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The Book of the true Life 7

Teaching 179

The Lord says:

1. I am speaking to humanity through spokesmen whom I have chosen. Blessed are those whom I have inspired for there is splendor in their words. I have manifested my wisdom and my will through those human spokesmen.

2. In the beginning, man who was endowed with intelligence and reason, began to acquire knowledge, to form ideas, and to worship the Lord. His spirit began to evolve through great experiences. It was then that I sent Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to earth. I sent them to set an example for humanity and to form the trunk of the spiritual tree. They were to become the fathers of descendants that would multiply throughout the ages and spread throughout the world. The twelve tribes of Israel descended from that family, and they possessed power and strength. Their mission was to teach other nations how to worship the Creator and to abolish sin. I entrusted this task to the people of Israel, for I perceived that in the First Era men were greatly confused and misinterpreted my law. The pure and simple spiritual worship that I requested from my children degenerated into idolatry and into wicked, materialistic practices. Although I have always been with mankind, it felt me distant. Although mankind was sinning, it believed it was fulfilling the law. When I sent my prophets to humanity, it did not recognize them. As men listened to the prophets, whose words were filled with devotion and righteousness, they would say to me: Lord, we cannot follow you, because the path is too difficult. And the Divine Father, who is always with his children giving them divine love and life, is still waiting for them to acknowledge him.

3. My people, you are now living in the Third Era. I have sent you to earth with the same mission of awakening and guiding humanity. If you prepare yourselves, you will continually receive my inspiration. After 1950, as my disciples, you will manifest my teaching, my revelations, my will, and my charity through your words and deeds. Your love for humanity will produce miracles, and you will work faithfully to help your brethren. Once you have progressed spiritually, do not feel superior to your brethren, whose spirit has not yet evolved.

4. Elevate yourself, but if you need to descend in order to save the spirit of your brother, do so, similar to how the Divine Shepherd descends to the abyss to rescue the sheep that have fallen. Be a good shepherd and learn how to prepare and to teach your brethren with this teaching. It represents life, elevation, and greatness.

5. Let your heart always feel love for others, and thus you will get to know the infinite work of your Father.

6. Oh beloved disciples, be merciful with the faults of your brothers.

7. Blessed are those who do not judge the faults of their brethren and who avoid the scandals that result from them, for they manifest purity in their hearts and know how to practice charity.

8. Only the Lord blows how to truly judge every individual. He knows how to teach and to discipline with true love. In the present ordeals experienced by humanity, only He can judge because among humanity there is not a single virtuous individual who has this right.

9. You will set a true example for others to follow when you practice virtuous deeds, feel sorrow at the mistakes that others commit, and truly dedicate yourself to evolving spiritually. If you are teaching your brethren and illuminating their path with your deeds, words, and thoughts, then you will be imitating the Divine Master, the One who demonstrated how to be a perfect judge while He was on earth.

10. I allowed great sinners, both men and women, to come before my presence. I also permitted those who were hypocrites to cross my path and to submit me to tests, to question me, to ridicule me, and to try to humiliate me. I knew that they could not resist my judgement and that all of them would eventually feel my divine presence. On some occasions a single phrase was all I needed for an individual to be touched, and on other occasions a glance or simply my silence was sufficient. But you need to know that there was humility, dignity, love, and compassion in my judgement.

11. Humility, gentleness, and love were the essence of the justice that Jesus taught; nevertheless, humanity has never had a judge that was more unyielding. Who is able to resist God's love, purity, and divine light?

12. Truly I tell you, that there is no power strong enough to oppose my love. My enemies and rival forces are small and weak, and the weapons that have battled against truth and justice have always been fragile.

13. The battle between the forces of evil and divine justice appears to be an everlasting one, but, nevertheless, in comparison to eternity the battle will be brief. The faults committed by your spirit during the time when it sinned will eventually become insignificant stains that will be erased forever by your virtues and my loving justice.

14. Anyone who nourishes himself with my word, which is like pure water, will never become thirsty again. All who recognize me in the teachings of the Third Era that I bring to you will be strong during the great ordeals that are approaching humanity, and he will not perish.

15. I have come to prepare you so that you will not be surprised by those ordeals. Strengthen your faith, and when the hurricane blows, wanting to extinguish your lamp, be alert, guard it with devotion, and thus you will not remain in darkness.

