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The Book of True Life

Teaching 032/366

The Master teaches:

The Abuse of free Will is the Cause of human Suffering

Divine Revelations - Mexico

1866 - 1950

The Lord says:

1. Prepare yourselves, for I want you to understand the essence of my word which I have come to bring you in this era.

2. You are still small children, when you should already be mature disciples by now, for you have lived in several incarnations here on earth. You should have been children only in the First Era, in order to become youths in the Second and reach maturity in the Third Era.

3. I have always beheld you as little children. In your spiritual infancy, you walked innocently, lacking development in your faculties and your senses, ignorant of your beginnings. Then you received my first lessons and revelations. In the Second Era you should have already been young men, who, in full spiritual youth, lived in an elevated form; but I found you oppressed and enslaved, tied to rituals and traditions. Realizing that you had not taken advantage of my lessons, I came to trace for you, with my examples of charity and love, the path which would take you to the promised land. I was also preparing you for the new teachings, which I promised to come to give you. I told you to be strong and not fall into a new enslavement, and what have you done with my doctrine? I find you still ignorant of my teaching. Why have you forgotten the promise I made to you; the promise to return among you spiritually? I am in spirit, just as I told you, and you do not recognize me. You ask why I call you "Israel", and you demand proof from Me, in order to believe. Why have you fallen into idolatry and mysticism, confusing material practices with spiritual worship? I find you confused by false doctrines, those with which your brothers have made you deviate from the path of your evolution.

4. Many centuries have gone by since the day I gave you my word, as well as my last admonitions through Jesus. Today, I appear before you as the Holy Spirit, fulfilling my promise to you. I have not come to become human. I come in spirit, and only those who are prepared will perceive me. While you believe in my word and follow me, others do not accept my manifestation, and even deny it. I had to give them evidence, and thanks to it, I have been slowly overcoming their disbelief. The love and patience I have always manifested to you make you understand that only your Father can love you and teach you in this way. I watch over you and lighten your cross, so that you do not stumble. I have you feel my peace, so that you walk forward, filled with trust in me.

5. You have always suffered, for you have not paid attention to my examples of humility. You have not observed how far I have descended, in order to make myself be heard and understood by you; but I forgive you, for you belong to the first people, to the firstborn. Live by my examples and have humanity love me and come close to me, for men no longer know how to seek me. They do not feel my presence; they do not recognize my benefactions, and they attribute my miracles to happenstance. They do not trust in me and live in tranquility amid their confusion. I have told you that no leaf of a tree moves without my will. You know that I govern the universe with my laws of love, and that all beings are obedient to me. Only man attempts to cheat these laws, not wanting to make good use of his free will.

6. Rest from the ordeals of your life. Today, you are overburdened by the weight of your suffering. There is grief in your spirits, and tears well from your eyes, in repentance for your faults. You have been rejected for following my cause, but I have told you that if you prepare yourselves, you will be able to overcome and withstand the judgement of your brothers with the strength acquired from practicing brotherly love.

7. I have not chosen you as instruments to spread my word for nothing. I place my confidence in you. I charge you with a delicate mission, bringing redemption to your brothers with your examples. The seed is within you. It is the same seed with which I have given you life since the beginning. I expect good fruits from your sowing, as a result of your labor and your vigilance. Lighten the cross you carry by fulfilling the mission I have entrusted to you with love. Finish your work. Do not fear the death of the body. Remember: your spirit will never die. It will merely strip itself of the material body that was granted to it as an instrument to live on the earth, and which, once its mission is completed, will pay tribute to the earth. Then your spirit will free itself, to set out in search of limitless horizons, thus beginning a new life in which you will find the reward for your work in this world.

8. Cast aside erroneous customs and traditions. Make use of the light of my teaching, so that your doubt may vanish and the mysteries become clear, according to my will.

9. I am showing you the true life of the spirit, so that you do not live under unjust threats and obey my law simply out of fear of God’s punishment. You have been told about that punishment by those who have not known how to interpret my word. Understand my law. It is not complicated, nor is it difficult to understand. Anyone who knows it and lives according to it will not be confused, and neither will he give room to false words or omens, to erroneous ideas, or wrong interpretations. My law is simple. It always indicates the way you should follow. Trust in me: I am the way that will lead you to the white city, the promised land, with its doors open in anticipation of your arrival.

