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The Book of the true Life 7

Teaching 180

The Lord says:

1. Beloved disciples, I enlighten you so that you may analyze my word and comprehend my teachings.

2. My workers continue to prepare man so they can sow my teachings of love in their hearts and gather an abundant harvest. The Divine Master says: When you sow my seed of divine teachings, carefully select only those who have been prepared to receive it, otherwise it may be wasted. The kind of fruit that you harvest will reflect the love with which you prepared the fields of mankind.

3. Before anyone can become a worker in my fields, it is necessary to understand their mission and to be sincere in that mission. The purpose of this lesson is to enlighten the ignorant and to give faith to the weak so that they will truly know that I am the only God they should serve. That is why I tell you: I am preparing you to serve as an example for others, because you opened your eyes to divine enlightenment, humbly confessing your ignorance. Thus, through you, I will sow my seed and harvest the fruits.

4. Your brethren will ask you many questions concerning this manifestation. They will ask you how you received this teaching and why you follow this path. You will respond to each question truthfully. If you are not truthful, you will become weak and will experience failure. Consequently, the seed that you sow will not produce fruit.

5. After having chosen you to follow my path and to become my disciple, it is not my will that you present yourself before me without a harvest at the end of your struggle. It would not be just for you to experience bitterness and disappointment because you did not learn how to teach my doctrine. To acquire the strength, serenity, and knowledge to confront any ordeal, one must study and analyze my doctrine.

6. My teaching consists of only one lesson, but I give it to you in many forms so that you will comprehend it. Nothing needs to be added to my teaching. Although my teaching is a law, I have not come to impose it. If I did you would fall into hypocrisy because you would be fulfilling my law without truly feeling it in your heart.

7. I have placed a conscience in your being to judge all of your deeds. Your conscience can distinguish right from wrong. If you allow your conscience to guide you, you cannot be deceived nor called ignorant. How could a spiritualist deceive another human being, or try to deceive himself, if the light of God is within him?

8. During the Second Era a rich young man approached Jesus and said to him: "Master, I believe that I am worthy of the kingdom that you promise, because I practice your teaching."

9. Jesus then asked him: "Do you fulfill the law?" The young man responded: "Yes sir, I fast, I treat my brothers well, I harm no one, and I give a part of my earnings to help support the temple." Jesus then told him, "If you want to follow me, leave behind all of your possessions and come follow the Master." However, the young man did not want to abandon his many material possessions and decided to separate from the Lord. Although this young man truly believed that he was following the law, he was only deceiving himself.

10. Many times I have told you to practice charity without self praise, otherwise it would not be true charity and you would only be deceiving yourself.

11. Disciples, if you do not want to commit errors and mistakes, analyze your deeds through your conscience. If there are stains on your spirit, examine yourself carefully, and thus you will be able to discover those stains and cleanse them. Your conscience is like a mirror where you can observe yourself and recognize your errors.

12. The spiritualist should be recognized by his deeds, and those deeds should be guided by the conscience so that they will be pure. Whoever guides himself in that manner will feel worthy of being called my disciple.

13. Who is able to deceive me? No one. However, I have not come to judge your deeds. Rather, I have come to judge the intention behind each of your deeds. I am present in your conscience and throughout the universe. Do you think that I can ignore your deeds and the intention behind each deed?

14. Prepare yourself for the battle so that my teaching will not be slandered due to your bad deeds. In many cases you will determine whether humanity acknowledges or rejects my teaching.

15. My teachings will never lose their purity and truth. However, you may lose the opportunity to achieve merits and to elevate your spirit.

16. If someone chooses to ignore my truth, it is because he has not tasted the water from this fountain of divine love. It is pure and clean for those who thirst for love.

17. The truth that I revealed to the patriarchs, the prophets, and those who were virtuous is the same one that I am now revealing. The doctrine that you are now receiving represents the law of all eras. Through this doctrine I have designated the path of evolution that you must journey to reach the Divine Father. The things that I have explained in my doctrine represent the truth. However, if you explain my doctrine to your brethren in a different and complicated manner, or if you distort my teaching with wrong interpretation, you will gather a bad harvest.

