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The Book of True Life

Teaching 046/366

The Master teaches:

He that will not hear must feel...

Divine Revelations - Mexico

1866 - 1950

The Lord says:

1. Blessed are you who have heeded the call of love that invited you to the spiritual banquet, to enjoy the food of eternal life. I have brought you this nourishment, fulfilling the promise that I made to you through Jesus.

2. When I notice that you weaken along the path of your development, I approach you to imbue you with strength, saying to you: Go step by step to the end of your journey, with the hope of reaching the Promised Land. There your spirit will find the true peace that it yearns for so much, as a reward for your faith and perseverance.

3. O people in whom I have delighted, who I have called Israel, child of light, and disciple of the Holy Spirit: do not worry if your body is covered with rags or your feet are bare, for your spiritual dignity is not determined by your material possessions. Analyze your deeds in life through your conscience, so you may know if your spirit is free from sin.

4. If you suffer when faced with the doubt and ridicule of your brothers, accept it. Do you know whether or not you cried out to Pilate, asking him to crucify Me in that time? Do you know whether or not you were one of those who persecuted My apostles and had them drink from the cup of bitterness?

5. You grow silent at these questions of Mine, and I say to you: Forgive those who offend you. Do not turn My words into double-edged swords, just to hurt your brothers. In this period your developed spirit shall attain serenity, and may it guide your deeds, words, and thoughts. Your spiritual age is no longer that of a child, and under My tutelage you have ceased to be toddlers; you have become My disciples. Perform your deeds within My doctrine, without altering it or desecrating it. Do not reject anyone from your company. Though you may spot stains and faults within one of your brothers, do not consider him an evil person. If someone mixes imperfect ideas into My doctrine or makes bad use of his gifts, correct him in a loving manner, and guide him mercifully. Only leave him if he stubbornly continues in his evil ways and rejects you. Pray for him and leave it to Me.

6. I am preparing you, so you may be able to resurrect those who are dead to a life of grace with My light. May you save your brothers with your prayers and set beneficial examples for them to follow. My children, think of what you will present to your Father when you find yourselves in His presence.

7. It is the Spirit of Truth speaking to you. You have recognized the tree by its fruit, and this fountain by its pure water. That is why you follow this trail. But it is necessary that you cleanse this great love for Me of all selfishness and strife with your brothers, so it will be pure and worthy of the Father.

8. Be humble, even when you feel that the Creator has placed great gifts within your being. Remember that I have not brought anyone a crown to make him a king.

9. You multitudes who have gathered to hear My Word: The day approaches when you will no longer be able to hear this word, and you will feel alone, even though My spiritual presence is with you. A new phase will then begin, for I will purify you physically and spiritually, and I will purify the worship and the practices of this people as well, so it may advance to other regions and nations, taking the good news of My Word with them and offering testimony of My teachings of love through their deeds.

10. I have foretold that after 1950, the multitudes that formed this people will seek to communicate with Me from spirit to Spirit, because by then I will no longer give you My Word through human spokesmen. At that point, what will you do with My mandates and principles? What will be the example of spirituality, obedience, and faith that you shall offer those who will enter your company? What will be the example and the seed you shall leave behind for future generations?

11. Know that the time is drawing near, and that it will be the beginning of spiritual communication with God, the end of the kingdom of idolatry and religious fanaticism.

12. Caravans from distant lands will travel to this nation, seeking this testimony. You will receive them with love in your hearts and show them the Book of True Life, which you have formed with the teachings I have given you, without forgetting that your deeds and feelings must be a part of the book you will present.

13. Make use of the years that remain for your instruction and spiritual delight through the hearing of My Word. Do not give occasion for this time to be one of judgment and complaints. Should you disobey the teachings that you have received in this era, from those that Elijah gave you when this manifestation commenced, to those that I will give you throughout the year 1950, then you will have to make amends for your mistakes with great suffering. Do not let it come to this.

14. In order to avoid any kind of desecration, I will cleanse this multitude and afflict all those who have received missions and important positions. I will extend this purification to all aspects of your lives, not only the spiritual. Those who have desecrated My law will be in charge of washing away the stains they have left upon it.

