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The Book of the true Life 2

Teaching 46

The Lord says:

1. Blessed are those who have heard the call of love which invited you to the spiritual banquet to nourish yourselves with the food of eternal life. I have brought you this nourishment, thus fulfilling the promise that I made to you through Jesus.

2. When I notice that you weaken along the path of your evolution, I approach you to fill you with strength, saying to you. Go step by step to the end of your journey with the hope of reaching the promised land. Once your spirit reaches that land, your spirit will attain the true peace that it greatly yearns, as a reward for your faith and perseverance.

3. O people in whom I have delighted, calling you Israel, child of light, and disciple of the Holy Spirit, do not look at whether or not your body is covered by rags or your feet are bare. Your spiritual dignity is not determined by your material possessions. Analyze your deeds in life through your conscience in order to know if your spirit is free from sin.

4. If you suffer when you are faced by the doubt and ridicule of your brothers, accept it. Do you know whether you cried out asking Pilate to crucify me in that time? Do you know whether you were one of those who persecuted my apostles and had them drink the chalice of bitterness?

5. You become silent when I ask you these questions, and I say to you, Forgive those who offend you. Do not create double-edged weapons with my words to hurt your brothers. In this period your evolved spirit should attain serenity, and that serenity should guide your deeds, words, and thoughts. Your spiritual age is no longer that of a child, and under my teaching you have ceased to be toddlers in order to convert yourselves into disciples. Perform your deeds within my doctrine without altering it or disrespecting it. Do not reject anyone from your company. Though you may see stains and errors in one of your brothers, do not consider him an evil person. If someone mixes imperfect ideas with my doctrine or makes bad use of his gifts, correct him in a loving manner, and guide him charitably. Leave him only if he stubbornly continues to be evil and rejects you. Pray for him and leave the cause to me.

6. I am preparing you so that with my light you might resurrect those who are spiritually dead. Save those beings with your prayers and set examples of love for them to follow. Think, my children, about what you will present to your Father when you find yourselves before his presence.

7. It is the Spirit of Truth who speaks to you. You have recognized the tree by its fruit and this fountain by its pure water. That is why you come seeking this path. But it is necessary that you cleanse your being of all selfishness and sinfulness toward your brothers so that the great love that you feel for me will be pure and worthy of the Father.

8. Be humble even when you feel that the Creator has placed great gifts in your being. Behold that I have not brought a crown for anyone in order to make him king.

9. I say to the multitudes who have gathered to hear my voice: The day approaches when this manifestation will cease and you will feel alone, even though my spiritual presence is with you. Then a new phase will begin when I will purify you physically and spiritually, when I will purify the worship and practices of this people in order for it to advance to other regions and other nations, taking the good news of my word and offering testimony of my doctrine through deeds of love.

10. I have foretold you that after 1950 the multitudes which formed this nation will seek to communicate with me from spirit to Spirit because, by then, I will no longer give you my word through human spokesmen. What will you do then with my mandates and principles? What will be the example of spirituality, obedience, and faith that you will offer those who are about to come among you? What will be the example and the seed which you will leave future generations?

11. Be aware that the time is already near and that it will be the beginning of spiritual communication, the end of the kingdom of idolatry and religious fanaticism.

12. Caravans from distant lands will come toward this nation seeking this testimony. You will receive them with love in your hearts, and you will show them the Book of True Life which you have formed with the teachings I have given to you, not forgetting that your deeds and feelings should be a part of a book which you present.

13. Take advantage of the years that remain in which you will be able to listen to my word, thus spiritually rejoicing as you learn my doctrine. Do not let this become a period of judgement and complaints. If you ignore the teachings that you have received in this era, starting with those that Elijah gave you when this manifestation started as well as those that I will give you through 1950, you will need to amend your mistake through great suffering. Do not attempt to do that.

14. In order to avoid my law being disrespected, I am going to cleanse this multitude and touch all of those who have received missions. I will extend this purification to all aspects of your lives, not only the spiritual. The same ones who have disrespected my law will be in charge of washing the stains which they have left upon it.

