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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 9 GGJ09-5 Chapter

Chapter 5 - The arrival before Jericho.

5,1. Then My disciples, who had money, asked the innkeeper how much they had to pay for the bread and spring water.

5,2. But the innkeeper said: “Oh, how can you ask me such thing since I will be eternally in debt to God the Lord and thus also to you who certainly are His nearest friends? Every word He spoke to us is worth endless much more than all treasures of the Earth. Even if you wanted to stay a 1.000 years in my house and would eat day and night, and I would ask even 1 penny for it, then I would not deserve less than to be thrown alive as food for the snakes and dragons. But it is almost noon now. How happy would I be if God the Lord and you would like to take the midday meal with me.”

5,3. On this I said: “To Me, your will is as good as the action. However, we have to continue our way, because also in other places there are children whom I want to help. And soon, poor pilgrims will come this way, more precisely from Essaea, going to Jericho. Even if there they have completely received their physical health back, they do not have much money, and they are hungry, thirsty and tired. Give them food and drink and also lodging for the night, then I will accept that as if you have done it for Me.”

5,4. The innkeeper said: “O Lord and God, even if those poor people want to stay here for a whole year, they will be taken care of. If they travel on the main road, I immediately want to send them my pack animals and wagons that are harnessed with horses to bring them here.

5,5. I said: “Also now, your will is as good as the action. The pilgrims whom I announced to you, have left yesterday evening from Essaea over the mountains to this place and they will arrive here in a couple of hours across the narrow mountain path, so that your pack animals and wagons will be of no big help to them. However, when they will leave here tomorrow you can be of service to them in one or the other thing they need.

5,6. But from now on, let no one pay you anymore for the water, because I also took care that your springs will always give abundant and healthy water. Be always merciful to the poor, then you also will find mercy with Me. You have received My blessing and My mercy, and these will also stay with you if you actively will adhere to My teaching. And so, we will now continue our trip.”

5,7. After these words, I quickly stood up and went with the disciples outside.

5,8. It is obvious that the innkeeper with his family wanted to escort us for a while, among tears, thanks and praise, but when we began to walk fast, those who escorted us stayed behind and returned back home.

5,9. Since there were no travelers around noon here on this part of the road, we moved on with the speed of the wind again, but when we came again in a region that was populated, we continued to walk in our natural way. And so, close to the evening we came close to our destination Jericho.

5,10. A nice lawn was located there. We rested here till the sun would set completely, because I did not want to enter the city at daylight, namely because the 2 Pharisees, whom we did catch up despite their fast running camels, approached the city only a couple of mornings before us.

5,11. While we were resting on the lawn, discussing all kinds of things, a tax collector came to us from the nearby tollhouse, asking where we came from and if we would stay on that spot for the night.

5,12. I said: “Neither the one nor the other thing is of your concern, but if you want to know it, I say to you firstly that we all came from Essaea today, and secondly that we are resting here for awhile and will then enter the city.”

5,13. When the tax collector heard that we actually came from Essaea to Jericho on foot in 1 day, he slapped his hands above his head out of amazement and said: “Oh, this is possible for a camel with fast running legs, but to do this with human feet is unheard-of. Then you had to fly.”

5,14. I said: “That is our concern. However, you go into the city, because you have the time, and ask for Kado whose father is your supreme commander, and tell him to come to Me, for I, the Lord, am waiting here for him.”

5,15. Then the tax collector asked: “Lord, if I cannot tell Your name to Kado, will he then come to You?”

5,16. I said: “Also in that case. Now go, then you will receive your reward, because every willing worker deserves his reward.”

5,17. After these words of Mine the tax collector went quickly into the city and conveyed the message to Kado.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 9 GGJ09-5 Chapter