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The Book of the true Life 7

Teaching 198

The Lord says:

1. Blessed is the one who comes before me with true humility.

2. This is the period when I will prepare men, both spiritually and mentally, to testify truthfully about my new arrival.

3. As my disciples journey throughout the world, speaking and doctrinating in my name, they will have the faith and assurance that I will help them during their ordeals, for I have always offered evidence of my love and presence throughout the world.

4. When grief overwhelms you and you summon the Father, truly convinced that he is listening and feeling your sorrow, you will feel hope and comfort. It is the Father's way of letting you know that he is listening to your prayer.

5. If life is filled with bitterness, and obstacles for an individual, and he solicits help and comfort from his Father, why should I not strengthen him, considering he is my beloved child? Only I can truly help him to arise.

6. The Divine Father continually offers his love to humanity. Those who have been able to feel my presence will offer testimony to others. Although I am omnipotent, I limit myself so you may feel my presence.

7. Do not judge anyone. Behold how your brethren from different religions pray in a variety of ways that are different from how I am teaching you to pray. I have informed you that I listen to all prayers, because I do not want to conceal myself from anyone who seeks me. However, people will not only judge your spiritual form of prayer, but also my new manifestation. Many of you have already become victims of slander and ridicule for having believed in this communication! Those of you who have witnessed this manifestation are only able to withstand your ordeals because of your strong faith. You are confident that this doctrine, once men have carefully studied and greatly debated over it, will be acknowledged universally. Those of you who are listening to my teaching and who will become future teachers of this doctrine will not be able to witness the fruits of your labor while you are on earth. It will take time before this seed produces fruit.

8. Humanity is gradually accepting spirituality. Once man attains a certain degree of spiritual elevation, he will discover that there was no deception in my communication and manifestations. Humanity will discover that the Divine Master truly manifested his love, wisdom, and grace through the human spokesmen, who, although imperfect, were cleansed and illuminated through my Divinity. Although God is pure, I chose to manifest myself through human spokesmen who continue to struggle to overcome the weaknesses of their flesh. Men are mistaken if they believe that I should communicate only through human beings who are virtuous and perfect so that humanity may believe in this new manifestation. I ask those individuals the following question: Are those who claim to be representatives of God in the various religious organizations truly virtuous and perfect? Truly I tell you, that among all of those representatives there is not a single one who is truly virtuous yet they continue to interpret my word from the First and Second Era.

9. These spokesmen through whom I manifest myself are not my representatives nor my ministers. I utilize them only as instruments to transmit my inspiration.

10. I have brought you many lessons with my teachings. I have informed you that it is not necessary to construct elegant temples to please God, nor is it necessary to confess your sins to another human being who is also a sinner. Your heart is the true temple to worship God. When you sincerely repent for your sins and make a true effort to amend your mistakes, then truly I will forgive you. If you are at peace with your conscience and there is joy in your heart, it is proof that you have cleansed your stains.

11. What are the supernatural things that men refer to, if everything in me and throughout creation is natural? Instead, are not the evil deeds of man supernatural, given that it would be more natural for man to behave in a virtuous manner since he originated from God and thus possesses all of his attributes? All things created by God have a simple or a profound explanation. There are no mysteries. Those things which you perceive as mysterious or unknown are supernatural to you. However, once your spirit achieves high spiritual evolution and is able to observe and to discover what it could not previously perceive, it will discover that there are no mysteries nor supernatural things throughout creation.

12. If today's scientific advances and discoveries would have been foretold to men in past centuries, they would have considered them supernatural. Now that man has evolved and is aware of the progress made by science, he is amazed with how much it has progressed and perceives those scientific discoveries as very natural.

13. Truly I tell you: Tomorrow, when the spiritual communication between man and God spreads throughout the world, humanity will become familiar with these manifestations and will believe that I communicated through human spokesmen. It will believe in what I said and will no longer judge such manifestations as something supernatural or impossible.

14. The men of tomorrow will recognize the greatness and essence of my word through writings of my word. They will admire the simplicity with which I presented the truth and explained things that were profound and mysterious.

