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271,1. The following day when it began to dawn Enoch rose, in his love glorified and praised the Father and out of this mighty love blessed all the brothers who were still asleep.

271,2. Only after this glorious activity, which pleased Me most, did he waken the brothers saying to them:

271,3. "Brothers, let us rise in the love, grace and mercy of the Lord and praise His most holy name!

271,4. "Behold, the good, holy, most loving Father has let us all live to see another nascent day!

271,5. "Already the first rays are coming from the morning, the night flees before them and their initially timid action becomes ever mightier and with increasing vigor they push the night down into the depths of the earth so that its plains and mountains may be cleansed to finally receive the mightiest light and enlivening warmth out of the sun when soon it will be rising gloriously over the earth's mountains.

271,6. "So let us rush outside and under the open sky as true children who love the Father above all offer Him a joint praise!

271,7. "In our hearts we want to make Him a pleasing burnt offering of the morning, since He, intent on honoring us and making us happy, lights for us in the rising, all day long divinely burning, all-illumining, warming and enlivening sun such a grandiose early burnt offering of His love, grace and mercy!

271,8. „O dear brothers, do grasp it thoroughly in the depth of your heart what the endlessly eternal and good Father does and your love for Him must turn into a solar fire!

271,9. "Behold the stars still glittering gloriously in the firmament; behold the whole majesty of the earth; behold the multitudes of the most glorious flowers and listen to the glorious sound of the feathered singers in the more and more awakening air!

271,10. "Then turn your eyes to the ever-growing morning glory and remember how with every breath you breathe in a growing abundance of the divine light of grace, how your breast keeps expanding and becoming enlivened and how every drop of blood in you becomes more transfigured and truly divine-ethereal the more closely the Lord's glorious sun approaches its rise!

271,11. "Look, O brothers, and grasp it, you the holy Father's children: All this is for us an offering made by the inexpressibly good Father!

271,12. 'Thus the holy Father honors us. How should we overlook this and not rush and in turn light in our hearts a love-offering pleasing to Him alone, keeping it always burning more and more and then eternally in spirit?

271,13. „O brothers, let us at once hurry outside and in the great hall of sacrifice, in the great throne-room of divine grace and mercy make Him our offering! Amen."

271,14. After this true morning-speech all rose and with a contrite heart hurried out and up the cleansed mountain nearby.

271,15. When they arrived there, Enoch showed all of them the great glories of God and, pointing out all the phenomena of the morning, interpreted them from the standpoint of love.

271,16. And all were so moved by the great splendor, infinite goodness and wisdom of the holy Father that in their love for God they were quite beside themselves.

271,17. And Lamech, overwhelmed by remorse, exclaimed from the innermost depth of his heart: „O You great, holy, almighty, most loving Father! All this You are doing for us! Oh, how can I still live when I consider what I was?

271,18. "Enoch, Enoch, - you glorious brother! You have now opened my eyes, and only now do I realize my sin before God in its fullness!

271,19. "He has always made us such a sacrifice of His love, grace and mercy, - and what did we do for Him in return?- No, brother, no, I must not think of it; for my life has always been too abominable!"

271,20. Here Enoch consoled Lamech, saying: 'Take comfort, dear brother Lamech! Verily, if your sins were more than there is sand in the sea, they are forgiven you since you have let such a great love for the Father become active within you.

271,21. "Do remain in this love and you will experience even greater things than these, and this when the eternal sun of God will rise within you.

271,22. "And now let us await the rising sun in the sweet repose of love. Amen."

271,23. Thus our company was spending the morning on the mountain and they glorified and praised God in their hearts in spirit and in truth.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-271 Chapter