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The Book of the true Life 7

Teaching 193

The Lord says:

1. I welcome the spirit who comes to receive my teaching.

2. Disciples, you need to be alert because men will arise to analyze my work and some will judge it based on their scientific interpretation. You will present it as the spiritual doctrine that will change the world.

3. It is not that I am against science, because science represents wisdom, knowledge, and enlightenment. However, my teaching is superior to human knowledge. In my teachings I have come to explain spiritualism, which means knowledge of the spiritual, of the divine, and of a superior life, which is beyond anything material. Truly, I bless man's scientific progress if it benefits humanity.

4. During this period there will be much discussion concerning scientific and spiritual things. Scientific knowledge is not a privilege reserved only for those who prepare themselves to study the sciences. All knowledge is acquired through spiritual enlightenment from God.

5. My divine teaching is a superior science that teaches man to perfect his spirit. Furthermore, I have given you a mind and a heart to purify your emotions and inspiration.

6. The knowledge that I am giving you has no limits. It is infinite and universal, allowing you to discover true knowledge about the spiritual and material life.

7. I observe that you are now capable of understanding my teaching and penetrating into its mysteries. Through science you are discovering the laws that govern creation, including the human body. Once you carefully study and become familiar with those laws that were once a mystery, you will find yourself penetrating into the hereafter, where the Father awaits you. He continually tries to communicate with you. Once you carefully study my doctrine, will there be anything that you will not know?

8. That is why I say to you that my humble teaching offers you a superior knowledge that will not allow your heart to weaken in the presence of scholars from this world.

9. In order to understand the meaning for any event that is occurring in nature or in your life, you will not need to seek answers in scientific books. All you need to do is to prepare your mind spiritually and to cleanse your heart to receive my inspiration.

10. Although you have studied my teachings, others will refer to you as ignorant and unintelligent if you disregard the power of prayer and feel "Inferior.

11. Is. Behold that during this era I chose to manifest myself through individuals who are uneducated. I chose not to manifest myself through those whom you refer to as scholars or philosophers. Nevertheless, an individual who transmits my inspiration reveals the enlightenment in his spirit, and that enlightenment is wisdom.

12. Once again I say to you that you will need to struggle, because your spirit will experience temptation while it journeys through its path of evolution. That is why I am teaching you and giving you strength to triumph over your weaknesses. If your spirit is strong it will strengthen your mind and your heart to triumph over the desires of the flesh. When a man lacks enlightenment, his spirit does not evolve. Thus, he is spiritually weak and unable to triumph over any ordeal.

13. When a man is spiritually strong, it is similar to having an invincible shield protecting him against all temptation.

14. I have revealed these teachings to you so that when you temporarily stumble or fall along your path, you will recognize your errors and correct them.

15. If you practice humility, you will be accumulating great spiritual wealth for the life that awaits you. You will experience a profound peace, giving you the most beautiful feeling that you have ever experienced. Your spirit will yearn to serve the Divine Father and to become a faithful guardian of all the things that He has created. It will seek to comfort those who suffer and to bring peace to those who lack it.

16. My word is not the only one that announces my presence at this time. Your spirit also feels the presence of God.

17. welcome you. I come to nourish your heart with the essence of my word so that there will be harmony between your spirit and your emotions. Even though you are unfamiliar with the sciences and philosophies of mankind, you are acquiring spiritual wisdom. You receive my inspiration because of your spiritual vision and your gifts of intuition and revelation.

18. Before mankind accepts my law, there will be rumors of war. Prior to the reign of the Holy Spirit among humanity, mankind will become purified.

19. It is your responsibility to interpret the word given by the Divine Master during this era. Do not create any doctrines that will separate you from my divine teaching, because this is the universal doctrine that will unite everyone.

20. Be aware that you have the ability to control the flesh, enabling you to practice my teachings. You will be fulfilling the will of God if you practice love and charity, allowing your spirit to progress and to become enlightened.

21. I am leaving you responsible for these teachings. You will need to give them to others with the same purity you received them.

22. During this era I have come to invite you once again to follow the path of my law. The entire essence of my teachings can be summarized in the law which I previously gave you: "Love one another."

23. Learn to accept your ordeals. Behold that you are a nation of people who have never been disinherited, for you have always enjoyed my guidance and charity in one form or another.

