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The Book of the true Life 2

Teaching 37

The Lord says:

1. Men of great spiritual enlightenment have existed among humanity in all times, men who have come to illuminate the path of evolution for their fellow beings.

2. From where have these beings come to earth? Did they perhaps come from the neighboring spiritual world where those who are to return to this planet now reside? No, my people, I say to you that through the knowledge and the kindness of the beings, you will be able to know from which world they have come.

3. The steps of spiritual elevation form an infinite ladder in eternity, but that journey toward perfection consists of seven phases which are reflected in human life. Man’s life on earth is divided into seven evolutionary steps.

4. All the parts of man must develop and evolve in order for him to attain the enlightenment which he must have to achieve true spirituality.

5. His material body, his mind, his morals, his spirit, and all of his being must pass through these seven great lessons. Following those seven trials, he will emerge purified, filled with light, serenity, strength, knowledge, and experience. Then he will have the spiritual enlightenment to understand that the kingdom of God exists in his spirit.

6. You will evolve spiritually with the passage of time and learn to obey the will of God. Also, you will be able to receive and interpret divine inspirations and to communicate through your thoughts with the Father and with your spiritual brethren.

7. Humanity has already experienced periods of material pleasure; others in which it sought power, dominance, and worldly riches; others when it developed a few senses by seeking beauty in all that surrounded it; others when it penetrated the path of religion while seeking peace for the spirit; and others in which it has wanted to make of this earth its kingdom, of this life its eternity, and of the material body its god.

8. This is a critical period for the life of man. If you observe carefully, you will discover that in all aspects of life, in all elements and forces, there is a gigantic struggle and a great battle occurring.

9. It is the end of a period, humanity, but you do not know at what moment a new period will begin. Only I will be able to reveal that to you for I am the Shepherd who breaks open the Seals. You still live in the time of the Sixth Revelation in which events are occurring that are fulfilling the prophecies.

10. How many religions, sects, and doctrines will fall under the sword of the light of my truth! How many sciences and theories will become meaningless when the new day appears. At that time men will attain spirituality, practice true prayer, and experience true spiritual peace.

11. Because their differences will not allow it, religions will not be the ones to become united. It will be men who will unite in the law of love, of justice, and of truth, which originates from God.

12. This humanity, which is indifferent to all divine inspiration, does not perceive that it will soon enter the most important era for the spirit. But it will soon awaken from its spiritual ignorance when it observes the signs of my presence which humanity has not yet seen. Everyone needs to be alert when the Seventh Seal opens to enlighten mankind.

13. For the present, I am preparing this multitude with my word so it may arise inspired in the truth, teaching its brothers the lessons of love from my doctrine.

14. Nourish yourself only with the truth and reject everything that does not contain purity, and your children will be spiritually enlightened.

15. Allow children to see spiritual elevation in you so that in this life they might have a sure path to follow.

16. Attend to all the children whom you are able to offer your love and tenderness for, thus, you will have offered them charity. With your deeds teach love to all humanity.

17. I will look after those children whom you can not watch over, and I will not permit the bad seed produced by men of this time to contaminate or to confuse those spirits.

18. I am the one who sends spirits to incarnate according to the law of evolution. And truly I say to you that it will not be the influences of this world which will make me deviate from my Divine plans, for my Divine will shall be fulfilled in spite of man's ambition for power.

19. Every human being brings a mission to the earth. His destiny is outlined by the Father, and his spirit anointed by my charity. In vain men perform ceremonies and anoint little children. Verily I say to you that at no material age will water be the one to purify the spirit of its shortcomings to my law. And if I send a spirit which is free of all sin, from what blemish do religious ministers cleanse it with baptism?

20. It is time for you to understand that the origin of man is not a sin, but that his birth is the result of the fulfillment of a natural law, a law which not only man fulfills but all creatures which comprise nature. Understand that I have said man, and not his spirit. Man has my power to create beings similar to himself, but spirits only emerge from me.

21. To grow and multiply is a universal law. In the same manner that stars sprouted from other larger stars, so did the human seed multiply on earth. And never have I said that in so doing mankind has sinned or offended the Creator. Why would you be judged as sinners after fulfilling that divine mandate? Be aware that man can never stain himself by fulfilling my law.

22. What stains man and separates the spirit from the path of evolution are his low passions, immorality, vice, and lust. For all of them go against the law.

23. Study and carefully analyze until you find the truth, and thus you will cease to call sinful the mandates of the Creator of Life. Then you will be able to bless the existence of your children with the example of your good deeds.