18. Be careful about what you say and teach others. Be aware that you are responsible for a great gift endowed to you by God.

19. You are my workers who will spread my doctrine of love, and I am continually encouraging you to fulfill your mission. Do not blame me if you are lazy and unwilling to fulfill it or if you get lost along the journey. Be aware that the one who seeks salvation needs to make an effort on his behalf.

20. Behold that I have come to touch your heart, so that you will feel me and say: Master, I will follow you.

21. Listen: During all eras the Divine Father has manifested his love for humanity through messages from his messengers. Nevertheless you are still trying to comprehend and to feel his love, a love which has always embraced you.

22. I want your entire being to become saturated with love, for without love you will be unable to reach me or to comprehend my true greatness.

23. My word is touching the most sensitive fibers in your heart so that you will begin to love. Be aware that if you only preoccupy yourself with acquiring riches from earth, without giving your spirit and your heart the opportunity to develop their gifts, those gifts will remain dormant as your journey through life.

24. Do not allow your heart to become vain, because your heart symbolizes the flame of eternity from where everything emerges and comes to life.

25. The spirit utilizes the heart to manifest its love through the human body. However, if your love is only physical, and not spiritual, then your love will only be temporary because your physical body is temporary. But when your love is spiritual, it will be similar to that of the Divine Father, who is eternal, perfect, and unchangeable.

26. All life and all creation are related to the spirit, because it possesses eternal life. Do not limit yourself. Love me and love one another, because you are children of a Being who possesses infinite love. That Being is God.

27. Be aware that everything that I have created is for my children, and that the destiny of all things created is to worship and to pay tribute to the Creator.

28. I receive what each being offers me, and I offer life to all things throughout creation.

29. I enlighten you through these teachings so that your spirit will cease to be a prisoner to your material desires and senses. When you take my teaching to others, teach them that the spirit, as well as all things throughout creation, is subject to the law of evolution.

30. Evolution is a term that will be greatly discussed by humanity once man becomes interested in his spirit, because evolution signifies progress, elevation, change, and perfection.

31. When will man eliminate his false beliefs, his rituals, and stop perceiving things that surround him as being greater than him? This will occur when he attains spiritual freedom.

32. I have always manifested my wisdom to mankind so that his spirit may be free from human limitations.

33. During this era there are still those who lack enlightenment and inspiration. Men should have now achieved great spiritual enlightenment because of their long evolution, but there are still many who think and behave as men did in primitive times. Man has attained great scientific knowledge, but he has become vain and selfish, believing that he has attained the ultimate knowledge. Thus, man is no longer progressing along the spiritual path.

34. I say to those who have listened to me repeatedly say the word spirit in my teaching: Humanity will be touched and moved once it understands the true greatness and significance of that word.

35. Continue to be worthy of witnessing this manifestation, by practicing true humility. Humility does not mean misery nor material poverty.

36. Continue to be morally strong and virtuous because during this lifetime you have been spiritually strengthened through suffering.

37. I observe that you accept your destiny. If there was pain in your past, do not look back. Forget your past, and live in peace now. Do not fear the future, for I will be with you.

38. All of my prophecies will be fulfilled, and this small nation will be perceived by humanity as the "promised land". I will permit those who dwell in this nation to live in peace and to become spiritually enlightened. Rulers from other countries will come to this land and will be inspired to govern with love.

39. The lost tribes of Israel will congregate in this nation and will feel my peace. I have prepared this nation with my charity.

40. You need to prepare yourself because your brethren will arrive. Although you do not know when or how they will arrive, my word will be fulfilled.

41. ask all of you to become united so that your brethren will feel as if they have arrived among the Lord's people to receive according to my will.

42. I am preparing you for all future events. I say to you that those multitudes will arrive, guided by my wisdom, to receive the same heritage that you have received. Thus, they will not arrive by chance. However, it is necessary for all of you to become united in order to perceive the fulfillment of my word.

43. During the Second Era, when Caesar governed Palestine, there was no unity among the people of that land. The people of Israel became slaves of the gentiles and were oppressed under that tyranny.