15. Through my teachings I am preparing you to respond to those who will come in search of this knowledge. Some will not be satisfied with simple explanations. Scientists, who have studied books and nature throughout their lives, will come to ask you: Given that God is all-powerful, why did he not materialize himself to explain the discoveries that science would one day achieve?

16. You will then respond: If man carefully analyzes the divine word, which contains great wisdom in its simplicity, he will discover an explanation and a prophecy )f what man will achieve in the future.

17. Disciples, Do not think that the wisdom that I teach you with my revelations is to be used to confront the wisdom of men. If you follow that path, I now inform you, that you will be unable to harvest any fruit.

18. It is not necessary for one to be a scholar to reach me. All you need is to be spiritually elevated and to manifest my word with love and simplicity, as did Jesus in the Second Era and as I do today. Have I, perhaps, revealed scientific knowledge in my teachings? Have I tried to resolve today's scientific problems?

19. I come to speak only to your spirit. I have come to teach you the path that will lead you to spiritual perfection. You also have that same mission. Speak to the spirit of your brother and help it to perceive the silhouette of the "promised land" that lies in the horizon.

20. Present my doctrine in a pure and sincere manner to your brethren. Allow them to carefully analyze, to question, and to investigate as they search for the truth. I will not reject man nor prevent him from doing that because each man seeks the truth in his own way.

21. Sow my seed today because tomorrow it will produce fruit. It does not matter if future generations harvest the fruit.

22. Study my word and penetrate into its essence.

23. I come to give you my doctrine rather than to perceive your stains or your weaknesses.

24. The people of Israel need to set an example of strength for their brethren because Israel is the strength of humanity.

25. You will receive new mandates. With these mandates the multitudes will acknowledge me.

26. Humanity is suffering from disasters that are occurring op earth. While the people of Israel are spiritually asleep, man begs for charity and he receives it from me. However, it is my will that the people of Israel prepare itself to help humanity.

27. The Divine Father left you an example of how to be submissive and obedient.

28. When the time comes, you will receive a mandate to go to distant lands. You will not distinguish among the different races, and I say to you, that they are awaiting me. I say to those who are still spiritually asleep that the moment Will come when the Father will make himself felt in every human heart.

29. I have not come to perceive your human vanities. I observe that your heart and spirit seek me. I will send you to different lands, as messengers of the Divine Master, to teach with examples, as did Jesus in the Second Era.

30. Yes, my people of Israel, take my word to your brethren because it will nourish their spirits for eternal life.

31. It is your responsibility to share my teachings with your brethren because you possess the light and the grace from the Third Era.

32. I am the Divine Father who has come once again, filled win love, to help you arise to a life of grace, guiding you on the righteous path. I paid a large price for humanity in the Second Era. Today, I have come spiritually to give you my word, my "Divine Word", which is known by its love, so that you may practice my perfect teaching. I want you to share it with your brethren.

33. I am refining and purifying your heart with my word, for I perceive that you are still spiritually asleep.

34. The Divine Master descends to be among all of his disciples on this morning of grace.

35. Those with spiritual vision offer testimony of my presence and perceive the light of my Spirit.

36. They have prepared themselves, closing their eyes to the pleasures of the world. They have spoken prophetic words.

37. Continue to prepare yourselves, because if you do not truly I tell you that the rocks will speak.

38. But also I say to you that I do not force no one to prepare themselves spiritually. If you want to become spiritually prepared, I want you to do it willingly, full of love and joy.

39. Prepare yourselves, my people, because multitudes will arise from different villages and regions to visit these houses of prayer.

40. Study my word and elevate yourselves in prayer. Help your brethren. I do not want to observe the people of Israel feeling ashamed because it was unable to help those in need. No, my people, that is not my will. All I ask is that you help at least one of your brethren in need, with true love and purity. It is your responsibility to analyze my word.

41. I am a loving Father, and I have come to you as a Father, because as a judge I am unyielding. Regenerate and prepare yourselves so that you will not have me as your judge.

42. The time of the great battle approaches. You will receive my word for three more years. The Father wants to leave these multitudes prepared, knowing his teachings well. It is necessary that those whom I chose to guide their brethren become prepared. They will guide those who remain in the houses of prayer.

