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The Book of the true Life 7

Teaching 178

The Lord says:

1. My people, with the arrival of each new year, I hear you ask the following question: Lord, will this year also bring us ordeals? And I say to you that life is a continuous ordeal, but do not be afraid. If you know how to be alert and pray, you will progress in your restitution until you come to the end of your journey.

2. The ordeals experienced by humanity represent the fruit that it has come to harvest and are the result of the seeds that it previously sowed. On some occasions that seed was sown recently, but on others it was sown in the past and even in previous lifetimes.

3. A new year is beginning. You should imitate the good sowers, those who clean their seed ahead of time and then await the right time to sow it in fertile soil. In that same manner, you should first cleanse your heart so that tomorrow your loving deeds will produce a harvest that is filled with peace, love, and joy.

4. Have you seen the harmony that exists throughout creation? Is it not visible to you that all creatures love one another? Behold how the sun, similar to a father, opens his arms to embrace his children with life, love, light, and energy. Behold how the flowers bloom, the birds sing, and all creatures work in the sun, expressing their gratitude for its warmth.

5. It is a beautiful example of the harmony that should exist between man and all things in nature and in the spiritual world.

6. The happiness that man achieves will be determined by his ability to comprehend these teachings and to obey the laws that govern the universe. Some believe that man cannot attain true happiness on earth, whereas others believe that only God possesses true happiness. However, man will attain true happiness once he attains spiritual peace.

7. My beloved people, you now know that the joy that you seek is within you. Teach your brethren that each human being carries a light within the depth of his being that will shine eternally. It belongs to the spirit. Man falsely believes that he only carries bitterness, hatred, resentment, regret, and sorrow.

8. Humanity has been following the wrong path with each generation inheriting the errors of the previous generations and continuing to commit additional errors. Today, man is harvesting the bitter fruit that he sowed on earth in the past just as the future generations will harvest the fruit that man is now sowing.

9. Why do you not follow the path that I have outlined with my doctrine? When will men acknowledge the truth of my word?

10. My law, which is unchangeable and eternal, identifies the path through which man can achieve true happiness. Along that path, man will learn to sow seeds of love and will harvest peace.

11. Blessed are those who have heard my call in the depths of their hearts and have come to listen to the divine teaching. With the essence of my teachings their wisdom will increase. They will acquire spiritual strength, enduring their ordeals faithfully.

12. I have come to remove your vanity so that your deeds will be pleasing to the Father.

13. Many who have listened to the divine teachings, taught by the Master of universal wisdom, state, "Lord, if you are the Christ, the One who guides us along this path informing us of our mission, and of the spiritual gifts that we possess, grant us the fulfillment of our destiny so that we may come before your presence.

14. I have informed you of your heritage through my mandates, and converted you into my worker. But truly I tell you that I love all of my children equally, and thus any child who comes before me wanting to serve me shall receive my grace in his heart. However, the moment will come when you will have to answer to me what you have done with your spiritual gifts.

15. That moment has not yet arrived. You are presently attempting to follow my laws in your daily life and thus you would not be able to endure my judgement at this time. Nevertheless, you should faithfully guard and follow my teaching which should not prevent you from fulfilling your other responsibilities on earth. Behold those who have rejected this heritage; they are sad and feel empty inside. But my mercy is great, and I demonstrate it by forgiving them.

16. The one who has fulfilled his mission will be the one who attains my spiritual peace. I will touch the conscience of the one who has not fulfilled his mission so that spiritually he will not fall asleep. Thus, when the time comes for that spirit to return to the spiritual valley it will have accumulated merits, because one cannot elevate spiritually without them.

17. Share my teaching with your brethren. After they study it, some will say that my teachings contain prophecies. Others will say that my teachings are of little value. While some will judge these teachings as being spiritually advanced, others will strongly disagree. Each individual will interpret these teachings according to his spiritual elevation and the purity of his deeds.

18. Be humble, so that you may set an example for others and my teaching will be acknowledged and accepted.

19. Do not be humble only when listening to me, but practice humility every day of your life. Thus, you will be able to persuade your brothers by your examples and sacrifices, as words alone will fail.

20. If you truly love me, forgive those who offend you. If you love me, visit those who are ill and those who are in prison. Pray with them and offer them comfort. Through those deeds of love you will eliminate your vanity.

21. I am cautioning you, because while you are with me you are gentle as a lamb. However, once you depart from my presence, you hurt and offend your brethren and you do not practice forgiveness.

22. The time for pleasure has passed. You should no longer remain inactive but should now work to evolve spiritually.

23. Achieve spirituality, thus when you speak to your brethren about my doctrine you will speak with the innocence of a child. You will not be afraid to speak about my doctrine because you will confirm your words with your deeds.