10. It has pleased me to bestow upon you a legacy which does not only belong to you, but to all of humanity. You have received so much that you are obligated to give part of this wealth to all who ask. Carry the light to your brothers, who pay for their faults in captivity. Comfort the sick. Anoint them with your love, as I did in the Second Era, and you will see the balsam of my mercy pour over them. Encourage the sorrowful ones, teach them patience and give them new strength. This way you will be practicing your gifts and feel emboldened.

11. You have among you the world of virtuous spirits, who are coming to your aid. Ask with faith and respect, and you will receive their benefactions. Call on them without distinction, for all have been equally prepared by me; all have made themselves worthy of helping humanity in this time. Imitate their examples and be united with them in the great goal of spiritual progress. I have permitted this spiritual world to teach you, and in the approaching battle they will be invincible soldiers, as well as your bulwark.

12. My law is not limited. It is infinite, and you can fulfill it in many ways. Though I am not asking you to perform perfect deeds, you must nonetheless study my law in depth, so that you may come to practice it.

13. After having listened to my word for so long, I do not want you to consider these moments here on this earth lost or misused. If you persevere, you will succeed in spiritualizing yourselves. Then you will be like an open book before your brothers. After 1950 you will reach a higher level of elevation. I will continue to communicate with you through inspiration, and the people shall receive your words as messages from me. In this time you will realize how wise and profound my teaching was.

14. After 1950, the year in which my communication in this form will cease, humanity will endure many ordeals. Nature will suffer great disturbances; everything will be greatly shaken; there will be disorganization on all levels. Prepare yourselves and help the weak in that time, for many will succumb to those trials.

15. The year 1950, feared by some and yearned for by others, is fast approaching. Many sects and religions think about that date and await the events that will unfold at that time, in order to judge my work. Others will ask for the reason for such turmoil, and you will speak to them in my name, announcing that after the chaos, humanity will reach the peace it has yearned for.

16. For I am not insensitive to your sorrows, they reach me and cause me pain.

17. Why do you look at one another as strangers, segregating yourselves according to races, classes, and beliefs, when you are living in the same home, this world of yours? I promise you that I will erase the boundaries and bring you closer together. Crowns and scepters shall fall. Might shall disappear, and so shall wealth, for the time has come for those differences to cease to exist. The day will come when all of you will take equal possession of the earth. You will travel from one pole to the other without anyone detaining you. Hypocrisy, ill will, and vanity shall disappear, in order to make room for love and harmony. And the weeping arising to me from widows and orphans, from lack of bread, and from the absence of peace and happiness, will be exchanged for a hymn of love and recognition which; a hymn that will sprout from all of my children.

18. You feel tranquil in your nation, because you enjoy peace and wellbeing, but I say to you, Do not become overconfident; do not sleep, rather be vigilant and acquire merits if you wish to preserve that peace.

19. My laborers, I am putting you through trials, as I did with the patient Job in the past. But do not think I do it with the intention of making you suffer. No, it is for the purpose of having your spirit become strong in this crucible of suffering.

20. Do not attempt to appear pure before me. If your conscience voices your faults and sins to you, it is better that you confess before your Father and allow his word, like a purifying river, to cleanse you of all stains. Then you will feel worthy of presenting yourselves before your brothers, to teach them the truth contained in my teaching.

21. My peace is in your nation. Watch and pray, so that you do not lose this grace through your bad deeds. Retain my peace; treasure my wisdom. Have you not become aware of how war is lying in ambush for you, calling at your doors, and setting traps to make you fall? But if you know how to be vigilant, do not fear, for I will help you to triumph in your battle.

22. I am Jehovah, the one who has freed you from death at all times. I am the one God who has spoken to you throughout time. Christ was my Word, which spoke through Jesus. He said to you: Whoever knows the Son, knows the Father. And I am also the Holy Spirit who speaks to you today, for only one Holy Spirit exists, only one Word, and that is mine.

23. Listen, my disciples, in the First Era I gave you the law, in the Second I taught you the love with which you should interpret those commandments, and now, in this Third Era, I send you the light, in order for you to comprehend all that I have revealed to you.

