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252,1. After these words Enoch awoke again and, casting a melancholy glance within himself and at the Father, remained standing for a little while like one completely lost. Finally, he collected himself again and addressed the following words to the Father:

252,2. „O holy Father, full of infinite love! Your last most holy words sounded too infinitely sublime and mysterious. Who except You might grasp the spirit of their meaning?

252,3. "If You laid down Your life and let Yourself be put to death by specially assigned created beings, will then not everything in the entire infinite space perish instantly?

252,4. "For everything alive lives only a life out of You, thus Your life; what kind of life could it live if You, the primordial source of life, were to die?

252,5. „O You most holy Father, explain this to us and give us a mighty light; otherwise You would have proclaimed to us with these words the inexorable eternal destruction of all things and all being."

252,6. Here the Father rose and said to Enoch: 'To you, My Enoch, it shall be given to learn and grasp the great secret of My kingdom, but to none other than you. 7, "And so seal these words within you which I shall now say to you; for only you and no one else shall grasp their meaning until the great Time of times, - but the world shall be smitten with blindness to the end

252,8. "And so hear: Love and Life are one thing - and yet two; Love being the cause and Life the effect. Thus also Light and Wisdom are one and yet again two: Light the cause and wisdom the effect.

252,9. "From Love and Life also a third issues, and this is Will, which is the mighty spirit. And from Light and Wisdom also a third goes forth, and this is Order, which forms all things and determines their final purpose"

252,10. "And out of Love and Life and out of Light and Wisdom goes forth the spirit of all holiness, and this is the Word from the mouth of God.

252,11. “This Word is itself essence and is the primordial substance from which all things were originally created,

252,12. "Now, looking at the essence of Love and of Life and the Will issuing from the two, and at the essence of Light and Wisdom and the Order going forth from both and, finally, at the holiness going forth from all the former or the essence of the eternal Word out of God's mouth, you have the Seven Spirits which all issue from Love, and Love itself is the first spirit going forth from itself, the other six going forth simultaneously from Love, yet being one with it from eternity.

252,13. "But Love and Life can become separated and then Love is like a lump of ice without warmth; but Life on its own becomes a free fire which finds a bearable release in destruction.

252,14. "Thus also Light and Wisdom can be separated; the Light is then as it were dead in the destructive fire, and Wisdom becomes night, deceit, error and lie.

252,15. "So also the Word going forth from Love and Life and from Light and Wisdom can be separated essentially.

252,16. "That this is possible, the entire creation shows you where you may observe all the aforementioned divisions; they have all been effected by Me and I am their First Cause, and the ultimate purpose of it all is: The life-test or the incessant exercising and strengthening for eternal life.

252,17. "And behold, despite all these divisions I am nevertheless undivided in the full possession of all My Spirits!

252,18. "Thus it will also be in the great Time of times when the eternal Word as the essential First Cause of all things will Itself assume flesh in which will dwell My essence in all its fullness.

252,19. “The world will kill the flesh; but God, eternal Love, in His fullness indwelling the flesh, will soon re-animate the flesh and then the fullness of God will live forever in His incarnated Word as a Man before His created beings who will see Him and speak to Him as to a true Brother.

252,20. "Only this God-Man will bring to all of you true eternal life; until then you will only live a life separated from My love.

252,21. "Behold, this is the meaning of My words; do grasp it, but no one else besides you, and the world - not till the end! Amen."

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