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The Book of the true Life 3

Teaching 64

The Lord says:

1. Here is My lesson, beloved disciples, analyze it and put into practice My Divine teaching. This seed, which I entrust to you, is sacred; cultivate it, understand that from it will depend the fruit that you obtain.

2. During the Second Era I said to you: "In the house of My Father there are many mansions", that is to say, there are many worlds where the spirit is able to attain his complete evolution. Earn merits so that you may attain an elevated place in the mansion where the light and spiritual peace will glow with greater intensity. Where will you penetrate after this life? Only I know, that is why I say to you that with good deeds you will work toward a level from where you will be able to ascend until you reach the true spiritual peace, and that you will not delay that moment when your spirit receives the reward that he conquered with those deeds of love toward his brethren.

3. So you see that it is not a punishment that awaits the one who has not complied with the mission the Father entrusted to him. You will only gather the result of your deeds.

4. It is not a tribunal of God created by the human imagination where you will see Me in that hour of judgment; it shall be within unknown worlds where the spirits will enter to find a purer and more brilliant light which will illuminate those who in life have gone forth in search of the truth and elevation. Those who did not seek My truth will enter in places of expiation where they will restitute their spirit his purity to continue forward and reach Me, because no one will be lost.

5. How decisive will be at that instant the mission of your conscience, because no one will be able to silence the voice of that judge who lives indissolubly united to your spirit! You will analyze all the actions of your life and no one will feel judged with excessive severity or more than enough benevolence. That is where that light, which I placed from the beginning to illuminate the path of the spirit will shine intensely.

6. Love one another from one nation to another, unite into one sole brotherhood, so that tomorrow when you dwell in different mansions, you may love one another from one world to the other.

7. Verily I say to you that there is not a more joyous day for a spirit than when he offers his fulfillment before His Creator, if that fruit turns out to be agreeable before His infinite wisdom.

8. The spirits of light, those whom you call angels, will come to meet you to present you before your Father.

9. During the Second Era on seeing Jesus arrive your voices exclaimed: "Hosanna, Hosanna to Him who comes in the name of the Lord!" Now, when you feel that My Spirit approaches, you open the doors of the sanctuary of your heart, you enter there in silence, and you manifest to Me an inner joy which overwhelms you.

10. I am the same One of that Era, you too, are also the same ones; My teaching is also the same; nevertheless your evolution is greater and that is why you seek a communication and a more perfect worship toward your Creator. Now, when you pray, your spirit separated from the body, merges with the angels who inhabit spiritual space to intone with them a hymn that is not of the Earth but of Heaven.

11. When Mankind commemorates the birth of the Savior, the heart of men is filled with a joy and hope which they are unable to explain; the same thing happens when you commemorate the passion and sacrifice of your Lord; you experience, even though for an instant, an unexplainable sadness, and that is because I am always being born and dying in the heart of men.

12. I have wanted all of you to live eternally, and I can do it, because I am the life; for that purpose I have always manifested Myself to My children under different forms and that is why I have given you My Law, so that it will indicate the path through which you are able to reach Me. When Mankind has considered themselves lost toward the eternal life, I have come to grant them My forgiveness and to erase with My lessons of love their blemishes, allowing them to restitute for their sins.

13. Upon the tables of the Law of the First Era, how much blood has been shed trying to erase what was written in them; upon My Doctrine of the Second Era how much profanation has been made without being able to tarnish that light; but I have forgiven everything, because forgiveness is resurrection and life, and I have said that "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life."

14. Someone usually asks Me: Master, if you forgive our faults, why do you allow us to cleanse them through suffering? To this I answer: I forgive you, but it is necessary for you to correct those faults in order for you to give back to your spirit his limpidity.

15. In the Second Era I said to you: "Ask and it shall be given, knock and it shall be opened". Today I say to you that your hand should always knock on the door of the Father and not that of the Judge. Seek My love, My wisdom, My forgiveness, but do not seek My Justice which is inexorable.

16. Virtue has been spurned and regarded as something harmful or useless; now the time has come when you will understand that only virtue will save you; it will make you feel the peace and fill you with satisfaction; but still virtue has yet to suffer many setbacks and humiliations in order to penetrate all hearts; the warriors who shall defend it will have to fight with a great effort and faith. Where are those warriors of righteousness, charity and peace? Do you believe that you are the ones? You examine yourselves inwardly and answer Me that you are not the ones; on the other hand, I say that with good will, all of you can be some of those warriors; then why do you believe that I have come among you?