16. The world no longer has doubts when it listens to my teachings. The spirit of man knows that it is journeying through the great judgement day of the Lord, a time in which each deed will be judged and my gaze will deeply touch each being. The spirit knows that it has sowed bad seeds that will produce bitter fruits. The conscience informs the spirit that it carries a heavy cross because it has failed to fulfill the divine mandates and has departed from the path of humility and obedience. I gave each being a cup that was to be filled with love and with good deeds, however, you have returned a cup filled only with bitterness and sin. You would like to set aside that cup because you feel as if you are dying, and thus you are seeking a cure. I say to you, Come to me, for I will not allow you to die. Listen to my teachings, and prepare yourself to work.

17. Love your brethren and remove all hatred from your heart. Stop practicing old customs that separate you from the path of righteousness. Illuminate your path with the teachings that I have given to mankind during all three eras. Seek the divine heritage in the depth of your spirit. Remember the laws that I gave you through Moses, and the teachings and examples that I gave through Jesus. Also acknowledge the revelations that I have brought to you in this Third Time as the Holy Spirit, and you will know why you weep. I am removing your cup of bitterness and offering you my peace.

18. You will discover the same essence in these teachings as those taught by Jesus. That same truth is found in the ten commandments. Anyone who wants to serve me needs to know that he will need to make sacrifices for the love of his brethren. But I also tell you, that I will not forget your sacrifices and that I will guide you to the Kingdom of Heaven.

19. Men of good will, feel my love and come to me. Lift up your face and behold that Christ has returned among humanity, fulfilling his promise.

20. I penetrate into the depths of your heart, where your spirit offers me the simple worship of a prayer. In that prayer your spirit informs me that it intends to follow me, to practice my teachings, to be strong, and to remain serene through its ordeals.

21. After listening to that humble and sincere prayer, I inform you that I will always be with you and that you will feel my presence during your most difficult moments.

22. The light from this era is removing the veil of darkness that surrounds the spirit of man. It comes to remove the chains which had enslaved him preventing him from reaching the true path. Truly I tell you, do not accept the idea that my doctrine prohibits you from investigating any of the sciences. It is I who encourages your curiosity and quest for knowledge. That is why I have given your spirit the ability and freedom to think. I have given you intelligence and enlightenment so that you may comprehend those things that you perceive along your path. That is why I tell you to investigate and to analyze things carefully. However, when you penetrate into the holy sanctuary of God, do so with humility and respect. Only in that manner will I permit you to enter into my sanctuary.

23. I have not prohibited you from reading the books written by men, but you need to be prepared so that you will not stumble and become confused. From those books you will know how man began his life on earth, the struggles he has faced, and how far he has journeyed. After you have acquired that knowledge, you will need to study my teachings and revelations so that you will learn what awaits you in the future and what to expect at the end of your journey.

24. Each one should prepare himself according to what his conscience tells him to do. Be aware that the time of battle will soon arrive and that you should not meditate in solitude. Instead, you will need to confront the world and its temptations and not retreat for a single moment.

25. If you do not prepare yourself and analyze my doctrine, humanity will develop false .beliefs that will be accepted as the truth. I do not want humanity to judge you as deceivers of the truth because your beliefs differ.

26. Use your strength to prepare yourself, and do not waste it judging the deeds of others.

27. I have asked you many times to unite. But be aware that when I ask you to unite, not only am I referring to your unity in the houses of prayer but also to being in harmony with the entire universe.

28. Behold that I have not come to encourage rituals. I did not come in the second era nor in the present era requesting a throne or a material temple such as those you have to worship God. Do not offer me any material treasures from earth, nor any human vanities, for you would be like the one who tempted Jesus in the desert, offering his kingdom for the kingdom of God. You already know that my kingdom is not of this world. I was born a humble man on earth, to demonstrate that one does not need to have power and greatness to conquer the kingdom of heaven.

29. Why do you offer me material riches knowing that everything belongs to me? Instead, offer me your love, which I do not have.

30. It is your spirit that I seek, because your spirit is a part of mine and it needs to return to me. However, in order to rescue your spirit, I had to descend to earth. But today, your spirit will need to elevate itself, through the practice of virtue, until it ascends to God.

31. Disciples: You seek my grace with your deeds and your thoughts. Because I am aware of your efforts and your love, I will grant it. Rather than asking for material benefits or things that will bring you temporary happiness, you seek the path of eternal life and peace where you can rest from your struggle.

32. Nourish yourself with the essence in my word. If you are suffering, take comfort realizing that in your suffering you will discover a light that will signal the path of eternal life. That suffering will not permit the spirit to fall asleep nor to become vain. That pain will renew and give life to the heart.