15. O people, I want my peace to manifest itself throughout your spirits, your eyes and your smiles. I do not want your face to reflect bitterness or restlessness due to your suffering. You are a nation of people who have long suffered, but whose mission is to triumph over that suffering. You will carry your cross with acceptance and love, being humble, and triumphing over the weaknesses of the flesh. Patiently endure your difficult moments, and be aware that my divine word heals your wounds at every moment.

16. When will this word reach all of humanity? The music of these nightingales have not reached the faraway places; they have not brought the sweetness of my teachings to the mansions of the great or to the homes of the powerful; they have not reached the battlefields which have been soaked with the blood of men nor have they reached those individuals who live in the new Sodom or who are busily constructing the new Tower of Babel. But the teachings that I am giving you during these last few years of my manifestation will be the message that will reach your brethren tomorrow. That is why I am preparing and purifying you during these moments.

17. Although you have not seen nor been directly touched by the tragedies that are occurring on earth, you have heard about the wars and catastrophes that are occurring which have caused orphans and widows to weep.

18. You have found out through me that you are the people of Israel, and through history you know that this nation in past times was called the people of God, the chosen one, the one who has received many blessings from the Celestial Father. Today, I want you to know that this nation which I have again sent to earth in this era has never been loved more than the rest of the nations. And if it received many blessings from me, it was for the purpose of sharing these blessings with others in order to help mankind become enlightened and discover the true path to salvation.

19. Has that nation fulfilled its mission in past eras? Is it obeying that law of love and brotherhood in the present era? If you know the ancient history of this people, you are aware that it also experienced great ordeals, adversity, slavery, hunger, illness and humiliation because of its disobedience and disloyalty. Those people did not leave an example of love, spirituality, and obedience to my law for the future generations. Instead, they shed the blood of their brothers, of prophets, and of virtuous individuals. They were jealous, disobedient, quarrelsome, and shed the blood of the Son of God.20. That nation needs to wash and purify all those stains, to cleanse its faults, and to practice good deeds that are worthy of its Lord.

21. You, disciples, should not set an example of disobedience and disrespect in this era, for later you will not have enough tears to cleanse your sorrows and stains. Set a new example for your brethren, an example of regeneration, reconciliation, brotherhood, obedience, and spirituality. Your pact in this era is written by your conscience.

22. Allow the remaining years, in which you will continue to receive my teaching, to prepare you for my departure. Fulfill all that I am asking you during those years. Understand that after this period, I do not want mankind to continue to observe your present imperfections nor deceitfulness. When that time arrives, men will get to know my word through the writings which I have entrusted to my golden pens. Tomorrow, you will utilize this book when you need to study my work, when you are confused by your ordeals, or when you need comforting.

23. My Spirit enlightens your being so that you will know how to guide those beings who are following in your steps.

24. Today, I have come to give you my teaching as I did in the Second Era when I lived among you and showed you, with my example, how to save mankind.

25. Humanity, not satisfied with that lesson, still asks that my innocent blood be shed once more in this time. But the Divine Master has come in spirit, and that proof of love will not be repeated in the same form. Today, I am speaking through human spokesmen, offering you my enlightenment and wisdom so that you might be saved. By loving your brethren, your spirit will evolve along its path.26. I have observed that many nations have forgotten my teaching of love and humility. They have arisen against each other. The strong humiliate the weak, and my spiritual messengers, to whom I have given the mission of inspiring peace and agreement among the leaders, have returned to me with sorrow in their spirits for not having been heard or obeyed. Therefore, I have allowed humanity to endure bitter moments so that, through that suffering, it will become enlightened and return to its path of evolution.

27. In this time of trial, you have Elijah inspiring you to pray and practice good deeds in order for you to counteract the forces of evil. Also, you have your Divine Intercessor watching more closely than ever over this humanity which has ignored her advice and warnings. And you have me, your Father, unchangeable in my love, giving you one more opportunity to regenerate yourselves and elevate your spirits in order for you to attain the reward which I have promised you.28. If beyond your nation, your brothers wound and kill each other without pity, abolish peace, destroy weak nations, and sow terror, misery and grief along their paths, you, whom I have prepared and to whom I announced these events long ago, be vigilant and pray. Send out thoughts of peace so that your hearts pour out love and charity among your brothers.