17. If you do your bit by placing all your love toward this cause, you will have earned the merit of having prepared the path for the advent of the new generations, who shall bring to the world a message of happiness.

18. Much of what I have said to you in My lessons is for you to comply with them: but you must also realize that through you I am also speaking to your children. Listen and analyze so that your physical body will humble itself and help your spirit along the path I am outlining with My lessons of love.

19. The moment for you to find Me was propitious for you; hunger had overwhelmed you and with the fruit of this tree, you have recovered your strength.

20. This is a time of danger for Humanity and men still find themselves distant from the Ark of salvation, which is My Law.

21. I am preparing the disciples who will have to demonstrate to the world that the fulfillment of My Law is not an impossibility nor does it signify a sacrifice.

22. By loving your fellowman you are saved; complying with that precept is not a penance. He who lives to serve his own brother, feeling and relieving his pain, a brief prayer to Me will be enough, so that I may perform miracles through him.

23. I do not send My emissaries to far away lands yet, because they still have much to learn; when they feel strong and ready from within their heart they will tell Me: Master, we are already prepared. I shall penetrate the sanctuary of those disciples and there I will find submission, humility, wisdom and charity.

24. I shall give My caress to the laborer and show him the way; that pathway, even though extensive, will draw him closer to Me; along it are the thorns, on its sides are the abysses, sometimes the ambushes and other dangers, also the temptations, but he who faithfully perseveres on it will feel My presence at every footstep, because I have always said that I am the Way. Who can even think that I will forsake him in the struggle? How can you believe that I will abandon you when you are complying with My Law, since in your past I have never separated from you? Allow Me to test you; the trials of life strengthen the spirit, they temper the heart and perfect it.

25. When will men dream of attaining perfection for their spirit? Today they do not even have peace, because good will does not exist among them. The light of the Heaven will begin to reflect itself on this world, when in man this honest disposition emerges to guide their footsteps along the road of fraternity, of mutual respect, of love for one another.

26. Men and women of these people: you are: simple and humble and that is why I deliver you My teaching to you with simple words, so that everyone will understand them. My Word is the stronghold of your faith and your hope, and the benefits and charities with which I am sowing your pathway are the incentive and stimulant for you to continue the journey without weakening in your trials.

27. This Humanity, divided into kingdoms and nations, perceives that that the time of My spiritual manifestation has arrived; inwardly they are waiting and longing for Me. How pleasing will it be for them the announcement that you convey to them of My presence and My communication with you!

28. 0, My people! Prepare yourselves so that you can be the heralds of the good news! When that time arrives, may you never close your mouth nor your arm be idle to sow and cultivate the portion of earth that corresponds to you.

29. Some people have already received the visit of those forerunners, but it is necessary for the laborers indoctrinated by the Master Himself during the Third Era to be able to give watering to that seed thirsty for the dew of grace.

30. How soon you will behold good fruits being given by people who today you believe to be of hardened hearts and very distant from spirituality!

31. The fields will be fertile, because they have been greatly prepared; the nettle and the chaff will be removed from them until they are cleansed. So, when My disciples get there and seeing them ready, they will say to Me: Thank you Master.

32. The time for that preaching shall be announced by means of the resounding bell, which will be set ringing.

33. This nation shall be disposed and ready to receive the multitudes who approach it when seeking sustenance and peace. You people, prepare yourselves, clean your dwelling and prepare the best dish so that you may seat the foreigner at your table.

34. Verily I say to you that in those caravans will come from beggars to kings; those who find hospitality and love in you will elevate a hymn of gratitude toward the infinite.

35. Those who have been marked by My charity know that they are guardians and warriors of this Ark and that they must destroy all trace of idolatry and fanaticism. Great is the struggle that awaits you but the torch of your faith will save you. You have known what are slander, persecution and intrigue. You have already suffered all these trials, which shall not surprise you if they appear again along your path, because the road that leads to My Kingdom is not a path of roses; it is the one which bears the bloody imprint of My footsteps. That is why I say to you: Blessed are those who suffer persecution and slander for My cause, and bread and water is denied them, because they will reach Me and shall be exalted.

