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Chapter 103 - The development of matter.

103,1. (The Lord:) “When, at the beginning of time, I unburdened Myself of the spirits of My mature concepts, and imbued them with My power so that they themselves started to exercise the minds and their will-power, they also had to be shown an order of life, in accordance with which they were to think, to use their will-power and finally to act. In addition to this order of life, once demonstrated and handed down to them, these first beings had to have implanted in them the impulse to ignore the ordinances then in force, otherwise they would never be able to make any use whatsoever of their own will-power. It was only this inner impulse which produced true feelings of life within them causing them to begin to make decisions and choices, to make firm resolves and to take action.

103,2. Knowing this, it is quite easy to understand, that even in the first spirits created, certain weed seedlings had begun to show, as the impulse to disregard dislodged many of these early spirits from their orderly lives, finally causing them to oppose their own inclinations in an increasingly stubborn way and thus to lay the foundations for the creation of materiality in our worlds.

103,3. First of all the main central suns were created, and from them finally all the countless other suns and worlds and with them everything else what you can uncover or discover on, above or in these bodies.

103,4. Everything that exists and is called materiality, was spiritual in its origin and, as a spirit, has voluntarily abandoned the correct way of life set down by God, by succumbing to the wrong impulses. By following them stubbornly it has thus produced a world of materiality which is therefore nothing other than a condemned spirit materialising from within itself. Stated more clearly, this is the coarsest and heaviest skin or shell that the spirit can possess.

103,5. However, spirituality with its persistently hard and coarse surrounding shell can never become completely transformed but will continue to live and exist in its materiality, irrespective of its nature. If that substance is very hard, the spiritual life within it is also severely restricted and can not express itself or unfold any further, without help from an external source.

103,6. A hard rock for example can only give some sign of life, if the rock should be softened over a long time and increasingly fragmented by rain, snow, dew, hail, lightning or some other element. Some life can then escape as ether into the air, and part of it may take new shape with a fresh, lighter outer skin, initially in the form of soft mildew or mossy plants. After a time it becomes dissatisfied with this shell, the more unrestricted life forms coming together and soon creating a new covering within which they can move more freely and independently.

103,7. As long as the new shell is tender and soft enough, the imprisoned spirituality is quite happy and asks for nothing better. But the initial very tender covering again hardens and becomes coarser through the inner activity of the spirits, which now increasingly push the intrusive matter outwards. The spiritual life thrusts ever upwards, and in this way forms the blade of grass or, in another sequence, the trunk of the tree, at the same time trying to protect itself from the up-thrust from the increased hardening below by continuously producing narrower and narrower rings and incisions. However as this activity does not in the end offer any relief from total solidification, they narrow the lower trunk as much as possible and seek further escape in small twigs, threads, leaves, little hairs and finally flowers. However as all of these elements will eventually and within a short time increasingly become harder and harder, the majority of the spirits recognize that all their efforts are in vain and start to seek their own preservation by making cocoons and surrounding themselves tightly with other correspondingly better materiality.

103,8. This process is the origin of all kind of seeds and fruit. But the most self-seeking part of the life of a less restricted plant does not gain greatly as the portion that has enclosed itself in a solid seed husk, must complete the journey as often as the seed enters moist, life-saturated earth. The other more patient part of the life, which has been pleased to allow itself to become a shield and a vehicle to carry the less important matter for the most active, most fearful and most impatient part of its life, soon decays and passes onto an even higher and freer plane, still continuing to cover itself with a new skin, but usually choosing a compatible animal form. When consumed as fruit by animals and even by people, the coarser elements will be used to fill out and feed the flesh, while the more noble parts strengthen and activate the nervous system. Finally, the very noblest part becomes the substance of the soul.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-103 Chapter