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The Book of the true Life 2

Teaching 38

The Lord says:

1. I welcome those who are the last to arrive to witness this manifestation and offer them the same enlightenment that I offered those who arrived first so that they may arise to spread my doctrine.

2. The time remaining for this manifestation is short, for I have announced to you that in 1950 I will cease to speak, and after this period my voice will no longer manifest itself through human spokesmen. Whoever heard it and believed it will feel satisfied and strong. But whoever doubted it after having heard it will become confused. On the other hand, many who never heard me will seek my disciples to ask them what they learned from the Divine Master.

3. Seek enlightenment. Those who have attained enlightenment need to assist their brethren who still live in spiritual darkness. For whoever is confused during this life will experience greater confusion when entering the spiritual valley. For that reason, I have been helping all of my children during the three eras, showing them the path along which they must elevate themselves through spiritual evolution.

4. I have revealed to you everything that you are able to understand about the life of the spirit. Today, I come to reveal to you teachings that are more profound.

5. This is the period in which I prophesied to you that every eye would see me and every spirit would hear me. Once humanity truly understands this doctrine, men will no longer practice idolatry nor fanaticism, for they will have learned to elevate their spirits toward me in a simple, pure, and spiritual manner.

6. Upon hearing the echo of the heavenly bell within its conscience, the spirit of humanity slowly awakens. It is the spirit of Elijah. It is the voice of the one who cries out in the desert, the invisible messenger of this time, who like a shepherd lovingly calls his sheep in order that they will humbly enter the sheepfold of peace which awaits them.

7. Whoever considers it strange that I would leave my kingdom to come in search of sinners truly does not know me. Those beings who are virtuous are safe and possess everything. Therefore, I leave them and come to the disinherited, the lost, and those who are stained by sin, for they also are my children, whom I love like the righteous, and whom I want to take to my Kingdom in order for them to rejoice with their Father.

8. If I only loved the righteous and rejected sinners, would your conscience believe that the Father was acting justly?

9. I am teaching you how to cleanse your stains and justify yourselves before me. You can achieve this by practicing good deeds and true charity in its various forms to your brethren. Today, you can start by practicing what you have learned. You can visit the sick and anoint them with your love in my name. Through your faith you will find the power to cure and your charity will be the healing balsam. Let no one doubt that he has the gift to do that.

10. Do not fear being charitable because you consider yourselves poor. In the Second Era when Jesus was with his disciples, he showed them the following example. A publican entered the temple and left a coin as a donation. Then a well-dressed pharisee deposited several coins, allowing them to fall one by one so that his deed could be observed and everyone could see that his gift was great. Later, a poor and sick woman knelt to pray, and then deposited two coins of little value, which were all that she possessed. Jesus told his disciples, Behold, he who believed he had given the most gave the least, and she who gave the least gave the most, for she gave all that she had and with it the bread which she was to have eaten that day.

11. I will make those of you who are listening to me become aware of how much you truly possess so that you may never feel needy when you are in the presence of others who are truly needy.

12. You are among those who were informed in past eras that you would live in the time of the Holy Spirit. This is the era of light in which every spirit will open its eyes to perceive the truth. My sickle has already begun to cut the evil part of the root. Do not think that it is strange that I have come when the world is occupied in wars for it was so prophesied.

13. Men have learned so much through science that they have become blind. But once that confusion comes to an end, they will discover the truth path through my charity. In that path they will find me redeeming and saving those who are lost as does the shepherd with the sheep that have gone astray.

14. I have not become human among you in this era. I have only come as spiritual enlightenment which I send to your spirits from my kingdom. I am inspiring you from the heavens, so that tomorrow your spirit can elevate itself toward me through prayer.

15. Today, you need to prepare yourselves so that your spirits can become pure and you can feel my presence among you. Become spiritualized so that you will know how to receive those things that you request. I will never feel that you are asking for too much. Do not forget the needs of your spirit, which is over burdened by the demands of your physical body. Recognize that what you lack most is my divine teaching, and now that I am offering it to you in abundance, seek it, analyze it, and put it into practice with deeds of love toward your brothers.

16. I want you to truly understand my doctrine and to correct your way of living so that you may cherish this doctrine, which is like a jewel of infinite value that I have given you. Do not become vain with this divine gift that you possess by refusing to share it with your needy brethren or using it for material gain.

17. Truly I say to you that the temple of the Sixth Seal shall never be a market place or a den of thieves. This spiritual sanctuary has its doors open in order for all of my children to enter it. There the sinner will find salvation because all hatred, vengeance, and evil tendencies will disappear.