43. Learn to comprehend my word, and do not let the world take away this nourishment that I have given you nor should you return its essence back to the Divine Father.

44. Separate yourself from material things and remember what I previously said: Today, do not be as you were yesterday, and tomorrow, do not be as you are today. Regenerate yourself, and renounce all that is evil and useless. I do not want you to be a fanatic nor to practice religious rituals.

45. In the First Era I sent Moses to earth, and in the Second Era, Jesus of Nazareth came to dwell among mankind. Today, I have come as the Holy Spirit. I observe that you are ascending "Jacob's ladder", receiving light and grace from my Spirit.

46. All of you form only one nation and represent only one child to whom I offer a kiss of peace.

47. Study my word and take it to the multitudes, because the path is now prepared. Men will come to this nation. Be loving with them and set good examples, so that they will acknowledge that you are disciples of the Holy Spirit.

48. Each one of you has a spiritual being that protects you. The time will come when both of you will need to respond to me about one another. Truly I say that you both have a great responsibility.

49. Be eager to fulfill your mission. All beings should become united through only one ideal and one will. Be grateful with my justice, because I am aware of every sincere sentiment in your heart.

50. This is a precious time. You need to quickly arise to fulfill my mandate with love. Some will arise as disciples, others as beginning students.

51. Give those things that belong to the earth to the earth. Your only ideal should be your spiritual salvation because you will have to give an account of each deed on earth.

52. You are no longer ignorant nor inexperienced. You are now aware of everything that you do.

53. I am preparing you for future events. When you no longer hear my word, you will communicate with me from spirit to Spirit.

54. Today I observe that all of you are reunited, similar to my apostles in the Second Era. I am preparing you to perform great miracles.

55. You possess great power; therefore, share my teachings with your brethren.

56. I have come to give you my wisdom. However, I observe that the hungry wolf, disguised as a sheep, wants to devour you. It fills you with sinful thoughts wanting you to go astray, but as you are about to fall, I quickly help you so you will not become lost.

57. Only a few truly love the Divine Father and are willing to serve him. But I say to you, persevere along your path so that you will evolve spiritually.

58. I want my people to remain united because if you are with me, I will be with you. I will never leave you by yourself, and thus temptation will not come near the people of Israel.

59. Analyze my word, and be aware that the time remaining for my communication is short. Become aware of the enormous love that I feel for you and the great enlightenment I give to your spirit. Behold that you will need to come to me with a purified spirit.

60. My kingdom is not from this world. Therefore, understand me when I tell you: All loving deeds that you perform on earth will remain with you in the !-spiritually valley. T

61. I am awaiting everyone at my table. Your race and social class will disappear in the presence of God. Everyone is equal and all belong to me. Everyone has a spirit that is like a precious jewel that I have come to seek.

62. This was the place that I chose for my new manifestation where man would see me arriving upon a cloud in front of all the nations on earth.

63. You need to understand these teachings well. I descend spiritually to be with everyone, but not everyone will be able to understand this word. The same thing happened in the Second Era. Only one nation witnessed my teachings and my deeds, whereas the other nations on earth believed in me through the testimony offered by others.

64. Today, I am congregating all the spirits from the nation of Israel, so that through the teachings of the Divine Master it will truly fulfill its mission on earth.

65. I have come to promise you a spiritual kingdom of eternal light, not a material kingdom.

66. Today, the nation of spiritual Israel has become selfish, ignoring the needs of its brethren. But tomorrow it will become generous and share its gifts with others.

67. In the Second Era, those who awaited the Messiah and expected him to be similar to a king from earth were discouraged and confused when they saw him arrive with humility. Should those who are witnessing my new manifestation also become confused as did those in the second era? Had I not previously said that the Kingdom of God is not from this world?

68. I have come to teach this nation of people so that tomorrow it will teach others who did not have the opportunity to witness this manifestation. Those now listening to me are listening to a Father who lovingly announces that he will soon depart. Thus, he offers an abundance of tenderness to those present. The Father wants his children to remember him, and he does not want them to cry when he departs. He wants everyone to enjoy their heritage of love.

