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280,1. When Enoch had heard this from the Lord, he glorified and praised in the spirit of his great love the most faithful and loving Father and at once followed His sublime sign.

280,2. When he came back and the Lord with the three pure beings was still in that spot, even Adam asked Enoch who the man might be who did not even follow Enoch's bidding,

280,3. Thereupon Enoch said to Adam and to the others: "The man does not leave the spot because I by no means ordered or advised him to go; and I did not do this because I deemed it quite unnecessary. This is the preliminary reason; the following one you will recognize early enough in all its clarity."

280,4. Here Purista stepped up to Enoch and asked him: "Exalted, sole High Priest of the almighty God on this earth! Do you not think that the Most Holy One tarries because we tolerate the scene which is so repulsive to the mothers and to which not even you seem to object?"

280,5. But Enoch asked Purista, saying: "Listen, you glorious Purista, do you perchance find anything unseemly in this scene?

280,6. "Behold, I recognized the Man at first glance and found in Him true, purest love and the most sublime, divine, profound wisdom when in a few words He made me realize that I with all my high priestly wisdom am a mere bungler when compared to Him.

280,7. "However, since this is an irrefutable fact according to this my testimony, I cannot see why we should not tolerate this and why exactly this should be the reason for the Lord's delay?

280,8. "On the contrary, He will be here by far earlier because of it than you would have expected Him.

280,9. "Just look at Lamech and Hored, whose wives are with the Man and are head over heels in love with Him! Look, the two would have first right to remonstrate with their wives about their behavior and to drive them from the spot; but they are quiet and, lovingly sacrificing everything to the Lord, say to themselves: 'The Lord knows about it and in His holy love has a reason for allowing this.'

280,10. "If those whom the shoe pinches do not lament, - what reason should we others have to do so?

280,11. "But listen to me further, you glorious Purista! - Look, the Man there spoke to me and said: 'Enoch, send Me for the healing of these women's folly also Purista!' - What are you going to do now?"

280,12. Here Purista blushed and after a while said to Enoch, greatly embarrassed: "But Enoch! What do you demand of me - and what that man yonder? Do you not know what commandment the Lord gave me?"

280,13. And Enoch answered her: "I know it as well as you; for your hut must be under my authority since the Lord has endowed me with all the spiritual authority on earth. All the same I, the sole High Priest of God on earth, tell you: Go to that Man for the benefit of all the women of this region; for if you do not go, the Lord will not appear! So follow my advice."

280,14. When Enoch said this, Purista blushed with shame, not knowing what to do. After a while she pulled herself together again and turned to Enoch, asking him:

280,15. "You said before that you had fully recognized the man at once; would you therefore not tell me who the man is?"

280,16. And Enoch replied to her: "Glorious Purista, you are now cleansed, and so I can tell you in secret that the Man said to me to tell you to come to Him because He is the Lord! - But for the moment be silent and go. Amen."

280,17. When Purista had heard this, like Ghemela she uttered a loud cry full of the greatest delight and ran to the Lord. Arrived there, she threw herself at His holy feet, clasped them and covered them with tears of joy and the purest love.

280,18. But the Lord lifted her up and took her onto His arm, too.

280,19. When the other women saw this, they were completely done for. They began literally to howl and curse this place, rushed to Eve, told her of this abomination and mightily complained of this outrage.

280,20. But Eve said to the complaining women: "Do allow the men to complain first, who are our lords, and do not forestall them! When they will complain, you may weep; but for a woman it shall never be right to complain.

280,21. "I am your mother and am still a living example to you all; if you become different from me, the world will perish through you!

280,22. "I forestalled my lord only once, and this rash action nearly ruined the whole of creation!

280,23. "When the Lord took mercy on my weakness, this was done at the cost of physical death.

280,24. "What will you achieve by your complaining since you thereby disturb the peace of the lords? So consider it and bear everything in patience and great surrender, and you will be righteous before God. For a woman's righteousness consists solely in the gentleness of her heart; a complaining woman is a thorn in God's eye.

280,25. "So do not complain for you shall be gentle and tolerant! For a woman's complaint is a sharp knife cutting in pieces the loyalty of the man's heart; but gentleness is a strong bond binding the hearts of the lords to us, and the lords will not rend it.

280,26. "Do understand this; comply with the divine order and be silent! If you have no law, why are you acting as though you had one! So leave it to the lords to act and pacify!"

280,27. After this speech by Eve the women finally fell silent, and Enoch summoned Sehel and said to him: "Brother, the Lord needs you. So go to Him where you see Him on yonder grassy hillock; but do not reveal Him until the right time.

280,28. "The Lord will now transfigure you and then empower you for His great cosmic service.

280,29. "In your great clarity do remember me; for the Lord will one day transfigure also me, just as He will now transfigure and infinitely empower you.

280,30. "So hurry to Him, to your and my God! Amen."

280,31. Sehel, full of the greatest joy and love, at once hurried to the Lord. When he reached the hillock, the Lord rose, held out His right hand to him and spoke:

280,32. "Sehel, behold, My great fields are cultivated, the seed is laid into the furrows; now it needs good care so that it may sprout and ripen to an eternally living fruit!

280,33. 'Therefore I now call you back and endow you with great power to work in endless space in accordance with My will.

280,34. "Here is the sword of My might and there the enemy of My love; seize it, go and do battle always with the dragon! Amen."

280,35. Here Sehel suddenly disappeared and henceforth was no longer seen.

280,36. When all the guests and the women saw this, they were overcome by great fear and all said: 'This man must be a great, mighty messenger of the Lord!", and they fell on their faces and worshiped God.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-280 Chapter