24. Although I speak through different spokesmen, the essence of my teaching is the same in every spokesman. I speak to each congregation according to its ability to comprehend.

25. A new year begins, and those listening to me are uniting in strength for their journey. You want to become dedicated workers who will continue to sow my doctrine of love. You want others to follow this doctrine when you complete your mission.

26. My words of enlightenment are the seeds that you will sow in the hearts of your brethren.

27. You will need to confront the world and man's knowledge, because there are those who will be prepared to battle against you. You will triumph in that battle if your faith does not weaken.

28. I have not come to enlighten you with scientific knowledge so that you will battle against the scientists. Rather, I have come to illuminate you spiritually so that you may comprehend those things that man considers mysterious. One can not say that the teachings of this era were already known, because many of these teachings are new revelations.

29. You will talk to others about the spirit and its immortality, for the spirit has eternal life. But before you discuss these revelations with your brethren, you must first practice them. Only then will you truly be my disciple.

30. One is not a spiritualist only because he comes to these houses of prayer to listen to my teachings. To be a true spiritualist, one must pray spiritually and be able to elevate himself no matter the site. A spiritualist helps those who are suffering and also makes a true effort to achieve spiritual perfection.

31. Be aware that a spiritualist can be found in most any place. He will be recognized more through his deeds than through his words. That is why I always tell you to practice deeds of love, humility, and charity.

32. Behold that not everyone who calls himself a spiritualist is truly spiritually enlightened.

33. have simplified your form of worship, and your customs, without having given you new laws.

34. I have made you realize that it is wrong to worship God through idols and that you need to eliminate all fanaticism.

35. Have you perhaps ignored that God limits his power in order to reach you? Have I not told you that when you pray I descend to your heart in order to give it life? Have I not taught you that I will dwell in you if your spirit and heart are pure?

36. You could not have lived previously in this era of enlightenment because your spiritual knowledge in the past was limited. However, because you are now aware of what is happening during this era, it is very natural to see the prophecies of the past being fulfilled.

37. Today, scientists have made amazing discoveries and they have achieved things that you thought were impossible.

38. Why can you not comprehend that all of the great scientific discoveries are by the of the Lord?

39. Spiritualism teaches man how to discover me along his paths, for I am everywhere. I am strength, life, perfection, and harmony. Who, other than God, can maintain the harmony that exists in the universe? God lacks form. You should not attempt to think of him as having a material form, because when you depart from this earth you would be unable to comprehend the spiritual kingdom.

40. Not only does my teaching offer you knowledge, but it also offers you comfort and love. I give my charity to those who are suffering, weeping, and enduring an injustice. I extend my charity and comfort to mothers, wives, young maidens, and the elderly. I offer strength to the young men. I come to remind you that all of my children will experience eternal joy once they enter into the kingdom of heaven.

41. In this era, I pour my grace upon you so that you may not weaken and separate from this path of light.

42. Your spirit is anxious to return to its true homeland, the Divine Father's mansion that is filled with peace and harmony. On earth you have been purified through difficult struggles and ordeals. But I say to you: Do not lose confidence and patience as you journey along my path, because if you do, your journey will become longer.

43. No matter how long you may live on earth, it is temporary and brief in comparison to the spiritual life which is eternal.

44. Remember that I have promised you a spiritual life that will be filled with greatness and beauty, therefore do not be afraid when the time comes to leave your material body.

45. I will allow all those who dwelt on earth to recognize one another in the spiritual valley, to love one another, and to live in peace. Only then will you truly comprehend why you lived on earth, enduring bitter and difficult ordeals.

46. The spiritual life is so close to you that it would be sufficient to close your physical eyes and to open those of the spirit in order to perceive the beauty and wonders of that spiritual kingdom.

47. You are so near to the spiritual valley that you could be transported from this world to the next in a single second. In all eras I have spoken to mankind about these revelations through prophets who have offered testimony of my truth. In this era I am showing you the only path that will guide you to my kingdom. I am showing you through the spokesmen whom I have prepared.

48. Be aware that you are not alone in this life. Once you attain spirituality you will be able to perceive and to feel the presence of your spiritual brethren. Allow each of your deeds to reflect the truth and the greatness of that world.

49. Learn to communicate daily with the Divine Father during moments when your thoughts are pure. This will help you to become spiritually enlightened and to develop faith as you listen to your conscience. This will prepare you to communicate directly with me from spirit to Spirit. That communication will take place after 1950 when I no longer will manifest myself through human spokesmen.

