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The Book of the true Life 7

Teaching 186

The Lord says:

1. I welcome all disciples who come before me to learn new revelations. Joyful and blessed are those who want to clearly perceive the truth of my teachings. It is good that you want to remove the veil that covers your spiritual eyes. All have a great responsibility to penetrate more deeply into the mysteries of my secret sanctuary but many make no effort.

2. When will they become weary of the pleasures of the material flesh? When will they realize that those pleasures have prevented them from enjoying the graces of the spirit? They are slaves to their passions and to a kingdom of sin as they journey through the world similar to the deaf, the blind, the paralytic, the leper, not realizing their mistakes. When one of them discovers that his spirit is ill, he does not know how to seek the healing balsam that radiates from my Spirit.

3. The blind are leading the blind. It is thus that I perceive many of the nations of the world and many of the cities on the earth. Human virtues have declined and noble sentiments have disappeared. The human heart, which should inspire loving emotions and elevated thoughts, has been converted into a fountain of egotism, of vices and of errors.

4. Why is it strange for your loving Father to give you weapons of love at this time to fight the evil that reigns over mankind?

5. My doctrine is truly a weapon. It is a sword of enlightenment which touches the human heart and moves the most sensitive part of man. You will need strength to triumph over evil. My word comes to give that strength to your spirit. The greatest battle that you will ever experience will be against yourself. I want you to triumph in that battle and to dominate your sensuous passions and selfishness. That great battle will take place within your being.

6. Good will, reason, justice, and charity will struggle against low human passions, but the light will triumph over the darkness. If I did not know the final outcome, I would not allow your spirit to engage in such a fruitless and useless battle.

7. When you think of the patriarchs, the prophets, or the apostles, do not judge them as extraordinary beings, because they were all created from the same essence from which I created you. But they were beings who strengthened themselves in order to be strong in the path of light, to be in harmony with the truth, to live a virtuous life, and to respect my law. Because they did not weaken, they left exemplary deeds for their brethren to follow.

8. Have you observed those beings who only pursue physical pleasures and comforts, disregarding the gifts of the spirit and the eternal life? Later, you will observe those same beings anxiously in search of the spiritual sanctuary in order to become workers in the true temple.

9. My divine word will teach man how to use his spiritual strength to journey along the path of life. Those who are enlightened with my teachings will never stumble or fall as they confront different ordeals along their path.

10. It is necessary for you to analyze my word, because if you do not, you will perceive things as mysterious when they are truly clear and perfect. God has no mysteries for man. What has occurred is that sometimes man has not wanted to penetrate into the light, or he has wanted to know certain revelations before the appropriate time. Although it is now time for man to comprehend many of my teachings, he misinterprets many of them because of his corruption.

11. What have you learned from your religions? What is the value of you proclaiming to practice one religion or another if you do not follow the mandates of your religion nor attempt to get close to me by following those mandates?

12. If you want to know if you are fulfilling the divine law, ask yourself if you are gathering a harvest of love in this world.

13. I have many things to reveal to you during this period. I am ready to offer you the kingdom of heaven, but you must first free your spirit because it will be the one who will receive me. Then you will see me and feel me.

14. An alliance of peace will be established among men of good will, but I advise you not to wait until you are in the spiritual mansion to create that alliance. The merit lies in offering a tribute of gratitude to your Father while on earth, where the world received the blood of the Lamb as a seed of love. That gratitude would best be demonstrated with your obedience and your love of one another.

15. Believe in the immortality of the spirit. I tell you this because there are some who believe that death for those who live in sin marks the end to their existence. They believe that sinners will be deprived of eternal life and become subject to eternal punishment.

16. Those who believe that have misinterpreted the meaning of many of my revelations. If this was true, it would be similar to proclaiming the failure of love, virtue, and justice. What would have been the purpose of my having come to the earth to be crucified? Do not forget that I came for the sinners, the sick, the slaves, the hungry, and the lost.

17. Your spirit possesses eternal life from the Divine Spirit. The only thing that dies is the material body. The spirit will then be free to continue its spiritual growth in the spiritual valley. If the spirit is stained with sin, it will witness the death of sin. The spirit will then cease to be ignorant. After each reincarnation on earth, the spirit will return to the spiritual valley with greater strength, purity, and enlightenment.

18. Have you ever experienced a strong passion in your life that prevented you from listening to reason and to the voice of your conscience? That is when the spirit has truly fallen and the strong temptations of the material body dominate the spirit. And, is it not true that you have also experienced great joy and peace when you have triumphed over that passion?

19. That peace and happiness are due to the spirit's triumph over the flesh, a great struggle between the passions of the flesh and your conscience. But all the spirit had to do was to utilize its strength and follow its conscience,. After having triumphed over the passions of the flesh the spirit achieved freedom, no longer allowing itself to fall into the abyss. In that inner struggle, you witnessed the death of those immoral passions.