18. You are being prepared to preach this good news with true faith and courage. I also want you to correctly interpret my word so that you may practice it in a pure manner. I do not want fanatics, puritans, or mystics among my disciples. I want my disciples to innerly elevate their spirits and to practice external deeds that are simple and natural. When this multitude of people multiply like the stars in the sky and the sands of the sea, let them do so as true disciples of my spiritual teaching so that they might be the ones to explain the word which they heard, and the ones who with their deeds testify to the truth of my doctrine.

19. Do not fear the time when you will have to speak; do not distrust me or even yourselves. I have told you that at the hour of trial you are not to think about what you are going to say and that your faith and elevation will be sufficient for my divine light to speak through your lips. If men ask you for an explanation or an analysis of the inspiration which you have had, I will allow you to comprehend my revelations so that you might explain them to your brothers. My prophets will go among nations as messengers with the mission of awakening nations. But they will not do what the Prophet Jonah did when he went to warn a nation of people who were atheists, announcing catastrophes, suffering, plagues, and illnesses if they did not regenerate themselves. When the time for the fulfillment of his prophecy came, he observed with great surprise that his words had not been fulfilled, for instead of catastrophes, as he had announced, that people enjoyed peace, health and well being. Then the prophet, feeling ashamed, retreated into solitude, and there, speaking to his Lord, he said to him, Why has the word which you placed in my mouth not been fulfilled? For, behold, instead of being regarded as a prophet before those men, I am regarded as an imposter. But then he heard the voice of the Father who answered him thus: I sent you to announce the trials which would occur if those multitudes ignored to my word, but they listened and repented; they brought down their false gods and knelt to worship me; recognizing their faults, they wept and fearfully awaited my justice.

20. I observed that they had prepared themselves, so instead of suffering, I sent them happiness and peace. Do you believe that I would harm thousands of people, simply to fulfill the word according to what you comprehend? Whereas you are unable to feel the pain of a single being, I am able to feel the pain of all beings. The word that you shared with your brethren was intended to help them regenerate and avoid ordeals. They repented, and because of that, behold them rejoicing with true joy and faith in God.

21. Keep these lessons in mind, disciples, since they are examples which will be useful to you on your path. You possess the gifts of spiritual vision, prophetic dreams, and intuition which will enable you to see things clearly along your path, thus, you will be able to alert your brothers.

22. Your mission is to warn, awaken, and inform your brethren, but be aware that if your brothers pray, then events may vary. However, you should not lose faith nor feel deceived for that reason. Your destiny is to help your brethren avoid suffering and to attain peace, and if you succeed in getting these results with your gifts, you should be satisfied. Safeguard humanity so that it may live in peace; create a sanctuary among all people where your brothers can find salvation, peace, and inspiration.

23. Come and eat of this bread which is my word, so that while you feed your spirits with my divine charity, I may quench my thirst for love among you. When you have loved your brothers, you will have loved me. When you have forgiven your enemies, you will have become reconciled with me. Thus, with true faith you can come to me with your offering of your merits, which is pleasing to my Divinity.

24. Hear me! I am the one who formed you in my image and likeness. I am the only God; no one has existed before me. My Spirit was not created; I am eternal. I have always been, and I always will be.

25. I have revealed my existence to you and the Trinity which exists in me. It is that Trinity which you recognize in the Father, who is Jehovah, who delivered to you the law in the First Era; in the Divine Word who, through Jesus, taught you love in the Second Era; and in the Holy Spirit who fills you with light and wisdom and explains to you all the revelations in this Third Era, the one who vibrates in each spirit and is manifesting itself through human spokesmen.

26. The Father announced the arrival of Christ through the lips of his prophets, and Jesus announced the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth. I have shown myself to humanity in three phases: law, love and wisdom - three powers and only one God, three powers and only one will and only one love.

27. If the Father is eternal, then the Son is also, for the Divine Word who spoke in Jesus has always existed in the Father. The Holy Spirit is eternal because it is the wisdom of God which has always existed in God. Therefore, if I formed man in my image and likeness, that means that the image of that Trinity exists in him. In him I placed three powers, consisting of flesh, spirit, and conscience. He is one single being composed of three natures; the material, which is the body; the spiritual, which is the spirit; and the divine, which is the conscience.

28. In the most elevated part of your spirits shines a spark of my divine intelligence, which is conscience, for you are truly children of my Spirit.

29. I wanted you to participate in the joy of being parents, to create beings similar to yourselves, beings to whom I would send spirits to incarnate. Since maternal love exists in the divine and eternal, I wanted there to exist in the human life a being who would also represent maternal love, and that being is the woman.