50. Only by elevating your spirit will you be able to communicate with me from spirit to Spirit. . Strive to become spiritually elevated. Dedicate some of your time to me, while on earth, so that when your spirit returns to the spiritual mansion it will be an easy transition.

51. Behold the harmony that now exists between your spirit and your physical body after listening to my teachings. The body and the spirit have carefully thought about the future. The body is aware of its final destiny, and has accepted it, whereas the spirit rejoices as it perceives the infinite horizon. However, who is able to measure the distance that he still needs to travel to attain spiritual perfection and to reach the Divine Father? Who knows the exact hour when he will depart from earth and enter the spiritual valley?

52. Prepare yourself, be alert, and pray. Practice deeds of love, charity, and kindness while you are on earth. Thus, your spirit will not experience any difficulties when it returns to the spiritual valley. Once it is time to depart from earth, it will prepare its wings and fly, similar to young birds that depart from their nests to take their first flights.

53. Do not become sad because of what you have left behind on earth. Only the materialistic person will regret leaving earth and will suffer because of his attachment to earthly pleasures. Do not be materialistic. Take care of your human needs, but do not neglect the needs of your spirit.

54. Be aware that I have prepared everything for the enjoyment of my children. Whoever wants to nourish himself with this nourishment of love should sit at my table and rejoice, as do the angels.

55. You have not come to witness my manifestation by chance. You were guided by me, I found that many of you were spiritually dead, and I have resurrected you with my teachings. Now you are alive, and there is hope in your heart. I welcome everyone, including those who have faith and those who do not. I say to men of different religions and sects: Blessed are those who believe in my word.

56. If you want to feel my inspiration and to express it with words, prepare yourself, because everyone can become my disciple. The Father wants all of his children to understand him. He has come to invite each one to enter the spiritual temple.

57. Cleanse your heart when you seek me. Always listen to the voice of your conscience, and truly you will find me. When the time comes for your spirit to return to the spiritual valley, I will come to take it to that mansion of peace. However, it is necessary for you to become familiar with the path that will guide you to the Father. It is a path of spirituality. You need to work and to pray so you can ascend to the top of the mountain. I observe that only a few on earth are interested in following the path of spirituality. I will allow man's materialism to continue a while longer, but it will come to an end soon. Afterwards, man will anxiously seek to practice deeds of love and charity in order to attain spiritual elevation.

58. The darkness that has been created by sin and confusion will vanish and God's true law will illuminate all beings.

59. I am permitting you to perceive great spiritual visions revealing the future so you can analyze them and become prepared. Share those visions with your brethren. Also, the time will come when men from different races and nations will perceive my signs in the heavens. This will bring them joy and comfort because they will be witnessing the fulfillment of my word.

50. My teachings have all the spiritual knowledge that you need. Your spirit has acquired many experiences throughout its path of evolution. If you prepare yourself, the teachings and experiences of life will help you discover the path of spiritual evolution.

61. Your prayer is like a song that reaches me. You inform me of your struggle in fulfilling my work, and you hope that I will be pleased with the seeds that you have sown. I say to you: You are sowing my seed in fields that I have blessed, because you are aware that you need to share the things that I have given you with your brethren. I have not asked you to make sacrifices in fulfilling my work, only to fulfill my law. Practice the virtues that I have given you, and live as true children of God. Cleanse yourself completely, similar to a clean glass, so that you will be filled with divine perfection.

62. Sometimes I observe that you protest and are dissatisfied with your life on earth. The Divine Master says to you: The true home of your spirit is in the spiritual valley. But for now, be patient with your journey on earth, endure your ordeals with strength, and fulfill my law in this era. Help to improve this difficult period for your brethren. When you hear others talking of wars and destruction, pray for your brethren. Do not involve yourself in those things that cause conflict. Many disasters are now occurring on earth that will help to purify humanity. They are for the benefit and the evolution of all spirits. After having endured this great struggle on earth, a better mansion awaits the spirit. It will dwell in a superior mansion where it will be able to rest from its great weariness.

63. Open your spiritual eyes and observe the time in which you are living. Thus, you will be able to perceive the fulfillment of the prophecies that I made in the Second Era, when I prophesied that humanity would one day experience great ordeals.

64. All is being fulfilled according to how it was prophesied. Elevate yourself, and practice my doctrine with purity. Do not forget that I did ;Say that the battle would be universal. The spirit struggles on earth and in other regions. There are multitudes- of disincarnated spirits who need your help because they still yearn for material things. Set examples of love, kindness, and charity for those beings to follow. Feel how they approach you requesting your prayers and guidance. Do not reject them, rather help them overcome their confusion. Influence them with your examples, before they influence you. Those disincarnated beings whom you are able to help through your examples of love and charity will become spiritually enlightened. They will become grateful and be your friends forever. They will also help you to fulfill your mission. Everything evolves within my laws of love and justice. Although you may live in different spiritual levels, love one another and practice forgiveness with everyone.