29. I have chosen you from among the great multitudes which form humanity in order to manifest my doctrine and my will, and I have invited every spirit to perfect itself along its path by fulfilling my Divine will. But you have more responsibility because you have seen the fulfillment of all my words.

30. The elements and forces of nature will be unleashed to purify and restore all that has been stained and disrespected by man on earth.

31. The children of this time are deeply touched observing the chaos that exists on earth, and their innocent hearts elevate themselves in prayer, asking me to enlighten the leaders and to help them make good decisions. They also pray for those nations which have suffered under the oppression of stronger nations and ask me to return their freedom. Those children have a sense of love and justice, and they want peace and good will among men. I receive their prayers and convert them into healing balsam to pour upon those nations in war.

32. I say to young children: Do not depart from the path of humility, obedience, and loving emotions. Do not allow yourselves to be contaminated. Flee from the influence of evil. Trust me and allow my light to guide you, illuminating the path of your evolution.

33. Those of you who are older, I also observe as children and value your deeds. Enlighten yourself with my teaching and tell me about your concerns. Be strong when faced with pain and accept your destiny. In your prayers, you tell me about your brothers who suffer and I accept your prayers on their behalf. I love all of you the same as the rest of my children. I receive your prayers, and I bless you. I bless all of my children, including those who love me and believe in this word as well as those who doubt and reject me. I have touched your hearts which yesterday were as insensitive as a rock. Now you are beginning to practice deeds of love and forgiveness with humanity, which is what I have always asked of you. The law of love and of charity is the eternal law without beginning nor end, which to this day has not been practiced by humanity.

34. Today, you come near me seeking my divine word to eliminate your suffering and to caress your heart, which has endured great turmoil. I come to offer you my warmth, as does a loving bird to its chicks, for I observed that many of you are shivering from coldness and that others have died from that cold. My presence offers you strength during your ordeals. I do not want your faith to be extinguished.

35. Only faith will sustain you in this time of pain. If you want to set an example for your brothers and to offer testimony of my word with your deeds, be strong, be vigilant, and prepare yourselves. Practice what my doctrine teaches so that others will believe you. I want you to become strong and enlightened by my teaching, and to recuperate for lost time.

36. If you love me, your hearts will be transformed. You will feel full of life and eagerness to struggle for your elevation. You will be my true disciples, and when you face ordeals, you will not depart from me nor will you blame me for the trials of your restitution. You will be satisfied fulfilling your restitution, knowing that in those trials the spirit becomes purified and perfected.

37. Take advantage of the time in which you are receiving my lessons, for after this time you will no longer have my teaching under this form. But also wait for me to tell you, This is the portion of hearts which you will have under your care; these are the limits of your work, although you will have no limits in practicing love and forgiveness. For even when you present me a small harvest, if it has been cultivated with love, that will suffice, and I will receive you and bless your work. You will be alert so that you do not leave the path of righteousness, so that the light I have delivered to you will be like a shining light which illuminates the path of every spirit. It will remove all doubts and will have you feel sure of your deeds, but if you were to leave the path, it would always be inviting you to return and fulfill your work.

38. To my other children I say: Do not be impatient nor ask me for an assignment without first understanding its responsibility. Do not walk quickly, for you will soon tire and weariness will cause you to sleep, only to awaken in another era. The journey is long and the way is rough. You should advance step by step without pausing. If you triumph over the impulses of the flesh and are able to elevate your spirits, you will live on a superior level, from where you will be able to clearly observe the spiritual life which awaits you.

39. Understand my love, and be aware that I am not like the stingy rich man who wants everything for himself. All that is mine is also yours because you are my beloved children.

40. You are the generation chosen in this time to receive my manifestations. I have poured my blessings upon you because I do not wish for you to return to earth to redeem past faults. I want to guide you to my kingdom to enjoy true peace after the fulfillment of your mission.