30. In the one beginning the human being was divided into two parts, thus creating the two sexes, one the man and the other the woman. The man would have strength, intelligence and majesty; the woman would have tenderness, grace, and beauty. The man would possess the seed, and the woman would be the fertile land. There you have two beings who can feel complete, perfect, and happy only when they are united, for with their harmony they will form one single body, one single will, and one single ideal.

31. This union, when inspired by the conscience and by love, is called matrimony.

32. The law of matrimony descended like a light which spoke through the conscience of the first beings so that they would recognize that the union of one with the other signified a pact with the Creator. The fruit of that union was the child in whom the blood of the parents was fused as a proof that what you bind before God can not be unbound on earth.

33. That joy which the father and the mother feel when they give birth to a child is similar to that which the Creator experienced when he became a Father, giving life to his much beloved children. If later, I delivered laws to you through Moses in order that you would know how to select a partner and would not covet the wife of your neighbor, it was because humanity, by virtue of its free will, had become lost in the ways of adultery and low passions.

34. Time passed; I came to the world in Christ, and with my gentle teaching, which is always the law of love, I elevated matrimony and with it, human conduct and virtue. I spoke in parables in order to make my word unforgettable, and I made a sacred institution of matrimony.

35. Now that I find myself among you again, I ask you men and women: What have you done to matrimony? There are very few who can answer me satisfactorily! My sacred institution has been dishonored. From that fountain of life sprouts destruction and pain. Men and women have stained the purity of that law through their disrespect of matrimony. The fruit that should have been sweet is bitter, as is the cup from which men drink.

36. You depart from my laws, and when you stumble, you ask me in anguish, Why is there such pain? I reply, Because the instincts of the flesh have never listened to the voice of the conscience. Now I ask you, If I have given you everything that you need to be happy, why do you not have peace?

37. I have placed a blue mantle in the sky so that beneath it you may build a nest of love, separating yourselves from the temptations and complications of the world, living in simplicity, as do the birds. In simplicity and in pure prayer, one can feel the peace of my kingdom and receive the answers to many mysteries.

38. Men, when the companion you have chosen is like the sterile earth which has not given you fruit, you have gone in search of new land, forgetting that you should be satisfied with your destinies and your restitution. Why do you blame destiny for the trials and sufferings that you experience in your marriages if you, yourselves, elected that path?

39. Everyone who is united in matrimony before my Divinity, even when their union is not sanctioned by any minister, makes a pact with me, a pact which remains recorded in the book of God, where all destinies are recorded.

40. Who can erase from that book the names of those two who have been united? Who in the world can unbind that which has been united in my law?

41. If I were to disunite you, I would be destroying my own work. When you have asked me to be united on earth, and I have granted it to you, Why do you then break your promises and contradict your vows? Are you not ridiculing my law and my name?

42. And to you, sterile women, the Master says, Long have you desired and asked that your wombs be converted into fountains of life. You have hoped that when the evening or the morning approaches, a tender heart would be heard beating within you. But the days and nights have passed and you have only shed tears because the child has not arrived.

43. How many of you who are listening to me, and who have been deprived of hope by science, will have to bear fruit to believe in my power. Thus, through that miracle many may recognize me! Watch and wait. Do not forget my words.

44. Parents: Avoid mistakes and bad examples. I do not demand perfection of you, only love and charity toward your children. Prepare yourselves spiritually and physically, for the great legions of spirits from the beyond await the instant to incarnate among you.

45. I want a new humanity which will grow and multiply, not only in number but in virtue, so that it may become aware of the promised land nearby, and so that its children might be able to live in the new Jerusalem.

46. I want the earth to be filled with men of good will who are the fruits of love.

47. Destroy the Sodom and Gomorrah of this time. Do not allow your hearts to become familiar with their sins. Do not imitate their inhabitants.

48. I am preparing you this way in the Third Era because the multitudes that I have announced to you will arrive.

49. Each of you needs to fulfill the specific responsibilities which I have given you: listen to my teaching in a parable.

50. A spirit full of light, purity, and innocence found itself before God and said to its Lord, Father, tell me what my mission is, for I wish to serve you. And the Lord answered it with tenderness, Wait, I am going to unite a man and woman in the world, and a child shall be born of that union in whom you will incarnate, so that as a child you might gather experience in the trials of the world and might feel closely the tenderness of a mother and the caress of a father.

51. The spirit reacted with joy and then waited. In the meantime, the Lord united a man and a woman in a loving bond of marriage and thus sent them together to follow the path of life.