44. It was then that the Son of God arrived among mankind.

45. Those people endured great suffering, and men were highly selfish! But the people of Israel, who had been oppressed, listened to my word which served as a healing balsam for their wounds. I quenched their thirst for love, and that is why those who believed in me said: "Only the Nazarene knows how to love." Nevertheless, humanity rejected me. When I was being taken to be sacrificed, I was asked: "Jesus, Where are those who followed you?" At that moment I glanced at Jerusalem and said, "It is not yet time for the seed to germinate, but the time will come and humanity will recognize its fruit". And truly, after my departure, my disciples arose to spread my word.

46. Today I say to you: In the year 1950 some will arise disobeying my word and will crucify me once again. They will crucify me due to their disobedience and rejection of one another. I will say as I said in the Second Era, "I placed a seed in those hearts and that seed will blossom. Nations will become nourished with that fruit, and they will become familiar with my teachings which will become written in books."

47. I leave this heritage for each of you. Remember that you need to set examples of love and charity along your path.

48. The days are approaching in which the Christian world will remember the events that took place in Golgotha nearly two thousand years ago. It is a time in which some individuals will reflect and analyze their deeds to see if they followed their conscience or if they yielded to temptation.

49. Those who are listening to me today do not feel the need to perceive a man-made image of the one who was crucified. They understand that the blood that was shed by Jesus in Calvary remains fresh, because it was shed to teach humanity how to fulfill its mission. These individuals, who are spiritualists, do not need to relive that event. They have learned how to elevate themselves in prayer to perceive great spiritual wonders. I have permitted those who doubt, as did Thomas, to place their fingers in my wounds and feel my blood which is still fresh. My blood continues to flow, like an eternal fountain, as I offer my love and strength to each spirit.

50. I have said to you that I am so near to you that I am aware of your most intimate thoughts. I am always with you, because I am present everywhere. I am the light who illuminates your mind and who inspires you.

51. I am in you, because it is I who inspires you and who judges you through your conscience. I am in your material senses and in your physical body, since I am throughout creation.

52. Feel my presence within you and throughout nature. Thus, when you depart from earth you will enter the spiritual valley with enlightenment. Your spirit will not feel distress due to the effects of the material body. This will enable you to come closer to me, because I am a fountain of divine enlightenment from where you will drink eternally.

53. You do not know how long it will be before you return to the spiritual valley! Therefore, be alert because temptation will attempt to weaken you. I am preparing you. I promise that I will assist you so that you will not yield to temptation. I will offer you my help when you are on the verge of yielding to temptation, because I love all of my children equally. I am your Father, and whenever you come before me in a state of repentance, I will welcome you and reward you according to your merits.

54. Meditate and examine your life, illuminated by the light of your conscience. I will inform you about your spiritual progress.

55. Interpret my word correctly, and do not analyze the form in which I have manifested my word. Instead, you should analyze its essence and the destiny that it designates for man. My spokesmen are susceptible to errors, but all that comes from God is pure and cannot be stained.

56. I have given you a seed that will produce an abundant harvest. Imitate me, and journey along your path practicing love and charity among your brethren. Thus, humanity will recognize the faith and the strength that you have acquired.

57. Make an effort to comprehend the significance of my work, similar to how it was understood and interpreted by those who have followed me until the end of their journey.

58. Prepare your heart as a sanctuary, awaiting a visit from the Divine Father. Thus, He will feel the warmth of your love, and then you will say that truly He has been with you. I, the Tree of Life, am surrounded by all of my young children.

59. You have sought different types of trees to compare their fruits. Frequently, you have discovered worms in the roots of those trees. You sought me in the mountains and in the valleys, hoping to listen to a paternal and friendly voice that would free you from your doubts and guide you along the path of truth. Now that you are in my presence, you thank me for having allowed you to witness my teaching. My teaching comes to prepare you for a spiritual communication that will be more elevated than the manner in which I now communicate. Presently, I have had to limit my teaching so that this multitude could comprehend it. But the time will come when your spirit and your mind will be able to directly receive spiritual enlightenment without the need for intermediaries. For now, many are content to receive a small amount of enlightenment and peace in their hearts. An embrace is sufficient for children, and the elderly are content to receive a gentle glance from their children, because it brings a ray of light to their sad and weary hearts. In the future everyone will arise yearning for spiritual enlightenment to illuminate their path in life.

