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The Book of the true Life 7

Teaching 194

The Lord says:

1. My love is with you. Those of you who are on life's journey, come to this fountain; come and drink, oh anguished hearts, for you are thirsty and requesting my charity. Come rest in this shade provided by the tree of life and accept my charity.

2. Not all who come are weeping. Among the multitudes are those who come with gratitude for the blessings they have .received. In their hearts they tell me: Thank you, Father, for your infinite charity.

3. It is the Spirit of Eternal Love that is among you, the one who in the Second Era became man and dwelt among humanity, saving it from vice, sin, and darkness.

4. I am the same; time does not affect me. It is subject to my will. I have come to remind you of your past and to announce to you what will be the future.

5. I come to remind you of those words that I wrote in the heart of humanity . in the Second Era and of my bloody footprints on the road to Calvary that marked my path through the world.

6. In my word exists the honey that is able to sweeten your existence and remove the bitterness that has saddened your life in all times.

7. If previously you did not understand your purpose on earth, today you will become aware of your destiny and mission. Thus, you will no longer stain yourself.

8. Do not remain spiritually unprepared. The mission of every spirit is to evolve, to transform, and to continually grow in strength until it achieves perfection.

9. I have come to announce a new era in which man will progress spiritually. He will ascend a step higher on the path that leads to the top of the mountain. Not only is my word announcing to you the new era and telling you of the evolution and perfection of man, but the natural forces that surround you are explaining it through its language. But man does not want to hear nor understand. Planet Earth is evolving. In the future, it will become the home for beings who are more spiritually evolved and more perfect. Therefore, this dwelling will have to be in harmony with those beings who come to inhabit it.

10. Have you not noticed the signs in the elements - in the seasons, in the skies, on the land or the seas? Are you blind and do not see these signs of which I speak, or deaf because you do not hear their voices? Be aware of my prophecy, and announce it to humanity, as did the prophets in the past. Inform humanity that the earth will soon tremble as a tree blown by the wind in a hurricane. Thus the earth will tremble and leave only the leaves that have life on the branches of the tree. The dead leaves will have fallen and will be swept along by the whirlwind.

11. Those will be days of hardship for all mankind, and they will only find peace and refuge through prayer and the practice of virtuous deeds.

12. How beautiful it would be if a multitude of people were to arise on earth representing a haven of safety and peace and light for humanity amidst so much confusion and darkness! Would it not please you to become that multitude of people? The word that you are receiving will prepare you completely to guide and to offer strength to humanity during its ordeal.

13. My presence among you and the communication of my word have not come to you by chance. It is significant to say that you have been summoned to hear the voice that comes to open the new era in order that you will arise full of love and faith to record and spread the message received.

14. Once this doctrine with all of its purity and truth, begins to bear fruit on earth, humanity will seek it as does a thirsty and weary traveler looking for water in the middle of the desert.

15. Just because you have united to receive my divine messages does not mean that all of mankind is aware of this doctrine.

16. This multitude of people will make mistakes, be disrespectful, and experience much confusion and contradictions before it arises to spread my spiritual seed with,all of its original enlightenment and essence.

17. My disciples from the Third Era will fulfill their mission and offer me true worship when they are able to correctly interpret my word and offer testimony of my teachings through their deeds.

18. Spirituality has not yet been truly practiced by this multitude of people, because they have not eliminated their old customs and traditions. As long as they continue to mix material and external forms of worship with spiritual worship, they will not be able to fully perceive the truth of this work.

19. have reserved marvelous things in my sanctuary which I will give to the world through my new disciples, once they have prepared themselves.

20. I am waiting for these multitudes to become spiritualized. I have prepared, taught, and inspired them for a sufficient period of time. But up to now I have not seen the fruit that I await. Where is the harmony and brotherhood? Where is your obedience, humility, charity, and unselfishness?

21. This multitude of people is truly not yet prepared to teach spirituality to the world and is not worthy to offer testimony of my work!

22. I have told you that there is a spiritual hunger and thirst in humanity which can only be eliminated by a pure and simple doctrine, such as this one. Only this doctrine can save humanity and eliminate its anguish. Will my new disciples be able to save anyone, if these teachings are not presented with purity? For that reason, I will grant this multitude of people a period of time to prepare, to meditate, to pray, and to become spiritualized, once my communication comes to an end. Thus, when they arise to become messengers of my word, they will have become true disciples who are aware of their mission, offering true testimony.

23. The message that my new disciples will take to the world will offer comfort to mankind. Mankind will discover that every spirit is endowed with an abundance of gifts not known to humanity. Also, this message will reveal to mankind the communication from spirit to Spirit.

24. The true sowers of spiritualism will never be known because of their external or physical characteristics. They will not dress nor speak in any specific manner, nor will they have any specific features. Their deeds will be simple and humble. They will be known by their charity and spirituality.