24. When you recall that I have told you that I come from the infinite, your hearts sigh sadly, thinking about the distance which separates you from your Father. Then you make a great effort to elevate your thoughts and spirit toward me in order to reach that divine site where you believe that I dwell. Sometimes you are satisfied with your prayers, but there are occasions when you are not at peace, for you have been left with the impression that you did not succeed in reaching the place where the Divine Spirit dwells.

25. Listen, disciples, you will never be able to measure with your minds that infinite of which I tell you. That infinite refers to God’s tenderness, light, purity, wisdom, love, and perfection; those things have no beginning nor end since they are attributes of God.

26. That being true, I want you to understand my words when I speak to you of my love made man and of my tenderness made woman.

27. I do not have a specific nor a limited place to dwell in the heavens, for I am present everywhere. I am present in all material, spiritual, and divine sites. You cannot point to the direction of my kingdom. When you look up to the sky, pointing towards the heavens, do so only symbolically, for your planet turns without ceasing, and in each movement it presents you new skies and new heights.

28. Thus I say to you that there is no distance between us. The only things that separate you from me are your bad and impure deeds which you place between your spirit and my perfect law.

29. The greater your purity, the more elevated will be your deeds. The more constant your faith, the closer, more intimate, and more accessible to your prayers you will feel me.

30. In that same manner, when you separate yourselves from that which is good, just, and righteous, and continue to live a life filled with materialism and selfishness, you will inevitably feel me more and more distant from you. The more you separate yourself from fulfilling and obeying my law, the less you will be able to feel my divine presence.

31. Understand why I have come at this time to manifest my word in this form and to prepare you for the communication of spirit to Spirit.

32. Believing that I was very distant from you, you did not know how to come to me. I have sought you in order to have you feel my divine presence and to show you that between the Father and his children, there is no distance to separate them.

33. I have manifested myself through human beings during this era, thus breaking down that spiritual distance which separated you from me. This has been a gift from the Father to his children and one more proof of his mercy which was granted because of man's immaturity and lack of spirituality.

34. For that reason, this time of grace, in which I have communicated through human spokesmen, will be brief, for it is not a gift which you have achieved through your own merits and spirituality. Thus, it is not something that you have earned. I repeat that it is a favor which I have granted to you, and that once 1950 comes to an end, I will cease this form of communication in the hope that with your merits you will once again feel my presence as you communicate with me from spirit to Spirit.

35. The new communication will be truly spiritual, simple, natural, pure and perfect. All other forms of worship that lack perfection and enlightenment, and are filled with fanaticism and idolatry, will begin to disappear. You will then open the sanctuary within your being so that my Spirit may dwell there eternally.

36. There will be no exterior ecstasy, supernatural events, nor any type of splendor. There will only be purity, respect, and truth, reflecting true spirituality.

37. Think of all the wonderful things that the fulfillment of this promise means to you. Prepare yourself to achieve merits so that you may earn the right to communicate with me spiritually. That is a grace which I have reserved for you and which will come to form a part of your own life. Unlike this manifestation which will end in 1950, that new form of divine communication will be eternal. Then you will truly understand what it means to have the kingdom of heaven descend upon humanity.

38. Now I say to you, Work on earth, but do it with faith, with true love toward your brothers, and you will not lack strength and motivation.

39. If the birds, which do not work nor sow, never lack shelter or food, why would my beloved children be without my charity? You will only perish from hunger or cold, if your evilness and ingratitude guide you to reject my charity.

40. I am life, warmth, and light. I am bread and crystalline water, and I have come again to resurrect the dead and to awaken those who live in darkness to a life of spiritual enlightenment.

41. It has been prophesied for a long time that every eye shall see me, and I am present, willing to allow my truth to be seen by humanity.

42. What do men lack that does not allow them to see me, to feel me, and to understand me? They lack spirituality. Spirituality enables man to become sensitive both physically and spiritually. When he has become purified and truly learns to pray, he will feel my presence for the first time; he will perceive my tenderness; he will feel himself bathed in my infinite love and will exclaim, I have seen the Lord and have felt him within my heart.

43. If I could find a virtuous man on earth, I would use him as my instrument and through him give you teachings and examples. But verily I say to you that throughout the earth I have not found a virtuous individual.

44. Where are the virtuous individuals of the First and Second Eras so that you might analyze their virtue, their loyalty, their faith, their strength, and their dedication to fulfilling my law? They live in the spiritual kingdom, and although they work for you, you neither see them nor feel them, for you are unable to perceive spiritual things due to your materialism.