60. If my children were asked if they would like to listen to my teachings, many of them would say that they were unworthy. But I say to you that all of my children are worthy of listening to me. Everyone needs my word. Those who are virtuous rejoice when they listen to the word of God. The ones who are ignorant need the teachings of the Divine Master in order to learn and to attain spiritual evolution. The sinners need to listen to my teachings to repent and to amend their lives.

61. I listen to a voice that tells me: "Come, behold how weak I am and how my spirit is greatly stained. I know that you love me and have forgiven me, and that you are guiding me and helping me as I journey through this path of darkness and loneliness. Help me, because in my ordeals I experience pain and agony."

62. Who is speaking to me in that manner? Whose voice is asking for mercy? Is it just one individual? No, my people, it is the voice of humanity. Humanity has not forgotten that I am love, thus it is asking me to save it as it becomes aware of its stains and sins.

63. I cried when you departed from the spiritual mansion to inhabit earth. I have forgiven all the sins that you have committed, and my sweet and gentle voice has continually advised you along your journey. I have been with you throughout your journey on earth. Today, I still miss you, even if you do not miss me. When you departed from the spiritual mansion you thought that you were strong, believing that you no longer needed my assistance. I gave you the gift of free will. Your material senses allowed you to perceive the material world and thus you yearned for those things that surrounded you. You had to fall into the abyss before you began to seek God once again. Only then did you remember the Divine Father in whose table you had previously sat. After falling into the abyss, you wept and summoned the Father, although I am continually asking you to come sit at my table. I am the Father who saw his young child depart with an innocent heart, unaware of the true path to follow.

64. If you analyze my teachings you will realize that the Divine Father did hot intend for you to get lost when he sent you to earth to journey through roads that were filled with obstacles and dangers. Beforehand, I prepared those paths so that as you journeyed through them you would discover the teachings that are necessary for your spiritual evolution. Thus, you would gain the experience that you lacked and would then return to the Father with spiritual enlightenment. When I created you, your spirit was like a small spark, although it was destined to glow brighter as you evolved spiritually. After evolving, you would return to the Father to merge your light with that of his Divinity.

65. I am speaking to you from atop a new mountain where I await you. Truly I say: Once you arrive, there will be a great celebration. You are traveling through a path of suffering which will purify your spirit of your faults. It is a path that man, not I, created. I have always been with you in your journey through that path, thus the path of sacrifice and suffering has been glorified with my blood.

66. Listen to the echo of my voice in the heavens, similar to how you listen to the echo of a bell.

67. Behold, this is a time of justice. Truly I tell you that every wrong will need to be amended. Earth itself will demand restoration because mankind has abused this planet and its natural resources. Everything that has been destroyed is demanding restoration. Mankind will realize that God created everything with love. That same God also has the power to destroy them, but instead blesses, defends, and protects them.

68. Could a spirit depart in peace to the spiritual valley from this planet if everything that it destroyed and disrespected is demanding restoration? Instead these beings wander around in darkness, suffering in the spiritual valley because of their remorse, materialism, and disobedience to my law. They suffer and remain in darkness until they become enlightened and begin to restore all they had destroyed.

69. In order to help them, I tell them: The Divine Master is here, once again,among his disciples.

70. Today, I have come to strengthen the faith of those who have weakened.

71. have come among this multitude, and to anyone who seeks me. My love and my spiritual enlightenment are for everyone.

72. When the Lord communicates with his disciples, there is infinite joy in your spirit. Although my manifestation may be brief, nevertheless you still feel great peace and joy in your heart.

73. Whenever you seek me in prayer, I want you to feel the same peace and joy that you feel when you listen to this manifestation. Thus, when you are able to do that, your prayer will be similar to rain that falls on a dry field.