41. You tell me that the earth is a place of suffering and punishment. I say to you that you are the ones who have made earth a world of unhappiness and obstacles due to your disobedience. I have taught you humility and obedience and have always advised you to seek goodness. I have told you to sow peace in order to harvest peace. Prepare the path for new generations by sharing my seed with them. You will then see my seed flourish and bear fruit in those new generations.

42. I have granted you gifts which bring you close to me. I have allowed you to see beyond your world and offer testimony of my teachings in the Third Era. No one will be able to restrain the manifestation of those gifts, any more than anyone can prevent my charity toward you. Only your conscience will enable you to comprehend the greatness of the blessings which I have granted you. Purify yourselves and work so that you soon may be with me and have the satisfaction of having understood and obeyed my mandates.

43. Today, during this time of restitution, return peace to those whose faith you have extinguished, heal those whom you have hurt with your words, repay your debts, be charitable and loving with your brothers, and you will be obeying my law.

44. Because man is no longer obeying my law, he has created ideas, theories, religions and various doctrines which divide and confuse humanity, enslaving his spirit to materialism and keeping it from elevating freely. But the light of my Holy Spirit illuminates all men, signaling the path of the true life. The conscience is the only one who will guide you along that path.

45. When the great epidemics are unleashed, men of science will not be able to cure those who suffer due to their lack of love and charity. My workers will then appear; they are my disciples who have been given the mission of curing and comforting their brothers. The spiritual world will unite with them and offer its blessings to those who are greatly suffering. Be vigilant and pray, for today I am giving my teachings through human spokesmen, but tomorrow only those who are prepared will receive my inspiration and will communicate with me from spirit to Spirit.

46. The golden pens will write my teachings for future generations, for my word will not be lost. It will be like a treasure which you preserve throughout the times. I say to you that whoever finds the divine essence in the depth of this word will be the one who will follow my example with firmness and perseverance. Whoever has faith in this word is like the one who carries the lighted torch to illuminate his path without becoming confused with false theories or elegant words, for he will have discovered the secret to finding truth. He will have understood the immense love which I have for you and will feel that I am with all of my children, encouraging them once more to continue the journey.

47. You have endured difficult ordeals which have torn your clothes into shreds, but you have elevated yourselves in prayer, asking that my charity keep your lamps from going out, and have found the Divine Master always ready to come to your aid.

48. The path is painful, and in this world one does not reap the fruit of the harvest. But truly I say to you that in this time of trials and judgement, a little peace in the spirit and a crumb of bread on your table is worth more than elegant clothes or rich feasts, or even the thrones of those who are kings on earth. I, who penetrate into their hearts, say to you that they are like tombs and that there is much bitterness in their lives.

49. On this humble path there exists pleasures, satisfactions, and treasures of great value to the spirit. Blessed is the one who knows how to value them.

50. Among you are those who became disgusted by the pleasures of the world and will no longer return to them. But there are others who are still attracted by the false happiness which those pleasures offer. If one of these individuals was invited by a bad friend to follow the wrong path and, at the same time, that individual was approached by someone ill requesting a drop of healing balsam, then that individual would experience an inner struggle between his spirit and the flesh. However, if his sentiments of love and charity toward his brothers triumphed, separating himself from the bad friend who had tempted him, he would help the sick person. Then that sick person, in reality, saved him from that temptation. What great joy and peace he would feel when that person became healed! Then he would elevate himself in prayer and say: Thank you, Master, for having given me the strength to triumph in this ordeal.

51. Behold how those whom you have healed offer you their blessings. Behold the joy in one who has left his sick bed with your help. Listen to the grateful words of those who are lost and who have returned to the righteous path with your guidance. There is great joy in your heart knowing that you have fulfilled your mission! But woe unto those who are unaware of that joy!

52. This word which I give you through man is not human theory. The essence of this manifestation contains a divine revelation.

53. To help man overcome his spiritual ignorance, it is necessary that I reveal to him those things that pertain to eternal life. You have not been able to attain that spiritual knowledge that belongs to you from the spiritual inspiration and elevation you have received while dwelling on earth, but my secret sanctuary awaits to reveal it to you.

