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The Book of the true Life 2

Teaching 39

The Lord says:

1. I am the peace which descends upon you for I observe that there is only confusion in the world.

2. Be alert and pray; do good unto others, and with the practice of charity, you will destroy war.

3. The tree of science, as men have cultivated it, is presently offering humanity a bitter fruit. But I will give you the crystalline water of love so that you may use it to water that same tree and observe the different type of fruit that it will produce.

4. Before you discover in my teaching the secret of cultivating the tree of science, that tree will be shaken by strong winds causing every bad fruit to fall, leaving it bare.

5. After that strong wind, you will begin to see a new light shine in your spirit, which will illuminate every step that you take along the path of life.

6. You are living in the time of judgement. Remember how many times I have told you that the sickle of my divine justice will not tire in cutting the evil weeds.

7. My justice touches science the same as it does religions or men of power. Nothing will remain without being carefully scrutinized by me and judged. From the beginning of humanity, sin has been sentenced to death, and my word shall be fulfilled.

8. My people, when you see signs of these events on earth, elevate yourselves to me in prayer; unite with your families to form one single thought, and send your spirits as messengers of my love to your brothers who need peace.

9. Do not doubt the power of prayer. For if you do not have faith while practicing charity, you will be unable to offer anything to your brothers.

10. Have I not taught you that even the unleashed elements of nature can hear your prayer and become calm? If those elements obey my voice, why should they not obey the voice of the children of the Lord when they have become prepared?

11. I have taught you how to pray from the time I was with you on earth so that in the moments of an ordeal you would know how to communicate with your Father, and gaining strength from him, you would fulfill your mission of love and charity among humanity.

12. Prayer is a blessing which God has granted to man so that it will serve him as a ladder to elevate himself, as a weapon to defend himself, as a book to educate himself, and as a healing balsam with which to anoint himself and to heal all illness.

13. True prayer has disappeared from the earth. Men no longer pray, and when they try to do it, instead of speaking to me with the spirit, they do it with their lips, employing useless words, rituals, and material idols. How are men going to observe miracles if they use forms and observe practices which Jesus did not teach?

14. True prayer needs to return among men, and I am the one who comes to teach it to you once again.

15. Blessed is the one who, inspired in his love toward others, helps his brethren to spiritually elevate themselves, for when he opens his eyes to observe himself, he will see himself close to his Father.

16. Do not ask what you should do to fulfill your mission, for my law, simply stated, tells you to love one another. Be aware that each day of your life offers you an opportunity to practice that divine commandment.

17. Each one in his own path can fulfill the mission of loving; the one who guides spirits, the one who instructs, the man of science, the one who governs, the head of the family; all of you can serve your fellow beings, becoming inspired in my law which tells you, Love one another.

18. Everything will be cleansed. All will be renewed so that the new generations might find the earth prepared for the fulfillment of their great spiritual mission.

19. Do not choose those whom you should love. Love all without distinction. Spiritual love can have no preferences.

20. The love that I teach you is beyond the love you feel for your family, for your country, and for yourselves.

21. Because of your material poverty do not fear that you can not be useful in this work of love. Spiritualize yourselves and you will not need the riches of the earth to be able to do good to your fellow man. Behold how I have selected my workers from among this humble and needy people, converting them into counselors, doctors, and faithful friends of those who suffer and who approach them in search of comfort and peace.

22. They have been able to offer unlimited healing balsam with their love, and although their speech was previously clumsy, their words now reflect enlightenment. Those who hear these words are touched and convinced, for these words have offered them guidance and helped them to regenerate. Did these workers believe they had any special gifts before I made them aware of their heritage? No, they did not. They felt like outcasts, incapable of practicing charity and of acting on their own.

23. Behold how these humble workers are sought by their brethren; the rich present themselves to ask for charity, the doctors to consult them about their unsolvable problems, and those who have been educated in schools of theology and philosophy come to learn their first lesson. O people, you already know it, and humanity, you will know it; unless you learn to love, the power and the wealth of the earth will not be enough to bring you peace or to make you useful to each other through material charity.

