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The Book of True Life

Teaching 045/366

The Master teaches:

Sit down at the Table of Love and eat the Bread of eternal Life

Divine Revelations - Mexico

1866 - 1950

The Lord says:

1. The light of My Spirit descends upon you. I come to give you the treasure of peace and to clothe you with the garment of humility. If humanity wishes to tear your garment to shreds, let it; may those shreds serve to cover its nakedness.

2. Among these multitudes are those who, without having seen Me, nonetheless believe, love, and follow Me. Blessed are they, for they will enter the Promised Land.

3. On this day you commemorate the resurrection of your Master, and truly, I say to you, that many of you will arise to the life of grace, with the light of My Word.

4. It was only as a man that I was born and died, for as God I had no beginning, nor will I have an end. Jesus was born out of the purity of love that the Father has towards humanity, taking human form in the womb of a virtuous maiden, who was chosen for this mission by the Creator.

5. The deeds and words of Jesus were the way which he came to trace for you, the path that will lead you to the Kingdom of Heaven. But Christ, through the body of Jesus, felt all the pain and sorrow of the world; He knew agony and, in spirit, wanted to enter the regions of darkness where spiritual beings awaited Him as well. But I say to you that the suffering of Jesus in the supreme hour of his agony on the cross was understood by no one. There was an instant in which He felt alone between heaven and earth, whipped by the unleashed elements and abandoned by His disciples. It was then that He exclaimed: "My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me?" The people cast Him out from among them and His Spirit left Him.

6. By virtue of My power, Jesus could have been wholly insensitive to physical pain. However, I did not come to deceive you in regards to My human nature. My pain was unprecedented, My death was real, and so, too, was My blood.

7. While the body of the Master lay in the tomb, the Divine Spirit illuminated the dwelling places where both the virtuous and the sinners alike awaited Him, so that His mercy would take them to a new era. The blood of the Lamb not only traced the path of spiritual development for beings of this world, but also for those in the spiritual valley. Once that mission of love was fulfilled, the body of Jesus united with the Divine Spirit in the same way that it took human form.

8. If the body of Jesus did not originate from the earth, why then should He have paid tribute to it like all other men? He had told them: "My Kingdom is not of this world."

9. Your spirit awakens by the sound of My teaching, because it has partaken of the bread of eternal life, which is My Word. Strengthen yourselves with My doctrine, for the moment approaches when men, like hungry wolves, will throw themselves upon you to judge you, and it is not My will that you leave your faith and peace in the hands of your persecutors.

10. Use the time in which My manifestation in this form is still present. If you do not prepare yourselves and strengthen your faith today, tomorrow you will yearn and weep for this period in which I gave you these teachings and blessings, wishing to hear My Word one more time. Many of you will say: "Master! What would I not give to once again listen to one of Your teachings through those individuals whom I so severely judged and considered imperfect."

11. Make true use of My teaching, now that I am delivering it to you through these My spokesmen, My children, whom I have chosen and prepared for this task. Their lips have given you words of wisdom and love. They have humbly separated themselves from the world and are now drinking from the cup of bitterness on your behalf, knowing that they are instruments of the Father, tools for His communication with you.

12. Though you come to these humble places in this time to hear My Word, you can elevate your prayers from wherever you may be. You can pray in your bedroom, your workplace, on the road, in a valley or along a riverbank; Wherever you are, I will listen to your prayers.

13. Learn to cleanse your hearts and elevate your spirits towards Me, in order to receive spiritual communion. Do not forget that you carry Me within the most intimate part of your beings. Elevate yourselves towards Me, so that, upon the end of the year 1950, your spirits will not be filled with fear, saying: "Master, You have departed from us." Truly, I say to you, that whoever prepares himself will communicate with my Divinity from spirit to Spirit at that moment.

14. If you would have used only one of the many teachings I have given you, and would have guided your deeds on earth according to the laws thereof, truly, I tell you, that My arrival in this period would not have been necessary, because My entire doctrine is contained within what you have received to this day.