69. The nation of spiritual Israel will have everything that it needs for the great spiritual struggle that is approaching. It will need to sow my seed of love in the human heart to make it sprout once again.

70. Yes, my people, humanity will once again acknowledge me, my essence will be found in every human heart, and my law will manifest itself in the conscience of every being. Those who took part in this divine work will experience great joy, because their spiritual happiness will compensate them for all of their ordeals and bitter moments. They will remember that while they were on earth, they were disciples of Christ, and lovingly protected the seed that the Divine Master gave them to cultivate.

71. Oh my people, conquer that peace for your spirit so that you will feel that peace in the kingdom of heaven.

72. The Divine Master is leading the way and guiding your spirit. My disciples need to give examples of pure love for others to follow. The world is hungry and you have the bread that will nourish it. I am preparing you in the same manner that I prepared my apostles in the past. If you follow me, as did my past apostles, you will acquire strength to conquer evil. The elements of nature will help you in your mission if you know how to use them.

73. Humanity is in a state of spiritual and material poverty. There are many who worry about being able to nourish themselves. However, you have not had to endure such suffering, because I want you to live in peace and to dedicate part of your time to practicing my doctrine. Many people from other nations will come to this nation seeking shelter. They will arrive weary from their past struggles, and they will discover a land that is blessed and prosperous, that has much to offer. You will share your bread with them. They will find warmth and shelter in this nation and make it their home.

74. Awaken from your spiritual sleep, my people, because this manifestation will only continue for three more years. Seek now to communicate with me from spirit to Spirit because the time is coming when you will feel like an orphan if you do not prepare yourself. I want you to be strong when it is time for me to depart. After 1950, the spiritual world will no longer manifest itself to offer you words of inspiration and advise, nor will you be able to listen to this divine concert descending from the heavens. You will need to elevate yourself spiritually to continue to nourish your spirit.

75. Seek to attain spiritual perfection. Let the will of the Father become your will. Seek those things that will help your spirit to evolve and be less concerned with material things. Humanity has reached a level where I will now detain it. The state of darkness in which man lives will disappear. The bad weeds on earth will be cut, fastened into bundles, and thrown into the fire. Those events shall occur, as was written. I prepare you, my people, so that you will be aware of the time in which you now live and alert your brethren. Blessed is the one who prepares himself spiritually, who repents and prays, for he will be saved. If others reject and mistreat him for helping his brethren, he should remember how Jesus suffered and imitate him.

76. Be understanding with your brethren and forgive those who hurt you. Do not have enemies. If someone wants to hurt you, utilize your weapons of love and wisdom. If you behave in that manner, you will attain spiritual perfection and experience the gift of peace on earth. I give you the seed, and it is your responsibility to cultivate it.

77. My arrival in this period was prophesied, and that prophecy has now been fulfilled. The prophets said, "Men will ascend the mountain of sin and materialism. Wars will spread from nation to nation like a fire that destroys everything. Hatred and ill feelings will grow and spread, similar to bad weeds, among the fields of earth."

78. I knew that with time you would forget me and that you would remove my word from your heart. That is why I announced that I would return. The teachings brought by Jesus have been forgotten, and the human heart has become cold and insensitive much like the night when Jesus was born. Unable to find refuge in a home, his mother found shelter in a manger belonging to some shepherds.

79. Today I did not prepare a refuge for my arrival, because I have come in spirit to manifest myself. Amidst so much human skepticism and so many hardened hearts, I have found you, my people, and have chosen you. You have prepared your hearts to welcome me, you have listened to me, and your faith has strengthened.

80. If you want to follow me, practice my teachings of love. I will help you with your cross. However, I do not want those who believe in me today to judge and to condemn me tomorrow, as did those who crucified me in the Second Era. Today, you do not know which individuals will be truly faithful. But I say to you that it will only be a few, and that at times they will find themselves alone. However, their path will be cleared and the angels will protect and free them from danger, guiding them to the celestial sheepfold. My Peace be with you!

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