45. You have lost your path. You live in darkness and are guided by low passions. Amidst that turmoil, I have come to offer you my charity which will guide you to the path of salvation.

46. Do you perhaps think that I come to give to your spirits the gift of being able to see beyond this material life? No, my people, I do not come to grant you a new gift or a new attribute. You have had all of your gifts from the beginning. But you must understand that only those gifts which you have developed and utilized have manifested themselves in your being. On the other hand, those gifts which you have forgotten, neglected, or ignored, have remained hidden; for that which I give, though it be dormant, I never take away.

47. Many hidden powers have remained dormant in your being, waiting for my voice to awaken them. But the time of the resurrection has already come, in which you will all listen to the voice which Lazarus heard when I told him, Rise up and walk.

48. Blessed is the one who has known how to wait for my coming, for his awakening will be complete, and his spirituality will allow him to see all that is contained in my new message.

49. Work with love, both in your material and spiritual life, and you will have my peace. Learn to persevere until you succeed in gathering the fruit of your sacrifices and your struggles.

50. Love so that you may evolve spiritually. For I ask you humanity, What have you done with your spirit? Spirit, what have you done with the material body which I have entrusted to you? Neither of you can answer me, for truly you are unaware of the seriousness of your faults and your weaknesses. Only I can judge your deeds, and for that reason I send you this ray of light so that, enlightened by your conscience, you might see yourselves in the mirror of the Divine Truth.

51. Have you forgotten that your spirits are subject to the law of evolution which you should not attempt to neglect? What became of the original seed which I deposited in your hearts, which is the seed of love, of life, and elevation? You no longer understand these words, for it seems to you that I am speaking in a language that you are not familiar with.

52. Love was the purpose for your creation. Love your Father, and through him, all of your brothers. That is the law that you have forgotten and erased from your spirit.

53. As you walk the path of life, it allows you to become aware of your mistakes and to restitute for your sins with great pain and suffering. Rather than learning from those painful experiences, you allow your hearts to become hardened, bitter, and self-destructing.

54. You have not wanted to listen to those voices that have attempted to detain you from following the path of darkness to the edge of the abyss where you could fall, dragging your brothers with you.55. Who among you can imagine what the bottom of that abyss is like, which you have created with your intense hate and evil? No one, no one can imagine the darkness nor the pain accumulated during centuries, millenniums, and eras in that abyss which is filled with immense bitterness.

56. I ask the men of this era, who consider themselves more advanced than their brethren from past eras, With all of your abilities, have you not found a way of attaining peace or of achieving power and wealth, without killing your brethren, destroying them, or enslaving them? Do you believe that your advancement is true and real even though you live in sin, vice, and spiritual darkness? I am not against science since I myself have inspired it in man. What I do not approve of is the manner in which man has sometimes utilized science.

57. I want you to be highly knowledgeable, to attain wisdom through the teachings that I have given you, and to allow your conscience to guide you along the path of life. Then you will not only see your spirit becoming virtuous, but you will also observe your physical body becoming strong and healthy.

58. Remember that I previously said, Man does not live from bread alone but also needs nourishment from God’s word. I wanted you to realize that in your beings a nature exists which you cannot solely satisfy with what you possess in this world. In order to satisfy it, you must seek those things which exist beyond the material world. That is to say, you must seek God who dwells in the kingdom of perfection and is the origin of all spirits.

59. You have not lacked my light for one single moment, yet you are like cold tombstones covering the graves, which are warmed for a few moments but soon become cold again.

60. My power and my patience are infinite and if you want me to offer you more evidence of my love when you are near the edge of the abyss, I will grant it to you. But I should tell you that in that infinite love which once more I will show you, my wise and inflexible justice will also be present.

61. You must trust me in order for me to help you, but be alert and prepared for the battle. Be warriors, but not those who destroy the life of your fellow men, but rather those who build with love, with morality, with peace, and with good deeds.

62. Do not allow necessities nor difficult burdens to make you return toward materialism. On the contrary, arise with spiritual strength when you are confronting ordeals and temptations. Verily I say to you that if you know how to take advantage of those trials and ordeals, through them you can elevate yourselves to a superior life, becoming strong, noble, and devoted, and loving disciples of your Father.

63. I tell the men and women who present themselves before my teaching as heads of families: Clothe yourselves with strength, with light, and with peace, for great events will soon occur on earth and you need to remain tranquil and serene parents.

64. Always seek that which will honor and strengthen your children, and remove from their paths the errors which could cause them to stumble.