15. Once again I will give you My Word, so that your spirits might feel that they find themselves at the banquet of eternal life. Rejoice like My apostle John did as he perceived the revelations from the hereafter.

16. All disbelief will disappear from among you in this time, because I will leave you like an illuminating lamp of faith among humanity.

17. Every time I appear before you and give you My Word, your pain disappears. That is because your spirits feel My presence and refresh themselves with My love.

18. Those who gather in these houses of prayer are not the only ones who hear Me; the great multitudes of spiritual beings also witness this manifestation and receive My light. Among those multitudes are those who were your parents on earth, your companions, and even your children. All are ascending along the ladder of development.

19. Your hearts are filled with joy upon hearing Me speak in such a manner, and in those moments you feel that it is the glory of the Father opening up, pouring out its grace upon every creature of the Lord.

20. The light of My love illuminating the path of development of all My children, has created confusion among the men of science, when they discovered that the beginning of creation is not what they had imagined it to be. But I will speak to them from the top of the mountain, and the force of My voice, through the elements of nature, will make the earth tremble and show them the truth.

21. O My people, if you wish to enter into communication with My Divinity, do not consider these spokesmen through whom I communicate as superior. Study and analyze My Word, and you will feel as though you were in My sanctuary, rejoicing at the spiritual meaning of My doctrine. Thus, you will be prepared to offer testimony to your brethren, that this is the Third Era and that, during this period, I have manifested Myself as the Holy Spirit.

22. I am currently selecting My new disciples from among this humanity, whereby I say to the men: "Renew yourselves", and to the women I say: "Do not sin any more". My forgiveness has purified all of you, so that you might begin a new life.

23. You who have tasted much bitterness: Drink milk and honey from this cup of love I have come to offer you.

24. Rejoice to be in possession of this spiritual gift. Do not grieve too much about the maintenance of your physical body. Remember how I have told you: "Man does not live by bread alone, but by each of God’s words."

25. I have found all of you lost, and I showed you the right path by telling you: "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Follow Me to the end."

26. I have not forced anyone to follow Me, nor have I threatened anyone for not doing so. Truly, the law of restitution, which every man prepares for himself, exists so that each spirit will develop and attain purity and enlightenment. However, contrary to popular belief, a hell of eternal fire does not actually exist, just as divine punishment does not exist. Do not misinterpret what you have been told through symbols in times past.

27. Today you are listening to Me, and each individual has recognized his mission, all the while Elijah, as an untiring servant of the Lord, gathers the 144000 new disciples; 12000 children from each tribe of this people, so they may receive a sign upon their foreheads, marking them as Marian Trinitarian Spiritualists.

28. Should you tire along the path of life, come to Me and rest as you listen to this word, for I am still with you.

29. This word is the bread which I come to bring to your lips; its spiritual essence is the crystalline water which helps to cleanse your soul of all its stains.

30. You fear that the whirlwinds will separate you from this path, and that you will be weak to the passions of the flesh once more. You fear the gossip of the people, as well as their judgement. You fear the world which separates you from Me with its numerous temptations.

31. Since you have not understood My Word, you believe I demand that you abandon and renounce everything that is material, whereas what I am actually teaching you is that you must give to the spirit what belongs to the spirit, and to the material body what belongs to the material body. For as long as you dwell in this valley of tears, you will not achieve perfection, but you must prepare yourselves by spreading love and mercy among your brothers, so that, when you enter the spiritual valley, you will gather the fruit of your harvest.

32. The secret I am revealing to you is My own Spirit, which resides beyond Jacob's ladder. I am not on the ladder because I am perfect. Only the beings that seek perfection are on that ladder. Who could believe that My doctrine is a burden to his spirit? If you compare its weight to that of a cross, you will understand that I am your helper.