33. I have spoken about eternal life during all eras, an endless path traveled by the spirit to evolve, to attain perfection, and to reach the Lord. I came in the Second Era as an example for you to follow. I limited myself through the human body of Jesus. Although I experienced the harshness of life as a human being, I fulfilled the divine laws and the laws of man. But in addition to doing those things, I also delivered a message of love and tenderness to the world.

34. When the time arrived for me to preach and to carry out my deeds, I dedicated myself to fulfilling my mission.

35. Not everyone comprehends the importance of the spirit compared to the material body. The doctrine of love that I previously taught has been practiced by man on a very limited degree. Your heart is very weak! Although many claim they love me, they nevertheless reject my teachings.

36. In the Second Era when I informed my disciples that I would return in the future, they asked when that prophecy would be fulfilled. I told them to be alert and to pray so they would know when it would be fulfilled. Many thought that I would soon return. However, I did not return as judge until this era, to prepare the path for all beings. If men would open their spiritual eyes, they would perceive me descending upon a white cloud sending numerous rays of enlightenment to earth.

37. Who can analyze the essence of my Spirit, if I am light, divine love, and lack a material body? I have returned clothed in humility. The virtue that I teach is the same one that I preached in the Second Era. I want you to be near me and to acknowledge my new manifestation.

38. Many have not evolved due to fear or to a lack of study. They still practice the law of Moses without acknowledging the coming of the Messiah. Others, believing in Jesus, have disregarded the arrival of the Holy Spirit as prophesied. I have come for the third time yet many do not await me.

39. The angels announced my arrival and their voices were heard throughout the heavens. Did you not hear them? The spiritual world has come to offer you testimony of my presence. All the prophecies will be fulfilled. The disasters that are now occurring on earth will overcome the pride and vanity of man. Once man becomes humble, he will then seek me, calling me Father. Love me, and thus you will acknowledge me. A prayer for world peace will then emerge from your heart. I love all of my children. Once they evolve spiritually and return to me, I will make a covenant with men and there will be great joy with the Father and his children.

40. Those who awaited me were not surprised with my manifestation through the human spokesmen. Others have denied that the Divine Master has returned to manifest himself in this manner to the world. But I tell you to pray and to analyze carefully, studying the prophecies, as you listen to the voice of your conscience. Then, you will know how to respond to any question that you are asked.

41. I bless you, my people. I have given you life, and I am inspiring you along your path of evolution, because I love you. I have provided man, as well as other creatures on earth, with the material elements that are necessary for life. All are a part of me and are subject to my will. In the past I said that the leaf of a tree does not move without the will of God. In order to live, I have given you air to breathe, the sun to warm your body, and water and fruits for nourishment. I have endowed each human being with a spirit and have permitted that being to enter into my sanctuary to attain spiritual elevation. Your spirit will not die. However, all the material things in nature will only exist temporarily, because I created them to serve man. After they fulfill their destiny, they will disappear.

42. The earth, the plants, and the animals all pay a tribute of gratitude to God. All of creation kneels before God and obeys his laws. The beasts in the jungle love one another and do not kill members of their own species. If they do, it is only to nourish themselves. Mates respect one another. They do not multiply before their time, and they do not reject one another. However, humans do exactly the opposite, because of free will. But I have given man a conscience and the law to illuminate his path. Awaken, and open your eyes to the light of my teaching. You are destined to come to me, do not delay your journey. Do not make your journey painful. Allow your spirit to seek me, to love me, to understand me, and to become inspired and strong through prayer and by practicing my doctrine.

43. I am preparing you to fulfill my law, so that you will be able to teach and to help your brethren.

44. I want you to love me and to perceive me in nature, which I created with perfection. You can perceive me in the pure water flowing down the streams, in the green vegetation of the valleys and fields, in the fresh air that touches your face, and in the stars that fill the heavens. Do not make me suffer by rejecting me.

45. Behold that I am nourishing your spirit with the essence of my word. I am healing those who are afflicted with a physical and spiritual leprosy, because just as the body needs nourishment to live, the spirit also needs spiritual nourishment. Its nourishment is love, spiritual communication with the Divine Father, and the fulfillment of its responsibilities. By achieving those things you can live happily on earth today and in the spiritual valley tomorrow.