36. Do not fear the insults nor the blasphemy; remember that they were also hurled at your Master; do not fear what men say about you what you are not; remember that they called Me a sorcerer and a wizard. If the world hates you, remember that they hated Me first before you.

37. Learn to remain silent and leave your cause to Me. Be the intercessors of the very same ones who offend you and your merit shall be great. Today you ignore many faults of your fellowmen but when you are able to judge with true justice their faults shall be revealed to you because then you will be qualified to teach and save your brethren.

38. Those are the paths of the spirit, which the good disciple of the Holy Spirit has to know and travel through without losing himself.

39. The son of light will be able to walk among darkness and there he will know how to find the lost one in order to save him.

40. How is it possible that during this period when Humanity laments, you still dream of possessing great material riches? By chance, have I given you my peace so that you can only think of your worldly ambitions? Incessantly rumors of war reach you and you do nothing to prepare yourselves. It has been a long time since I have been asking for your unification and still I find you divided. When will all of Humanity feel desirous to unite spiritually in thought and in will? I have already told you that on the day that you unite you shall be the invulnerable wall that will withstand all aggression. You should already be strong, because the fruit of these trees has been abundant, and it has been all yours.

41. Do you not bear within your spirit the miracles that I have delivered to each one of you? Have you not understood that all I have taught you has been a revelation of your Father? If someone is ashamed to be a disciple of this work, it must be because he has not understood anything about My teaching. Today you can still be at peace even though you fail in your spiritual duties; however, the trials will come, then you will lament; your last moment will come and you will not know how to penetrate that world which awaits you, nor be able to quiet the voice of your conscience. Behold that through one of you who complies and obeys Me, how many hearts reach My presence! Be aware how those who would want to know if you are truly hearing the Holy Spirit observe you during each one of your footsteps.

42. Do you believe that if a blasphemy or an obscene word pours out from your lips, the unbeliever would think that you are disciples of Christ, the Divine Word? By chance, are those the words and those phrases the proverbs and maxims that I have taught you? The children also observe you; why do you quarrel in front of them? Behold that what you are doing with that example is that the wickedness of Cain will penetrate among the children. Keep in mind that they are your next heirs, those who will reveal what you learned and what you were along the path of your God and Lord.

43. Work for a good reward for yourself cultivating a good fruit for your brethren. Prepare yourselves for the future times because before My departure there will still be a division amongst you, because temptation will touch everyone. It is necessary for you to be watchful. Pray and practice My Divine teaching; truly I say to you that these short moments that you dedicate to the practice of righteousness, will allow its benefits to be felt even in many of the generations after yours. No one has been able nor will ever lay out his own destiny, that is only for Me to decide. Have confidence in My will and you will cover the journey without greater obstacles.

44. Judge well when I say to you that the leaf of a tree does not move without My will, thus you will know when I am the One who is testing you and when you yourselves fill your cup of bitterness in order to blame Me later. Then you become judges and regard Me as a culprit. Know how to recognize your errors and correct them. Learn to forgive the defects of your brethren and if you are unable to correct them, at least extend a veil of indulgence upon them.

45. Your prayer for your brethren has reached Me, because you have penetrated the sanctuary of the Father, and there your spirit has felt safe. Those who seek peace, those who seek a path that will lead them toward a better life, are the ones who penetrate My sanctuary. Those who seek earthly treasures and honors, desperately struggle to find other paths. I say to you that the peace, which is only in My Spirit, at last will be aspired and sought by all.

46. Who or what can give you true peace for the spirit on Earth? Only the infinite love of your Father can.

47. There are wealthy people, who are not healthy or know happiness, and poor people who although are healthy, do not know what they possess and live embittered because they wish for wealth or comfort. I do not behold noble ambitions within the heart of men, and when they manage to have them, they do not pursue that ideal along righteous paths; you have proof in those senseless and contemptible wars of beings who possess the light of God.