33. Who could separate himself from Me when I am everywhere? There are those who would attempt to leave My presence to sow the seeds I have entrusted to them in secret, and then reap the harvest for themselves; but I offer you fertile lands. Whoever attempts to depart from Me will have to go into the desert. Who has ever seen a seed grow in scorching desert sands? There, in their solitude, they will be unable to attend the banquet you now enjoy with Me, nor will they listen to the singing of the birds that delighted you.

34. Whoever has felt the desire in his heart to abandon the cross does so because he has not become aware of his mission nor his destiny.

35. How many of you confess to Me that you are guilty and sinful, and yet you are among those who love Me! There are many who say they love, but they do not even have faith in Me. They believe in Me when they receive blessings, but when a trial comes around, they deny Me!

36. This Third Era has been an invitation for your spirit. It has been summoned to possess the grace of belonging to those who will receive the divine fruit from all three eras.

37. Now that humanity is at the height of its perversity, My Spirit is manifesting itself to mankind, utilizing words that man is able to understand, all in an effort to save him, to show him the path of his restitution and help him to fulfill it, and to make him aware of the reward that awaits him.

38. To those who hear Me, I say: Do not carry filthy dust on your sandals. Seek Me, I am your salvation. I am the vessel that rescued you from the shipwreck, carried you away from the raging sea of sin, and brought you to the Promised Land.

39. Why have you encountered pain along your path? Why have you hurt your feet on the pebbles strewn along the way? Why are you experiencing such great thirst and weariness? It is because yesterday you already journeyed along this path, but you did not clear it for those who came after you, unaware that you would have to travel it once again. If you have never quenched the thirst of someone who is thirsty, why would you expect someone to quench yours?

40. I alone may quench your spirit’s thirst for love and peace. My Word is crystalline water, and it is being poured out among you. Enjoy it while you drink it, and invite your brothers to do the same. Truly, I say to you, that you will finally behold all souls attain unity and peace.

41. In the Second Era you could see Me, because I came as a man, but today I have come in spirit. Even though you are unable to behold Me physically, the sensitivity of your spirit has been quite able to feel Me, because I am now manifesting My presence to you. Who among those who hear Me have not felt My presence in their hearts? Who among you has not trembled before My Word, which is like a pervasive gaze, reaching your spirit with its light?

42. I speak to you as the Master, not as a judge. Do not seek Me as a judge, for instead of judging you, I wish to spread comfort and life among you.

43. I have opened your eyes so you would become aware of the fact that My law is being stained on earth, but do not judge those who are staining it. Become familiar with My law, so that you will not separate from My path when men attempt to hide it from you, and you may guide the one who walks in darkness.

44. You have not come to this world to humiliate anyone. Truly, I say to you: In contrast, you would be far better off if you did not speak of My Word or if your life was cut short.

45. My people, you do not know what I have in store for you. Do not believe that what you have heard to this day is all that I have come to tell you. I will reveal great lessons to you, and you will develop great spiritual gifts.

46. My teaching comes to help you achieve communication from spirit to Spirit with your Father, for that is how you will attain salvation. Open your hearts and preserve My divine word until the time comes to reveal it to your brothers, for this divine word will convert sinners and heal the sick.

47. The path which I trace for you during this time is not of blood, but of life. Come to Me, disciples, and rest from your sorrows. Allow My Word to relieve your hunger and thirst for love and peace, so that, when I have showered you with many spiritual goods, you will imitate the virgins in My parable. You will light your lamp and eagerly await the return of your virtuous husband, so that you may welcome Him when He knocks at your door.

48. Whoever keeps My Word in his heart and has faith in it will find peace and good fortune along his path on earth. He will achieve his spiritual ascent along the road that leads to My Kingdom.

49. With love I bestow My Word upon you, gifting you the true life and teaching you to do the same for your brethren, because many of them are dead in faith. Everything you do in My name will be realized for your brethren as well. But if, instead of offering blessings along your way, you gossip about your fellow men or judge them; truly, I say to you, that you will be sentencing yourselves, for you will be measured by the same rod you measure others with.

