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The Book of the true Life 7

Teaching 197

The Lord says:

1. The Divine Master offers his love to his disciples and children. As your God, you are my children, and as the Divine Master, you are my disciples.

2. My beloved people: God, your Father and Creator, endowed you with a strong and courageous spirit. The spirit carries a sword of righteousness, and it will struggle until it is able to reject all evil things. Also, you have been endowed with wisdom to free yourself from all ignorance and darkness.

3. After my departure in the Second Era, John, my disciple, was able to perceive the present era during a spiritual vision. He perceived the dangers, the catastrophes, the struggles, and the wars that humanity would experience during this period, as well as the peace that would follow. Also revealed to him was the form that prophecy would be written so that it would be revealed throughout the world.

4. I want my new disciples to understand the meaning of those revelations and the essence of my present teachings. Then, they will truly understand the purpose of spirituality and become strong in their struggle.

5. I am the divine doctrine so pure and holy that it cannot be contaminated. Thus, when the Lord descends to communicate through the human spokesmen, they become purified, and He cannot be stained with their human sin. Although the spokesmen through whom I manifest myself attempt to be righteous, they still need to spiritually elevate themselves to communicate with the Divine Father. When they do, they receive his inspiration, revelations, and divine knowledge. But they still lack spiritual evolution and preparation.

6. However, I am the Spirit of love, and I do not seek to communicate only with those who are righteous. I come to earth seeking mankind. Although men are unjust, I truly love them because they are my children. I come to save them from their sins and their state of ignorance. They need me more than those who are already spiritually enlightened. They need my justice and my love to purify their sins, and they need my power and grace to help them evolve spiritually. I speak to them through their conscience. It is then that the child communicates with his Divine Father and perceives himself one with his Father.

7. Why is man surprised that the Lord chose to manifest himself through sinners during this era? Perhaps, were those who listened to my word during the Second Era righteous? Had my disciples, perhaps, attained perfection? No, my people, for among the multitudes who listened to my word were the sinners, the unbelievers, and those with harmful vices. Human misery also existed among my disciples, and when they listened to the Divine Father through their conscience, they dedicated themselves to his doctrine, Thus, they taught humanity through their examples, leaving their names eternally written in the hearts of men.

8. The spiritualist should recognize and always follow their examples, because those disciples were true sowers of my seed. There are statues and images of them in many places, but it is not necessary to seek them through those images. As you can observe humanity will remember them eternally. Love my disciples and imitate their deeds of virtue. Remember that I have taught you to love me by loving your brethren.

9. You want to know where true wisdom is found. And I say to you that it is found in God. Others want to know which is the true religion. And the Divine Master informs you that whoever loves Him and loves his brethren has discovered the truth and has fulfilled the law.

10. I have permitted religions to exist on earth to represent paths that lead a spirit to God. Every religion that teaches love, charity, and virtue is a good religion because it embraces the divine truth. But man will stray from the divine path and follow a path of materialism and sin if within his religion he becomes corrupt and converts goodness into evil.

11. I have come during this era to reveal the truth and to teach you my law and the true path to God. Man needs to seek this law, which is like a star that will guide him to the Divine Father without needing rituals, statues, and things that are material. The one who seeks me in this manner will be a spiritualist.

12. Man will observe that these teachings will strengthen humanity in the future. The spiritualist of tomorrow will be recognized and perceived as an individual who knows how to fight temptation and continues to follow the true divine path amidst confusion and hardship. He will not be seen as a mystic or someone who separates from the world to pray. The spiritualist will know how to confront the world as he becomes spiritually prepared. He will be able to predict the future utilizing his spiritual vision and with his prophetic words announce forthcoming events. He will be able to save his brethren who have fallen into the abyss of confusion and suffering.

13. The message of spirituality is not the work of man. It is the work of God. It is an eternal law that governs all spirits.

14. Learn to appreciate and to value my work, and it will inspire you despite your lack of spiritual evolution. Do not fear if your vocabulary is limited because the eloquence in not in the words but in their divine truth. Thus, they will be eternal.

15. leave you spiritually united with all your brethren without distinguishing their different religious beliefs.

16. Although it appears that your arrival preceded mine on this day, truly I tell you that I have been awaiting you at my table.

17. I have left my throne to be with you, to give you my teaching, and to comfort you in your sorrow. You have also departed from your home and family to listen to the Divine Master.

18. You have discovered that by practicing my divine mandates one can attain peace and harmony in life. Just as you have learned the spiritual lessons of life and have experienced great joy with these teachings, many others will also begin to practice my divine mandates.

19. have come to awaken man with my teachings in this period, because he has been spiritually asleep for a long time. Although humanity is aware of the teachings of Jesus during the Second Era, no one practices them. Therefore, it was necessary for my Spirit to return and enlighten you of my doctrine of love and the infinite path that your spirit will have to follow along its journey to spiritual evolution.

20. Those who dream of the eternal, who love truth, and who yearn to elevate themselves beyond the misery of human life will accept these teachings. They are charitable with their spirits and prefer spiritual garments to material garments. These individuals have begun to comprehend my teachings. They realize that my mission is not limited to relieving only human suffering and illness, but that it also promises eternal life.