48. I am the peace; in My infinite wisdom exists all that you would wish, however when have the nations prayed to obtain My peace? When have men who guide and govern people raised their eyes toward Me? When have the armies knelt before their heavenly Father to ask forgiveness after having killed their fellowmen? And peace is so deceptive that it is necessary to be watchful and be prepared to know how to retain it, and not allow it to return to Me. Behold how you remain filled with peace after listening to Me, and with that grace you leave the houses of prayer and reach your home; but how brief are the moments when you are able to retain that peace in your heart! I have named you the "people of peace", the "sons of peace". That is why you have not decided to rise to teach the good news, for you know that in order to convey peace, it is necessary to possess it; but when are you going to comply with that sublime mandate?

49. Disciples: Learn to retain My peace, convert it into a sword and destroy discord and disunity which exists in your home; keep on filling with peace the life of those around you, so it will serve as a practice and tomorrow you will convey peace to other homes and other people. That is the mission that I am depositing in your granary.

50. How soon these people would be recognized if within their bosom there would be peace, and if during their lifetime they would show it; the hurricanes, tempests and whirlwinds would disperse on reaching the strength of your peacefulness; while a division exists among these people, there shall be a weakness, and its doors will be opened to ambushes.

51. My word within these houses of prayer has descended in torrents; My miracles have been in abundance to encourage your faith. By chance, have you not understood the meaning of My Work among you?

52. I have named you Israel in order for you to arise in strength to follow Me and convey My peace and My Law within the heart of Mankind. This is your destiny, and the moment will come when these people will emerge in the world filled with spiritual strength. They will appear as a light during the time of confusion and doubt, when hunger and thirst for truth will be greater.

53. The Master says to you: O My people, may your hand never be empty or your heart miserable, for you do not know the moment when you might be surrounded by the multitudes of the needy or overwhelmed by questions of the scrutinizers. Your duty is to give everyone of the abundance I have poured upon your spirit. Do not feel yourselves superior to others nor believe that you are the most loved and only possessors of the truth which includes the Divine revelations and the indulgencies of the Father, for you would be in danger of falling under the dominance of others, as in ancient times Israel fell under a bondage because of its disobedience to My mandates.

54. How would your heart feel while beholding your children deviating from the pathway, disappointed by your example? How would your spirit feel if from the Hereafter He would observe the new generations seeking Me through idolatry?

55. The tribes are still dispersed; the greater part of these people have not yet found the pathway; it is necessary for those who have heard this voice and received My mandates, to be vigilant and prepared to await the arrival of the multitudes, so when they see your unity and your worship, they will recognize My Doctrine and will follow Me; do not expect them to be of only one race or nation, for among them will come men of all races.

56. Step by step Elijah comes to guide his flock, and truly I say to you that the moment when you find one another will soon come to pass.

57. I have named you the strong ones of My dwelling, and at every moment I give you My Divine strength, in order to be vigilant over the mission which I have entrusted to you, praying within My inner sanctuary which exists in each one of you.

58. Welcome are those who forsake the world for a few moments to come and listen to My word. Truly I say that through one of you who learns and practices My lesson, a region would be spared; in the same way if all these people would prepare themselves and pray with love, they would obtain salvation for Mankind. It is not that your number is small rather your love is still very limited. For the time being cleanse your heart. Who else better than you know his defects and blemishes? Understand this and purify yourself from all that your conscience demands of you.

59. There are many who try to apologize for their sins, and I ask you: By chance, did the Father place upon the son that burden of work and suffering? Am I not the One who has come during all eras to lighten your load of hardships and afflictions?

60. At every moment My voice calls you toward the righteous path where peace exists, but your deaf ear has only an instant of sensitivity before that voice, and that moment is the last one of your life, when the agony gives you notice of the near death of the body. Then it is when you want to begin your life to correct your faults, to calm down your spirit before the judgment of your conscience and be able to offer something worthy and meritorious to the Father.

61. I am the Way and I have showed you that path since the first footsteps of Mankind on Earth. Tell Me: When have I left you without help or without light? In what age or in what era have I erased My Law from your spirit? I have never ceased to speak to you, that is why today I come to ask for your harvest. By means of My new communication I have appealed to you with a Divine exactness and absolute justice, and I hold you responsible for your faults against My Law.

