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The Book of the true Life 7

Teaching 185

The Lord says:

1. I bless you because you have faith that it is my Spirit who gives you these teachings through human spokesmen.

2. You ignore the imperfections of the human spokesmen and are only interested in understanding the divine essence of my teaching. Those who study my word in that manner are discovering the truth. They will become my disciples of tomorrow who will arise to explain my doctrine to those who are confused and to those who have misinterpreted the scriptures from the past. They will realize that one must not study the scriptures literally to find the truth in my teachings. Rather, one must seek the spiritual meaning in my word which is the divine essence, divine truth, and the true life.

3. That is why the people, who are witnessing my manifestation, are experiencing profound lessons. I have given them my word through human spokesmen and have taught them to penetrate deeply into my word to discover its essence. This will help them explain and correctly interpret my teachings from the past to others. They will teach others the spiritual essence and truth found in each of my teachings.

4. I perceive that among this multitude there are those who now understand that the more physically and spiritually prepared a person becomes, the more clearly he will be able to comprehend my teachings through the human spokesmen. Oh, if only these multitudes would truly seek to make themselves worthy of my grace, how great and perfect my manifestation would be! However, I observe that many still prefer to worship me in a material form to believe in my presence. If they would allow their spirit to communicate with God, rather than worship him with ceremonies and material forms, they would become spiritually enlightened and elevate their spirit. They do not allow their spirit to evolve because of their traditions and routines. Truly I tell you that that period of material worship has now ceased for this multitude. In the past, you enjoyed the splendor and the artistic display found in religions. Today, you must leave those things behind and allow your spirit to discover the marvelous life that awaits it. This will allow your spirit to become enlightened when you pray spiritually to the Father. Thus, your spirit will be able to transmit the joy and inspiration that it receives during those beautiful moments of prayer to its material body. You will then realize that the material forms used by mankind to represent the divine are truly inferior.

5. Since your spirit has passed from infancy to youth, your way of life should change.

6. In the past, I accepted all of your offerings although they reflected imperfection and ignorance. Today, I will only accept that which is pure, sincere, and true.

7. Have you seen the beautiful flowers you sometimes offer me from your garden? Truly I tell you that during this period, I will not even accept that offering because those flowers are my creation, not yours. Instead, you should offer me the spiritual flowers from your heart, which are your good deeds, your loving prayers, and your virtues.

8. Do not deceive yourself or attempt to offer me things that are material. Do not be afraid to confront the truth or to stop practicing rituals and traditions. Heaven is only for those who are courageous and devoted.

9. Once you have eliminated all fanaticism and idolatry and have learned to pray from spirit to Spirit, you will arrive before the true altar of God, an altar which is not of this world. There you will be able to bring your offerings, which will be your good deeds. I consider those offerings more beautiful than the flowers from your garden, because good deeds will not wither as do the flowers.

10. My people: Open your heart so that it may receive the grace that I offer you. I want this multitude to become similar to an immense garden that is filled with beautiful flowers in the heart, spirit, and mind. Those are the flowers that I have come to cultivate.

11. My people: When I speak of worship and offerings, as clearly as I have in my teachings, do you feel sorrow because I am separating you from your past traditions and beliefs? You say that you do not.

12. It is because my word contains a healing balsam and enlightenment that does not allow anyone to become confused nor offended.

13. want you to speak in that same manner to your brethren when you are spiritually enlightening them. Speak to them with the same clarity and love that I use. Thus, you will not leave any sorrow in their hearts, only peace and enlightenment.

14. I have come to communicate with you during this era, thus fulfilling a divine promise that I made in the past. I am present in the essence of this word. The one who discovers that essence has felt my presence. But those, who are not evolving spiritually because they do not understand the true essence of my manifestation, have been unable to discover my truth.

15. While some are fascinated as they listen to my teachings, others have not been touched by them. Those individuals are not aware of my presence.

16. Once I cease to manifest myself through human spokesmen, many will weep because this period will have come to an end. Also, there will be others who, in spite of having witnessed my manifestation were not aware of the great blessings they received, thus failing to take advantage of them.

17. The time will come when this doctrine will spread throughout the world. It will spread from the testimonies given by those who listened to it, understood it, and believed in it. You will observe that although many never had the privilege of witnessing my manifestation, they will be able to discover the divine essence in my teachings. With conviction and faith, they will proclaim: It is the word of the Divine Master. 18 You will see your brethren cry with joy because they have been touched by my message. Also, you will see them cry because they were not chosen to witness my manifestation. This will make you feel guilty, because even though you witnessed my manifestation for such a long period, you did not have the same love and faith that others have demonstrated by only having heard your testimony.

