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The Book of True Life

Teaching 062/366

The Master teaches:

I am the Gate to the New Jerusalem & Prepare your Hearts now

Divine Revelations - Mexico

1866 - 1950

The Lord says:

1. Beloved disciples: I come to confirm to you that all I said to you in times past is now being fulfilled. In like manner will be fulfilled what I have prophesied during this era through the human faculty of mind. This is why faith has been rekindled among these multitudes, those who initially came to scrutinize My Word and ascertain if it was true that the divine Master was delivering His doctrines of love to His children. Thereafter they dedicated themselves to the study and analysis of these My teachings, to convey this doctrine to mankind.

2. You begin to love all that is worthy of your heart, cleansed of passions, and of your spirit, and imperceptibly you cease loving all that you had previously strived for in the world. Thus the Spirit of Truth speaks to you during this time, manifesting His Word through uneducated, simple and sinful creatures. You have erected small and humble gathering places in the most remote corners of the cities and villages, and within them have congregated the multitudes, eager to listen to My teaching.

3. In times past, men heard Jesus speaking in the villages, at the riverbanks and in the countryside, until the moment came when My work had to be consummated, and I entered Jerusalem, the city whose name will forever be entwined with that of the Master. However, the people there would not allow Me to leave, not because they loved Me, but because they were to put to death the One who brought them the message of a greater teaching than what they had received from their lord up to that point.

4. Now Christ says to you: "I am the gate to the new Jerusalem. Blessed be all who enter the luminous and holy city therethrough, for they will never again leave it, not because they will meet death, on the contrary, for there they shall find life eternal."

5. Your physical bodies are lowered into the Earth, in whose bosom they will blend and make it fertile, for even after death they will retain their vitality and life. In the meantime, your spirit, standing above your being, will not remain on this Earth, and instead will travel with the soul, appearing before it as a book, whose profound and wise lessons will be studied by the soul. This is when your spiritual eyes will be opened to the truth, and in an instant you will be able to interpret everything that you were unable to comprehend throughout your entire life. Then you will understand what it means to be children of God, brothers of your fellow men. Then you will understand the value of all that you may have possessed. You will experience sorrow and repentance for the transgressions committed, for the time lost, and from within you will emerge the most beautiful resolve to do better and make amends.

6. It was necessary for Me to come during this time with a more complete and extensive teaching, to clarify mysteries and destroy ignorance, so you might recognize all the gifts your Father has endowed you with. Without this knowledge and development you would have been unable to approach Me, incessantly navigating your sea of uncertainties.

7. You were unable to utilize the gifts and powers you possess due to your ignorance, but whenever they did spontaneously manifest in any of My children, there was always someone that declared them abnormal, attributing to them occult and unnatural powers.

8. Poor humanity, who, despite having as its God the true God, neither knows nor understands Him, just as it had been unable to know itself, because its religious fanaticism has covered its eyes with a veil of darkness; a consequence of that impure and imperfect worship that has always been an obstacle to its spiritual elevation and development. But I, the one and only true Shepherd of all spirits capable of leading them to the home destined for them by My mercy, have come in search of the sheep gone astray, to guide them towards the path of light leading to the heavenly fold.

9. For this purpose I have come to show you a new page of the Book of the True Life.

10. I will not take anything away from you; on the contrary, I leave you everything. The time has not yet come for Me to harvest.

11. With My divine teachings I instruct you on how to cultivate the land, and once you have made progress in the exploration and understanding of My law, you will make it known to your brethren with the testimony of your deeds of love and compassion. From eternity I will watch your every step, keeping watch over your sowing, and when the time is right you will present your harvest to Me.

12. You live in a time of trials. Not a single hour of any day passes without you being submitted to some form of test. Under their burden the men of the world blaspheme, and the surprised disciple asks himself: "Why, if I am following in the footsteps of the Master, do I feel overwhelmed by the weight of my trials?" The Master answers you: He who follows Me will carry a cross, and the more diligent he is in following and imitating Me, the more bitter will his cup be, because without trials, what would you be? When would you come to Me?

13. The bliss of the spirit is reserved for those who carry upon their shoulders the burden of their cross, who have an expression of forgiveness for the ones who offend them, a comforting word for those who suffer, and a hand that blesses whoever crosses their path.