65. I have not forgotten the promises which you made to me to separate from materialism in order to return to the spiritual path, where you will be guided by the law of love and of charity and illuminated by your conscience.

66. Once you are walking firmly along that path, you will need to forget about your own needs so you can focus on the needs of your brethren.

67. Then you will realize that many of those whom you had previously encountered along your path and had treated with indifference were indeed enduring pain, bitterness, and carrying a heavy cross.

68. There are many individuals who carry great sorrow in their hearts but weep silently. How many sorrows are hidden behind a smile which you do not know how to understand! But I, who feel each sorrow and each pain, who knows what each human heart feels, say to you, Prepare yourselves to develop intuition in order to read what is within your brothers, for they will not always reveal their hidden pain.

69. For those hidden sorrows, for that inner weeping, for that sadness which does not show on the face of those who suffer, it is necessary to penetrate within the human heart. That can only be achieved through spirituality which awakens the virtue of charity.

70. Oh, if you only knew that there is much that you can give and do even if you live in poverty! But you are still so materialized that many of you believe that you can only perform good deeds with money. That is why I have had to come to tell you that it is not right for you to continue to weep from pain, hunger, and misery, unaware that you are burdened down by the weight of the treasure which you carry without knowing it.

71. Humanity: You are weary from carrying your heavy burden of sins. Also, the physical body, which has been weakened more and more by the low passions and struggles of life, is unable to resist the strength and power of its own spirit which is battling to liberate the material body from its weaknesses.

72. Remember the night when I was born on earth. Although it was cold and dark, it was not as cold and dark as is the human heart during this era. That night my spirit was filled with joy because I had come to live among humanity. However, humanity was spiritually asleep, insensitive to my presence, and ignored the arrival of the Promised One. That is where my Calvary began.

73. Upon his arrival, the newborn child used straw as his cradle, and the only warmth available to that family was that of the humble beasts.

74. You believe that nature is insensitive to the divine manifestations, but that is incorrect. Humans, as well as all other things created, from the greatest to the smallest, are subject to my law, from which they can not depart. The only one that remains insensitive to my divinity is man, who has been formed differently from all creatures, for he has a spirit, a conscience, and a free will.

75. Why has your heart become so insensitive that you are unable to feel the presence nor hear the voice of your Father? It is because of your free will. Although I did not come as a human being during this era, nevertheless, I have felt the cold and unloving heart with which humanity has received me.

76. Do not think that this location on earth, where I am presently manifesting myself, is the only place where I am presenting myself to my children, for verily I say to you that my manifestation is universal in various forms.

77. Elijah, who manifested himself to you prior to my manifestation through human spokesmen, did not come only to this country where you live. He went from one place to another throughout the earth announcing the arrival of a new era and also informing humanity that the Kingdom of Heaven would soon descend upon mankind.

78. Voices appeared from everywhere announcing my arrival to you. Nature, in turmoil, shook the earth; science was amazed before new revelations; the spiritual valley descended upon men; and in spite of that, humanity remained deaf before those voices that announced a new era.

79. Although an abundance of divine light descended upon men to eliminate their darkness, they remained selfish and materialistic and were not interested in seeking spiritual perfection, nor the moral improvement of their life on earth. They took that light in order to cultivate themselves thrones and glories, conveniences, and material pleasures. They even destroyed the lives of their fellow men to fulfill their needs. Their eyes were blinded under the intensity of my light, and their vanity has led them astray. But I say to you that through the same light, they will find the truth; they will discover the way, and they will be saved.

80. Those who have known how to truly receive this light as a divine message have allowed their consciences to guide their steps and their deeds, for they sensed that the Lord has returned and is among men.

81. The representatives of the various sects and religions have not wanted to receive me. Their hearts, their dignity, and their false grandeur keep them from accepting me in spirit. For that reason, groups have been formed during this time on earth which consist of brotherhoods and congregations who feel the presence of the new time, of those who seek the solitude to pray and to receive the inspirations of the Lord.

82. You, my children, are from those multitudes which have been forming under the light of a divine inspiration, though I must tell you that you have received these teachings through Divine grace. For that reason you should be alert, pray, and meditate greatly so that you do not fall into confusion nor oppose the purpose of this spiritual doctrine.

83. What could lead you astray on the path? Vanity, O people.

84. Truly I say to you that this Divine enlightenment will triumph among the humble, among the charitable, and among those who yearn for truth, justice, and peace.

85. The peace and strength which you reach in prayer will make you perseverant and untiring, sowing goodness, raising those who have fallen, igniting faith, and being a blessing and consolation among all the people of the earth. My Peace be with you!

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