24. When there is love in your spirits, and you make it felt among your fellow men, then you will see miracles happen. Charity, love, and goodness are the essence of a spiritual life; if you have not practiced those virtues, begin to practice them. When someone comes to your door overwhelmed by thirst, fatigue and hunger, seat him at your table without checking to see if there is sufficient bread in the basket; ask your heart if, on inviting the traveler to your table, you did it with sincere love and with true charity. If you did, you will see the bread multiplied; all of you will be satisfied, and a flame of faith will light up in the heart of the traveler to give me thanks and bless me. That individual will practice that same charity with others, for you will have taught him a lesson of love which can be understood even by those who are most insensitive.

25. Be humble. Remember that I, your God, was born in humility and later covered my body with a humble mantle. Why do you always dream of fine clothing and even come to desire clothes worn by royalty?

26. Your kingdom is not of this world. This life is like a battlefield where you come to perform good deeds so that later you can return to earth victoriously, having conquered this land, to receive your reward.

27. Never leave your cross along the road. Do not abandon your mission, for it would be the same as if, cowardly you were running away from the struggle, throwing away your weapons in battle and renouncing the victory which awaits your spirit.

28. I am the perfect way. During my stay on earth, I passed on to humanity the Book of True Life with my examples; those lessons will teach you how to fight in order to win in all battles. My sword of love battled constantly against humanity's evil and ignorance. My weapons were not deadly. I did not bring you death but eternal life. My gentleness disturbed and confused those who offended me; my loving forgiveness triumphed over their hardened hearts; my death as a man resurrected them to the life of grace. Do you not recall that the promised Messiah had been announced as an invincible warrior?

29. It is time for love, forgiveness, and humility to appear in the heart of humanity as true weapons to oppose hatred and pride. If men continue to clash with one another, filled with pride and hatred, villages and nations will be destroyed, and there will be no peace in the hearts of men.

30. Humanity refuses to recognize that only by living in peace will it find true happiness and be able to progress. Thus, it continues to pursue material power and false greatness, shedding the blood of its brothers, destroying lives, and destroying the faith of mankind.

31. Man with his arrogant use of science is defying my law, and I say unto you, I will again fight against sin; but man will not find in me a proud and arrogant judge because those are human defects. Also, he will not be touched by divine vengeance, for negative emotions are only felt by those beings who have not attained spiritual perfection. Man will find an unyielding Judge and the Divine Teacher of love.

32. Not all of you want wars nor feel hatred or arrogance toward the innocent or toward those of good will and faith. I will give signs when wars are forthcoming so that you may be alert and pray, for with your prayer and with your vigilance you will not be harmed by deadly weapons.

33. From the west to the east, and from the north toward the south, nations will arise rejecting one another; they will all confront and will produce an immense fire in which hatred will burn, pride will be extinguished, and the bad weed will be destroyed.

34. The new generations must find a pure earth in order for peace and love to flourish, but before that, the last trace of Cain's crime will disappear. Humanity is still practicing that crime.

35. I ask those of you who are being touched by the divine light emitted by teachings: Is the pain, which now approaches humanity, the result of divine punishment or vengeance? No, you tell me, it is the fruit which we have cultivated and which we will reap.

36. I always feel charitable toward my children, for you are too young to understand all the wrong things which you do. That is why I approach you, and materializing my word, I send my messengers to you to warn you about the evil path that you are following. But when have you answered my calls? Never. That is the reason why humanity is suffering.

37. Beloved people, do not simply be spectators observing the chaos which is occurring on earth, for you will have to let me know what you have done to maintain the peace and strength which you have received from me.

38. You have received peace and strength so that you may continue to pray, so that your mind will not be confused, and so that you may be hardworking and never tire in practicing good deeds, comforting your brethren, and helping them to develop faith.

39. Beloved disciples, spread my doctrine among your brothers and speak with clarity in the manner that I have taught you. Carefully study all of this doctrine, for truly I say to you, Tomorrow you will be questioned by your brothers. I know that they will come to ask you your beliefs concerning the Trinity of God, the Divinity of Christ, and the purity of Mary, and you need to be strong in order to succeed in those trials.