24. Mary, your gentle Mother, also manifests herself through the human spokesmen in order to caress you and to strengthen you so that you will not become weary along your journey through earth.

25. Blessed is the spirit because it is able to perceive the face of its Father. Blessed are those who have achieved freedom of thought and have rejected religious traditions and beliefs to seek me. I have come to enlighten you with my teaching. Today, you are aware that the best way to worship the Father and to fulfill his law are through your deeds, your emotions, and the pureness of your heart. That is how you can achieve perfect communication with God. In that spiritual communion the child will say to the Father: Father, let your will be mine. The Father will then say to the child: Love one another, as I love you. The One who elevates himself in this manner will be able to listen to the Father's voice through his conscience. That voice will guide the heart and the spirit of anyone who is willing to listen to me. That communion with the Father will serve as a healing process for the spirit. The spirit is being purified and cleansed through its material body so that it can know its Divine Father and acquire spiritual wisdom.

26. That is why I have told you that what you learn on earth will help you along the path that guides the spirit to eternal life. When you depart from earth after fulfilling your mission having utilized my teachings, you will return to inspire virtue and goodness in the hearts of your brethren. You will be like the dew that falls in the morning flowers.

27. Feel the presence of the Lord in your spirit. Also, feel the supreme joy of dwelling in Him, because Jehovah, the Creator, dwells throughout the universe. Your joy should increase knowing that I have come once again to bring you new teachings. Unite your joy with the great joy felt by beings in the spiritual valley. Those beings have come to inform you that their world, although infinitely superior than yours, represents only one atom amidst a perfect universe.

28. You have not wasted these moments that you have spent with me, for your spirit has become enlightened with the wisdom of the Divine Master. If a voice within you tells you, "Master, I believe in you, for you do not only give wisdom to my spirit, but you also give me strength and hope to endure the suffering of this life", then truly I tell you that it is your spirit that has spoken.

29. Today you are learning to converse with me, saturating yourself with the spiritual meaning of my doctrine.

30. You need to fulfill my mandates during this period, because there will never be a better time. I leave you my legacy of love which will unite men with one another and with the Lord.

31. You ask me: Master, after the year 1950, who will guide us? And I respond: My word will guide you, which I will leave as a testament printed in books.

32. You will remain a while longer on earth to fulfill my orders. Soon I will depart, and I say to you, just as I told my apostles in the Second Era: "For now, you cannot go where I am presently going, but the time will come when you will also be able to go there".

33. To help you elevate spiritually, I have come to offer you words of comfort. Each word is a ray of light that comes to illuminate your mind, so that it may develop ideas and emotions that are worthy of your Father and of yourself.

34. The spiritualist will be recognized through the profound meaning of his simple and humble words.

35. The spiritualist will not seek to satisfy his own needs, instead he will think only of others. That disciple will help others, removing the void that exists in the heart of humanity. He will enlighten his brethren about the true God. Truly, it is easy to serve your brethren and to live in harmony with them.

36. The apostles of this doctrine will make humanity understand that it is not necessary to build luxurious temples and churches to pacify God for the sins that men commit.

37. Once man realizes that his spirit is more important than his material body, his worship to God will consist of the true flowers that originate from the eternal part of his being: his spirit.

38. There are some who will oppose the spread of spirituality, because they do not want their rituals, beliefs, and customs of many centuries to disappear.

39. I have not come to force mankind to accept my divine doctrine nor to instill fear. This doctrine will penetrate gently into the spirit and the heart of man through determination, truth, and justice.

40. Throughout the world men are seeking to understand and to explain the unusual events that are occurring in nature. They are occurring because all of nature is evolving.

41. Humanity has greatly evolved. There is a great difference between those who dwell on earth today and those who inhabited the earth in the past. Man will also attain great progress spiritually. He will be amazed when he compares it to the spiritual backwardness in which he once lived.

42. Prepare yourself for the upcoming struggle. Strengthen your faith and prepare your spirit to confront those who will come to battle you. I am still giving you my teaching to offer you some final recommendations and preparation.

43. I want you to be firmly convinced and to follow me until the end. You ask me: Master, do you perhaps doubt us? And then I ask you: Have you not promised many times in the past to follow me, but then lose faith when you confront an ordeal?

