate time, the conscience of each individual will enlighten him concerning that event. In the meantime, many are waiting for the Son of God to return in order to ask for his blood one more time. I continue to be crucified in your hearts.

41. I have been with you since you were young and innocent and beginning to develop faith. But I suffer as your selfish desires develop, overpowering you. I carry the heavy cross of your sins, ungratefulness, and vanity. When you reject me for the material world, at that moment I am crucified once again in your heart, and you place me in a tomb in the deepest and darkest part of your being.

42. Occasionally, a human being will listen to the voice of the Divine Master, through his conscience, as if it were a distant echo. That individual would prefer not to listen to his conscience so that he can do as he desires. When he listens to his conscience, he allows the walls of materialism surrounding his heart to fall and becomes more sensitive to the Divine voice.

43. In each human heart, I find myself being crucified and denied. But truly I tell you, that I will resurrect full of light and glory in each human being because each will have another opportunity to evolve.

44. Today, the fields that have been sowed have not produced any fruit. Occasionally, you want to bring dignity to your life by sowing seeds of virtue, but then you abandon your sowing in a state of despair because instead of finding fertile soil on which to sow your seeds you have found only rocks. You failed to remember that before you begin to sow my seed, you must know the land where you will sow. Know the soil, prepare it, clean it, and fertilize it. My children, you have failed to do this, and thus your good intentions, ideas, and inspirations have frequently failed. However do not become discouraged in your struggles, because you can still help by awakening your brethren and opening their eyes to the light and the truth of this era. Thus, men will realize that the suffering that humanity is enduring in this period is the sickle of justice that will destroy the bad weeds. The fields are being tilled and prepared by God's wise and unyielding justice. This will awaken humanity and all nations. Then, it will no longer be necessary for human sin to be cleansed through suffering. Instead, the purification of sins will take place through man's repentance, reflection, and regeneration. Once man becomes purified, this word will be heard throughout the world like a song of love and peace.

45. Today, I observe that humanity is unaware of those things that are to come, because it lives in a state of ignorance and confusion.

46. Most humans call themselves Christians, nevertheless, the majority of the time they prove the contrary with their lives and their deeds.

47. When man performs a kind deed, he publicizes it and thus becomes vain. When man sins and repents, he asks for my forgiveness, but in a manner that demonstrates that he truly does not understand divine forgiveness.

48. I say to you who are listening to my teaching, to inform your brethren that I have come to illuminate mankind. Tell them that humanity is ready to awaken from its sleep.

49. I will no longer allow my human blood to be shed to save you from sin. The divine blood that I shed in the Second Era revealed the divine and infinite love that I have for man. It also revealed divine forgiveness and eternal life. Be aware that my blood has not ceased to flow, and that it is marking the path of your evolution.

50. No one should seek me nor wait for me to return in human form, because such a manifestation would no longer be appropriate during this era. You should realize that the Divine Master will not do anything that is imperfect, because His teachings are always perfect since he is perfection.

51. In the same manner, when this form of communication that I am now using with you comes to its end, I will not grant the request of those who will ask me to continue to manifest myself in this manner. This communication will cease for always, because its time will have been concluded, and its mission will be terminated.

52. Soon it will be two thousand years since I came in human form. The blood that I shed, to demonstrate my love for mankind, is still fresh.

53. Nevertheless, the world is still asking for my blood. But I will give them the blood that gives eternal life to the spirit, not the one that gives life to the material body. I will offer life and wellbeing to mankind with my spiritual enlightenment. Like a sun, my light will send its warmth to the cold hearts of humanity.

54. I will extend my mercy to all my children like the wings of a lark covering its young. My love is more merciful and beautiful than the blue sky that your eyes admire so much; you will feel my inspiration as if it were a celestial breeze that only your spirit is able to perceive. I am life, I am eternity, and I control time throughout the universe. I am the spring and the summer, the fall and the winter in your life. The Divine Master offers different teachings to his children in each of those four seasons.

55. Drink from the divine water offered to you by the Father so that your spirit will live eternally in the season of spring. Although you may become weary during your journey in life, strive to preserve the flowers of virtue, faith, and love that exist in the most intimate part of your being.

56. Why are you sad? You say that you do not know why there is sickness in your life. But I know that you are sad because you have allowed your spirit and your material body to become ill. Thus, hope is lost as is the desire to live when the cold winter approaches or when you are overwhelmed with ordeals and passions.

57. My Spirit, too, is sad because I observe that humanity is continually weeping. Mankind refuses to awaken and to realize that earth truly continues to be a paradise. I observe that man is dying from hunger even though he is surrounded by fields that are fertile and full of life. That is why I have said to you that man is unable to see even though he has eyes.

58. Man has pursued many things scientifically and has discovered many wonderful things. Although he has discovered many things, he has been unable to discover how to attain true happiness, peace, and well-being. Man has not been interested in seeking those divine things. Jesus taught mankind to love one another, the true divine science.

59. Seek the kingdom of Jesus, which is not of this world. When you find it you will attain true peace and spiritual enlightenment. Thus, your journey through earth will become more tolerable.

60. Today, you have come to receive my divine mandate. I observe that you are willing to obey my law and to follow the footsteps traced by Jesus.

61. I came to live among humanity long ago, and today I have come again asking you to love one another.

62. Blessed is the one who has prepared himself to receive the Divine Father in his heart. The Father will help that disciple to fulfill his mission, because He observes that the disciple wants to be near the Divine Master.

63. If you encounter trials and ordeals, be strong and do not weaken. Thus you will be able to demonstrate to your fellowmen the strength that exists in your spirit. They will want to know the fountain where you have been drinking, and they will discover that I, the Christ, am that fountain, the one from whom they have separated themselves.

64. Truly I tell you that men from all races and religions will come to this fountain, because all worship that is offered to God will become spiritualized. The time will come when all men will become united and will discover the truth.

65. Disciples, there have been moments when you have felt my justice and then you have confessed humbly before my Divine Spirit. In that moment I have not looked at your sins but only have remembered that you are my children whom I love and forgive. Thus, I teach you to love and to forgive your fellowmen.

66. Do not let the time pass without you progressing spiritually because no one knows the moment that they will leave this life on earth. Thus I say to you: Do not wait for a more appropriate time than the present to start to work because death may surprise you, and you would not have reaped your harvest nor fulfilled your mission.

67. The year 1950 is approaching, and this communication will cease at the end of that year. Your hearts will be touched greatly on the day of my departure as were the hearts of my disciples in the Second Era when I informed them that the moment of my departure had arrived.

68. In the Second Era my disciples were comforted because they were able to see me after I died. I permitted that to happen to strengthen their beliefs about spiritual life. But among you only some will spiritually perceive the human form of Jesus, and others will feel his spiritual presence, thus communicating with Him from spirit to Spirit.

69. Be vigilant, and pray for peace on earth in order for catastrophes to cease, because the forerunners of the new generations are now on earth. My Peace be with you!

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