25. The true teachers of spiritualism will be known by the wisdom and simplicity of their words, and especially by their deeds of truth and virtue, rather than their eloquent language.

26. Remember that while I was on earth I did not need eloquent language to capture the hearts of the multitudes. I knew how to reach them with love, truth, healing balsam, and wisdom. That is the example that I want you to remember and to imitate.

27. I do not want you to worship in material temples. This type of worship imprisons your spirit, preventing it from evolving and knowing the heavens.

28. Worship me through your life and not through material altars. Life does not have any limitations. It is beyond all religions, churches, and sects because it exists in the spiritual, eternal, and divine.

29. Disciples: Many of you have reached old age and have experienced many things in life. But now that you are receiving and listening to my new revelations, you confess that in the presence of my wisdom you are only beginning students.

30. You've had the opportunity to be on earth during this period and to witness my manifestation. This allows you to become faithful witnesses for the Spirit of Truth so you can teach my doctrine to the world.

31. This era of spiritual enlightenment will initially be one of great confusion. Men will ask many questions and experience profound doubts, uncertainties, and experience spiritual struggles. These events will signal mankind's awakening to spirituality.

32. I want all of my disciples to be ready and prepared for that period so they will be able to eliminate the darkness, bringing peace to mankind. You will observe that this spiritual doctrine will spread quickly, because it will touch the heart of everyone and ease human suffering.

33. During that period, life will change. Religions, morality, science, philosophy, and all human beliefs will undergo great changes. Man, finally knowing the true meaning of life, will attempt to fulfill my laws of love, justice, and charity.

34. Man will eventually understand that his kingdom is not of this world. He will become aware that his physical body is only an instrument utilized by the spirit for this world of restitution and ordeals. Man will also understand that life is one great lesson with marvelous forms and images, helping him to understand the lessons of life. If man takes advantage of those lessons, his spirit will evolve. He will understand the purpose for his struggles on earth. He will also understand that suffering purifies, that knowledge enlightens, that love elevates, and that work dignifies.

35. Truly I tell you that if this life on earth was your only existence, I would not allow you to suffer. This would be unjust. However, those who excessively gratified themselves in the past are now suffering and weeping. The suffering will purify them and will make them worthy of dwelling in mansions that are more elevated.

36. In the Second Era, I came to teach mankind to live with love and purity on earth. Today, I have come to teach you to live with spirituality, thus preparing you for the future when you will dwell among enlightened beings in the spiritual valley.

37. Humanity: Only the physical body disintegrates after having fulfilled its mission on earth. The body is used as an instrument by the spirit. However, the spirit that lives inside the material body, as well as its intelligence, reason, free will, and emotions will never die, for it is immortal.

38. My beloved children, who are teaching others from different religions, I say to you that you need to teach men how to think and help them to meditate and to analyze. Rituals, forms, traditions, and external worship no longer satisfy the spirit. It is necessary to offer the spirit enlightenment, essence, and truth to make it feel secure along its path and not alone during its ordeals.

39. I observe different individuals who believe in me but are confused and are weak in their faith. They resemble ships that sail without a compass, travelers who journey without a star to guide them, and sheep that are without a shepherd.

40. I am giving you these teachings through some of your brethren, whom I have chosen from among the multitudes to transmit my message.

41. Today, there is a multitude of people who have gathered to listen to my word. In the outskirts of cities, the poor and humble houses of prayer have opened their doors so that people may hear the doctrine of the Father, Judge, and Divine Master.

42. Tomorrow, the indifference many have shown for this message will disappear, as well as the disinterest many expressed when they were initially informed of my new presence among humanity. Those who had rejected this manifestation will become interested in it. They will arise seeking testimonies, information, and evidence to affirm their faith.

43. I will let those individuals discover my footprints during this era. When they arrive before my presence, I will say to them: Welcome, my beloved people, and listen carefully to my word.

44. Love is what I have manifested during all eras, and today that I manifest myself through human spokesmen, I again manifest love.

45. This teaching today will allow you to comprehend the doctrine that I gave through Jesus in the Second Era, so that you will keep its essence in your heart and manifest it whenever necessary.

46. This word will be felt throughout the universe because everything is prepared for my spiritual communication with humanity. Mankind will offer testimony of my communication.

47. Your spirit has always sought me, and I have never left it alone. I have always been with you wherever you have gone. My love has accompanied you in every step you take in life.

48. I have sought you during each era, and I have observed that your spirit has always recognized me. It is now time for your spirit to rule over the weaknesses of its material body, thus making the body aware of its mission and the path it will need to follow in this period of grace.

49. I have summoned you, and I have been your teacher. In turn you will teach others about my doctrine. Soon this manifestation will come to an end. The time is nearing when God will no longer transmit his Divine Word through human spokesmen, but you will remain prepared to analyze my word and receive my inspiration.