19. Among them you will find those who know about spirituality through intuition, inspiration, their premonition of the communication from spirit to Spirit, and spiritual vision. There are also those who possess spiritual gifts and powers that are fully developed.

20. Perhaps, you believed that I was going to give my new teachings to all the nations on earth? No, I am not. My new manifestation is similar to the one from the Second Era when I only manifested myself to a multitude of people. Those people had the mission of spreading the good news and of sowing the seed that they had received in my message.

21. Remember how my seed germinated with greater strength in other nations because of the testimony of my apostles.

22. My beloved people, remember that those nations that believed in the testimony offered by my apostles did so because it was offered with great love and truth. I say this because if you want the world to believe in me through your testimony, you will need to prepare yourself and to imitate those apostles in their love, humility, faith, and spirituality. Thus, the world will accept this doctrine as the truth and men will regard it as sacred. Also, you will observe that your brethren will be eager to read these teachings, which will be translated to different languages so all nations can become familiar with them.

23. Those who have witnessed this manifestation and who are familiar with this word have disrespected it the most. But you will observe that tomorrow this word will become like an oasis for those who have greatly suffered on earth. It will offer a healing balsam, life, nourishment, and enlightenment to those who hunger and thirst for truth, love, and justice.

24. I say to those who have listened to my word for a long time and whom I have assigned responsibilities: Allow my phrases to touch your heart, and listen to the voice of your conscience. You have greatly nourished yourself with fruit from the tree of life, but what have you done with the seed? Why are you sowing seeds that I have not given you? I observe that you are combining personal self interests to my seeds of divine enlightenment. Who is unable to comprehend this?

25. I have not come to reprimand your deeds. I have come to tell you not to combine any impurities to the good deeds that you practice, because then you would not be sowing my truth that I have revealed to you. Remember that when the time comes for your spirit to gather its harvest, it will reap the fruit that it sowed along its path.

26. I am the essence of all creation. Everything lives through my infinite power. I am present throughout creation and in each being. However, to be able to feel me and to perceive me you must prepare yourself and develop compassion.

27. I am the inspiration for all beings, for I am the Life. I want you to be aware that I am always with you, thus there is no need to make material images of me in order to worship me and to feel my presence. Man's inability to understand this has led him to practice idolatry.

28. Through my word you have become aware of the harmony that exists between the Father and all things throughout creation. Also, you realize that I am the essence that nourishes all beings, and that you are a part of me.

29. As you begin to comprehend the meaning of life, destiny, and evolution, you are also beginning to understand spiritual life. Thus, you are leaving behind material worship and the material images that you had attributed to me. Also, you are no longer accepting the false beliefs that humanity has had for so many centuries.

30. The spirit will be able to elevate itself with the spiritual gifts it possesses until it achieves perfection. However, I am the Divine Master who has always come to help you along your journey so that your life will not be fruitless.

31. If you practice good-will, your life on earth will be in harmony with all the perfect things that I have created in nature. You will become enlightened with true knowledge and the fruit that you harvest from your deeds will allow you to attain eternal peace. Your physical body will eventually return back to nature from where it originated. Although man is aware of what happens to the physical body, the immortal life of the spirit remains a mystery for many. People only comprehend those things that they can visually perceive or ,, scientifically verify. Where are those beings, who once dwelt on earth, now dwelling? You do not know. Perhaps, you believe that they are now dwelling in a mansion of light. The Divine Master informs you that many of those beings are actually near you. The spirit has the power to dwell in the place assigned to it by the Father in the spiritual valley and the power to fulfill a mission close to his brethren on earth at the same time. Such is the power of the spirit.

32. You have not yet understood these teachings. To be able to comprehend them it is necessary for you to fulfill what I said in the past: "Man will need to be pure, like a child, to attain my grace."

33. You should no longer feel that you are alone. A spirit of light intervenes in each deed accomplished by man. The spiritual world influences the human mind and guides it. That world is greater and more beautiful than the material world, because it is a world of light and perfect harmony. Those who inhabit the spiritual world are with me, and together we watch over all creation.

34. If one is familiar with these teachings and has faith in them, would he have reason to weep for his beloved beings who have departed to the spiritual valley knowing that they are watching over him? Why remember them in their human form if they are now spirits?

35. Today, I,have spoken to you about the mystery of spiritual life.

36. No one, other than I, can tell you these things. Men cannot because they have not penetrated into that secret sanctuary.