50. If you have offended Me, ask Me for forgiveness. If your brother has offended you, forgive him, as he may not know what he has done. However, should you yourselves continue to offend, despite having been enlightened by these teachings you are receiving, then you can no longer claim to be innocent. If you were to offend others, you would be more callous than a rock, for I am teaching you to be magnanimous with your brothers.

51. Study My Word, so that death will not surprise you and the darkness will not shroud the path of development for your spirit. My teaching is the only book that contains truth from start to finish, in every word. In this era I have opened that book before you once again, in order to help you awaken to eternal life, and to gather you in the sheepfold of My love, for I behold that you are lost, like sheep without a shepherd.

52. My voice is calling all spirits, to free them from the burdens of the world. Some of My children have recognized that voice, others have not, for their spirits, blinded by the materialism of this time, have not remembered it. But I, the Shepherd, having the 99 sheep in the shelter of My love, which is My Kingdom, descended to the earth in search of the lost one.

53. How long have you nourished yourselves with bitter fruits, which have caused you to forget the sweet fruit of eternal life. Only after hearing My Word have you recognized the true nourishment of the spirit.

54. In earlier times, overwhelmed by the pain of your sins, you arose in vain to seek the path of your spiritual development. Today, I have united you, made you aware of your spiritual gifts, and increased the size of this multitude. But truly, I say to you: Do not become vain because of the grace you received. Do not judge those who have sinned, nor humiliate those who have made mistakes. Remember and meditate on the teaching I had given you in the Second Era, when the adulteress was brought to Me. Remember the parable of the Publican, the Pharisee, and the good Samaritan. The spiritual meaning of those teachings is eternally valid. You will be able to apply them in your lives today, tomorrow, and forevermore. I gave you parables in the Second Era, sometimes at riverbanks, other times in the desert or on a mountain. It was the divine message I brought to you in Christ, before man sentenced and crucified Me in Jerusalem.

55. I was My Will that My Word remain in your hearts, so that mercy and love may spring forth from them, and that you might take to the road and heal the sick, without expecting anything in return. You will do good out of love for your brothers.

56. Do not call yourselves spiritualists if you are disgusted by those who are ill and feel repulsed when their bodies are draped in rags. For as long as you separate yourselves from sinners out of fear of spiritual contamination, you cannot be My disciples.

57. Behold, here is My new Word, which you must unite with the ones I gave you in past times. Through the minds of various spokesmen I have given it to you during this time, so that, in it, you may find confirmation that everything which was spoken by one, was spoken by all.

58. Prepare yourselves, men and women, for among you are those through whom I will give My Word.

59. Here is the husband who knocked at the door of the virgins, and since they were expecting Him, they opened it, welcomed Him in, and in their house was a celebration.

60. Some of you have taken a seat at the table of love, to partake of the bread of My Word and drink of the wine, its divine essence. Many of you were with Me in the Second Era and have been listening to My words then as well. Others observed My apostles in different regions sowing the seed of faith in Christ into the hearts of their brethren, offering them proof of the truth, healing the sick, cleansing the lepers, and giving comfort to the sorrowful. But those who did not partake of the feast back then will be nourished today, and those who were not on earth at that time will be on earth today.

61. I am currently selecting My disciples once again. Remember how, in the Second Era, I washed the feet of the twelve apostles, whom I chose according to My mercy, and bestowed a kiss of love upon them. With this I wanted to make you understand that if even the Lord was willing to do so, then what must you do to your brethren?

62. Full of humility I come to comfort and save you, so that when you set out to fulfill your mission, showing humanity the true path, you will leave a trail of meekness along the way. Can anyone who has not washed his feet before beginning his journey leave a trail of true purity?

63. Behold the Lamb which voluntarily sacrificed itself, so that its blood might be within all its children, as a symbol of love, tracing the path of spiritual development for humanity.