46. My love is with you. These spokesmen, whom I have prepared, translate my inspiration into words. They are my interpreters, and I manifest myself through them according to their level of preparation and spiritual capacity. Anyone can become one of my spokesmen. The human spokesmen are unable to manifest the full power of God, thus I am only able to manifest myself through them in a limited manner so that you may comprehend my teaching. I say to you, Come to receive the love and the teachings of the Divine Master so that you will no longer thirst for knowledge. Some of you are frightened, and I ask you: Why are you afraid, if I have always been with all of my children and if I am in your heart?

47. My love for each of you is very great and that is why I have chosen you from different regions and nations, because you greatly need me. You have a pact with me, because in the past you failed to fulfill your mission. It is necessary to hasten your step so that you may arrive pure and virtuous before my presence, similar to how you were when I created you.

48. You have not yet attained spiritual perfection and are now approaching the end of time. My manifestation has lasted many years in this era. I have spoken in parables. If you read my first teachings, as transmitted by the first spokesmen, you will appreciate my presence and feel sorrow due to your negligence. In each congregation where my people have gathered, my teachings have manifested the same essence and I have said to you: First analyze yourself so that you will understand your brethren better. Learn to feel the suffering of your brethren, and love them, as I love you.

49. I have come to seek and to rescue your spirit, because it belongs to me and is a part of my Spirit. I have come to declare war, but not against humanity, but against sin and evil. You need to remain strong in the battle that is taking place among humanity. Use your spiritual gifts to practice deeds of love and charity, and your gifts will multiply and become abundant. I am asking you to regenerate, because you have lost the grace and purity that I originally gave you, which you should never have lost.

50. I informed you that I would arrive upon a cloud surrounded by angels. Have not those prophecies been fulfilled? Has not my spiritual world spoken to you, thus confirming my prophecies? Great ordeals will come that will touch and affect earth. During that period, I do not want you to seek me as Judge. Rather, seek me as your Father and Divine Master. I will teach you about love and humility. I will show you the true path, which does not seek a crown nor a scepter on earth, but rather humility. To be great, is to be humble.

51. I want all of you to become united, because after 1950 the Divine Father will no longer manifest himself through human spokesmen. Your spirit will yearn for the continuation of this manifestation. Many of you will weaken, as did Peter, and others will doubt, as did Thomas. But who will imitate John? Truly I tell you that if you love me, as did John, you will perceive me in all of my splendor and I will say to you: Come to me for you who are in a state of sorrow. I am your Father, and I feel the pain of all of my children. Pray, and you will feel the Lord along your side, helping you carry your cross. Be strong and accept your ordeals, and your sorrow will be lessened.

52. I have prepared the people of this nation to manifest my new doctrine, enabling them to elevate spiritually. Thus, they will be able to perceive the second Jerusalem in the spiritual valley. That is the promised land where everyone will reunite spiritually with the patriarchs at the end of time. It is my will that people from different races come to this nation so that those who are weary from war and conflict, and are seeking a place to study my teaching, can find peace in this nation. Furthermore, those who hunger for spirituality will be comforted and enlightened with my teachings. Thus, while on earth those individuals will be able to experience what the new Jerusalem will be like, where all spirits will one day dwell in fulfillment of my word.

53. I will make this nation magnificent. Not only will it evolve spiritually, but it will also achieve material power. Its fields will bear fruit, and its people will be full of enthusiasm with strong moral values. I will prepare those who dwell in this nation, so they can attain spiritual elevation and knowledge of my law.

54. When people from other parts of the world come and observe how my doctrine has changed this nation of people, they will want to amend their own lives. They will seek to correct their ways by carefully studying my law and seeking my word. They will seek to communicate with the Father. I will communicate with them lovingly, and I will place them at the beginning of their journey. Thus, they will begin their journey leading them to the promised land, where I await my children.

55. Disciples: Not everyone will listen to my word in the same manner. However, be aware that everyone who seeks me will find me. You will inform your brethren that my inspiration will be with each being who loves me. If you arise to fulfill your mission before the others, prepare their path with examples of love and humility.

56. Remain near me. Open your spiritual eyes and your heart to feel my love. Remember all the things that you have learned from my teachings, so that tomorrow you will be able to teach those things to your brethren.

57. Become aware of the importance of these teachings, which contain great wisdom, and which will serve as your salvation.

58. I welcome you, and through you I welcome all of my children. My wisdom descends upon each one of my disciples who has prepared his heart and mind.

59. I come to bring you enlightenment, strength, peace, and love, so that you will not feel weak in the presence of others.