24. In light of that, why do you strive to find three gods where only one Divine Spirit exists, which is mine?

25. I gave the law to the first men. Nevertheless, I announced to Moses that I would send the Messiah. Christ, through whom I gave you my word, told you when his mission was coming to an end: I am returning to the Father, from whence I came. He also said to you: The Father and I are one. Following that, he promised to send you the Spirit of Truth, which would come to clarify the mystery of my revelations, according to my will and your evolution.

26. But who can shed light on my secrets and explain those mysteries? Who can loosen the seals of the book of my wisdom, except for Me?

27. Truly, I say to you, that the Holy Spirit, which you currently distinguish from Jehovah and Christ, is no more than the wisdom which I manifest to your spirits, in order to have you understand, contemplate, and feel the truth.

28. Today, I prepare you to receive my word; may it descend like dew upon thirsty plants, like crystalline water, to erase the thirst of your spirits. I receive you as delicate children in my fatherly love.

29. You are beginning to take your first steps on firm ground. But should you come to a standstill and not heed my mandates later on, do not block the path of your brothers, those who will come after you, yearning to serve me, those who have prepared themselves and are awaiting me. If you do not learn my lesson, what would you be able to teach? Dive into the essence of my work and become enlightened, so that you might comprehend me. I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end of every teaching.

30. In this time I am announcing to you the trials that must come to pass; three quarters of the earth shall disappear, pain will knock upon the door of every man, and the world will suffer great hardships, but if you prepare yourselves, through every single one of you, a whole region will be saved. The science attained by men will not suffice to cure the strange illnesses that will appear. Then you will understand that you must elevate yourselves beyond that which is material, to cure and prevent the illnesses. "Israel" shall liberate humanity from great catastrophes. But how greatly you must prepare yourselves in order to fulfill your destinies. The apostles of this time will go from land to land and bring the good news, and their gifts shall be like an inexhaustible fountain, offering an abundance of blessings to all men.

31. With each miracle that I grant them they will awake the faith of new apostles, and their mission shall be great. But woe unto them if they become vain, for then they will lose their gifts!

32. Respect the gifts granted to your brothers. Cultivate the tree which I have entrusted to you, for you are all laborers in one single field. My mercy follows you everywhere. I know your deeds and your thoughts. Watch and pray, because humanity needs your prayers for its spiritual evolution.

33. Many of you believe your suffering to be contradictory to the Father’s law of love. For you think: "If I am a child of God, if the universal and almighty Father created me, then why did he allow me to fall? Why did he not make me obedient, good, and perfect?"

34. Truly, I say to you, that you have not meditated over what you think. That which you believe to be contradictory to my laws is precisely the confirmation of the law of love. And so you might better understand it, listen now: On the divine ladder there exists an infinite number of beings, whose spiritual perfection allows them to occupy different steps, according to the level of evolution they have reached. Your spirits were created with sufficient attributes to evolve along that ladder of perfection, and to reach a certain level of evolution, according to the will of God.

35. You do not know the destiny of those spirits, but I say to you that it is perfect, like everything else created by me.

36. You still do not understand the gifts that the Father gave to you, but do not fear, because later on you will become aware of them and see them fully manifested.

37. The infinite number of spirits, which, like yours, reside in different dwellings, find themselves united by a superior force, which is that of love. They were created for battle, for their elevation, not for stagnation. Those who have obeyed my mandates have come to be great in divine love. Nevertheless, I remind you that even though your spirits may have reached greatness, power, and wisdom, they will not come to be omnipotent, since their attributes are not infinite, as they are in God. However, they will suffice to take you to the peak of your perfection, along the straight path the love of your Creator traced for you, since the very beginning.

38. When I created you, I gave you the gift of free will, so that, by your own will, you would glorify me through the deeds of love and mercy that you pour out over your brethren.

39. A spirit without free will would not be a creation worthy of the Supreme Being. It would be an indolent being, without any aspiration towards perfection.

40. Today, you still live out a material existence due to a lack of brotherhood, for in the realms of the spirit, everything lives in perfect harmony.

41. A lack of understanding of the divine love causes spiritual regression, something that can only be avoided by returning to the right path, to true repentance and obedience.