15. O people, I wish for My peace to be manifesed through your spirits, your gaze and your smile. I do not want your face to reflect bitterness or restlessness due to your suffering. You are a nation of people who have been born into suffering, but whose mission it is to triumph over that suffering. You will carry your cross with acceptance and love, you will humbly bow down and triumph over the weaknesses of the flesh. Empty your cup of bitterness with patience, and realize that My divine Word heals your wounds at every moment.

16. When will this word reach all of humanity? The singing of these nightingales has not reached the faraway regions; they have been unable to bring the sweetness of My teachings to the mansions of the great and the homes of the powerful; they have not reached the battlefields, which have been soaked with the blood of men, nor have they reached those spirits living in the new Sodom, or those who are busily constructing the new Tower of Babel. But the word that I am giving you during these last few years of my manifestation will be the message that will reach your brethren tomorrow. That is why I am preparing and purifying you during these moments.

17. Only the lamentations of widows and orphans have reached your ears, together with rumors of war, news of great hardships and tragedies, all of which you have not yet experienced and suffered.

18. Through Me you have come to realize that you are the children of the people of Israel, and through history you know that, in times past, this nation called itself the nation of God, the chosen one, the one upon which the Heavenly Father showered all His graces. Today, I want you to know that this nation, which I have sent to earth once again in this era, has never been loved more than the rest of the world. And even though it received many blessings from Me, it was for the purpose of sharing these blessings with other nations, in order to help mankind become enlightened and discover the true path to salvation.

19. Has this nation fulfilled its mission in times past? Is it obeying the law of love and brotherhood in the present? If you know the ancient history of this people, you are no doubt aware that it experienced great afflictions, adversity, slavery, hunger, pestilence and humiliation as well, because of its disobedience and disloyalty. This nation did not leave behind an example of love, spirituality, and obedience to My law for the future generations. Instead, their legacy was written with the blood of their brothers, of prophets, and of virtuous individuals. It is stained with jealousy, disobedience and discord, sealed with the blood of the Son of God.

20. It is necessary for this people to wash away and cleanse all those shameful stains, to erase all their transgressions from the book and put good works in their place, actions worthy of their Lord.

21. Disciples, do not write another book of disobediences and desecration in this era, for later you will not have enough tears to remove your shameful stains from it. Instead, set a new example for your brethren, one of moral regeneration, reconciliation, brotherhood, obedience, and spiritualization. Your covenant with God in this era is written by your conscience.

22. Allow the remaining years, in which you will continue to receive My teaching, to prepare you for My departure. Fulfill all that I am asking you during these years. Understand that after this period, I do not want mankind to continue in their present imperfections and deceitfulness. When that time arrives, men will get to know My Word through the scriptures I have entrusted to My "golden quills". You will delve into this Book when you study My work, when you feel disturbed by your afflictions, or when you desire consolation.

23. My Spirit enlightens your mind, so you may know how to guide those who will follow in your footsteps.

24. Today I give you My teaching, as I did in the Second Era when I lived among you and showed you how to save mankind with My example.

25. Humanity, not satisfied with that lesson, still demands that innocent blood be shed once more in this time. But the Divine Master has come in spirit, and that proof of love will not be repeated in the same form. Today, I am speaking through human spokesmen, offering you countless rays of My light, with which I give you My wisdom, so that you might be saved and your spirit may follow along the path of love towards your brothers.

26. I have seen that nothing of My teaching of love and humility remains in the hearts of many nations. They have risen against one another, the strong humiliate the weak, and My spiritual messengers, to whom I have entrusted the mission of inspiring peace and agreement among the leaders of the world, have returned to Me with sorrow in their spirits, for none have heeded their words. That is when I have allowed humanity to empty its cup of bitterness, so that this suffering may enlighten it and prompt it to return to its path of spiritual development.

27. In this time of trials, you have Elijah by your side, inspiring you to pray and practice good deeds, so you may counteract the forces of evil. You have your divine intercessor as well, watching more closely than ever before over this humanity, which has ignored her advice and warnings. And you have Me, your Father, unchangeable in My love, giving you one more opportunity to renew yourselves and elevate your spirits, in order for you to attain the reward I have promised you.