44. I do not impose any conditions nor demand any sacrifices from you. 1only make you aware that when you help your brethren, you are truly helping yourself. .

45. Share my teaching with your brethren, and practice as much charity as possible without receiving anything in return. Do not deceive anyone. If your deeds lack purity, it is now time to correct yourself. Trust the Divine Master.

46. There are times when you ask for my strength to help your brethren, knowing that you are also materially poor. Misery frightens you, and your heart weakens. You do not trust in me during those moments.

47. When you suffer you want it to quickly stop because it seems unbearable. This occurs because you have not yet attained perfection, for your spirit still needs to evolve. You do not believe that you need to experience purification. Also, you are unaware that many times suffering is only a teaching, preparing you to later on better understand those who suffer.

48. Take full advantage of your stay on earth. Accept your suffering with love, elevation, and patience so that you will be purified of your sins. When your suffering disappears and peace penetrates once again in your heart, cherish it forever. How you accept your suffering can be an example for others to follow. I want the spiritualist to confirm my doctrine with his deeds rather than with eloquent words. The spiritualist should always confirm his faith and his words with deeds of virtue.

49. Do not forget that when you request my help, I will have already prepared your divine path.

50. Do what your conscience tells you to do, so that when your judgement comes, you will be able to respond to each of your deeds. Do not expect any punishment from me, for I do not punish. If I were a punishing God, there would be no strength in my love. Each individual dictates his own judgement. I have saved you many times from yourself, for it is you who carries the enemy of evilness, selfishness, and vanity within yourself.

51. You should now realize from my teachings that one lifetime is not sufficient time for a spirit to purify itself.

52. The time will come when you will become a teacher for your brethren. I will be with you to help you in your difficult moments.

53. You say to me: Father, blessed are you for coming to us when we were unable to go to you.

54. You lose awareness of the human spokesman through whom I manifest myself. Only my divine essence remains, nourishing your spirit during the moments of my communication.

55. You are well aware that the human spokesmen are not divine individuals. Rather, they are only instruments whom I use to transmit my message. That is why you allow your spirit to free itself from all material things to enjoy my spiritual presence.

56. Frequently, I speak to you about the true mission that is being fulfilled by the human spokesman. You need to know that he is limited in his ability to express and to. comprehend my word. You will .then be able to correctly analyze each of my teachings, correctly attributing the wisdom and essence contained in those teachings to God, rather that to the human spokesman. Also, you will be able to recognize when a spokesman has truly prepared himself for my manifestation. You will not commit an error by blaming God for the imperfections of the spokesman or attribute God's wisdom and power to those through whom he manifests himself.

57. I tell you this frequently, because you are in danger of worshiping the human spokesman that God has utilized for this manifestation.

58. If you disregard my, teaching concerning this, you will become greatly attached to the material practices in my manifestation. Thus, when the moment of trial arrives you will be unable to free yourself from your materialism. What moment of trial am I referring to? It refers to that day when I will no longer manifest myself in this manner.

59. Since that date is not a secret, everyone can prepare for it.

60. A large multitude of people witnessed my manifestation. They divided into numerous smaller groups which attended different houses of prayer for these manifestation. Nevertheless, I informed everyone in each house of prayer that this manifestation would cease in 1950.

61. Everyone knows that this communication will not continue indefinitely. Since the first days of my manifestation I informed everyone that I would only manifest myself through human spokesmen for a specific period of time.

62. Also, I informed you that man is destined to communicate with me from spirit to Spirit in the future. He will communicate with me directly and will not need to have a mediator.

63. I have manifested myself in houses of prayer where large multitudes have gathered, as well as in humble homes where a few disciples have gathered. I have manifested myself in large cities, as well as in provinces and small villages. You have the ability to progress along the path of spirituality. I have strengthened you with my teachings, so that when the decisive moment arrives to demonstrate your obedience, humility, and love to the Divine Master, you will know how to imitate him. If necessary, you will deny yourself and will renounce those things that had previously attracted you. You will be fully aware that renunciation represents a great step toward the path of spirituality for all of my people.

