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Chapter 104 - Selfishness as the root of matter.

104,1. (The Lord:) “If you look a little more closely at this process, it will certainly not be difficult for you to recognize with a correct appreciation of the truth, where the weeds growing in on life’s pure field come from.

104,2. Everything which is called worldly and materialistic is wrong and inevitably always against true, spiritual order as ordained by God, because it was originally intended to discourage the awakening of free will by including it as a negative aspect of the vigorous, well-conceived plan to of make individuals independent of God. It should therefore be regarded as the true weed present on the only true and spiritually pure field of life.

104,3. Even if the weed was originally a necessity to establish a complete free, spiritual life, human beings created free must finally recognize it as such and voluntarily remove it, because it is impossible for them to co-exist with it. It is a necessary means to an end, but it can never achieve compatibility with the end itself.

104,4. The net is also a necessary way of catching fish; but who will cast it into the water, pull it out again and, instead of cooking the fish, proceed to roast the net on the fire and enjoy it as food?! The net is only necessary to catch the fish; and once they have been caught and put into the pantry, the net is put away and the catch is enjoyed.

104,5. The impulse to break the rules must therefore continue to exist as its functions are to prompt the ability to understanding as well as to give an alarm call to free will. It fills the soul with desire and joy for as long as its effect is recognised and the soul does not give in to it continues instead to resist temptation using the strength of that same free will which has been stimulated and activated by that same impulse, The free soul is therefore then using it as a means, but does not regard it as an end which has been achieved.

104,6. The wine-skin is never the wine itself, but only the container which holds the wine. Who could be so stupid as to bite into the wine-skin and cause damage to it just because it gives off an attractive smell, since he well knows that if the skin is simply opened at the right place, the wine can easily be poured out?!

104,7. The weed or the impulse to break the law is therefore a secondary issue and will never become the main one. Anyone who focuses his attention on an unimportant matter is like a fool who tries to feed himself by eating the pots in which the good food has been cooked – at the same time throwing the food itself away!

104,8. But what is the nature of this weed, the decomposition of which will feed new life? What name should we give the negative impulse planted in its awakened form? It is called self-love, selfishness, arrogance or, in the end, lust for power. Indeed, self-love causes the aroused form to contract into itself, but still retaining a greedy desire to absorb everything into its being and to lock and preserve it there for ever to ensure that it can not benefit anyone else. At the same time it is motivated also by the fear of some future shortage! By walling up within itself everything that it continuously receives from the Divine order which feeds and sustains all things, the process of solidification continues to take place within its being while a certain temporary feeling of soundness and superiority brings special self-satisfaction, - and this is the widest true sense of the word and the concept ‘selfishness’, which its ego regards as something very tangible and weighty, trying with all its skill, its strength and all the other means at its disposal, to promote itself above every other ego, as if they were all of the worst type.

104,9. When selfishness has achieved its ambitions, it soars above everything which is similar to it and looks down disdainfully and in a certain way drunk with happiness on its peers below. This disdain is similar to the revulsion felt by a bloated stomach over-faced by food and this we call arrogance. Much of the material world is already present together with a whole field choked by a full crop of the most evil weeds.

104,10. Arrogance is however in itself the source of the greatest dissatisfaction, because it causes the soul to perceive that it is still not receiving services which satisfy its wishes. It now reviews all its resources and its powers and discovers that it could attract the required level of service by playing a political game as an easy-going and generous character. Done without a second thought! As the hungry always outnumber the overfed, easy-going arrogance has an easy task. Soon all the small hungry elements gather round him and allow themselves to be strictly dominated in return for a few morsels from the kingdom of arrogance. They now slavishly take orders and this increases their subservience, while the arrogant one immediately strives to ensure that as many activities as possible, if not every single one, make a contribution to the service or profit he receives. This insatiable hunger is therefore the attribute which is in the truest sense a compulsion to dominate which is totally destructive and in which love can not prevail.

104,11. The most impenetrable materialism already expresses itself in this compulsion and, under its influence, a planet hardened to granite is fully equipped with every possible evil element. The fact that domination and true tyranny are at one with substances which are of high density is evidenced by the exceedingly durable castles and fortresses within which these tyrants are entrenched. The walls have to be a few metres thick and stoutly defended, so that nobody will dare to penetrate the massive defences and disturb the tyrant as he rests in his state of total arrogance. Woe to the weakling who dares to touch just one stone in that fortress for he will soon be crushed and destroyed!

104,12. I am not referring here to the rulers and regents, placed here by divine ordinance to reduce the desire for domination in every individual and to support and reinforce the virtues, meekness and modesty, love and patience. God’s representatives ruling these nations must be what they are and can not be otherwise, as they are driven and guided by the will of Almighty God to improve their peoples. This only affects this desire in each individual spirit or human being in a general way, and is shown to be what it actually is in itself. Of course there have in fact been rulers, who can justly be called evil tyrants! They have risen above their peers, rebelled against the rulers appointed by God, just as Absalom once did against his own father David. These leaders are not chosen by God, but have elected themselves and are therefore ungodly, undesirable weeds and, correspondingly, appear as lumps of very solid materiality.

104,13. However you, My Cyrenius, and your emperor are not like that. You are what you are in accordance with My will - although still gentiles! However, as such, you are more pleasing to Me than many of the kings, which, although supposed to be guardians of the children of God, in fact murder them in body and even more in spirit. For that reason the ancient thrones, crowns and sceptres were taken away from them for ever and the responsibility handed over to you wiser gentiles. - I found it necessary to make this additional point now, My Cyrenius, so that you should not think that you and your nephew have usurped My position and were now sitting on the imperial throne in My stead. - Now lets us proceed further in our consideration of the weeds which spoil the good field!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-104 Chapter