28. If, beyond the borders of your nation, your brothers wound and kill one another without mercy, abolish peace, destroy weaker nations, and leave terror, misery and grief in their wake, then must you, whom I have prepared and to whom I have announced these events long ago, watch and pray. Let your heart spread love and mercy among your brothers, and let My instruction become action; this way you will counteract evil.

29. I have chosen you from among the great multitudes that form humanity, to manifest My doctrine and My will, and I have invited every spirit to perfect itself along the path of the fulfillment of My laws. But you have more responsibility than others, because you have experienced the fulfillment of all of My words firsthand.

30. The elements and forces of nature will be unleashed, to purify and restore all that has been stained and desecrated by man on earth.

31. The children of this time are deeply distressed by the current chaos they get to experience at close range, and their innocent hearts elevate themselves in prayer, asking Me to enlighten their leaders and help them make appropriate decisions. They also intercede with Me for those nations that have suffered under the oppression of stronger nations, asking Me to return their freedom to them. These children possess a deep sense of love and justice, and they cry out for peace and goodwill among men. I receive their prayers and transform them into healing balsam, pouring it over those nations entangled in wars.

32. You souls of children, I say to you: Do not depart from the path of humility, obedience, and good emotions. Do not allow yourselves to be contaminated; flee from the influence of evil. Trust Me and allow My light to guide you, illuminating the path of your development.

33. Those of you who have already become adults, I still see you as children as well, and I value your deeds. Take up the light of My teaching and share your concerns with Me. Be strong when faced with pain and accept your destiny. In your prayers you entrust your suffering brothers to Me, and I accept your intercession. I love all of you the same as the rest of My children. I receive your prayers, and through you I bless all of My children, including those who love Me and believe in this word, as well as those who doubt and reject Me. I have touched your hearts, which were as insensitive as a rock just yesterday, and now the waters of love and forgiveness for humanity start to spring from them, which is exactly what I have always asked of you. It is the eternal law without beginning nor end, the law of love and mercy, which to this day has not been practiced by humanity.

34. Today, you draw close to Me, seeking My divine Word which eliminates your suffering and caresses your beaten heart. I come to offer you My warmth, as does a loving bird with its chicks, for I have seen that it has become winter in many hearts: some are shivering from the cold, and others have already died from it. My presence offers you strength during your trials. I do not wish for your faith to be extinguished.

35. Only faith will sustain you in these times of pain. If you want to set an example for your brothers and offer testimony of My Word with your deeds, then be strong, be vigilant, and prepare yourselves. Practice what My doctrine teaches, so that others will believe you. I want you to become strong and enlightened through My teaching, so you may make up for lost time.

36. If you love Me, your hearts will be transformed. You will feel full of life and eagerness to fight for your elevation. You will be My true disciples, and when you face ordeals, you will not depart from Me, nor will you blame Me for the trials of your restitution. You will be satisfied with the fulfillment of your mission, knowing that the spirit becomes purified and perfected in those trials.

37. Make use of the time in which you are receiving My lessons, for after this period you will no longer possess My teaching in this form. But also wait for Me to tell you this: "This is the amount of hearts you will have under your care". These are the limitations I set for you, not for practicing love and forgiveness, but for your work. Even if you should present a meager harvest to Me, if it has been cultivated with love, then it will suffice, and I will receive you and bless your work. You must pay attention that you do not deviate from the path of righteousness, so the light I have delivered to you will be like a shining beacon, illuminating the path of every spirit. It will remove all doubts and give you security. Even if you were to leave the correct path, it will always invite you to return and fulfill your mission.

38. To My other children I say: Do not be impatient; ask Me not for an assignment without first understanding its responsibility. Do not go in haste, for you will soon tire, and the weariness will make you fall asleep, only for you to awaken in another era. The journey of life is long and the path is rough. You must advance step by step, without getting sidetracked. If you triumph over the impulses of the flesh and elevate your spirits, then you will live on a superior level, from where you will be able to clearly see the spiritual life that awaits you.

39. Understand My love, and remember that I am not like the stingy rich man who wants everything for himself. All that is Mine is yours as well, because you are My beloved children.

40. You are the generation chosen in this time to receive My manifestations. I have poured My graces and blessings upon you, because I do not wish for you to return to the earth to redeem past faults. I want to guide you to My Kingdom, so you may enjoy true peace after the fulfillment of your mission.