40. Concerning the Trinity, you shall say that three distinct beings do not exist in God, and that one single Divine Spirit has manifested itself in three distinct phases to humanity. In an attempt to understand those things that are divine, humanity, lacking spiritual elevation, believed it saw three gods where only one Spirit existed. Therefore, when you hear the name of Jehovah, think of God as Father and as Judge. When you think of Christ, think of him as God the Divine Teacher and as love. And when you are trying to understand the Holy Spirit, be aware that the Holy Spirit is God, manifesting his wisdom to his disciples who have advanced the most.

41. If humanity had been as spiritually evolved during the first two eras, as humanity is today, I would have manifested myself before it as Father, as Teacher, and as Holy Spirit, and then men would not have seen three gods where only one exists. But they were not capable of interpreting my lessons and would have become confused; they would have separated from my path to continue creating accessible and small gods according to their imagination.

42. Now you know the reason why the Father manifested himself in three different periods, and you also know the erroneous belief that men have related to the Trinity.

43. In my Divine Spirit there is an infinite number of phases and attributes, but because I have manifested myself in three eras, I have named you Trinitarians. You now recognize me through those three revelations and know how to unite them into only one. You know that there is only one God who can manifest himself as Judge today, as the Divine Teacher tomorrow, and then later as the Father who has infinite wisdom and kindness.

44. Do not attempt to think of me in a material form because my Spirit lacks form, just as intelligence, love, and wisdom also lack form.

45. I tell you this because many individuals have represented me in the form of an old man when they think of the Father. I am not an old man because time does not affect me. My Spirit does not age.

46. When you think of Christ, immediately you remember the physical image of Jesus. And I say to you, that Christ was God's Divine Word and Love who incarnated on earth. When Christ left his material body on earth, he became united with my Spirit from where he had emerged.

47. When you speak of the Holy Spirit, you utilize the symbol of the dove to try to imagine it with some form. I say to you, however, that the time of symbols has passed. Therefore, when you feel yourselves being touched by the Holy Spirit, receive that inspiration as enlightenment for your spirit which comes to remove all uncertainties, mysteries, and darkness.

48. If I tell you that Christ is the love of the Father, understand that Christ is divine. What is strange about God having incarnated his love on earth in order to manifest it in a world lacking spirituality? Does this not offer evidence of the perfect charity offered by the Father to those who seek him but are yet unable to reach him?

49. Now I want to teach you that Christ is not less than I nor does he come after me. For he is love, and love is not greater nor less than any other divine power. It is united with all the divine power, thus forming the Absolute, the Divine, and the Perfect.

50. And what do you want me to tell you about Mary, who was sent by the Lord to the earth to serve as mother of Jesus, through whom God would speak?

51. Truly I say to you that God incarnated his Divine gentleness in Mary. For that reason, Mary did not doubt nor rebel when a messenger announced to her in her home that she would give birth to the Messiah for she knew it was God’s will. Her example was one of humility and faith; her work was silent and sublime. For that reason, she was the only one capable of fulfilling that celestial message and of accepting that divine destiny without becoming vain.52. Jesus lived his childhood and youth beside Mary enjoying her motherly love. Mary, the Divine Tenderness, offered much sweetness to the Saviour in his first years of life in the world, for the hour would come when he was to drink much bitterness.

53. How is it possible for anyone to think that Mary, who conceived Jesus and lived with the Divine Master, could be lacking in spiritual elevation, in purity, and holiness?

54. Whoever loves me will have to first love all that is mine, all that I love.

55. You need to share these teachings of love and charity with your brothers. You need to know that it is not essential for all of humanity to hear me in the same form in which I have manifested myself to you. All I need is for this multitude to listen to these teachings so that later it can be my witness and messenger among its brothers.

56. If this form of communication were the most evolved that could be achieved between God and man, then it would have become known throughout the world and would have been permanent. But since this communication through the human spokesman is only preparing man for the more perfect communication of spirit to Spirit, I have only allowed this form of communication to continue until 1950.