52. A new being was conceived in the womb of the woman. Then God sent that spirit to incarnate in that body, and on the ninth month it opened its eyes to perceive the light of the world. That child was the work of both of them. The mother smiled with happiness, and the father perceived him with pride. He was the fruit of their love. The woman felt strong, and the man felt somewhat like the Creator. Both became dedicated to guiding that tender heart.

53. The spirit, which gave the son life force, smiled when perceiving the sweet gaze of its mother and the severe, and at the same time tender, face of the father.

54. Time went by, and in his struggle, the father separated from his loving family. Following the wrong path, he became lost, leaving the shreds of his clothing among the thorny shrubs, eating poisonous fruits, and destroying the flowers which he found along his path. Finding himself ill and depressed, he remembered the beings whom he had abandoned. He tried to return in search of them, but his strength failed. Then, drawing strength from weakness, dragging himself and stumbling along the long path, he came to the doors of the home. With tears in her eyes, his wife received him in her arms. The son was sick and in agony.

55. When the father observed his son in agony, he begged the ! Divine Charity for help. In despair, he pulled his hair and cursed, but the spirit of the child left its body and entered the spiritual valley. The parents remained desolate, feeling mutually responsible for the misfortune which afflicted them - he for having left, and she for not having known how to keep him.

56. When that spirit arrived in the presence of the Creator it said to him, Father, why have you taken me from the arms of that sweet mother, who is left sobbing and desperate by my absence? To which the Lord answered, Wait, for you will return again to the same womb when they have recognized their faults and have understood , my law.!

57. The man and the woman continued to remain united, lonely, and deeply repentant for their faults, when once again they were surprised by the announcement of a new child. God had the spirit return again to that womb, saying to it, Unite with that body which is preparing itself for life, and enjoy yourself once again in that maternal warmth.

58. The parents, who had given up their first born as lost, did not know that he had returned to the womb, but the emptiness left by the first was filled by the second. Happiness and peace returned to the heart of that home. The mother began to smile again and the father to rejoice.

59. Now the man was afraid to depart from his family and tried to surround them with love, remaining close to them. But time caused him to forget his past experience and led by bad friends, he fell into vice and temptation. The woman complained and began to reject him. The home was turned into a battlefield. The man soon fell to temptation, became ill and weak, while the woman leaving the child in the cradle, would arise in search of bread for the innocent child as well as nourishment for that companion who did not know how to love or care for her. She suffered humiliation and disrespect, endured dangers, and withstood men who had bad faith and evil intentions. In that manner she would take daily bread to the lips of her loved ones.

60. God felt pity for the innocent spirit, and before it could open its eyes to reason, called it once again back to the spiritually valley. And when the spirit came before its Lord, filled with pain, it said to him, Father, once again you have snatched me from the arms of those whom I love. Look at how difficult my destiny is. Today, I ask you to leave me, be it in their arms or in yours forever, but do not make me journey anymore. I am tired.

61. When the man realized the wrong he had done, he contemplated a new painful scene. The wife wept inconsolably at the bed where the second child lay dead. The man wanted to take his own life, but the wife detained him, saying, Do not make an attempt against your life. Hold back your hand. Realize that we, ourselves, are the cause for God taking our children. The man calmed down, recognizing the truth in those words. As the days passed, calmness slowly returned to that couple who recalled with pain the sons who had departed, and who had been the happiness of that home which later sank into sorrow.

62. The spirit then asked its Lord, Father, are you going to send me to the earth again? Yes, said the Lord, and I will send you as many times as it is necessary until those individuals’ hearts are purified. When the spirit incarnated again, its physical body was ill because both its mother and father were also ill. From its bed of pain, that spirit would pray to the Father asking for relief. This time it had not perceived the light of the world. There were no smiles on the lips of its parents, only tears. The mother cried from morning to night next to the infant's crib while the repentant father felt immense pain in his heart on seeing that the child had inherited his own ills.

63. The spirit dwelt in that ill body for a brief time, before returning once again to the presence of the Lord.

64. Loneliness returned to the husband and wife, but pain had united them as never before, their hearts loved one another, and they promised each other to walk united until the end of the journey. The man fulfilled his duties; she cared for her husband, and both were healed of their weaknesses.

65. They doubted that God would once again grant them one more child, but behold, when the Lord observed that those two beings had attained physical and spiritual health, he sent them that spirit as a reward because she had shown self-discipline and he had amended his behavior. The woman then conceived a child who filled that home with great happiness and peace.