14. Those who raise themselves up with acquiescence after falling down upon the painful path of their life will attain grace, and those who will not throw away the cross of their mission will reach the summit of the mountain with it. These will have followed the Master in their life, and they will be with Him in His kingdom.

15. Do not believe that Christ, having been God made man, bled and died without feeling pain during His agony. Truly, I tell you: The pain of Christ was real, and there has not been a torment before or after that could rival its intensity. It was so excruciating for His flesh that His very body cried out: "My God! My God! Why have you forsaken Me?"

16. You will be offered the cup of suffering as well. Do not reject it, for you will never be given a trial that would surpass your strength!

17. I awaken you with My light, and likewise will I awaken the religions with the truth of this Word.

18. My merciful love has illuminated each and every spirit during this time, and within them surged questions and disquiet. Men and women arise in search of the light, for they feel like castaways in the midst of a storm.

19. One and all sense the arrival of a new era, from the scientists lost in the sea of this life, to the laymen lacking in understanding. How many of those men, as they search for Me, will come across you and ask you what you were taught by the Master! Not all will come with a gentle demeanour, there will be some who will demand proof in order to believe, and others who will threaten you! That is the time for which you will need to be prepared, that will be the opportunity to earn merits before your Father.

20. You shall speak as I have taught you. From your lips shall not emerge eloquent words lacking any substance, as men tend to do. May only humble, simple and sincere words emerge from your lips, for these shall move the hearts of those who receive them. Additionally, make yourselves worthy of receiving the mysteries contained within the hidden chamber of My heart, waiting for the moment to be revealed by Me. Be encouraged in Me, do not back away from anything. It is not My will for men to silence you through intimidation, and thus quash the voices of My people.

21. Properly evaluate the trials you have already experienced, so you will not fear those which are yet to come! You have triumphed over the pharaoh, you have passed over the idols you previously worshiped, as if they were your God, you have left behind the traditions, obeyed the divine law and rejected religious fanaticism. In this struggle have your spirits been tempered.

22. Ascribe to your body no greater importance than it really has, nor allow it to occupy the place that is reserved for your spirit alone.

23. Understand that this physical body is merely the instrument your spirit requires to manifest itself on this Earth.

24. You shall work towards the fulfillment of your mission clothed in humility, and you will be astonished to behold a mysterious force preparing everything along your way. And so, when you are about to sow the seed of My doctrine within a heart, you shall discover that, even before you approached the individual in question, it has already been prepared to receive the seed in its heart.

25. Do not despair when faced with the barrenness of the fields during this time. Do not be discouraged if, upon sowing a seed, you discover that beneath the soil only stones exist. Fight those very stones! I am providing you with the tools for the job. Have faith, and I promise to manifest Myself where you need Me.

26. Be vigilant, for men will prepare themselves and unite in great and mighty groups, without even knowing the reason for why they are doing so. However, you know they are in search of My third revelation, in search of the One who promised them He would return. They will seek the light within past testaments, in hope of finding a word that would confirm their belief that this is the time of My return as the Holy Spirit.

27. Men inquire of Me, saying: "Lord, if you exist, then why do you not manifest Yourself among us, considering that during times past you descended to our world? Why will you not come today? Is our iniquity so great that it prevents You from coming to our aid? Always have You sought the lost, the blind, the leper, and the world is now full of them. Do we no longer stir Your compassion? You told your apostles that You would return to men, that You would give signs of Your arrival, which we now believe to see. Why will You not show us Your holy countenance?"

28. Behold, thus are men waiting for Me, failing to sense that I am among them already. I am before their very eyes, and they do not see Me. I speak to them, and they do not hear My voice, and when they finally glimpse Me for an instant, they deny Me. Yet I continue to give testimony of Myself, and those who hold out hope for Me, I will continue to await.

29. Truly, the signs of My manifestation during this time have been great indeed, and even the blood of men, shed in torrents and saturating the Earth, has marked the time of My presence among you as the Holy Spirit.