57. These multitudes, who heard the teachings of the Divine Master throughout the years, will be responsible for spreading this message among humanity once this manifestation comes to an end.

58. They must not arise to teach others until they have heard my final teachings because those last teachings will be the most profound, and, therefore, the ones which will leave them strong and prepared for the battle.

59. From the oldest congregations to those which have begun to unite in houses of prayer more recently, all have heard me say that this communication will cease at the end of 1950; that is my divine will and this multitude should not oppose what the Father has commanded.

60. It would be foolish if you sought to have this manifestation continue after 1950. If you were to do that you would be denying the Father's justice and perfection. Also, you wold be denying that it has been I, the Unchangeable, who has spoken to you.

61. I tell you this because, although no one feels capable of denying me at this instant, I know that in those final moments, in the bitter and sad hour of my departure, a traitor will be present at my table. That weak individual will reject the bread which has fed him for a long time and with a false kiss of love deliver me to humanity who will mock and ridicule me.

62. Who do you believe will communicate through these spokesmen when the time of my communication has ceased? Do you perhaps want me to participate in your disobedience?

63. Be aware that one act of disobedience on your part would later create confusion among humanity, and that a disobedience of such magnitude would create confusion among the multitudes. No one would believe in my manifestation as the Holy Spirit; everyone would lose faith.

64. As of today I say to you, that those spokesmen who want to make others believe that I am still manifesting myself through them after 1950, even though I said that my manifestation would no longer continue after that year, shall be rejected and called imposters. Also, any spiritual being who manifests itself through those spokesmen shall be called a false Christ. Furthermore, those individuals who are able to perceive things spiritually, and who participate in that deception, shall be called false prophets.

65. O my people, strengthen yourselves in all that I say to you today so that when the time of trial comes, you may know how to remain strong, united to my law, and respecting my will. For with your conduct you will give the greatest testimony of what you have believed: that this word is the supreme truth. Anyone who does otherwise will have denied me.

66. Blessed are those who remain faithful to my word. For when the time comes, I will use them as messengers and witnesses of this divine message, a message which I have given through human spokesmen and will leave for humanity. These teachings will prepare man to truly communicate with the Father from spirit to Spirit.

67. Today I seek your spirit because the spiritual mansion is awaiting your presence.

68. You have not been able to elevate yourselves spiritually because each of your imperfections is a link in a chain which ties you to earthly possessions. Those imperfections prevent your spirit from elevating itself to those regions where it belongs.

69. What merits will you achieve for the life that awaits you after you depart from earth? Do you perhaps think that your spirit can truly enter into a spiritual dwelling place that is filled with enlightenment and spirituality?

70. Listen to this word, analyze it, and you will understand that it comes to help you rid yourselves of all that is needless because those things do not allow your spirits to be free.

71. Here in my presence, eliminate all impurity from your spirit so that it may attain freedom. Do not fear, for you are not going to reveal any secret to me. I know you better than you know yourselves. Confess intimately unto me. I will know how to understand you better than anyone and will be able to pardon your sins, for I am the only one who can judge you. When you have reconciled with your Father and you hear your spirit singing a hymn of triumph, then seat in peace at my table, and eat and drink from the nourishment offered to you by my Spirit which is found in the essence of my word.

72. When you arise from the table to return to your daily tasks, do not forget that you need to follow my law in everything that you do and that I am observing you. With that, I wish to tell you that you should not only prepare yourselves spiritually and mentally when you enter these houses of prayer to hear my word, but that the fear of offending me, which you show in these places, should accompany you everywhere at all times.

73. You have my word in your conscience to guide you and to let you know if you are following the path of obedience.

74. I give the same word to all who listen to me. I do not give more to the poor because they are needy nor do I give less to the rich. Verily I say to you that in the spirit all of you are in need.

75. I love everyone equally. I do not observe differences in classes, in races, in languages or in religious beliefs, nor even differences in sexes. I speak to the spirit; it is your spirit that I seek and have come to teach, in order to guide it with the light of my teaching to the promised land. My Peace be with you!

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