20. Therefore, be aware that when man allows himself to be guided by his conscience, it will be as if a new being has been born within that person. That new being will never die. Man will view the material body as only a temporary outer covering for his spirit. When the time comes for the spirit to depart to its true spiritual mansion, the material body will then descend to the earth's soil.

21. I say to you that eternal condemnation and eternal death do not exist. Only those things that superfluous, useless, and evil will die. Once a being becomes purified there will be no need for restitution. I said to you in the past that none of the things that I have created would become lost. I also said that none of my children would become lost. I revealed the immortality of the spirit when I told you, I am the Life, and whoever believes in me will never die.

22. My beloved people: Close your physical eyes and feel my presence. You are listening to the voice of the spokesman through whom I transmit my message. But if you elevate yourself spiritually, you will feel my spiritual presence. All beings will be able to perceive the Lord in this holy Third Era! Idolatry will disappear, and men will get to know the truth.

23. During this era it has been my will to communicate through human spokesmen so that you could feel my warmth and closeness. Thus, you would realize that we are truly one. In the Second Era I was also close to mankind. I was born among them, lived by their side, shared their sorrows, and suffered in their presence.

24. Today, the multitudes have awaken in the presence of my new teachings and have established a new nation. The majority of it are poor people, those whom you refer to as abandoned individuals. But truly they do not lack any of the spiritual gifts given to each being by the Holy Spirit. In the presence of my doctrine, those individuals have awaken from their sleep and have discovered the divine treasure. Thus, they have begun to evolve spiritually, and their ignorance has begun to disappear. They have become illuminated through intuition and inspiration. When they pray they are able to perceive things spiritually and are also able to perceive the future. They have manifested the gift of healing, having healed others through their thoughts, simple words, or by anointing them. The humble disciples of this doctrine have also manifested many other gifts.

25. These individuals did not possess anything on earth, but once they realized what the Father had given them, they worked with enthusiasm and dedication for this cause. Thus, they have discovered many of the graces which they have been given but previously ignored.

26. How could man have discovered the gifts possessed by his spirit if previously he was only interested in accumulating material riches from earth?

27. If man would have known how to pray and realize that I understand the language of the heart, the necessities of his spirit, his personal desires, and that I know how to interpret all his thoughts, then he would have elevated his prayers to the Creator. However, man is still very much a part of the material world. Thus, he worships me in a material manner and is not evolving spiritually. How can humanity become aware of its mistakes? It will begin to spiritually awaken when I send a multitude of people who are spiritualized and whose children have high moral standards, as taught by my doctrine.

28. Humanity has defied my divine justice with its sins, wars, doctrines, materialism, and science. It could only expect punishment for its great sins. But behold that I have chosen to send my divine enlightenment to man, offering him comfort, revelations, forgiveness and peace, to help him become enlightened and evolved.

29. Man has filled his chalice with bitterness, which he will eventually need to drink. Truly I tell you that he will become enlightened through suffering. However, I am illuminating your spirit in a gentle manner through my love and true wisdom.

30. Multitudes, who are listening to this voice: Rejoice, and be aware that you were destined to perceive my light in this period of great spiritual struggles.

31. Do not sleep, for not only do I speak to you through human spokesmen, but I also speak to your spirit when it is at peace and elevates itself to communicate with me.

32. In order to let your heart guide you, allow me to first purify it so that you may receive my divine inspiration through your heart.

33. You are not the only ones who summon me. Your brethren from different religions are also summoning God. I have not come only for you. I, the Comforter Spirit, come to bring peace to every heart and spirit that is suffering.

34. Because man could not represent the Spirit of the Creator, man created an image of the love of Jesus and outlined it on a piece of linen, giving it a human form.

35. Throughout the eras I have always accepted the different types of worship offered to me by mankind, including rituals, burnt offerings, and sacrifices, for it is the intention and not the act which is important.

36. Truly, the images that man has made of me are imperfect, and I am not interested in the various images man uses to acknowledge me. I am only interested in man's intention.

37. Nevertheless, it will truly please me when humanity begins to practice true spirituality, similar to how this multitude of people has begun to take its first steps along the path of spirituality. You have set aside those things which are superficial and external in order to truly feel me within your heart. You think about me when you carry out a good deed, and I am in your thoughts when you attempt to communicate with me.

38. Who can doubt, when listening to this voice, that God in his greatness is manifesting himself through these human spokesmen? Would it be more gratifying to God to manifest himself in a piece of bread, which lacks life, than through his own children who were created in his image and who are the most perfect beings created? How could God not manifest himself through his privileged children who were created in the image of God? There is nothing strange about God being able to manifest himself through the human mind. However, humanity is doubtful and distrustful, because many times it has been deceived. That is why it only hears but does not truly listen.