30. Everything was written in the book of the seven seals found within God Himself, the existence of which was revealed to mankind through the apostle and prophet John. Only the divine lamb has revealed the contents of that book to you, for there was not one just spirit on Earth or in heaven that could explain the profound mysteries of love, life and the justice of God. But the divine lamb, which is Christ, broke the seals that secured the book of life, to reveal its contents to His children. And now Elijah has been sent as the representative of the Third Era, and as forerunner of My communication among men, to prepare your spirits, so they might understand this revelation. It was him who placed the very first stone of the temple of the Holy Spirit, it was him who revealed to you that you are living during the time of the sixth seal, and that all those who will listen to and behold these manifestations will be witnesses before mankind, to whom they would convey My truth, attesting to the reality of My manifestation with their deeds.

31. The first intermediaries through whom this light was manifested were prepared by My grace. However, to be considered worthy of My manifestation, they prayed and persevered in faith, reverence and elevation. Among them were My son Roque and My servant Damiana, spokespeople, through whom the arrival of the Third Era was announced to mankind. First Elijah through Roque, and later the divine Word through Damiana. Through their mediation I began to call upon the sons of Israel, marking the chosen ones of each tribe.

32. Ever since that time, some of My children have sought to extinguish this light, but truly, I tell you: No one will be able to do this, for the light of the sixth lampstand comes from God. In fact, those who attempted to rebel against this light have kindled its flame all the more.

33. Now then, study My teaching and tell Me if any of these prophecies could have been fulfilled in the bosom of some religion.

34. With the word of love and life have I taught you the perfect worship, and you have discovered a new connection with your Father, thereby preparing you for the perfect communication of spirit to Spirit.

35. The gifts that the spirit possesses have been revealed to you, and you have come to understand that, despite possessing an inheritance, you were not aware of it. I have convinced you of My presence by granting you the blessings which only My compassion could achieve, both in your physical health as well as in your morale, for only the light of faith will allow you to reach the end of your spiritual journey of restitution.

36. Today I receive the offering and petition of every one of My children.

37. Cast all weariness off your spirit and body, because for the time being you still must wander and work. The time of suffering has coincided with that of My arrival, so you will not remain alone. What great joy will those experience who counteract the suffering in their lives by practicing My doctrine!

38. During this time will your hearts learn to beat with love for others, for in truth will you recognize one another as brothers in God. The hand of him who loves will be strong, to lift up the fallen. From the rock that feels the touch of My mercy will stream unceasing water.

39. As of yet the lips of these people's children remain closed, for they do not announce to the world that Christ, the Rabbi, has returned. However, your silence must not endure any longer, because otherwise you shall lament your disobedience later on.

40. Truly believe that your deeds will remain as a seed for future generations, and that you had to pass through the crucible of suffering to be purified, to understand the gifts I have given you. Many of you had to cleanse yourselves in the waters of purification. The mind of the spokesperson, the heart of the one who had to guide the multitudes, the hand of the one who had to heal the sick, the spiritual vision of those who had to enter the great beyond to prophesy; all were purified.

41. The pain, the cup of bitterness and the trials of your life have steeled you, so you could withstand the battle that approaches, for truly, I tell you: Your faith, your spiritualization and your patience will be put to the test by mankind. This I not only say to whoever is listening to Me right now, but to anyone who would set out to pick up his cross and follow Me after the time of this manifestation.

42. Clothe yourselves with gentleness, compassion and humility, so you may be recognized as My disciples. Should you truly conduct yourselves as disciples of Jesus, then even the pharisees who would approach you, concealed behind a mask to pounce on you, will transform from wolves into gentle lambs when faced with your example.

43. I wish to save you with My light. There is not one individual today who could say that he or she is saved. Truly, I tell you: If, during this time, I would offer you salvation in exchange for a righteous individual, you would be lost, for you could not present to Me a single one.

44. Mankind suffers shipwreck in the midst of a storm of sins and vices. Man, by allowing the development of his passions, not only contaminates his spirit as he matures, for even the children, during their tender infancy, experience the capsizing of the vessels in which they sail. My Word, brimming with revelations, rises from the midst of this humanity, like an immense beacon, revealing to the shipwrecked the true route to salvation, reviving the hope within those who were close to losing their faith.

45. It is written that "all eyes shall see Me", for, in spirit, all will know My truth. The blind will open their eyes to the light and behold Elijah guiding the multitudes into My presence. The faithless world will see itself overwhelmed by these kinds of testimonies, surprises and proofs, and while some will deny Me, brandishing the holy scriptures as proof, others will rejoice, for they will behold the arrival of the fulfillment of many prophecies I announced through the mouth of My prophets, as well as through the mouth of Jesus Himself.