66. Kneeling, the man and the woman wept with happiness. They gave thanks to their Lord while that spirit, that was obedient and had greatly suffered, smiled through the child, saying to God, Lord, no longer separate me from my parents. There is peace in my home, there is love in their hearts, there is warmth in my cradle, and there is milk and honey in my mother's breast. Also, there is bread on the table, there is affection in my father and working tools in his hands. Bless us. And the Lord, with joy in his Spirit, blessed them and left them united in one single body, in one single heart, and one single will.

67. Today, I say to you, Drink from this wine and from my teaching and rejoice because, when you are reunited with your Father, there is festivity in the house of the Lord.

68. Many of you have spiritually resurrected after having listened to my word in this era. You were dead to faith, and while some had been deprived of all hope by the doctors of the world, others had been denied communion by the priests.

69. You opened your hearts when you felt that my word healed the sick and tenderly forgave the sinner, and that the Master offered the bread of eternal life to all.

70. Along your path you have observed much evil, wickedness, and dry lands which no one has known how to fertilize.

71. You have seen how the fields, which yesterday were productive and offered their abundant fruits of peace and happiness to the world, are converted today into fields of blood, destruction, and death.

72. It is necessary for the Father to approach his children. I am the dew which in the silence of the night descends over the fields and falls upon the flowers. But the flowers which have withered, the hearts which have lost hope, do not know how to feel my love.

73. Disciples, observe that with my teaching you have learned how to practice charity so that you can help humanity to lessen its suffering and not be indifferent to its conflicts, its trials and tragedies.

74. Unite in thought and pray for your brothers. I will understand your requests and will reward you with those things that you need. You are still too weak to forget your sorrows and worries in order to think of others. I say to you, Accept those trials with courage and trust in your Lord. Those trials will not be removed from your path nor will they be resolved through your rebellious behavior and unwillingness to accept God's will. On the other hand, with spiritual elevation, with faith, and with serenity, you will overcome the most terrible trials. Every obstacle and ordeal, in which you are able to triumph, will leave a ray of spiritual wisdom in your spirit. The one who is able to confront his trials with preparation will be able to feel his moments of pain shortened, while those who are not will feel that their pain is eternal.

75. Life is a bitter path where sometimes you stumble. However, you are aware that you are not traveling by yourself carrying your cross. A gentle and invisible Helper is helping you to arise every time you feel overwhelmed and defeated by the weight of your destiny. Although negative forces have attempted to harm you, I have kept them away. If the heathen and those who scrutinize have come to these gatherings in order to find faults and accuse you of them, I have covered you with my mantle of tenderness and closed their lips. When men have tried to test you with their questions, I have prematurely placed the voice of the Holy Spirit on your lips since you have not yet prepared yourselves to convince them with words of light.

76. I do not come to harshly criticize you. My word is gentle and, although it does judge you, it offers you hope and shows you the right thing to do; seek those three things in my word. What would become of you if I came to flatter you in your imperfection and praise you in your sins? Is that not, perhaps, what mankind does to the princes on earth? I have always encouraged you when I observe that you are truly seeking to progress spiritually by helping those who are ill disregarding the time of day and harsh weather. Also, when you have come before judges, you have remained calm and have given testimony of me with words of truth.

77. Thus, you have learned that the human hearts represent the fields which you must cultivate, and that as the fields become larger, they will require greater care; also, you can no longer abandon a field where you have sowed my seed.

78. Among you are those who will go to other nations in search of new lands to sow my seed. I have given you the universal language which will allow you to understand one another, not the fancy language uttered by human lips but that which the spirit expresses through love.

79. It will not be necessary tor others to undertake these long journeys. All they need to do is to prepare themselves to offer charity to those who are near as well as offer enlightenment to the disincarnated spirits who are perturbed. Woe to those individuals who refuse to offer charity to those spiritual beings in need because, as a result of their confusion, those beings will not know how to forgive!

80. The hardworking disciple blesses me at each step because he delights in serving me in spite of the weight of his cross. The lazy one feels deprived of his freedom and weighed down by a very heavy burden. I do not come to put anyone in chains nor to convert anyone into a slave. On the contrary, I have come to offer you true freedom so that you will never feel enslaved by death or incarceration; instead, whereas others might consider themselves lost under those circumstances, you will continue to evolve on the infinite ladder of evolution.

81. Disciples, are you willing to forgive those who offend you? Who are your enemies? Truly I say to you that you should not call your brothers enemies. I do not send you to battle against humanity, but to battle against its sin and its ignorance. My peace be with you.

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