65. Battle with all the strength of your spirit in order to fulfill your destiny. If you follow my path, you will be able to utilize the virtues that you possess, and to verify your faith with deeds of love.

66. In this era, as in the Second Era, the Divine Master presents himself among his disciples. He grants them the grace of listening to his word, having perceived their great humility and simplicity.

67. Remember that I will welcome your deeds only if they follow my divine laws.

68. My divine law is the seed that I have given you, which you will sow in the hearts of your brethren and children. Some of those whom I have summoned have developed great faith and have become highly dedicated to my work.

69. You have frequently triumphed over temptation, inspired by the ideal to make my doctrine blossom among humanity.

70. I have come to illuminate your spirit with my wisdom. Thus, when you meet others who do not share your faith you will offer them proof of the truth and will help them to develop faith.

71. You will be asked if you consider yourself a prophet and if you have power over the spirit. You will be submitted to trials as was Elijah in the First Era. You will offer them evidence of your spiritual strength. But to offer evidence, it will be necessary for you to remain faithful during those trials, to continue fulfilling my law, and to submit to my will.

72. I, the Divine Master, am speaking through human beings who were created in the image of God. I have given this gift to man, the most perfect creature that dwells on earth. How can you doubt that I am manifesting myself through human spokesmen, if my spirit dwells in each human being? These teachings that I have brought contain infinite wisdom. They will help your spirit discover the truth, thus feeling great happiness.

73. Whoever opens his eyes to the truth will no longer seek me through images created by man. It is through prayer that he will become inspired and communicate with the Divine Father.

74. It is necessary for man to allow his spirit to leave his body during prayer, enabling the spirit to become enlightened and strengthened during those moments it is in the spiritual valley. Thus, the individual will follow the path of spiritual evolution and will inform others of that path. I want you to offer testimony of these revelations to your brethren.

75. Today, I tell you that you not only have to fight to save your spirit, but also that you have to fight to save that of your brethren. This will enable humanity to see the fulfillment of my word which teaches you to love one another.

76. I grant you most of your requests. However, truly I tell you, if you were to ask me to change your destiny, that I would not do. I have set your destiny and it is filled with virtue, love, and perfection!

77. Those whom I chose to sow my fields will sow them with seeds of faith, love, and good will.

78. Those of you who are thirsty and seeking spiritual enlightenment need to drink water from this fountain. You will feel an inner peace never before experienced. Once you feel it, you will realize who is giving you these teachings. You will no longer need to ask why I have come again in this era, for you will know the answer to that question.

79. If there was no ignorance on earth, no bloodshed, and no human misery or suffering, then there would be no reason for my Spirit to have manifested itself during this era. However, mankind needs me. I know that only my love can save man during this period, and that is why I have come.

80. If I did not love you, would it matter to me if you were suffering and lost? However, I am your Father, and I feel the suffering of each child, since every child is a part of me. That is why I have come to enlighten you and to reveal the truth with my teachings. My word gives life to your spirit.

81. You are deeply touched listening to my word. You are so touched that you want to shout praises to me. However, it is not necessary for you to verbally express the emotion that is felt in your spirit, because I am well aware of the great joy that you feel as you listen to my word.

82. I am the Divine Master, the same one who was sacrificed by mankind in the Second Era and who has now returned with as much love as before. I felt not only a great pain on the cross but also a great thirst for love. Man did not give me water, which would have offered proof of man's charity, but instead gave me gall and vinegar. Man only offered me disrespect, ridicule, and ignorance.

83. But I have not come today to criticize humanity. I have come to bring it a new message that will help man to attain spiritual elevation and to discover spiritual peace, which your spirit greatly needs.

84. "I am thirsty", I said in that hour. Again, I tell you that I am thirsty, thirsty for your love. I thirst to feel you dose to my Spirit and also thirst for you to love one another.

85. You are also thirsty. You suffer greatly and desperately need fresh spiritual water. You need faith, hope, comfort, and peace in order to quench your thirst, a thirst which exists in your spirit, heart, and mind.

86. Are you asking for strength? I give you that strength. Do you need healing balsam? I give you that balsam. Do you have a serious problem? I grant you the solution to that problem. Are you in poverty? I will give you a job and daily nourishment. Are you greatly disappointed? Go ahead and cry and wipe your tears on my cloak, feel my embrace, and arise to live with new strength.

87. Begin to live,a new life today. I will rejoice with your triumphs and I will help you overcome your obstacles. Again I tell you, I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. My Peace be with you!

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