41. You tell Me that the earth is a place of suffering and torment, but I say to you that you are the ones who have turned it into a world of unhappiness and strife, because you have failed to fulfill your mission. I have taught you humility and obedience, and I have always advised you to seek goodness. I have told you to sow peace, so you may harvest peace in return. Prepare the way for the new generations by sharing My seed with them, so you might see it blossom and bear fruit with them.

42. I have granted you gifts which bring you closer to Me. I have allowed you to look beyond your world and offer testimony of My teachings in the Third Era. No one will be able to prevent the revelation of those gifts any more than anyone can take away the mercy I have granted you. Only your spirit will enable you to comprehend the greatness of the blessings I have granted you. Purify yourselves and work, so that you may soon be with Me and possess the satisfaction of having understood and obeyed My mandates.

43. Today, during this time of restitution, return the peace to those whose faith you have extinguished, heal those whom you have hurt with your words, repay your debts, be merciful and loving with your brothers, and you will be fulfilling My law.

44. Since man is no longer obeying My law, he has created ideas, theories, religions and various doctrines which divide and confuse humanity, binding men's spirits to materialism and keeping them from elevating themselves freely. But the light of My Holy Spirit illuminates all men, revealing the path of the true life. The conscience is the only thing that will guide you along that path.

45. When the great epidemics are unleashed and the scientists will be unable to cure those who suffer, due to their lack of love and mercy, that is when My workers will appear; they are My disciples who have been given the mission of healing and comforting their brothers. The spiritual world will connect with them and offer its blessings to those who are suffering great pain. Watch and pray, for today I am giving My teachings through human spokesmen, but tomorrow only those who are prepared will receive My inspiration and communicate with Me from spirit to Spirit.

46. The "golden quills" will write down My teachings for future generations, for My Word will not be lost. It shall be like a treasure, which you will preserve throughout the times. I tell you that he who finds the divine essence in the depths of My Word, will be the one to follow My example with strength and perseverance. Whoever has faith in this word is like someone who carries a lit torch which illuminates his path, so he will not become confused by false theories or elegant words, for he will have discovered the secret to finding the truth. He will have understood the immense love I have for you, and he will sense that I am with all of My children, encouraging them once more to continue on their journey.

47. You have endured storms and tempests which have torn your clothes to shreds, but you have elevated yourselves in prayer, asking that My mercy keep your lamps from going out. You have found the Divine Master always ready to come to your aid.

48. The path is painful, and one will not reap the fruit of the harvest in this world. But truly, I say to you, that in this time of trials and judgement, a little peace in spirit and a crumb of bread on your table is worth far more than elegant clothes or sumptuous feasts, or even the thrones of the Lords of the earth. I, who enter their hearts, say to you, that they are akin to tombs and that there is much bitterness in their lives.

49. Upon this humble path exist pleasures, satisfactions, and treasures of great value for the spirit. Blessed is he who knows how to value them.

50. Among you are those who have become disgusted by the pleasures of the world and will no longer return to them. But there are some who are still attracted by the false happiness those pleasures offer. If one of them was invited by a bad friend to follow him onto that evil path, but at the same time he was approached by someone ill, requesting a drop of healing balsam, then he would experience an inner struggle between his spirit and his flesh. Should his sentiments of love and mercy towards his brothers triumph, he will separate himself from the bad friend who had tempted him, and he would help the sick person, who had saved him from temptation. What great joy and peace he will feel upon seeing the ill one healed! He will elevate himself in prayer and tell Me: "Thank you, Master, for having given me the strength to triumph over this trial."

51. Behold how those whom you have healed through your mediation offer you their blessings. Behold the joy of him who was able to leave his sick bed thanks to your help. Listen to the grateful words of those who were lost and, with your guidance, have returned to the path of righteousness. There is great joy in your hearts, knowing that you have fulfilled your mission! But woe unto those who are unaware of that joy!

52. This word I give you through the mediation of man is not a human theory. The essence of this manifestation is a divine revelation.

53. My Spirit must cross the threshold of your ignorance to reveal the eternal life to you, because despite all the inspiration and elevation you possess, as long as you are incarnated on this earth, you are unable to grasp what is yours. However, it is awaiting you as a secret in My sanctuary.