39. It is necessary to make the human heart sensitive by practicing deeds of love with your brethren. Thus, by practicing deeds of brotherhood and love you will be setting an example for others to follow.

40. The human heart has become so insensitive that it is not touched by the misfortune or suffering of others. To progress spiritually, one needs to feel the pain of others and to understand why one suffers.

41. When man limits himself to judging his brother, he only becomes confused. However, when he tries to understand the cause of his brother's suffering and truly attempts to help him, he will discover the reason for the suffering. Then, he will be able to truly help his brother.

42. Many beings suffer greatly due to a lack of spiritual faith! They believe that only the material world exists and doubt the existence of the spirit, because they feel there is no true evidence. As they reflect on these and other things they despair and are unable to progress spiritually.

43. The first lesson you will give your future disciples will be based upon this teaching. You will offer them an opportunity to ascend, beginning with the first step in their path of evolution. You will reveal to them that the Father, in his infinite love and perfect justice, grants every spirit as many material existences as are necessary for its perfection. There is more suffering in some lifetimes than in others. Some will be filled with benefits and well being, others with bitterness and restitution.

44. There are some who live without suffering or experiencing great ordeals. Many, who are ignorant and unhappy, have called me unjust because of this.

45. You will meet many of these individuals along your path and it will be your responsibility to clarify this issue. They will ask you if it is true that reward or punishment awaits one in the hereafter. You will respond that as long as the spirit has not attained sufficient elevation to dwell in the spiritual valley, it will need to incarnate on earth and live each existence according to its previous progress. Some lifetimes will be to gather a good harvest and others to settle a debt or to complete a mission.

46. Once the spirit has traveled the paths destined for it on earth, it will be able to elevate itself to the spiritual mansion where it will continue the path that will lead it to the presence of the Divine Father.

47. You will clarify ideas that are confusing and unclear to your brethren. However, you will not be able to convince everyone of your beliefs. Those who do not accept your beliefs will help you become better prepared to teach others in the future by becoming familiar with differing ideas.

48. Truly I tell you that the teaching that I have brought to humanity is similar to awakening to a spring morning. It resembles a refreshing rain fertilizing fields that are dry, lifeless, and unproductive.

49. Approach each of your brethren in my name. Who will be able to reject the gentle name of Jesus if my sacrifice was for all beings?

50. Help you brethren to realize that they are at the foot of the mountain awaiting the teachings of the Divine Master. These teachings offer nourishment and life to your spirit.

51. I am preparing the table with white linens. I have placed fruits from the tree of life, so that your spirit will nourish itself and become strong.

52. The light from the Holy Spirit comes to free your spirit from darkness, because you have lost your path. You are confused and have died to the life of grace.

53. My beloved people, you are disobedient, ungrateful, and you practice idolatry. You separated from the light and penetrated into the darkness. Also, you removed your white garments and are poisoning yourself with the unvirtuous life you live.

54. In the Second Era, I came to teach you how to love, how to forgive, and I offered you an example of humility. As the Divine Master, I gave you my teaching. But you have fallen into confusion with the passage of time.

55. Oh my people, I came seeking you and found you spiritually dead and in the desert nourishing the seven sins. Today I have come as the Good Shepherd seeking you through all paths and protecting you from harm. You have listened to me and have felt my presence. I have given you all that your spirit needs. I have offered you evidence of my love, enlightenment, and an abundance of teachings.

56. Come, my people, and climb the mountain one step at a time. As you climb it. you will realize that you are in spiritual communion with the Father, tasting the fruit from the tree of life. A spring of pure water will descend from the mountain to quench your spiritual thirst on your journey.

57. People of Israel from the Third Era: You are listening to the Divine Master who offers you his teachings and prophecies. Why, my beloved people? I do this so that you may awaken from your sleep.

58. Those who have eyes should observe, those who have a mind should analyze, and those who have ears should listen to the Divine Master. You are the chosen ones. Your are the dead whom I have resurrected, the blind whom I have given sight, the lost whom I have guided with my light, and the shipwrecked whom I have revealed the ark of salvation.

59. Behold the banquet that has been prepared by the Divine Father for the "prodigal son" who had been lost. The son had been scourged by the violent winds of life and endured its bitter chalice.

60. Feel my presence, and allow me to dwell in your heart. In the Second Era I told my disciples: "Drink and eat, for this is my body". I now tell you in the Third Era: Drink and eat, for this is my word.

61. Beloved disciples, the year 1950 is approaching, and I will no longer manifest myself in this manner after that year. However, by then, you will have received my word in abundance, and you will, arise to imitate the Divine Master. You will be like a shining beacon that will guide humanity and will offer charity to your brethren. My Peace be with you!

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