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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 9 GGJ09-4 Chapter

Chapter 4 - The Lord bears witness of Himself.

4,1. I said: Yes, My dear children, but precisely for your sake, that will not be as easy as you think, but since I also have promised that to you, you will all see the one, only true God. But first I have to urge you not to make known what you will see before 1 year will have passed by.”

4,2. All promised Me most solemnly.

4,3. Then I said further: “Very well then, listen to Me and open your eyes and hearts widely.

4,4. I Myself who am now speaking to you, am the One who the prophets have announced to the people. According to My eternal decree it has pleased Me to come Myself as a Man of flesh and blood as a clear and life-bringing light among the people who went astray in the old night of sin and are pining away, and to free them from the hard yoke of judgment and eternal death.

4,5. However, I did not only come to the Jews who were from the very first beginning the people of the one true God - and are still calling themselves like that, although a lot of them became already since a long time a people of Hell because of their evil actions - but I also came to the gentiles. Even if they are also descending from the same first man on this Earth, in course of time they let themselves be seduced by the enticements of the world and by that they became unfaithful to the one true God, did not know Him anymore and then they made gods of dead and perishable matter themselves according to their lust and liking, and honored and worshiped them, which is still the case to a great extent nowadays, as you all know for sure.

4,6. Thus, so that also the gentiles would know the eternal and most living truth, which exists only in God, I came also to the gentiles and I willingly give them back the light of life - which has been lost for already so long - and thus also the eternal life.

4,7. I Myself am the Light, the Way, the eternal Truth and the Life. Whoever believes in Me and lives according to My teaching has the eternal life already in himself and will never see nor feel death, even if he - as far as his body is concerned - would die a 1.000 times, because whoever believes in Me, keeps My commandments and thus loves Me above all, is in Me and I am in the Spirit in him. And in whom I am present, there is also the eternal life present.

4,8. And so I have shown you now the only true, one God, as I have promised you before. Examine now yourselves, to know you also believe that. Yes, also this you believe now, but remain also as true heroes in that faith and let no one turn you away from it, then you will live, and the power of My will, will be and remain in you. So be it and so it will remain.”

4,9. After I had said that to the gentiles who were present there, they trembled with deep respect, and no one dared to say a word.

4,10. But I said with a kind voice: “Come to yourselves children. Do I then, as the most true Father of all men, look so terrible that you are so much seized with such trembling? Look, although nothing is impossible to Me - because in Me is all power, might and authority in Heaven and on Earth - but I cannot help that I am who I am, and you are what you are. For I am who I am, was and will be from eternity to eternity, and you will also be and remain as you are. Now, if I call you My dear children, then you certainly are completely equal to Me, and if you live and act according to My teaching and thus also according to My will, you truly will not be less perfect than I am Myself, and you will be able to do the same signs as I do, because what pleasure can imperfect children give to a perfect Father? Thus, give up your too great respect for Me, and instead of that, have a complete trust and love for Me, then you will be much more pleasing to Me, I will be more satisfied with you and you will be more dear to Me.

4,11. Truly, whoever loves Me, does not have to fear Me, because those who have too much fear for God, have firstly never really known Him, and their heart is still far away from His love, and secondly such too fearful children are by their own fault in danger of going astray of what they believe and know, because their fear weakens their courage and their will to come in their heart as close as possible to Me, and by that become also enlightened by Me in all truth of life. If you have understood that, then give up your fear for Me and have love for Me and the fullest childlike trust in Me.”

4,12. After I said that to them, the idolatrous fear left their heart and they began to glorify and praise Me with more trust, and in their heart awakened more and more love. But they still were not too sure about it because the ideas of pagan relentlessness and eternal might and severeness of a God, which they had cherished for a long time, did not and could not be wiped out so fast. But after an hour during which I still stayed in the inn, they all became intimate and I still gave them many lessons, which strengthened and confirmed their love for Me.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 9 GGJ09-4 Chapter