21. My doctrine comes to inspire you to destroy the materialistic world that you have created and to erect a world of spirituality. Thus, you will be able to enjoy true spiritual peace and to develop the spiritual gifts that you possess which have remained dormant.

22. Those who had been mentally confused will become enlightened. Those who were full of hate will weep tears of reconciliation, repentance, and love.

23. invite you to work spiritually because I need numerous workers. No one should be afraid to spend a few moments daily doing my work. Truly I tell you that the hour will come when your spirit will be truly grateful.

24. Do not tell me: Lord, I have seen poverty among those who follow you, whereas, I observe abundance, joy, and satisfaction among those who do not remember you nor acknowledge you. Those who follow me do not need to live in a state of poverty. I say to you that the peace experienced by those who listen to me and who practice charity is not experienced by those whom you greatly envy. Spiritual peace cannot be bought with all their material wealth.

25. There are some who know how to possess both material and spiritual benefits. Some individuals lack material benefits because they would forget about the spiritual benefits. Some individuals are only interested in material things, convinced that the divine laws oppose material wealth.

26. Benefits are always just benefits, but not everyone knows how to utilize them. You should also realize that I have not given all the things that people possess. There are those who possess things that I have given them, and others who possess things that they have stolen.

27. The spiritual peace that one feels, rather than the amount of accumulated material wealth one has best indicates if one is fulfilling his mission on earth.

28. I will enlighten those who follow me during this period by communicating with them in many ways. Thus, they will be able to answer their brethren's questions in the same clear manner that I answer their own questions.

29. I want my word to give enlightenment to those who listen. Thus, they will remember a teaching full of love.

30. Those who witnessed my manifestation will need to welcome the multitudes who will arrive tomorrow in the same manner that I have welcomed them.

31. Do you remember how you arrived before me? You were weary and you felt you were a failure. You sought the rich, but they offered you nothing. You also sought the scholars, but they were unable to teach you anything. You were exhausted and suffering, but no one was able to heal your physical ailments or restore your health. You had lost all hope and faith and were convinced that charity did not exist among mankind, because others perceived you as a stranger rather than a brother. Some of you spoke disrespectfully of God, others uttered curses, and others wanted to die.

32. Many of you arrived before me in that condition and then discovered that my fountain of mercy is the only one that never runs dry. Man only needs to seek my fountain so that his weary spirit may discover God's mercy.

33. You will soon observe that all of humanity will become disillusioned. It will realize that human power, wealth, and science cannot answer their questions, bringing peace to one's spirit, or heal human suffering. You will observe humanity searching for the fountain of truth beyond the material world beyond and mankind and its false power.

34. There will be many who will seek me and intuitively question me from spirit to Spirit! I will answer their questions. But there will also be many others who will cross your path asking you questions, seeking enlightenment. You will welcome those individuals in my name and enlighten them with the teaching that I have given you.

35. If you truly give to others with love, light, and spirituality, truly I tell you, that you will help them develop faith in the Divine Father. You will also restore their trust in mankind, a trust that needs to exist among all humans because everyone is a child of God.

36. I recognize your merits. I observe those who have left their material occupations, or their pleasures and their rest, to come listen to my word. Some continue to listen to me despite their family's criticism of my teachings.

37. I offer my blessings and my peace to everyone. I bless those who yearn to perfect themselves, and those who hunger and thirst for knowledge. They would like to change their lives and habits in order to feel closer to the Lord. If they remain in the divine path, they will reach the end of their journey and attain what they so much desire.

38. The Divine Master wants all of his children to listen to him with joy and enthusiasm. He wants them to spiritually improve their lives and to avoid sin and evil. Truly everyone is struggling to attain that goal, some with great eagerness, others less eagerly, but everyone is struggling to improve. Do you : think I am not aware of the struggles that you are experiencing?

39. You are still tempted by vices, passions, and idolatry. During those moments your prayers and your faith has helped you to attain salvation. Your spirit is prepared to receive me and to witness my new manifestation. However, it did not achieve that preparation on earth, but through its long spiritual evolution. To comprehend my manifestation it was necessary to eliminate many of the negative traits your spirit acquired along its journey on earth. Those who are not prepared will reject this manifestation. Families disagree about my manifestation causing parents to reject their children, children to judge their parents, siblings becoming strangers to one another, and marriages to dissolve.

40. This is not the first time that this has happened. During the Second Era men also disagreed about Jesus and his teachings were accepted by some and rejected by others. Some gave up their lives to follow his teachings, while others claimed that they were deceitful and false.

41. If humanity had truly been spiritually waiting for the Lord, it would not have become confused. Those who truly awaited him, who summoned him, and who yearned for his arrival did not become confused.

42. I have told you to invite all of your brethren to sit at my table. Although not everyone believes in me, I need to speak to everyone.

43. During the Second Era I went to seek the multitudes everywhere because where I spoke did not matter to me. I would speak to them in temples, along the roads, in the valleys, on the banks of the rivers, or on mountains.