50. I am speaking to your spirit, that was born from me. Since I created it, it belongs to me. I said to you in the past that my kingdom was not of this world, and today I say to you: Your kingdom is also not on earth. Your kingdom is beyond anything that dies, anything that changes, and beyond human comprehension.

51. This is the time that every spirit needs to be alert so it can awaken to the true life. I am not implying that you need to ignore those things that I have given you on earth, because while you live on earth you need to obey its laws. I only ask that you dedicate a single moment to me daily, doing at least one good deed for your brethren.

52. I bless you, and through you I bless all of my children.

53. Allow your spirit to rest on this day when all the congregations have gotten together. During the Second Era I selected my twelve disciples, but my word was for everyone who wanted to listen. During this era, I will also select those who will follow me, but I will allow my word to be heard by the large multitudes. This path and my teachings are for everyone, but not everyone will acknowledge it at the same time. Some will become aware of it first and others later. But you should never glance back.

54. Those who have formed a sanctuary in their heart are the ones who are following the Divine Master step by step.

55. The seed that I have presently come to give and teach you to cultivate is from your Father's mansion. You will be able to sow this seed in the human heart. However, my divine justice will first have to manifest itself, similar to a sickle, removing all the bad weeds from the fields. This will allow my seed to grow. The human heart will once again become a favorable field to sow my seed. You will then be able to discover my footprints, because neither humanity, sin, nor human passions have been able to erase them. My path will endure throughout the centuries and will remain pure for eternity.

56. Man will awaken from his deep sleep, Searching inwardly he will discover his spiritual self. He will listen to the voice of his conscience and discover my divine footprints which will guide him to my presence. You will need to spread my seed throughout the world. When you come before me to account for what you have sowed, I only ask for at least one seed that has produced good fruit. If you come empty handed, I will still welcome you because I am love and charity. Nevertheless, you still need to fulfill your mission. Do you know if the fields that you started to sow have again been invaded by weeds and plagues?

57. Thus, I want you to realize that when you hear my voice calling you, you should start immediately fulfilling your mission. Analyze what I have said, and you will agree that you alone determine the kind of harvest you will reap. Either you will experience peace and well-being or you will dictate your own restitution.

58. Although my word appear harsh at times, it comes from a loving Father. Behold how I extend my cloak of love to include everyone, without observing his faults.

59. Study my word and it will illuminate your spirit so that it can listen to the voice of the conscience. This is a time of grace and enlightenment that is reaching every individual.

60. I am the Christ who comes to lovingly surrender himself to each individual. Since you believe in this manifestation, you are aware of your brethren's suffering and thus pray for them. Remember, I want to dwell in each heart.

61. Much human blood has been shed on earth during this period! Behold how my children, in their immense suffering, seek and summon me in a variety of ways. They intuitively know that the time has come for my messengers to establish peace throughout the world.

62. Every religion is waiting to witness the miracle of my return within its own congregation and church, according to its beliefs.

63. I say to those of you who believe in my manifestation, who know how to communicate with me, and who are saved: You are the ones chosen to take this message of love to your brothers.

64. Behold that men have not found a solution to their conflicts in their human laws and in their churches. They feel that they are surrounded by an atmosphere of darkness.

65. Pain has the strength to detain man along his reckless path. It will make him think of me and to begin listening to my voice, just as you also began to perceive me spiritually, rather than materially. Today, I have chosen you to take these teachings to your brethren. These teachings should be given to those who lack spiritual evolution, as well as, those who are prominent and distinguished on earth.

66. The one listening to the teachings will only be initially surprised. He will remember that before the Messiah arrived during the Second Era, his arrival had been previously announced by the prophets, similar to how my arrival during this era was announced. Jesus spoke of my arrival during this era and the signs that would signal it.

67. Since all those signs have been fulfilled, men will become convinced. This is the light of the Holy Spirit which has illuminated man throughout the eras, because the divine light has always existed, does exist, and will always exist.

68. Once again, my truth will have to battle human ignorance. Idolatry, fanaticism, and mysticism all originate from that ignorance. The mystic is a hypocrite, the fanatic is blind, and the idolater is materialistic.

69. I will illuminate those who are in a state of great confusion and darkness, helping all spirits to attain great enlightenment and purity.

70. The development and evolution of a spirit will never be detained because all beings are subject to the law of perfection.

71. When a spirit is not evolving along its path in life, it is due to the influence of the flesh. It will have to make up for that lost time during future incarnations. Behold that if I judge you, it is a judgement of love, and you should never defy my justice. Always practice deeds of love with your brethren, and you will feel peace when you penetrate into the spiritual kingdom. If death arrives, your spirit should not become disturbed because death exists only for the flesh, as it enters into a tranquil sleep in the tomb.

72. Go in peace to the spiritual mansion knowing that the Era of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, has come to reign among mankind. My Peace be with you!

Main Page The Book of the true Life 7 Teaching-194 Teaching