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The Kingdom of God

1. The clamour of the world is keeping its peace.

We look up to silent spiritual heights,

with the glowing sight of the being, we see

how the Kingdom of Truth advances towards earth.

His heavenly light plays around our souls

and His holy fire streams through our beings.

From the deepest sources of the heart,

eternal life breaks through.

2. How wondrously great is God's Kingdom realm!

It stretches forth from all times' distances,

it encompasses the earth and innumerable stars

and resides in the heart where man sees the good!

Who counted the number of souls therein!

Who knows the fullness of His power and might?

Who knows the seeds, sowed here in countless numbers,

the golden blessing of growth, the ripening?

3. Here the Spirit of the Father blows, silently and pure!

Here freedom reigns in fullness of force!

Here hope blossoms, and faith in its light-being

frolics in the lovely early season glow.

Godly trust reaches unto Its completion,

humility is embarrassed in its own light.

Passion rests, fully atoned in peace.

Attention focuses in highly inspired prayer.

4. The Sun of this Kingdom is the Spirit of the Father!

See how the eternal spirits surrounds Him,

coming closer to Him in ever diminishing circles,

till whole their lives merges with His!

Who is here not brought into recognition of his childhood!

Who do not painfully feel what he still lacks!

An eternal longing burns in our breast,

for our souls thirst after its Primordial Source.

Jakob Lorber (translated German poem)

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-0 Chapter