60. You are patient knowing that you have come to earth to fulfill the noble mission of establishing peace and brotherhood among mankind. You know that you need to remain alert and watchful so that the Divine Father's mandate will be fulfilled.

61. I am continually inviting each individual to follow the path of my law. Those of you witnessing this manifestation were the first to receive my revelations in this period, and you have seen others arrive after you. Since you were the first to acknowledge me, you are obligated to follow my teaching and to help your brethren, offering an example for others to follow.

62. You have a great mission, but I observe that you still lack the courage and the faith to become my apostles in the Third Era. You experience moments of weakness and desperation, and you struggle with yourself. You need to triumph over all obstacles along your path. You sense the greatness of my teaching, and you have discovered how my word offers you encouragement. My teaching has taught you how to pray so you can free yourself from temptation.

63. The Divine Master does not want you to use your time unwisely. Behold how humanity has progressed in certain areas. However, I want it to progress in all areas and for harmony to exist between the spiritual and physical life.

64. This life offers your spirit a wonderful opportunity to progress. Continue with your journey, and continue to grow and to evolve. Behold how all things in nature change and evolve. In the beginning you were similar to an atom, in size, due to your lack of spiritual growth. But now since I have endowed you with intelligence, you are holding the elements of nature in the palm of your hands for your use. My law was awaiting you when you first came to inhabit the earth, and ever since then the Father has been enlightening you about the spiritual life and guiding you toward that spiritual mansion where you will one day dwell. After your struggle and purification, you will rejoice and be in peace in that mansion.

65. Always listen to the voice of your conscience so that it can inform you if you have fulfilled the divine law. Parable

66. Listen to my parable: There was a man walking on a mountain who was well acquainted with the hills, forests, and roads. He journeyed through those places seeking nourishment for his family. One day, he heard a voice that said, "I am observing you, and I know your struggle. That is why I have come, for I am present throughout creation and give life to all things. Arise, and go tell your people what you have heard and felt. Once they accept it, unite all of your people. Help them to arise and to go in pursuit of the promised land that I have prepared for them." As the man heard that voice, his heart began to beat rapidly, and he did not attempt to lift up his face to see who was talking. He felt an unknown strength penetrate into his being, as if a divine light had filled his spirit with strength. When the voice ceased, he no longer felt tired, but he did feel the weight of a new responsibility upon his spirit. He returned to his people to tell them what had happened. Since he was a virtuous man, they believed him. The man told his followers: "The voice that I heard spoke to me of a path, unknown to me. Perhaps, somewhere, there is a path that leads to a great city or to a large field with vineyards." As he lay in bed one night, he heard a clear voice in his conscience that told him: "Your eyes have not seen that path, because it is only visible to your conscience. It is the path of my law." He then heard the commandments of that law. It required people to love God above all creation, and not to worship Him through idols created by human imagination and fanaticism. It required all human beings to love one another. That path, was one of love and righteousness. When the man woke up he realized that his spirit had received a divine revelation, and he told his family about his dream. With great faith and obedience, he gathered his followers to establish a nation of people that would become strong and great.

67. I am speaking about Moses in my parable. Those who will guide humanity today are similar to Moses. He prayed silently when he communicated with the Father, and he guided his people in their long journey through the desert. When he saw that his people had become spiritually weak, he threw the tablets of the law to the ground.

68. Since that time, three eras have passed, and now I ask you: Who among you knows the path? Who is truly preparing himself to listen to the voice of the Divine Father? Where are those who are willing to tell me, as did your brethren in the past: Lord, if it is necessary to sacrifice my existence for the good of your work, let your will be done.

69. Presently, I find no one who speaks to the Divine Master in that manner. How are you going to inform your brethren about my word in this era? It is necessary that those who have witnessed my manifestation become united so that my work of love and purity will become acknowledged by others. However, if you present my doctrine through rituals, symbols, or false beliefs, your brethren will not accept it. But if you combine your testimony with deeds of love, your brethren will acknowledge and respect my law.

70. Study my word because in it you will be able to listen to the voice of your Father who, through your conscience, will show you the path that you need to follow. You will observe your spirit evolve as you follow my path.

71. In the same manner that you have studied and analyzed the human body, you should do the same with the spirit. Then you will discover its true greatness.

72. Battle, and even if your struggle is difficult, do not become weary of offering testimony of my truth. Practice good deeds, even if it requires a great sacrifice on your behalf. Your mission is to save your brethren.

73. I offer you my blessings and my forgiveness. My Peace be with you!

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