64. I see those among you who shall follow Me, and I also see those who shall weep and make great promises to follow Me, but who will eventually turn their backs on Me. I am still among you; use each moment, for I will soon leave you and, from the heavens, observe all those who have received this heritage, obeying My mandates. All who cleanse their hearts in order to pass on My Word to their brethren will be strong through their purity, mercy, love, and humility. But whoever glorifies himself and betrays My work shall be weak towards the temptations.

65. Your nation has opened its doors, allowing great multitudes of people from different lands to arrive. For I have told you that in this era it will not be 12 chosen ones, but 12000 from all 12 tribes, adding up to 144000 who shall bring My Word to humanity. Some dwell in the spiritual valley, others reside on earth. Those who are in the hereafter and did not know My teaching will reincarnate on earth, so that all will come together. These are the ones who will carry the cross and drink from the cup of bitterness, out of love for their brothers.

66. Today you partake of the bread and wine of the Kingdom of Heaven through the spiritual essence of My teaching, all the while humanity continues to represent this lesson with the bread and wine of the earth.

67. Remain close to Me so you may protect one another and feel strong, for the wolves are lying in wait to ambush you, and the pharisees who hide among the crowds are the same ones from past times. They are still unable to recognize Me, because they are confused. They are the hypocrites who hide their sins behind a false purity.

68. Watch and pray, for they will be the first to tell you that I am the false Christ. Some will show you the prophecies from the First Era and others those from the Second Era, all in an attempt to prove to you that what you have witnessed has been announced to be false. They will tell you not to allow yourselves to be deceived by these manifestations. Truly, I say to you: Beware of them and of those who merely speak of My doctrine and fail to confirm their words with their deeds.

69. Examine yourselves before your conscience and ask yourselves if you felt peace after having listened to My teaching. Have the sick recovered? Have you felt inspired to do good and to love one another? Have you renewed yourselves? "Yes", your conscience responds.

70. Remember the past and relive it. Here is the table upon which sits the food that bestows eternal life. Again I tell you that, today, My body and blood are represented by My own word. A crumb of this bread suffices to give a spirit eternal life. The sick who nourish themselves with this bread will become healthy, and whoever drinks this wine with reverence for My doctrine and spiritual elevation will attain eternal peace.

71. Whoever remembers My Word in the sublime moment of his death on earth will find that the gifts and blessings contained within My Word exist in his spirit as well; thus, he will be able to perceive the light of My Holy Spirit on his journey.

72. The hidden thoughts of the Father have been revealed to the poor and humble. Whoever drinks of this wine will feel that his spirit is strengthened. Whoever closes his lips to not drink of this wine, fearing for his life, will die in spirit, and only My love will be able to resurrect him. When it is My will to do so, I will come to him and ask: "Why did you not drink of My wine? Arise, I am the one who spoke through the mouths of men, the same one who today resurrects you to a life of grace. Who besides Me possesses the power to resurrect the dead?"

73. As I deliver My teaching to you, I observe the hearts of all who are present. Some of you have relinquished your hearts to Me, nourished by My Word, until they had satisfied their hunger for love and comfort. Others think of ways to destroy this work, because they do not believe in it and are worried over the great multitudes of dedicated individuals who gather in these houses of prayer to hear My Word.

74. Eat of this bread of eternal life. Drink of the wine, its spiritual content is the divine flavor of My Word.

75. Do not forget the things I have done for you, so that you might do them for your brothers as well. As I have loved you, love your fellow men. Place the needy at your table and give them the best seat.

76. Each of My words contain an abundance of revelations, all for you to study them carefully, because the moment of My departure draws near, and you will feel lonesome. You will remain as sheep among wolves, but I will comfort you. That is when your mission will begin; some will enter homes in the vicinity, others will go to districts, and yet others will travel to foreign lands. You shall be good workers upon My fields, never tiring of sowing My seed of peace and love. It will not be necessary for you to carry many supplies for the journey, for I will watch over you. You shall neither fear the stress of weather nor the elements of nature. I am present throughout all of creation.