46. Those who await My arrival within the bosom of their churches do not even suspect where and in what form I will manifest Myself, even though My manifestation has made itself felt through numerous events. Like lightning emerging in the East and disappearing in the West, that is how My arrival has been, however, the vibration and reflection of My Spirit have remained among you, transformed into human words, so you may come to understand who the One was that knocked at the door of the hearts of men, and why the signs were given.

47. I wished to communicate through humble and unspoiled faculties, because they are free of prejudices and erroneous interpretations of My law, and as such they were the ones most fit to convey My Word with the greatest purity. This Word will be heatedly debated by mankind, even if people were to place upon it a veil of indifference, for during this time it will be the only thing to shine a light into many a mystery and falsity.

48. Truly, I tell you: After the year 1950 I will assail all the ecclesiastical rituals celebrated in the world with My might and justice, and should their ministers and pastors fail to awaken at the sound of this wake-up call, I, availing Myself of the children, will speak to them. Just as My justice will be visited upon the nations, so will all the sects and denominations be subjected to these trials. Every crown, every scepter, every title and hierarchy shall be judged.

49. My people: Where do you keep the words and teachings I have brought you with so much love? Behold, this Word has been the divine caress with which your Father has awakened you during this time. Or, perhaps, will you wait for the unleashed forces of nature to come and wake you from your slumber?

50. The Father does not wish to appear before His people with accusations, but rather to bless their deeds. However, as of yet the resolution of regeneration has not appeared among you, because you have been unable to understand all the love your Master has proven to have for you, rescuing you from the gutter to clothe you with His grace.

51. Do you not hear the voice of the spirit telling you that you are the disciples of the Third Era? Heed that voice and pull yourselves together! Your Master has already written down the law within the hearts of men through His passion, His doctrine and His example; the law which you must follow. The apostles, those martyrs, fought for the care and nurture of the seed of My doctrine. Now you fight for the good of the generations of tomorrow, because from this seed you will gather the ripe fruits that will bring peace and joy to your spirits.

52. The love for your God, the mercy towards your brethren, and the longing for perfection; let these things guide you towards the practice of My teachings. May not the pain or fear of My justice be the things motivating you to work, because this way your merits would not appear truthful in My eyes.

53. Allow the other nations to first awaken to this new era, beholding entire swathes of land devastated by floods, nations destroyed by war and pestilence annihilating lives. These people, conceited by their sciences and lulled into a deep slumber by the blossoming splendor of their religions, will not acknowledge My Word in this humble form, nor will they feel My manifestation in spirit. That is why the Earth must be shaken first, and nature will tell men: "The times have been fulfilled, and the Father has arrived among you." In order for mankind to awaken, for them to open their eyes and accept that I am the One who has arrived, first must the power and pride of man be put to rest. Your mission, however, is to watch, pray and to prepare yourselves.

54. Someone tells Me within his heart: "Father, how is it possible that, even though You love us so much, you have us feel Your justice in this manner?" To that I answer: If My justice were not to answer your actions in this manner, you would be irrevocably lost. If I allow suffering to come upon you, and even death, it is because the pain purifies the spirit, and death regenerates it. Why should you not partake of the cup of suffering and death, considering it was you who created it in the first place? Truly, I tell you: Pain and death in the flesh are much less dreadful than what the spirit would feel through remorse or the grief of having offended its Creator with its faults.

55. You listen without understanding. Do not leave the responsibility of understanding My Word entirely to your spirit or your earthbound mind, without both taking care of the part that corresponds to them. The conscience must be the thing to dictate what each of the two is responsible for.

56. When you experience Me arriving among you, filled with peace, are you not moved with compassion as you think of those of your brethren who do not have a moment of peace? Would it not bring you joy if I told you that, through your prayers and thoughts, filled with compassion, your brethren can awaken to the light?

57. The Father came in times past to save His children; today it shall be men who will save one another, with the love their Father has taught them.

58. My compassion has bridged My kingdom and the Earth. This bridge is My people; through them shall the multitudes reach the Promised Land.

59. I have distributed My wisdom among My people, and Mary has placed her love into your hearts; yet where is this love and this wisdom you have still not offered Me? What do you do with that which you receive from the divine mercy? For a few moments you doubt, because I come in Spirit. Feel Me in this manner, for truly, I tell you: You will never again have Me as a man.

