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Chapter 105 - The emergence of the solar systems.

105,1. (The Lord:) “Consider how people are now becoming so engulfed by materialism through self-love, arrogance and the resultant desire for domination, that for many thousand times a thousand years they will not be able to be completely free of it. There were also spirits created in primordial times, who became too self-obsessed, acquisitive, arrogant and finally domineering because of the stimulation they received. The result for them was materiality in a completely pure form.

105,2. They have isolated themselves in large communities and have established themselves in for you unimaginably distant places. Each community no longer wished to hear, see or know anything about any other community in its desire to immerse itself in self-love in a world-wide sense. This continuous increasing obsession with self-love and lust for domination, together with the increasingly prevalent arrogance which it caused as well as the compelling tyranny, finally made a countless number of life forms to shrivel into an exceedingly large cluster under the pull of the laws of gravity, a cluster which had itself developed from that same self-love and selfishness. This completed the physical primordial central sun in one shell-globe.* ( *Footnote by Jakob Lorber:- A ‘Shell-globe’ is a conglomeration of an immense number of galaxy clusters, which orbit the primordial central sun at immeasurably great distances, in the same way that individual planets have orbits round their own sun. J.L.)

105,3. “Likewise an immense number of these systems or shell-globes are now present in infinite space, in each of which a primordial central sun serves countless universes as a common central point, and those primordial central suns are the same shrunken primordial spirit clusters, the origin of all other solar universes [galaxy clusters], solar dominions [galaxies], secondary central suns [star cluster central suns], planetary suns, planets, moons and comets with the passage of time.

105,4. But how did this come about? Inside the primordial central sun the pressure became too intense for many of the large spirits! In a towering rage they fired themselves up and freed themselves from the primordial pressure. They literally flew unimaginable distances away from the early clusters uniting them. For some time they travelled in swarms quite freely, harmlessly and completely independently in endless space and were full of the good intention, to return by themselves to their purely spiritual state. However, as they could not rid themselves of the element of self-love, they ultimately began to shrink again into a solid cluster, forming central suns of the second order inside one or other of all the other innumerable shell-globes.

105,5. In those central suns of the second order the main spirits were in time enraged by the increasing pressure, fired themselves up and freed themselves in untold numbers from their communal clusters of the second order. They again had the best of intentions to achieve pure spiritual transformation but as in time they again derived great pleasure from themselves and could not bring themselves to renounce self-love completely, they again increased their material weight and shrank again into large clusters, thus creating central suns of the third order.

105,6. Soon however the same conditions developed there as came about with the earlier central suns. The higher spirits, fewer in number, were in time placed under excessive pressure by the lower spirit orders, became very angry again and many thousands of them wrenched themselves away from the communal clusters with great force with the firm intention now finally to return to pure spirituality. For unimaginable periods of time they floated in the endless voids of creation like clouds of ethereal vapour at great distances from each other.

105,7. Remembering the intense pressures they had had to endure, they enjoyed this freedom. However, in this inactive state, their appetites developed as time passed and they started to search for nourishment in space – in other words, some external source of satisfaction. This they found as it was inevitable they would find as their desire resembles those magnetic Nordic Rocks which attract all grades of iron as well as all ferrous minerals with irresistible force.

105,8. What was the inevitable result? Their beings gradually started to become more dense as time passed, soon revitalising their self-love and its consequences. Inevitably they shrank again into agglomerated clusters, a process which of course took an enormous number of earth years.

105,9. What is a period of time, however long, to the eternal God?! A wise man from prehistory once said: ‘A thousand years are like one day to God!’ [Psalms 90 04; 2 Peter 03, [08] I say to you: A thousand times a thousand years are hardly the blink of an eye before God in all seriousness! To a good-for-nothing, hours become days and days turn to years out of boredom. For the diligent and highly active man, however, hours become moments and weeks, days. Since time began, God has been endowed with an infinitely positive attitude to work and is continuously active. The most blessed consequence is, that, for Him, periods of time which are to you unthinkably long, must seem to pass in a moment - and the complete formation of a new sun only takes a very short time in His eyes.

105,10. The consolidation sequences described above gave rise to and have continued to create the planetary suns, including the one which gives light to this earth. This type of sun is in its character much more gentle and soft than the central suns, but each one still has an immense quantity of solid matter as a result of the self-love of their spirits, their lives measured in aeons, whose self-love combined to create that sun. The nobler, refined spirits in this light-giving cluster experience as time passes excessive, intolerable pressure from the lower orders in the spirit world with their total materiality, the outcome being, as with the earlier suns, violent acts and eruptions upon eruptions, as the nobler spirits free themselves.

105,11. There then awakens in them the already very serious desire to convert to pure primordial spirituality by the observance of God’s true ordinances. Many fight against the impulse placed in their minds and become primordially created angels, but without first experiencing incarnation. Those, however, who wish to take the way of the flesh, either immediately on the sun or even on this earth, are allowed to do so, as can actually also happen on the central suns previously described - but not so frequently as with this planetary sun in particular, which shines its light on this earth, a light mainly produced by its very active spirits.

105,12. Some of these spirit communities who had freed themselves from the sun formed clusters with the best of intentions, but were unable to free themselves completely from self-love and slowly began again to succumb to the primordial impulse placed in them - unnoticed, one became two and so on ever upwards!

105,13. Soon, their materiality was already quite visible and they were seen as misty comets with long tails. What do the tails mean? They indicate the hunger of these spirits as they materialise and their great desire to reach saturation in their materiality. This desire attracts compatible ethereal substances and the comet, composed of already quite material spirits, then flies around for thousands of years in ethereal space, searching for food like a ravenous wolf.

105,14. This constant absorption and feasting also increases its density and weight. In time it will again be drawn to the sun which it left and be forced to begin an orderly orbit around it. Having obeyed this compulsion, it is now a planet like Earth, the morning or evening star, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and several others which are unknown to you.

105,15. At this stage a planet exists which is still extremely hungry and as it is closer to the sun than when it was still a comet, it obtains sufficient sustenance from it, but this is also a bait to bring the runaway ever closer to itself and finally to capture it again completely - a creditable aim for the primordial spirits in the sun, but one which will never be achievable in the case of the great planets, including this earth. Although the spirits locked into the planets are still very materialistic, they are familiar with the materiality of the sun and do not have any particular interest or desire ever to rejoin the sun completely. They accept with pleasure the spirits, large and small, coming from the sun as good support and sustenance, but do not wish to contemplate complete union with the sun.

105,16. At times it also happens that returning fugitive spirits in their clusters of materiality have taken the bait and have been drawn close to the sun. However the tremendously active free spirits surrounding the hard core of the sun, to which the luminescence of the outer surface is mainly attributable, cause all the spirits packed together in solid clusters to achieve their maximum level of activity almost instantaneously. The clusters break up and each spirit, as one might say, makes a run for it to save itself.

105,17. The consequence of this regenerated activity in a planet, or at least a more established comet, where the spirits have been locked together for a long time, is the sudden and total dissolution of the cluster and the release of many thousand times one thousand multiplied again by a thousand times a thousand spirits. Most of these spirits, sharpened and seasoned by this lesson, immediately return to a correct way of life and become primordial angel spirits as well as useful guardians of their more restricted brothers as well as protecting those which still languish in the solid cluster and thus contribute a great deal to their more rapid redemption.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-105 Chapter