42. In your present world, your brothers, who cultivate science, have not led you to the peak of your evolution. They have taken you to pain, to the abyss, and to arrogance; but I have not abandoned you for even an instant. You are the ones who have been hesitant to respond to my call of love.

43. For having abused the loving and just freedom your Father gave you, you must cleanse yourselves of the stains you have imprinted upon your spirits, with pain and tears. Nevertheless, the one who, with submission, makes restitution for his errors, will reach his evolution, and his ascent shall be faster than his fall.

44. For many centuries I have been giving you examples and proofs of tenderness and of divine love, which, at times, have succeeded in moving your hearts, making you exclaim: "I love you, Lord; I admire you." But I ask you: If you love me, why do you not imitate me by putting my teachings into practice? Why have you departed from the spiritual life, thus delaying your evolution? How could you even dare to blame God for your own falls, for your pain, and for your foolishness?

45. Today, as I call you, not all of you listen to me. Nevertheless, I promise you that all will listen to me, and that not a single one of my children will become lost in the eternity of the spirit.

46. Some will seek me in response to my love. Others, weighed down by pain, will plead for my mercy, to avert their cup of bitterness.

47. I am expanding upon the message I gave to you through Jesus, and yet you do not wish to abandon the unreliable paths you have become lost upon.

48. Do you wish to blame me for that which was caused by you, and not by me? I have told you to sow love, but instead you have sown hatred. Do you really expect to reap love from that?

49. I have taught you to live a simple, pure, and elevated life in peace, and yet you insist on living in a constant war of hatred, materialism, and maniacal ambitions.

50. You frequently ask God for things, without knowing what you are actually asking for; but you never give to God what he asks of you on your own behalf.

51. If you have become so vain and have strayed so far from the divine teachings, how do you expect God to give you that for which you do not even know how to ask, or that he rule the universe according to your ideas or wills? Truly, I say to you, the universe would not exist for another second if I allowed you to govern it, according to your human desires.

52. I have given you another drop of the divine essence, and I will give you more in future lessons. But do not take my teaching without analyzing it. It will enlighten you, so that you might better understand my revelations.

53. Understand the essence of the teaching and interpret it according to what your conscience and heart tell you.

54. Spirituality is not found in religious or scientific texts. It slumbers, hidden away in your spirits, which would reflect grace and honor if they would always fulfill the one precept that says to you: "Love one another."

55. Do not create new philosophies or theories derived from this doctrine. Do not raise material temples, nor create symbolic representations. I will give you all the revelations that pertain to these times.

56. Truly, I say to you, that you are not the only ones who will possess the truth. In their origin, ministers of different religions, scientists, believers and unbelievers are all spiritual creatures of God, and I will shower them with grace as they journey through their life.

57. Humbly invite your brothers to study my doctrine of love, mercy, and spiritual elevation. Do not forget that not a single one of your deeds will be perfect if it is not motivated by love towards everything you see, and even towards that which you only sense in the moments of your meditation.

58. There are many lives in the invisible. Sense them, bless them, and love them.

59. Do not create idolatry, fanaticism, or material hierarchies. There is nothing greater than the light adorning the spirit that has reached perfection through its virtue.

60. He who loves more is greater than the one who claims to be great because of his position or vanity.

61. Remember Jesus!

62. Your understanding is clearer in these times, and my word is also becoming more understandable.

63. My temple is your heart; its light is my love. The greatest offering you can deposit in your heart, is spiritual peace, if you live to do good things, blessing and loving your brothers.

64. What good would your songs, prayers, and rituals be to you if, inside, you only hid lower passions? I thirst for your love, not for incense. I wish for fewer tears and more light in your existence.

65. You will have to answer for everything. And your bad deeds will determine how harshly you will judge yourselves. For it is not I who judges you. That is false. When the spirit becomes enlightened, it will become its own greatest accuser and judge. On the other hand, I am the one who defends you against the wild accusations, acquit you and redeem you, for I am the Love that purifies and forgives.

66. I will give you new teachings, so that you might understand this lesson, which is yet another page I bestow upon you to form the Book of True Life.

67. Obey my law, and through your examples of humility, mercy, and love, these small multitudes will multiply and become as numerous as the stars in the heavens and the sands of the sea.

My Peace be with you!

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