60. Through the mouth of the spokesman you listen to My Word, and this voice has called to all who have strayed from the path, those who, believing to have found better places than the ones the Father had assigned to each and every one of His children, have gone in search of men, pleasures and the riches of the world. These children have come into My presence with their garments tattered, with disgusted hearts and with traces of material intoxication left within their entire being. When the Father asks you for your garments, understand that He means the one of human dignity, white and pure, and you must always present it to Me in this manner.

61. Many of them are returning to Me now. Is it perhaps because they love Me? No, it is because the moment came when the world could no longer offer them what they demanded, so this is when they remembered that I exist. However, I receive them nonetheless, because now that they listen to Me, they repent for their sins, and within their hearts will be born a love for the Father. Within My children will dawn the light of My Word, and the night of their past will dissipate in its wake.

62. Quench your thirst thoroughly, for remember that, very soon, your word shall be the thing to quench the thirst of your brothers. Should you still be thirsty despite listening to Me and drinking from this wine, it is because your hearts desire the glories of the world. Only My supremely patient and loving Word will be able to perform the miracle of your transformation, and then you will truly be worthy of setting out on your journey and delivering My teaching to your brethren. None shall you humiliate, nor shall you deny My compassion to anyone; none shall you prefer over the other, for then I would not be your example. By chance, do you believe that My blood, shed upon the cross, has ceased from falling upon any of the sinners?

63. When John the Baptist announced the imminent coming of the kingdom of heaven, his prophecy was meant for everyone. This prophet and forerunner of Christ has been among you during this time. He came before My ray of light communicated through the faculty of the human mind, and he also came to announce to you that the arrival of the Holy Spirit was close at hand. His announcement, his prophecy, was directed at one and all, without distinction, and you knew him during this time under the name of Elijah, because he is the spirit of that prophet who has been among mankind througout all eras; he is the forerunner who has prepared the way for the Lord. That is why I welcome everyone, for I did not come to judge your sins or humiliate the one who has sullied himself the most. These will belong to those who shall love Me most ardently, because many were their transgressions, yet all were forgiven.

64. The "star" that announces My presence and My Word has only been seen by the humble. The kings and scientists have slept in their grandeur, unable to discover the divine light in the sky. They would not set out to follow it, unlike the kings of the East who left everything behind to reach this heavenly light announcing to the world the arrival of the Savior. If the scientists would seek My light, and if those who live in wealth would put some of My teachings into practice, they would feel My presence within their hearts.

65. I once said to you that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a wealthy miser to enter the kingdom of God. Today I say to you that those hearts must put aside their egotism and practice brotherly love towards their neighbours, so their spirits might be able to make the journey along the narrow path of salvation. It is not necessary to deprive themselves of possessions and riches, but only to free themselves of egotism.

66. How many of you possessed some manner of wealth on Earth some time ago, forgetting the miseries and needs of your fellow men. However, when the hour of judgment came for you spirits, you felt that the magnitude of your sins was so great, and that the spiritual gate is so narrow, you realized you would not be able to pass through.

67. Today it is not a wealth of material goods you must share with the needy. Your wealth during this time consists of light and spiritual knowledge, with which you may consider yourselves rich in spirit. However, remember this: If it is a grave transgression in the eyes of God to deny your brothers the riches of the world while you cling to them, then what would it mean to deny them the spiritual gifts of grace, of which you never run out, no matter how many you impart? What justice would be visited upon these rich in spirit, so egotistical in their dealings and behaviour?

68. I have destined you to impart great lessons to mankind. Truly, I tell you: This people has not been formed by chance, nor has a single heart joined it by accident. The 144000 who are to get to work in spirit and body, shall be like an open book of light, experience and restitution. That is why I am touching their spirits through their conscience, and truly, I tell you, should they not be converted during the day, they shall be converted at nightfall. They will raise their gaze towards the Father and set out on the path of fulfillment.

69. I shall give you more time, so you may meditate on your mission and prepare your hearts. I send you out during this time for you to give testimony of My truth. The sixth seal speaks, its light spreads, its mystery is clarified. Call the men, women and children, so they may listen to My Word, for the year 1950 will arrive, and My voice will cease to be heard in this manner.

My Peace be with you!

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