54. This is the third revelation, the Third Testament, and that is why you are Trinitarians. Everyone who has received the spiritual sign upon his forehead in this time was with Me in the two previous eras already.

55. I have sent you to endure a great battle among humanity. It is for that reason that you often bring Me your garments, torn to shreds by the struggles of life. But you know very well that your loving Master heals your sorrows and wounds, in the same manner that you heal the pain of your sick brothers in My name.

56. I bless the sleepless nights, the consolation and the caress you have offered those who suffer, as well as the tears you have shed for those who weep in the world. I receive all that you have gathered. Remember that all you do for your brethren, you do for your Father as well, and even for yourselves. Not a single seed is lost upon My fields.

57. If the word that I give you and all that I teach you is perfect, it is because your spirit is perfect, since it originated from Me. Observe how your spirit, enlightened by its conscience, approves good deeds and does not tolerate imperfections.

58. Who among you can prove that you have not existed before this life? Who among those that are absolutely certain they have come to reincarnate once again, could prove that they have settled their account with the Father, and that they have even accumulated additional merits?

59. No one knows upon which rung of perfection one currently resides. Therefore, fight, love, and persevere to the very end.

60. For some their journey on earth will continue for a long time, whereas for others, they will soon have to continue their work in the spiritual life. Truly, I say to you, that it is beautiful to work in the spiritual valley when one has fulfilled all of his work on earth. However, do not believe that by fulfilling your mission in the world you have reached the goal of perfection. The ladder of spiritual perfection is quite lofty, and in order to reach the top, you must go through seven stages.

61. Pray to be strong in your afflictions. Pain will be extraordinarily palpable in the hearts of men this year, because the bitter fruit of science and human ambitions will once again poison and kill large populations of people.

62. All that is stained will be cleansed, and every weed will be pulled out, root and all. I will avail Myself of those who have gone astray today, so I may exercise My divine justice. This valley, which, up until now, has been one of tears, will be one of blood, for it will run in streams upon the earth.

63. I gave man free will, but should he, in his confusion, go so far as to reproach Me, then I will tell him that I also gave him willpower and the ability to reason. At the same time, I revealed My law to him, so he might not stumble or become lost. I sparked the light of the conscience within him, an inner beacon that illuminates the path of the soul and leads him to eternal life.

64. Why does sin exist, why does evil dominate, and why do wars break out? Those things occur because man does not listen to the voice of his conscience and makes bad use of his free will.

65. Men will reach the end of their way and return along it, reaping the fruits of all they have sown. That is the only manner in which they will truly repent, for without recognizing their faults, they can do nothing to correct their mistakes.

66. A new world is being prepared. The new generations are about to arrive, but first, it is necessary to eliminate the hungry wolves, so they will not prey upon the sheep.

67. I have sent you out as soldiers of peace. Do not be frightened in the face of battle. Do not allow yourselves to feel intimidated by representatives of sects and denominations. With all your humility, you are no less than they are.

68. Upon the path of perfection, this infinite ladder, there have always existed beings who go in the front and others who go in the back, but all of them will arrive at the same mansion, for there are no hierarchies in My Divine Kingdom, only children, all of whom I love dearly. I exist within everyone. I hide Myself in the heart of the powerful as well as the heart of the beggar. That is why I say to you: When you see someone in need come to your doors, do not deny him your affectionate help, for it will be your Father who has come to knock upon your heart.

69. I thirst for your love, o beloved children!

70. My communication in this time is yet more proof that I have come to gift you My love. But prepare yourselves, because this communication will soon be over, and I say to you once more that I will speak to you for the last time on the last day of the year 1950. After that day you will seek Me in spirit, within the infinite, and once you are prepared, you will hear My voice in the form of inspiration, no longer with the imperfections of the human spokesmen.

71. Pray, My people, for in the moments of your prayer, wars will cease, the hearts of man will rest, mothers will find consolation and children will find refuge.

72. Woe unto those who have not known how to prepare themselves, for they will feel like orphans upon the earth!

73. Great spiritual events will take place in the world; prophets will start to appear throughout the nations and the contents of the Seven Seals will be made public to all; the light of the Sixth Seal will be recognized as the one shining during this time, for all men and beliefs will unite in this revelation.

My Peace be with you!

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