62. I have named as disciples all of you who have listened to this word, but it is necessary for you to manifest it with your good behavior, and that you spread this good news so that the present Humanity prepares the way for the new generations. Those beings should not come to drink that cup of bitterness and pain from the first days of their infancy, for they bring another mission; however, if you make them drink from that cup, for that you will answer to Me.

63. Oh, if you would only live with the simplicity of the birds who live loving one another, and when they feel that winter is near, they undertake a flight in search of better climates, but leaving their prepared nests in the trees, serving as a dwelling for their brethren! The winter of your life is your old age, but you, who are men of little faith, behold in that winter the coldness of death and the end, without realizing that always after winter there comes spring with its restorations, its melodies and its fragrances.

64. That small faith in the spiritual resurrection after this life, is what occupies you in what is human and material up to the last moment of your existence, without preparing the wings of the spirit to undertake that flight and without leaving a nest formed with virtue and faith for the new dwellers.

65. You are not like the birds, because your world is not of peace; rather you are warriors who fight in an endless battle, and I say to you: Fight with nobleness, use weapons of justice, persevere in righteousness, for it is the truth; leave the paths prepared for the new warriors, leave the field free and clean for them so that reasoning, love and justice will finally prevail there, while you come to rest within Me.

66. I have to speak to you in this manner, because your world lives involved in wars of all kinds. When the trials reach the world they always surprise them unprepared, because while they think and meditate very little on the eternal, they very much enjoy praises of the world and of the flesh.

67. Verily I say to you that if at this period men do not cleanse the blemishes that they have left in their spirit, the elements will come as heralds announcing My justice and My glory and purifying Mankind of all impurity.

68. Blessed are the men, women and children who upon realizing the proximity of that justice, glorify My name, sensing that the day of the Lord has arrived, because their heart will tell them that the end of the reign of evil draws near. I say to you that these people, through their faith, their hope and their good deeds, will be saved, but how many of those who live during those days are going to blaspheme!

69. O Humanity who believes there is need for riches and earthly possessions to win the world, and you forget that Christ was born in a manger and not having anything on Earth, nevertheless He won the heart of Mankind; He made the people His subjects and was proclaimed King and Lord.

70. When you come to comprehend and feel the truth you will see how easy it is for the spirit to follow the steps of His Master, even during the most difficult trials. Do whatever corresponds to your part, for I will not ask for more than what you are capable of doing; then you will have left the path ready for the new generations; I recommend the children to you and I advise that you guide them along the right path. Congregate them, speak to them about Me with love and tenderness; seek the disinherited, those who live lost in misery and vices. I give essence to your words so they may be the path to salvation when they pour from your lips. Open before the innocent the "Book of the True Life", in order for their spirit to awaken and be great when penetrating the revelations of the Holy Spirit; be like the Master and you will be heard.

71. If during the Second Era I sought a humble place to be born as Man and hearts to dwell, you should not go in search of a place which will make you noteworthy; seek for the most sensitive fiber which exists in every heart and there you will deposit My seed and My balsam. The place to be born as Man was indifferent to Me, but I even gave My life so that My love would be born in your heart. Today I say to you: O Humanity, the seed of that love represented in My blood, was shed in the heart of all men; why do you not love or cultivate today that which I sowed with so much love?

72. Do not be deaf to this voice; open your eyes to the reality of this period and undertake the journey with full confidence and faith; any other way you will have to awaken blind in the Hereafter, and I have said that in that mansion you should not enter with your eyes closed.

73. By chance, does the Father ask for the impossible? I only come to teach you to sow love in order to gather the fruit of life in the end. Today cultivate the heart of children so that tomorrow you can hear them talk about the greatness of the Holy Spirit.

74. Be watchful for the roses and the lilies, which are the heart of the young, and tomorrow you will rejoice with the flourishing of virtue. Teach people to pray with the spirit and everyone will realize it to be the perfect communication when you feel that your spirit has reached My presence and there it has been nourished by My love.

75. Today My Divine ray still descends among the multitudes; however, remember what you heard when you were told: "Where two or three of My children congregate, there I will descend to give them My Word". Since then there has been an increase in the number of My listeners, thus forming multitudes.

76. If I fulfilled My promise to return, I will also fulfill My will to depart; take duly advantage of the moments which are left to hear My Word and you will remain prepared as disciples of the Holy Spirit. My Peace be with you!

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