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Chapter 127

A son of man as a picture of the kingdom of heaven and the universe

127,1. In the preceding disclosure we have put a strong image before everyone's eyes, according to which anyone can easily relate the external phenomena to the inner foundation. But since this field is very large, and the phenomena on it innumerable, man never has too much of a right image to seek the right advice in every situation of his apparent existence. And so we will move on to another, though simple, but more meaningful, and more general picture to illuminate our cause.

127,2. What could be simpler than a harmless, poor human child? This has two moving feet, then a body full of guts; it has two movable arms and above it a movable head on a neck. There are two ears on the head that are always the same, and one hears the same thing as the other. So it also has two eyes that have their fixed point of view in mind and can not be brought closer to each other, though they are capable of movement. With these two eyes every single thing can be looked at for itself. In the middle of the eyes sits the nose with two nostrils. It breathes in the air of life and lets the impurity of the head flow away. So it also has a mouth, the lower part of which is independently mobile. In the same case, it has immobile teeth, but amore mobile tongue. The rest of the body consists of skin, flesh, blood, nerves, fibers, veins and bones, in which marrow is found. - See, that's the picture of our child.

127,3. Who knows what is behind this very simple appearance? Who sees a whole heaven in it? Who the whole infinite universe?

127,4. Who seeks in this simple picture the conflict of all creation, both in the spiritual and the natural spheres?

127,5. Would somebody not want to say, in the child this is hardly obvious; but if we let it become a man, perhaps there will much be found in his thoughts and actions, from which one can consequently see that man is at least an integral part of creation.

127,6. But I say: This is not necessary; the child alone is enough. His two simple feet testify to my Paternal loving care expressed in the ten simple commandments known to you. The feet are provided with then toes, for this purpose and also for the sake of support and retention.

127,7. In the natural sphere, however, they present the planetary system, which is also the lowest support of a solar system. Yes, the planetary system, like its feet, through their movement, pushes the great main body of the sun into its great main movement.

127,8. From this very brief account, you can see that even in the feet of the child the whole caring nature of a spiritual kind, like the whole planetary nature of a natural kind, is present.

127,9. The body rests on its feet as the main workshop of life. Who does not immediately see in this spiritual sphere the essence of the invigorating love from Me? And who does not soon see in the body, the sun, which is the invigorating body of the whole planetary system?

127,10. In the body, the heart is the fundamental seat of life and the clearest picture of love. This love is constantly active and nourishes all parts of the body.

127,11. Right next to this love, is the stomach. This is the hospitable kitchen, in which the heat of the love cooks the food by its fire and then, truly wonderfully prepared, leads it into all parts.

127,12. The lungs are like a second stomach, a second kitchen, through which essential food is added to the food prepared in the first kitchen, so that the food of the first kitchen comes alive and is suitable for the support of life.

127,13. How glorious is the image of these two kitchens, in the midst of which the active heart rules, how the spiritual intervenes in the natural, in order to spiritualize it, and thus to bring it to a higher purpose. And all of this happens through the ever-active mediation of the heart, this most faithful image of love!

127,14. Who can misunderstand My own love-power here, as I also always take the lost, cook it in the great kitchen of natural creation, and then revive it by the breath of My grace and mercy, from the second great kitchen, which is heaven , and is equal to the lungs in man.

127,15. Every breath can tell every human how I constantly influences life from the heavens, so that life consists therein that through this influx, I always strive to transform death into life.

127,16. Anyone who is able to think only somewhat clearly for himself, will certainly not find this wonderful analogy without light. - Let's go further.

127,17. On both sides of the body are two hands. These represent spiritually the working love, which can move freely in wide spaces everywhere and constantly works and creates.

127,18. The hands are therefore represent My hands of free-acting, unbound power, which, however, does not wave beyond the definite eternal basic order, for every hand also carries the fingers as outermost extensions, whose number equals the extensions of the feet. Only the legs of the feet are bound to the same directed order, while the extensions on the hands signify free activity in this order.

127,19. So, for example, a human being not born again in the spirit, is equal to the bound order of the feet and a born-again man, equal to the free order of the hands.

127,20. Whoever is able to think, will here again find the corresponding truth; especially when he is still looking at the natural sun, just as in the outward flow of its rays she visibly reveals her open, freely active hands.

127,21. Now we still have the head, a fixed part above the body, which in itself in a rounded form, represents a complete man in his spiritual sphere. The ears are the feet on which he goes. The eyes are his arms, with which he can reach far. The nose is the lungs; the mouth is the stomach. In him is like the heart, the tongue, which helps to process both the material and the spiritual food; the material by pushing under thecrushing teeth and then by swallowing down. That is their material employment. But the tongue also gives the voice an intelligible, articulated sound, and it is it, that transforms the inner thoughts into intelligible words.

127,22. The inner marrow of the head represents the whole entrails of man or his refined and spiritualized life.

127,23. And so man in his totality, in his very simple, contemplative form, leads man through all his three stages: in his feet the bound naturalness, in his body the spiritual sphere which still has to work and fight with various things and in the head, its heavenly sphere, where man stands in and of himself in a fixed, unchangeable condition, but is thus far wider in his sphere of influence, just as the constituents of the head of the natural man extends infinitely beyond the components of the human body.

127,24. Well, that's a very simple but clear picture. This image of the external appearance contains the whole of heaven, the whole of the spiritual world subordinated to heaven, and thus also the whole of the natural world, which is subordinate to heaven and the spirit world, in all its details.

127,25. I think that if you look at this picture, especially in the simplicity of a harmless child, you will be able to find each other with ease in this appearance, and be able to just as easily find its foundation. And so we have enough pictures; and there is nothing left for us to do but to add a few "Explanation of Scriptures"* to this whole work, as it is to be usefully read and handled accordingly.* The book “Explanation of Scriptures” has been published as a separate work (translator) END OF SPIRITUAL SUN vol 2

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-127 Chapter