64. If you do not prepare yourself with these teachings and fail to recognize their importance, you will awaken painfully from your spiritual sleep. That painful awakening could occur on the day of my departure, or in the future.

65. I want to help you avoid the ordeals that can result from a disobedience, a wrong interpretation, or foolish behavior. However, if after having listened to my teachings and warnings, someone still believes that he is stronger and wiser and more worthy to rule than the Father, ignoring my teachings, then he will have dictated his own restitution. The magnitude of his fault will determine his restitution.

66. There will be a greater responsibility in those places (where my word flourished, because my teachings and doctrine provided greater enlightenment and understanding. Therefore, those places should set the best examples for others to follow, including their younger brethren, so that everyone will fulfill God's will.

67. Some will arrive from distant lands, and others from nearby regions, seeking this word that fills the human heart with peace. Do not ask humanity if it is true that I have manifested myself during this period. What would those who ignore my arrival and my new revelations be able to tell you? You carry my word deep within your heart, as well as its meaning and essence.

68. I summoned you and chose you. It was my will, and not an order dictated by men, that brought you to these humble homes of prayer to listen to my word. I have been waiting for you to come listen to my teachings because this manifestation is nearing its end. Some arrived early, greatly rejoicing, and others arrived late. But those who arrived late will know how to benefit from my teachings.

69. You were not brought to this path by chance. You belong to the spiritual people of Israel, the same multitude of people from the past, present, and future whom I have clothed with garments that only I can recognize. I am the Divine Father who carefully watches day and night over his beloved children, and I have come to summon you once again. I have come to let you know that spiritually you are the same ones whom I outlined the path of life and truth in the past.

70. Your present existence on earth is another opportunity that I have given to you to fulfill my laws and mandates. Time has passed, and today I have come to summon you through human spokesmen, whom I prepared for this manifestation. 71;,.Elijah manifested himself spiritually through the first spokesmen, followed by my manifestation. I have explained my revelations from the first two eras through those spokesmen. Also, I utilized those first spokesmen to prepare others who had the same mission. Thus, the number of spokesmen increased, allowing my voice to be heard in many regions.

72. Only three years remain before this manifestation comes to an end. Therefore, I am asking my spokesmen to truly prepare themselves to be able to transmit my inspiration with purity. Also, I ask them to listen to their conscience and to be aware that their task and my manifestation will both reach their highest level in the next three years. Thus, they will have to make sacrifices, if necessary, to keep themselves better prepared to transmit my communication.

73. Temptations will occur, but my spokesmen will not be by themselves, for I will send enlightened spirits to protect them.

74. Up to now humanity has not known how to communicate spiritually and directly with me. That is why I have always sent enlightened beings to earth through whom I have spoken to humanity. Why are you now surprised with this manifestation, if in the past I spoke to humanity through Moses and through the prophets? Many beings in the spiritual valley ask me to let them incarnate on earth in order to help their brethren who are stumbling. However, I have told them: My messengers are already on earth. They have already been designated and are disseminated throughout the world. They all form a part of my multitude, and they will need to offer evidence of their strength and spiritual elevation to their brethren.

75. You will not arrive before me with empty hands nor without a harvest, because you would feel unworthy of me.

76. Behold how men in different parts of the world and in different religions are awaiting my return. Listen to their prayers and pleas, asking me to return, and saying to me: Father, we have been waiting for you a long time and you have not arrived. We have endured great suffering, and you, our Savior, have not come to help us.

77. Disciples, awaken from you sleep so that you may tell humanity about my new teachings. I will then say to those who love me: Wait a few moments longer, because soon you will be able to feel my presence close to your heart.

78. Disciples, strengthen yourselves with my word. If at times you weaken after having greatly struggled with stubborn individuals, I will allow you to rest. Afterwards, you will arise with great inspiration. Live with serenity, but also be alert.

79. Make humanity believe in my new manifestation through your deeds of love. Practice charity, love, and virtue not only with your family but with all individuals. Open the doors of your home and allow those who are sick, needy, and sad to enter. Welcome them in your home with the same charity with which I have welcomed you in these houses of prayer.

80. Study and carefully analyze my teachings. It is not necessary to seek books written by man to learn about spiritual things. I am the book that you will need to study, and my spiritual world represents one of its pages. Learn from this book. My Peace be with you!

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