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1. 1. Throughout the period up to my thirtieth year I lived like any other properly raised boy, then a teenager and then a man. In the course of my life, I first had to awaken the Deity within me according to the Law of Moses, just as every man must awaken Me in himself.

2. As any other respectable man, I had to begin with awakening My faith in God, which I then had to realize with all conceivable self-denial and with ever greater love, so that I could gradually subject myself completely to Divinity.

3. "Thus I, the Lord Himself, was a living example for every man, and therefore any human being can now draw Me to himself - just as I, within a physical body of this earth, drew the Divinity within me - and of his own free will can become completely one with Me through love and faith, since as a divine man I am completely one with the Divinity in all Its infinite fullness."

4. 2. On the question, as to how the Child-wonder Jesus and His divinely spiritual activity as a Child can be linked to His isolated human existence during the years of His youth and manhood, and to His miracles performed during that time if He is to be perceived only as a human being, – a look at a tree from spring to autumn will provide an answer.

5. In spring, the tree blossoms wonderfully and is alive with activity. After the fall of the blossoms, the tree seems to become inactive again. However, towards autumn the tree again appears highly alive: the fruits, certainly wondrous, are flavoured and coloured, more beautifully than the blossoms earlier, and thus ripened, and the blessing bestowed on them is freed of its bonds and falls into the lap of the hungry infant.

6. Man is capable of grasping this parable with the eye of the heart, but never with the eye of worldly reason. The doubtful passages can be explained quite easily - when Jesus' Divinity is not denied but rather upheld by the faith of the heart, for that is a light of love to God - for as soon as one becomes pure in heart, it will be understood that the complete union of God's fullness with Jesus the man did not occur at once, as if suddenly, but - like everything else under God's guidance - only gradually, similar to the successive awakening of the divine spirit in the heart of man, and was completed only upon His death on the cross; although the Divinity in all its fullness already dwelt in the Child Jesus, It manifested itself through miracles only in times of need.

7. 3. The physical death of Jesus is the most profound condescension of God in the tribunal of all matter and thereby establishes an entirely new relationship between the Creator and the created.

8. Only through Jesus' death does God Himself become fully human, and out of this highest divine grace, the created man can become a new child of God, that is, a God, and stand face to face with his creator as his perfect equal and see in Him his God, his Creator and Father, and can talk to Him, recognize Him, and love Him beyond measure, and only thus acquire the perfect everlasting, indestructible life in God, from God and beside God. And thereby, the power (or better: will) of Satan is broken to the extent that he can no longer prevent the complete approach of God to mankind and inversely, of mankind to God.

9. In short: Through Jesus' death, man can now completely fraternize with God, and Satan cannot interfere any longer; which is why the women who visited the grave were told: "Go forth and tell My brothers!" – Satan's reign in the outward form may be still evident, but he can no more put up the once-torn curtain between God and mankind and thus re-establish the old insurmountable gulf between God and man.

10. And from this brief argument on the subject, every man, who can think and perceive inwardly, can now easily understand the infinite benefit of Jesus' physical death. Amen.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-0 Chapter