54. This is the third revelation, the Third Testament, and that is why you are Trinitarians. Everyone who has received the spiritual sign on his forehead in this time was already with me in two previous eras.

55. I have sent you to endure a great struggle among humanity. It is for that reason that you often bring me your garments torn into shreds by the battles of life. But you know very well that your loving Master cures your sorrows and your wounds in the same manner that you heal the pain of your sick brothers in my name.

56. I bless the concern you have shown for the one who suffers, the comfort and the caress that you have offered him, and the tears which you have shed for the one who weeps in the world. I receive all that you have gathered. Remember that all that you do for your brethren, you do for your Father and for yourselves. Not one single seed is lost in my field.

57. If the word which you are hearing and all that I teach you is perfect, it is because your spirit is perfect since it originated from me. Observe how your spirit, enlightened by its conscience, approves good deeds and does not accept imperfections.

58. Who among you would be able to prove that you have not existed before this life? Who among you that is absolutely certain that you have come to reincarnate on earth again could prove that you have settled your debt with the Father and that you have accumulated extra merits?

59. No one knows where he is on the ladder of perfection. Therefore, you need to struggle, love, and persevere to the end.

60. For some their journey on earth will still take a long time, whereas for others, they will soon continue with their journey in the spiritual valley. Verily I say to you that it is very beautiful to work in the spiritual valley when one has fulfilled all of his work on earth. But do not believe that by fulfilling your mission in the world you have reached the goal of perfection. The ladder of spiritual perfection is very long, and in order to reach the top, you must go through seven steps.

61. Pray to be strong in your ordeals. Pain will be felt very deeply this year in the hearts of men because once again the bitter fruit of science and human ambitions will poison and kill large populations of people.

62. All that is stained will be cleansed, and every weed will be pulled out by the root. I will use those individuals who today have gone astray in order to exercise my divine justice, and this valley, which up until now has been one of tears, will be one of blood, for it will run in streams on the earth.

63. I gave free will to man, but if in his confusion he complains about it, I will tell him that I also gave him the ability to choose and comprehend. At the same time, I revealed my law to him, so that he might not stumble or become lost, and endowed him with a conscience, which is an inner light that illuminates the way of the spirit and leads it to eternal life.

64. Why does sin exist and evil dominate, and why do wars break out? Those things occur because man does not listen to his conscience and does not use his free will wisely.

65. Men will come to the end of their own path and return along the same way, reaping the fruit of all they have sown. That is the only manner in which they will truly repent, for without recognizing their faults, they can do nothing to correct their errors.

66. A new world is in preparation. The new generations are about to arrive, but before that occurs, it is necessary to separate the hungry wolves so that they do not prey on the sheep.

67. I have sent you as soldiers of peace. Do not be frightened when faced by the battle. Do not allow yourselves to feel intimidated by men of different sects and religions. With all your humility, you are no less than they.

68. On this path of perfection, which is an infinite ladder, there have always been beings who go before and others who go behind, but all of them will arrive at the same mansion, for there are no hierarchies in my divine kingdom, only children whom I greatly love. I am in everyone. I hide in the heart of the powerful as well as in the beggar. That is why I say to you that when you see a needy individual come to your doors, do not deny him charity, for it will be your Father who has come to summon your heart.

69. I am thirsty for your love, O beloved children!

70. My communication in this time is one more proof that I have come to give you my love. But prepare yourselves, because this communication will soon pass, and I say to you once again that I will speak to you for the last time on the last day of 1950. After that day you will seek me spiritually in the infinite and when you are prepared, you will hear my voice in the form of inspiration, no longer with the imperfections of the human spokesman.

71. Pray, my people, for in those moments in which you pray, wars cease, people feel rested, mothers find comfort and children find refuge.

72. Woe unto those who have not known how to prepare themselves, for they will feel like orphans on the earth!

73. Great spiritual events will be seen in the world; prophets will appear in nations and the contents of the Seven Seals will be known by all individuals; the light of the Seventh Seal will be recognized as the one which shines in this period, for this revelation will unite men of all races and beliefs. My Peace be with you!

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