37. I had to prepare you to listen to my new teachings. Until now you were unable to pray, unless you had a material image of God before your presence. You needed those material images in order to visualize him, and you needed musical hymns to forget about your daily preoccupations. You also needed incense and the sweet smell of flowers to be able to think about him. Since those things were located inside the temples where you worshiped him, you were only able to feel him and to visualize his presence inside those temples. But now that I have come to prepare you spiritually, it is your spirit that I will first awaken followed by the material body.

38. You no longer need material images to represent the Divine nor do you need musical hymns to momentarily forget about things from earth. Furthermore, you no longer feel the need to participate in the celebration of a ritual believing that I am only present in that place.

39. The only thing that concerns you today is how to illuminate your mind and purify your heart so that you will be able to receive, feel, and understand the divine essence of my word. You can accomplish that through meditation and prayer.

40. Any material object placed before you would now disturb you, and the best music would seem extremely inferior to the celestial concert found in my word. Those things would now disturb you, instead of helping you in prayer. Thus, you no longer need nor want those external and material things. You have now accustomed yourself to closing your eyes as you listen to my manifestation so that your spirit can elevate itself in prayer without any material contact.

41. Yesterday, the altar that you constructed to worship God was a material altar, but today you have constructed a spiritual altar within your heart. In the past, you gave me material offerings, and today your offerings are more spiritual. You are now aware that your love is more beautiful to me than the loveliest flower from your garden. The forgiveness that you offer your brethren is more important to me than any material offering. In the past you offered me different material things believing that they would cleanse your sins.42. You do not need to move your lips when you pray, because I will listen when you pray in silence. I am not a sinner listening to another sinner. I am Spirit, and it is your spirit whom I listen to when it elevates itself to communicate with me.

43. Many have listened to my word during this period, but not all believe that it is truly from God. Truly, not everyone has been able to understand this doctrine. In all eras many have been summoned, but few have been chosen. Only those who are ready to comprehend, to feel, and to believe will remain with me preparing themselves to follow me. At times you have observed your brethren who appear spiritually advanced, and eager to understand my doctrine of love, but are unwilling to accept it. It is because only someone who is loving will find me. The individual who tries to find me only through human intelligence will not succeed. Do not confuse one with the other. Also, you have seen others arrive before my manifestation appearing to be ignorant or very materialistic. You did not have the slightest hope that these individuals would be touched by my word, but were astonished at their sensitivity and ability to comprehend. Although they were worldly uneducated, they have greatly evolved spiritually.

44. Those who have believed in my new manifestation have not always developed faith immediately. Nearly all of them have experienced an inner battle. They have asked themselves the following questions: Is this the truth? Could it be possible that I will discover the presence of the Lord here? Could it be possible that my illness, considered incurable for so long, will be healed in this place? But even after I have granted them a miracle, some still asked: Was it the Lord who healed me? However, there have been many who believed when they first heard my voice, and others who already believed in my word before witnessing this manifestation.

45. The poverty and humility in which I have come to manifest myself is what has puzzled many individuals the most. They were accustomed to the elegant rituals and the extravagant riches found in the material temples of worship. Just as I came during the Second Era to judge the vanity of man by revealing my humility, I have also come during this era avoiding all false splendor and manifesting myself to the humble and to the sinners.

46. Tomorrow, when things are tranquil, men will study the form of my manifestation and will compare it to the prophecies that are found in the scriptures. They will study the manner I manifested myself, how my manifestation evolved, the nation I chose, and the multitude of people whom I summoned to witness my manifestation. They will conclude that everything was done perfectly and that the prophecies were truly fulfilled.

47. I am speaking to mankind once again through my divine essence, but I am using words and concepts that they are able to comprehend. Some believe in me only because of the divine essence that they have discovered in my word, whereas others need miracles in order to believe. That is why I tell you that you are the same people from the Second Era who, in order to test my power, asked me to heal those whom you considered incurable.

48. I find that some of you are still blind, paralyzed, have leprosy, or are possessed by perturbed spirits. Truly I tell you that I will heal everyone and no one will perish. I also say to you that you need to be prepared, because during this period the miracles that I will perform will be spiritual rather than physical.

49. Lazarus will not be the only example of resurrection. I will resurrect all those who are spiritually dead.

50. Multitudes: Here you have my word. You can choose to believe or not to believe, to love me or not to love me. But truly I tell you that this period will never return and that you will never again hear these divine words and teachings of wisdom through human spokesmen. After 1950, if you want to listen to me, you will need to penetrate spiritually into the hereafter. Remember that I previously said that my kingdom was not of this world. My Peace be with you!

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