74. While the world is in turmoil, and humanity is in a state of chaos and wars, I listen to those who say: If nothing is impossible for God, why does he not stop war and establish a world of peace? My response is that just as man is responsible for creating wars, he is also responsible for creating peace. Each person has a conscience that is wise and that continually enlightens him toward the right path. Man has the responsibility of listening to his conscience so that he can make the right choices in life.

75. A new battle has begun on earth. Nations are at war with one another attempting to triumph over their enemies. Some seek to be superior and to make slaves of other nations. Others are attempting to prove that their race is superior, but because of their blindness they fail to observe that they are all headed toward the abyss.

76. Pray with so much love that it can penetrate, like a ray of light, into that atmosphere of darkness and turmoil. Thus, you will help your brethren to think clearly during their ordeals. You will also be fulfilling the mission that I have given you.

77. Be strong so that you may be able to dominate your feelings of power and greed and not favor the triumph of one nation over another. It is necessary for you to practice charity and brotherhood with everyone and to feel the suffering and misery that afflicts humanity. Thus, you will be in harmony with the will of God. Every good deed will be rewarded. Do you not consider the arrival of peace among mankind a reward for your prayers?

78. Behold that what I ask you to do is not a sacrifice. I am not sending you to preach to a rebellious crowd nor to those who are pagans. At this moment, I am only asking you to cleanse your thoughts so that you may illuminate the path for your brethren.

79. Struggle, pray, and be alert so that temptation, which has the power to present itself along your path attractively disguised, will not make you deviate from your good intentions and thus prevent you from fulfilling your mission. Learn to fight against temptation and to triumph over it. Be aware of all temptations throughout your life because they will attempt to weaken you along your journey on earth.

80. Your battle is much greater than you can imagine because your enemy is invisible. Frequently you have searched for your enemy in different places,not knowing that you have carried it within you, hidden in your emotions and in your passions. There is no better weapon than prayer to battle against your enemy.

81. The Divine Father has offered you his guidance. Although each teaching may be different, the essence and purpose are the same. Through my teachings I offer you my love and teach you the path of perfection that will guide you to salvation.

82. In those days when mankind remembers the sacrifice of Jesus, even the most insensitive individuals feel my presence. The divine bell is ringing in the heavens, announcing my new manifestation during this new period. However, humanity remains deaf.83. When men awaken to go listen to my word through the spokesmen, it will be too late, because I will have departed. They will only be able to receive a testimony from others who witnessed my manifestation. Many will weep because they did not seek me in those places where I manifested myself to listen to my voice.

84. Humanity is enduring great ordeals during this period, and there is weeping throughout the world. This occurs because spirits have come to earth to harvest the fruit that they sowed in the past, since no one escapes my justice. I would cease to be perfect if I did not manifest my justice and allowed you to harvest the fruit that you sowed. However, I am also enlightening mankind with these teachings. All individuals will hear about my arrival and about the teachings that I have brought. My disciples will take healing balsam to the sick and will help those who are overwhelmed with the weight of their cross. I frequently repeat these teachings so that you will not forget them after my departure.

85. Be alert, and pray so that you will be strong. You must pray from your spirit to my Spirit so that you may achieve and enjoy a perfect communication with the Lord. When you observe the fulfillment of a revelation that was revealed to you during a moment of prayer, it will prove that you were truly in spiritual communication with the Lord.

86. Strive to perfect the manner in which you pray and seek me. Behold, that once my manifestation comes to an end, men from different religions will arise wanting to convert you back to their religions. Would you be willing to reject these divine teachings, setting aside the mission that you have received, for a religion that continues to practice rituals?

87. Do not be afraid if I tell you that you will be slandered and persecuted by others. I only say to you that if you fulfill my divine law and the laws of earth you will have nothing to fear.

88. Begin today to demonstrate that what you have learned from these teachings has not been in vain, and that if I have named you as my disciple, you will know how to carry that title with dignity. Even the most stubborn individuals will yield to the truth and purity of your deeds. When the battle among the different religions begins on earth, and when men greatly oppose the spreading of my spiritual doctrine, the miracles that I will grant you will be greater. Those miracles will astonish the world. My Peace be with you!

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