44. I have united all of you in these humble houses of prayer to give you my teachings. During this era, it is necessary for the spokesman to be prepared in order to manifest myself. Although the spokesmen are divinely inspired during this manifestation, they are unable to go to various places and teach it because they are still spiritually unprepared. Therefore the multitudes have come to listen to me in these houses of prayer. That is why I say to those who listen to my teachings daily to summon their brethren to listen to my teachings.

45. I come to prepare you for the new era that will arrive after I give you my teachings. It will be an era of spirituality and elevation.

46. I will give you my teaching through human spokesmen for three more years, which will be like three days, because time is always consistent and continuous.

47. Oh my people, I have been very patient and have given you all that you need in spiritually preparing you to become my disciples! But I should warn you that everything has its limit, and that the peace granted to you by the Father will also come to an end. Soon you will know how to truly respect all things that are spiritual and then you will truly prepare yourself as my disciple.

48. The doctrine that I bring to mankind during this era is unlike other doctrines and sects that exist throughout the world. This revelation which I now bring is the eternal law. However, due to your lack of spirituality and comprehension, you have changed my doctrine by combining it with many rituals and impurities. You have introduced many rituals into my doctrine, proclaiming and believing that they were inspired and ordered by me.

49. The time is approaching when you will open your eyes and comprehend the true essence of spiritualism. Truly I tell you that my work is more sacred than all those other things in the world that you believe to be sacred. Nevertheless, I am ready to forgive the faults that you have committed in your mission. Through your repentance you will penetrate into a new life that is more spiritual. You will practice my teachings in a simple manner enabling you to teach true spiritualism to others.

50. If my new disciples would have taken advantage of my teachings from the time they first received them in 1866, do you not believe that they should have understood them by now?

51. Although my teachings were fully explained during the First Era, you were unable to comprehend them. Therefore, it was natural that some of my teachings were misinterpreted. Now that you have abundantly received my teachings those misinterpretations are no longer justified.

52. You believed that my new manifestation came to help remedy the material -poverty existing throughout the world and to help you become great and powerful on earth. You are surprised to find that, instead, I have come to offer you my charity, comfort, and healing balsam. You need to share what I am giving you with your brethren without expecting anything in return.

53. Truly, whoever expects a monetary reward for the services that he offers to his brethren has betrayed himself and God.

54. The manifestation of my teachings will soon end. No one can say that I have punished him harshly or that his restitution is great. My teachings reveal a pure and loving doctrine and so are the means through which I correct your mistakes.

55. You will not acquire spiritual peace and satisfaction by what you receive materially and monetarily on earth. You will acquire them when you practice true charity among your brethren.

56. If you love peace and practice good will toward others, you will experience true spiritual peace. Truly I tell you that there is no treasure on earth that compares with spiritual peace.

57. Only a short period remains in which you will be able to listen to my teachings; The time approaches when you will arise to spread the good news of my new arrival. A time of great enlightenment is coming in which the !Spirit of the Lord will descend upon each of you, similar to how he spiritually descended upon his apostles in the Second Era. This enabled them to speak in tongues, symbolizing their gift and ability with words, which was granted to them by the Lord. It is necessary for you to become a true apostle of my doctrine in order to carry out my will. If you suffer humiliation because of my work, endure it with patience and practice forgiveness. Remember the great humiliation that Jesus suffered while he was on earth, but he never complained. He always forgave and loved those who offended him.

58. I told you to offer your right cheek after someone had slapped you on the left cheek as a sign of forgiveness. I did not limit my doctrine to only words. During my last days on earth, I was physically abused many times. However, rather than react with anger I continuously offered forgiveness to those who mistreated me. My humility and gentleness toward those individuals resulted in many miracles and many conversions with them, which I was only able to perceive. Jesus the Savior came to teach man that to achieve spiritual elevation one needed to be humble, loving, and gentle.

59. Since his birth, the divine humility of Jesus fully manifested itself to the world. The teaching of love and humility which he brought to mankind began on a cold night when a woman, both physically and spiritually pure, joyfully prayed to the Lord from a stable. That stable was the only shelter that opened its doors to welcome the Savior into the world, having only a manger for a bed.

60. You now live during a different period. I have returned among mankind. Although I have not returned in human form, I have come once again to teach mankind about humility. The darkness that presently covers humanity is much greater than the night that Jesus was born. The hardened hearts that have welcomed me during this period are similar to the rocks found in the cavern where the infant Jesus first stayed and opened his eyes. Today, man's disregard for things that are spiritual and divine and his lack of love for one another are similar to the cold weather during that holy night. The spokesmen, through whom I now communicate, have hearts that are as hard as the hard straw that was in the manger. Thus, once again I come under the same conditions to bring you my teachings. I ask you: Will man once again crucify me like he did in the Second Era?

61. Behold my footsteps and follow my path. If you experience suffering, sacrifice, and renunciation along this path, pray to Jesus and I will send you my strength and help you carry your cross. My Peace be with you!

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