77. I will guide you to the homes of those who share your faith. They will receive you with joy, and from there you will summon others, gathering together to pray and deliver My message to them. These "last" ones shall be the "first", and they will set out to sow as new apostles, as you taught them.

78. My fields are expansive, yet My sowers are still few. But it is My will that the 144000 be marked during the time I deliver My teaching in this form, for they are the ones through whom I will manifest Myself to humanity in this era. Whoever gives testimony of Me, I will give testimony of him as well. Similarly, anyone who betrays Me will have to present himself to My justice.

79. Behold, all of you have partaken of the Lamb. Nevertheless, among you I see the one who will betray Me; not in this moment, not on this night, but when seduced by the temptations of the world, he will accept the shiny coins in exchange for his brothers. Since no one knows who that could be, you ask in your hearts: "Master, who could it be?" I merely tell you: "Watch and pray, so you will not fall into temptation."

80. There will also be the one who will deny Me in this time, and it will be soon. On this very night, there will be someone who will deny where he has been and to whom he has listened. May no one deny Me out of fear of the world, because his pain will be great indeed.

81. In the Second Era, Jesus went to pray in the Garden of Olives, for his sacrifice was drawing near. Today, I come to tell you: Pray and recall that example, so you may find strength in the Lord. Truly, I say to you: The cup from which I drank that night was very bitter. Likewise, the cup that humanity offers Me today is incredibly bitter as well! That cup contains the tears, the blood, and the pain of all humanity.

82. O beloved disciples, that is why I teach you to pray as you await the great afflictions; but the sins of all men will never weigh upon just one of them. Only Christ carried all of humanity's sins upon his shoulders, from Adam to the very last.

83. Those who inwardly ridicule these manifestations are the ones who are spitting in My face, and those who are judging Me now are the ones who whipped Me in the Second Era. The sin and the deep darkness of this humanity form the prison in which I am tormented.

84. Prepare yourselves, for the crowds of unbelievers and the multitudes of confused spirits will persecute you. But then I will tell them: "Depart from My disciples, for they are innocent."

85. Watch and pray, live in peace, and you will possess My strength in your spirits, for you will nourish yourselves with the bread of eternal life.

86. The time has come for you to remember Christ, the Divine Master, in His last moments on the cross; those hours of darkness in the world, when My presence enlightened the spirits that awaited Me.

87. In this Third Era, humanity has lifted Me to a new Calvary. From My cross I observe you, o multitudes. The light of My Spirit descends upon mankind, as in the time when My blood was shed, drop by drop, upon humanity. My divine sufferings are like wounds, opening up in the presence of the sins and ingratitude of man. But today, divine water will spring forth from My wounds, so that the blind might see and the wicked be redeemed. If you wound a tree, sap will emerge from it; I am the tree of the true life, and I give you life when you attempt to destroy Me.

88. Who will aid Me in carrying My cross in this era? You, disciples! Whoever weeps for his sins, repents, and renewes himself will be remembered by humanity, like that sinful woman who wet My feet with her tears and dried them with her hair.

89. Blessed are those who feel the pain of their Lord in their hearts, as well as His thirst for love, for in the hereafter I will have them behold Me in all My splendor.

90. While the death of Jesus on earth separated Him from the arms of His loving Mother, today in eternity, the Mother and the Son are united in the divine love. You must know that if Christ is the Word of God, Mary is the divine maternal tenderness, and from the infinite, right next to the cross you have once again prepared for Me, she lovingly extends her mantle to cover you and turns her maternal gaze towards you, full of forgiveness.

91. Do not forget these manifestations, and when the year 1950 has passed, you shall gather to recall these teachings. Then your eyes will swell with tears, from sadness, but from joy at the same time. You will feel sadness because you will remember the time you listened to My Word, and you will feel joy because you will have finally entered the period in which you may communicate with Me from spirit to Spirit.

My Peace be with you!

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